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Avenged Sevenfold - A Little Piece Of Heaven [Official Music Video]

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Text Comments (60614)
Jak e (19 minutes ago)
1:46 if discussing
Fery Suryo (6 hours ago)
Orang indonesia adakah disini ?
hargo julian (13 hours ago)
bulan ramadhan 2019?
ChuwA Gaming (17 hours ago)
apa cuma gw yang kesini gegara meme di fp sebelah?
ChuwA Gaming (14 hours ago)
hooh.. yank chat wa itu
Helper Three (14 hours ago)
Sama njir wkwk. Yang chat WA.
Eda Seli (1 day ago)
Elliot Rodger Theme Song.
Layla Stephenson (1 day ago)
bossman 11125 (1 day ago)
Azril Aditya (2 days ago)
Parah kick
Jhonmichael Lobos (2 days ago)
Why live with you till we die if we can just die and live forever?!
iLikeChocolats (1 day ago)
Thats a very cool quote tho
Just 1 thing ... This is the weirdest thing ever...
Susana Salas (3 days ago)
viva la sangre
Magda Chlebicka (3 days ago)
I have a friend... He is nice, handsome guy and I used to have a small crush on him for, like, 2-3 weeks. So I was acting like a normal girl in love, trying to attract him. But than my stupid feelings were gone and he moved to other country. Than he texted me that he had fallen for me... But I had to reject him, break his heart, and I know that it was my fault, 'cuz I had been trying to capture his attention when he was still around... PLEASE HELP I DON'T WANNA END LIKE THIS
Magda Chlebicka (1 day ago)
+bloody mawy I'll try...
bloody mawy (1 day ago)
try to keep connection with him..atleast until u gain his trust again
Neza Puspita (3 days ago)
I saw this MV on my friend's phone when im 12 oh gosh😂😂
dakota hashey (3 days ago)
For anyone who is wondering the woman singing the female part of this song is Juliette Commagere. You’re welcome
dimas samid (3 days ago)
Siapa yang nyasar kesini garagara kery astina ? Like !
Agitha Algifari (3 days ago)
Alvan Hananto (3 days ago)
I thought this song is pirates song 9 years ago
King Ale (4 days ago)
Favorit song
Mitchell Boldman (4 days ago)
Thank god they censored that middle finger
black demons hunters (4 days ago)
2019...??? 😎😎😎😍
Ethan 1127 (5 days ago)
When you friend zone avenged sevenfold
Lampu Botol (5 days ago)
Dzant11 (5 days ago)
May 2019..... Like
Cadin Bench (6 days ago)
Me and my bestie loves this band this is mind and her favorite song so far
MarufXF (6 days ago)
Ain’t anyone gonna make an hour version of “EAT IT EAT IT EAT IT”?
Cha Nasution (6 days ago)
Siapa yang masih mendengar lagu ini di Mei 2019 ? Adakah yang dari Indonesia ?
nurhadi aldo (5 days ago)
Pastinya gw
Telaso Kkk (6 days ago)
Cha Nasution gw
A typical Tinder date 🤔
Julian Hernandez (6 days ago)
When I was younger I thought there was nothing wrong with this song lyrics but now I've just noticed how messed up this song is
Rhod 87 (7 days ago)
At least they had a happy ending
ade bachtiar (8 days ago)
Jainul Risky (8 days ago)
Good rock
Reportman (8 days ago)
1:58 1:58 1:58 best lyrics for me
soky afk (8 days ago)
Nny the trainwreck (8 days ago)
did anyone else noticed that the priest is voiced by marilyn manson?
Dominic O-L (7 days ago)
Oh shit
JMidNightR (8 days ago)
Good song. Stupid story.
Nny the trainwreck (8 days ago)
still one of my favorite video clips of all time
Vinicíus Devesa (9 days ago)
2019 is like
Lord Moflombi (9 days ago)
I can’t be the only that’s getting an Ed Edd and Eddy vibe from some of the instrumentals..
Liliana Indiastuti (9 days ago)
This vidio clip is not to kids
Bang je Tube (9 days ago)
Cake here after Naruto vs menma
Hanbinnie cy (9 days ago)
Habib Abdullah (9 days ago)
EmilioZabala47 (10 days ago)
Best song ever
Felipe Orrego (12 days ago)
Aqui hay mucho karma vieja
Basu gamer (13 days ago)
Iva Lukić (13 days ago)
This is just like watching Tim Burton's movie.
HONKAI NONO (14 days ago)
Not my prodouced fap ( but baby don't cra-ay ).
Bath Water (15 days ago)
Who is the girl singing at around 5:30?
Mark Bhanuruj (15 days ago)
Can I anybody kindly explain the meaning of the song please
Ogi the sergal (6 days ago)
the guy in the video proposes to his girl, but the guy has the fear of her rejecting the proposal, and because of that fear, the guy brutally kills her and has sexual intercourse with her corpse (necrophilia), and cannibalizes her by eating her heart, she comes back to life in zombie form and kills the guy, he turns into a zombie, they brutally murder all of the people in the church, and finally, they get married...... **THE END**
earth-chan (15 days ago)
what a sweet story
Resi Roslinasari (15 days ago)
Malek Shaheen (16 days ago)
i love you bitch
Pajaro Verde :D (16 days ago)
Pinche video y cancion aburrida no mames andobienpedo jajajaja
Efe Ungan (17 days ago)
Nice music but the animation is really annoying
Michael Williamson (17 days ago)
Xyton_Ghoul (18 days ago)
But baby, subscri i i ibe
IKHSAN TUTORIAL (18 days ago)
Cherie Looper (19 days ago)
This song is Stupid! It Has explicit lyrics With 8:00! No worries I'll make this clean version.
svborek 1975 (19 days ago)
And you wonder why there are psychos in this world. Hell comes for us all. We all die. Are you one of those that will die the second death?
