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Dokken - In My Dreams (Official Music Video)

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Text Comments (949)
Tattle Boad (14 hours ago)
why is this dude dressed like stevie ray vaughan?
Milton Monnin (1 day ago)
George carried the whole band ... Don your an idiot , to this very day !
Dreams of Fire and Dark Desire. Lusty women and devil's ire. Rocking city days and nights. In my dreams the show awaits.
Brian Vitullo (2 days ago)
DOKKEN I'd like to see them live in atlantic city New Jersey some time soon thank you rock metal forever more cheers friends 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺.
Cristopher Platric (4 days ago)
Yeah............In my dream.....
Christopher Redfearn (5 days ago)
I grew up with this... Man I rock the album like if it's fresh off the studio, man these guys rock!
小河勇 (6 days ago)
ジョージ リンチカッコいい!
Lou Messier (6 days ago)
2:45 dime
Jaze Hummingbird (9 days ago)
my little sister would love this video, because she has a tiger striped guitar like the video :-)
ᏞᏆᏞ ᏙᏆᏟ _ (9 days ago)
2:24 is the only part I care about.
ᏞᏆᏞ ᏙᏆᏟ _ (3 days ago)
Jack Reese yup
Jack Reese (4 days ago)
ᏞᏆᏞ ᏙᏆᏟ _ ikr. The solo idk what it is, I just love it.
LATRU11 (4 days ago)
Lynch's solo gave me a eargasm back in 86 and every time since and its Nov 2018 LIKE 3 THOUSAND EARGASM'S
Jessika Lopez (11 days ago)
Buen clásico 100puntos 🐶
fasteddie774 (11 days ago)
Would there even have been a Dokken with out George Lynch? Probably not!
jason phillips (12 days ago)
Idk if u guys can hear the solo at 2:07, but that's called killin it!
jason phillips (12 days ago)
I feel like slash and Jimmy paige get more love than George lynch bc their band is cooler, but George lynch is easily better than either of them. List to his solo at like 2 minutes in..did you just hear that, I dropped the mic.
Nora McCallum (14 days ago)
I love their sound Jeff Pilson is HOT
Nora McCallum (14 days ago)
This song kicks Ass !!!!!
H20 Delirious Fan (15 days ago)
Most people say Cardi B, I say Ozzy Osborune Some people say Maroon 5, I say Metallica Some people say Justin Bieber, I say Dokken IM 12 YEARS OLD
bee4pc goldrule (16 days ago)
i had the hottest18yo girfren when this came out unforgettable fun times. Don Dokken was a total genius of the era
Cristopher Platric (16 days ago)
Cristopher Platric (16 days ago)
ํYeah...........XMagic power,super god on earth,all of walk can reach sir,
Paul Daluz (16 days ago)
Dont know if this is a Dokken Video or an Aquanet commercial.
ArnoldwilliamDow (16 days ago)
Still the best stuff right here remember it well... Jake E Lee said that Ozzy originaly wanted George before Randy. I still think George is Jeff Beck 2.0.
Lynette Harris (16 days ago)
Saw these guys in the 90's San Diego, the concert was called Big Hair. Dokken started first and it wasnt quiet dark yet, they had only played like 2 songs and some fucktard threw a beer at them!!!! They straight-up stopped playing and flipped off the crowd and shouted "Fuck you San Diego!!!!!!" I totally freaked out!!!! I jumped up and started shouting back at them to please stay, dont let one asshole ruin it for everybody!!! I even started climbing over shit to get closer too!!! lol They were epic af from what I did get to see though, still love Dokken, always will!!!!! 🤘🤘
John Simeonie (17 days ago)
@0.55 fake playing ass lol
Mike Peterson (18 days ago)
in my dreams it's still the same, I rape your ass with Vaseline!
Mar DoggyO (18 days ago)
George Lynch! 🎸
winky phillips (18 days ago)
Cant do a thing with my hair when its raining.
Charles Kuckel (18 days ago)
Dokken has to be my favorite "hair metal" band. Good lead vocals and harmonies, great hooks, blistering lead guitar playing. I CAN'T decide if this song or "The Hunter" is my favorite by them. Many other nice songs TOO.
Chilly Pingu (20 days ago)
So cheesy
John Cole (20 days ago)
Don,Jeff and Mick a nice mix of vocal harmonies.
Kevin Englebright (21 days ago)
one underated metal bands of the eighties! George Lynch is one of the best metal guitar players! Mick Jones is very underrated drummer! great songs .one of my top five metal bands of the era! don't make music like this any more! take me back to mid eighties please!!
Cristopher Platric (22 days ago)
Cristopher Platric (22 days ago)
Cristopher Platric (22 days ago)
ตกภวังค์ฐานที่หนึ่งนะครับ สำหรับฐานทางเดินวิชชาของสายธรรมกายกับอาณาปานะสติจะเหมือนกันคือ เริ่มต้นที่ปากช่องจมูกนะครับ สำหรับใครที่ทำเป็นแล้วก็เข้ากลางได้เลยนะครับ
Cristopher Platric (22 days ago)
Slayer Jim (22 days ago)
Salty Bet brought me here
Cristopher Platric (25 days ago)
ตอนนี้ห่วงเรื่องเงินนะ มองหาวัตถุดิบทำตลาดนานไปหน่อย โทดทีเด้อ มาต่อที่งานหลวงปู่นะ ลุยเลยพวกเรา
Jon Fitzgerald (26 days ago)
Nora McCallum (26 days ago)
hot song hot band this music is KICK A
Yvette Gray (27 days ago)
everyone in da 80's was a Metalhead even if it was low key.
meyrrr007 (28 days ago)
Uncle Ted
Dusko Males (30 days ago)
The Hunter..Awesome song..
Gregory Plunkett (1 month ago)
It's been 30 years since Monsters of Rock boys n girls. Dokken was on that tour. I saw them in my home town Memphis Tn. The most awesome concert I've ever seen and I'm 56. Long live Rock👋🎤
Mowac (20 days ago)
When this video was made, the director had the song played at twice the speed in real time with the camera so that Don, Jeff, and Mick's movements would look slowed down in time with the song when the video was played at normal speed. So the band was playing the song at a much faster tempo, (except George) which was why they all looked like they were about out of breath through out the video. (Play this video on the '2X' setting and you'll see what I mean.)
Erik Omar Lara Lloja (1 month ago)
I love this song
Cristopher Platric (1 month ago)
เข้ามาเลยหลวงปู่กำลังเข้ากลาง ใครไม่ถึงธรรมกายห้ามเข้า
Cristopher Platric (1 month ago)
Cristopher Platric (1 month ago)
เครื่องเดินเรียบนะ ซ้อนกายธรรมหลวงปู่เลย
Cristopher Platric (1 month ago)
สกัดสารพิษตกค้างนะ เอาแค่นี้ก่อน เด็กๆอยู่เยอะ พลังไม่พอนะ
Josef Campos (1 month ago)
I was born in the wrong time period...
frenchbyrnes (1 month ago)
The Grateful Dead - Dokken connection: Mick Brown's original drum instructor was a fine fellow named Mickey Hart...who just happened to have a side gig as one of the two drummers of the Grateful Dead. That is rather cool when you think about it.
Michael Matthews (1 month ago)
This guitar solo says it all. . .
Bonus Baby (1 month ago)
Ches Lee Pack (1 month ago)
Love this song and band but this video is bad. For such a great song they could of had a pretty cool video.
Cristopher Platric (1 month ago)
Cristopher Platric (1 month ago)
เราจะทำการเชื่อมระบบ กับ หมู่คณะของเราที่อนันตจักรวาลอื่นนะ
Chaitown Dissident (1 month ago)
Man, the last guy I went out with looked a bit like how Don looks in this video (not the outfit, but the hair and face). 😳
David Ferris (1 month ago)
that "tap tap tap" on the fretboard!!!!  George was the man!!  always has been,,,always will be!! Once upon a time,hair metal lived, and ruled, from 1982 to 1991. then another musicality came along called  "grunge".  it seemed like an overnight thing.., and it was, because before we knew it... our beloved sound was gone.  the glitz, the big hair, the spandex, the pyro... it was gone. I was weaned in the 1970's...learned and loved the licks of zeppelin and such..the music of the ones who went before me (US!),, but then, bands like april wine and krokus showed us a different path.  then we followed, staying true to it...along side of another side of music called "bubblegum".  we stayed true to the roots of it until it died...  for me, it died, when I woke up ,hearing a brand new song by a band named steelheart. the song was "i'll never let you go." the year was 1991. the time was 2:38 a.m.  I"ll never forget it..
inspectorbudget (1 month ago)
David Ferris where the hell do you see or hear a tap????? He doesn't tap that like a mere mortal would.