Spliox (19 days ago)
Is it bad that this music video doesnt freak me out?
mongz79 (19 days ago)
i don't know why but when i listen to Avenged Sevenfold i just start going fucking insane and it makes me want to kill everyone around me but i feel strangely at home when i listen to them. its like I'm being taught to be like this and some people say i will never have a girlfriend but they can go fuck themselves, I'm here on this planet for me and for all i know i could be the next zodiac killer, but with all the advancements in technology these days i don't know if i could succeed but at least some people will feel the pain. people think that rock is for insane people and some of it is but some of it even though it is metal as fuck, it can still be sad. anyone who knows me and sees this might want to start preparing for a hell of a fun time.
skeeterknees (16 days ago)
dude shut up just go play fortnite or something
AlanSDLG :v EZB (19 days ago)
Dogs:bork bork Cats:miau miau Retards:2019 2019?
Waluigi (3 days ago)
Hotel: Trivago
AlanSDLG :v EZB (8 days ago)
+Town 924 :v ste men
Town 924 (8 days ago)
Me parece o el de tu foto es el TENGO MIEDO jaja
Guilherme dos Santos (10 days ago)
Mumflr Pumble (20 days ago)
Still better than twilight
Rafli GamingID (20 days ago)
Kyle Farr (21 days ago)
If there was one song they could make a movie out of, it is this one. Imagine the plot, obsessed boy friend murders girlfriend who rejected his proposal, lives with the corpse, till said corpse reanimated and murders him, the two gouls get married, then go on a murder spree. I would definitely pay to see that....
Foxy zorritoplayer (18 days ago)
That would be grat Edit: great*
Alyaa Sofea (22 days ago)
Hi... I from malaysia ... My crush like this song
KC Lalremruati (22 days ago)
1st May 2019
cristian arquero (22 days ago)
Jfiwhyf muuu bueno v:
Ciel Lo (22 days ago)
angsty kiddo (22 days ago)
i listened to this when i was 12 lol even watched this mv and i just realized that this is so wrong in so many levels and i shouldn't probably sing my heart out back then but this is one of my favorite song from a7x 😂 this is still so good though
Suriyah Azizah (23 days ago)
I am from Indonesian I like this song
Tk Meme (23 days ago)
I send this to s girl I liked then I asked her out and I was paranoid that she would say no,so I must’ve stabbed her fifty fucking times and I couldn’t believe it
Kevin Ryman Outbreak (23 days ago)
Hunter (24 days ago)
This guy has a major nicotine adiction
Lexsu Gaming (24 days ago)
2019 April ☝️
animators : how much blood you want a7x : yes
friendzone level ?? 1 like 1 level
ASHIMA KARMAKAR (24 days ago)
fifty fucking timesssss!!!!
spidervenom (25 days ago)
"How dark, and fucked up do you want the video?" "Some nigga comes and fucking brutally murders his girlfriend, then fucking eats her, then rapes her corpse, then she comes back to life, kills him, eats him, and they get married, and live a happy life.
spidervenom (25 days ago)
What in the actual fuck was the video
I and L (25 days ago)
Emo rock bohemian rhapsody: (Welcome to the black parade) Death metal bohemian rhapsody: (Blasphemian) Metal bohemian rhapsody: (Chop suey) Heavy metal bohemian rhapsody: (A little piece of heaven)
I and L (25 days ago)
Why did they have to make a song about necrophilia and cannabalism so catchy and good
Yogi Apriana (25 days ago)
siapa yg kesini habis dengr lagu pee wee gaskin amuk redam?
Emily Sima (26 days ago)
2020? Xd
Foxy zorritoplayer (26 days ago)
•Sagilu Chan • (26 days ago)
I love a song,very increíble ^^
Paradox Syzle (26 days ago)
2019's listeners??
Foxy zorritoplayer (26 days ago)
Me, foRever
Bruna Felix (26 days ago)
gamer lunatic (26 days ago)
R.I.P Jimmy Sullivan
Najmi Havoc (26 days ago)
I like it when The Rev say 3:35
Dwi Nuryadi (26 days ago)
amuk redamkan
Patria Rama (26 days ago)
almigthy tgc (26 days ago)
1:25 🤘🤘🤘🤘😍😍
Rodrigo X (26 days ago)
Perturbadoramente apaixonante kkkk
Ben W (27 days ago)
Animators: How weird do you want this video? Avenged Sevenfold: Yes.
Ratna Sari (3 days ago)
Ogi the sergal (7 days ago)
Animators: "So, what should we add in the video?." Avenged Sevenfold: "hmm, add a creepy dark setting to it." Animators: "OK, what next?." Avenged Sevenfold: "add gore and zombies....." Animators: "Hey that works.....this video is go-" Avenged Sevenfold: "WITH CANNIBALISM!" Animators: "......alright.....No need to be over enthusi-" Avenged Sevenfold: "WITH *NECROPHILIA* !" Animators: ".......um......don't you think that's a little too fa-" Avenged Sevenfold: "I'll pay you double." Animators: "fine, fuck it, I'll do it." (And this is how this video is born)
Random Dude (9 days ago)
+Ebiegberi Adonkie agree
Ebiegberi Adonkie (9 days ago)
Stupid meme
Felipe Orrego (12 days ago)
sorvi sorvatis (27 days ago)
the butthurt vengeful ''nice guy''
Amir Khyxl (27 days ago)
Nada A Ver (27 days ago)
Music Nice
Adimas Sumadi (27 days ago)
_Hey, for a creepypasta_
Retrocjt (28 days ago)
This song is big spooky time
uV Fraggsx (28 days ago)

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