Cristopher Platric (1 month ago)
ราคาขาวกลางดำขึ้นสูงเด้อ ตรึงราคาด้วยครับ
infinite monkeys (1 month ago)
George Lynch is one of the best guitarists of the hair metal era. He could play better with his feet than C.C. Deville.
Paul Dawson (1 month ago)
Everything's better when wet !
CC25Y (1 month ago)
Not even gonna lie Franchise Kicks videos brought me here. He had a Dokken vinyl records and now I can't lie I'm hooked onto Dokken. Just listened to a few songs and wow can't believe I hadn't heard of them until now. I thought I was up on 80's metal but wow.
Sampa gamer (1 month ago)
Jessika Lopez (1 month ago)
Buen clásico lindo tema lindos recuerdos del pasado jessika de Montevideo Uruguay
Kevin Englebright (1 month ago)
one of greatest 80s metal bands! not dokken without lynch! George is one of greatest guitars ever! so underrated! just as good as some of those bigger 80s bands like gnr, def leopard ,ratt, poison,b on Jovi, .kick ass
Pedro soliano (1 month ago)
george freaking lynch!
Elad Tidhar (1 month ago)
2:24 the best part
Cynthia Dooley (1 month ago)
Turn it up !!!
George Shara (1 month ago)
love this song ...what can I say or do ..you won't come back we're THROUGH.
Gabe Ackerman (1 month ago)
That chorus
The1WhoKnowsTheTruth (1 month ago)
Ah yes..........1985.   Let me see now, 20 years old, IROC-Z, Saturday Night, Under Lock and Key on cassette, my hot ass stiletto heeled girlfriend riding shotgun, going to a Metal head party.  Feeling quite indestructible.  Thank you God.
Thank you sir or madam for uploading these Dokken Tracks! \m/
Michael Naumann (1 month ago)
A perfectly crafted single!
Beau Davis (1 month ago)
Beau in the cemetery not true magic owl powers of shaman angels carrying out the peace's of a broken heart.
Cristopher Platric (2 months ago)
สถานีอวกาศ JV98 พร้อมแล้วนะ ทำการวอร์ปได้เลยเด้อ
Cristopher Platric (2 months ago)
ตรวจสอบระบบ บราเรียด้วยเด้อ
Cristopher Platric (2 months ago)
Cristopher Platric (2 months ago)
นักบินที่หนึ่ง พร้อมเด้อ เตรียมเอาเครื่องขึ้นได้เด้อ
Cristopher Platric (2 months ago)
Cristopher Platric (2 months ago)
Cristopher Platric (2 months ago)
พลัง DhammaX ครับ / ใครมีของแล้ว ปล่อยของได้เลยนะ
Cristopher Platric (2 months ago)
พลัง X ยอดเยี่ยมทีเดียวนะครับ
MetalmaT (2 months ago)
I love 80s hair metal and I love this song!!!!!!
Carlos Martinez (2 months ago)
This video deseerves more than 13 000 likes. That's a mind-blowing statistic.
Kayla Schulz (2 months ago)
She deleted in like six hundred times
́ελιος (2 months ago)
the solo goes from fret 12 to 20 god damn it lynch has a fucking big ass hand
Denise Jelf (2 months ago)
George. Lynch. Rocks Denise 😇Jelf
PAISLEY PRINCESS (2 months ago)
Just heard this song on the Hair Nation station on Sirius...Haven’t heard this in 30 years. Miss this era
Cristopher Platric (2 months ago)
น้องปุ้ยร้านหนังสือ ไปเมื่อวานไม่เจอเลยครับหลวงพ่อ
Yea Man!!!
carl reynolds (2 months ago)
At 2:30 never seen pinkie and fingers go so fast backwards .
Dark Frost (2 months ago)
2:08 you're welcome.
roden L.A (2 months ago)
Underrated song ever. N it's really good!
Eric O'Brien (2 months ago)
Say what you want, but that is one killer guitar solo!!!
llongone2 (2 months ago)
Typical rock band: vocalists keeps shoving his face in the camera, guitarist keeps turning away from it.
Why wasn't this as huge as Living on a Prayer or Hysteria? It's really melodic and seems like it would've been a huge 80s pop crossover hit
Denise Jelf (2 months ago)
Your. Right. The80s. Are. Still. Alive. Denise Jelf
Andrew Peralez (2 months ago)
In my heart and in my dreams!

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