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ALONE IN THE DARK (Zero Punctuation)

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Text Comments (533)
SkyHighGam3r (3 months ago)
The game was a serious wreckage disaster - though the PS3 version fixed some of the bugs and and worked on the camera and even improved the fire physics. I had a blast with the inventory system as well, really was hopeful for a sequel where they could try again... but we got Illumination...
Vincent Beers (6 months ago)
A game so bad that skipping chapters is an advertised feature *slow clap*
Matthew Guilbert (6 months ago)
The fuck was that end clip
Seth Hackley (7 months ago)
I'm the light bringer! I'm the fucking universe!
Tag (7 months ago)
Clive Barker's Alone in the Together in the Darkfire
Chaotic Gaming (8 months ago)
Dont forget the mechanic where you have to close your eyes to see enemy weaknesses, because you know, the random tears in peoples skin isnt obvious enough to warrant shooting fire bullets that dont explode in the gun into someone arm tear with dead on precision.
Kubo Edgeworth (9 months ago)
angeldeb82 (9 months ago)
LOL at the funny parts, especially with the Terry and Gonad part, the awards part, and the one that birthed the "Press X to Not Die" trope in TV Tropes! :D
Thomas Stewart (10 months ago)
Either pause when looking at the inventory, or slow mo. Bonus points if you can re-organise the inventory to make things easier to get to.
keynan martinez (1 year ago)
One of the worst games of all time that was the grandfather of Survival Horror.
Snake Man448 (1 year ago)
"The game developers think that not having to play the game was a point in its favour" That line has gotten a lot worse in hindsight - at least here skipping scenes and gameplay didn't cost money.
Norbertas Misiūnas (1 year ago)
...am i the only one who thinks the PS2 version is WAAAY better than the PC version?
Rick O'Connor (1 year ago)
If one hires Yahtzee to hurl insults from the shadows and pays well enough would that make him in fact a sweary ninja for hire ?
Calum A (1 year ago)
I quite liked this game.
RipleyandWeeds (1 year ago)
Alternate Title: Through The Fire and Flames
Micolash The Idiot (2 years ago)
Im the Light bringer. IM THE FUCKING UNIVERSE!!
timebomb456 (2 years ago)
glimpses of brilliance buried in clipping issues and spunk now that's the type of game that makes me saddest of all
Unapologetic Infidel. (2 years ago)
"Satan's Infernal Willy" Dante' s Inferno anyone?
Bobqer (2 years ago)
screw you gonad
Georgios Georgiou (2 years ago)
spent 5 euros for this shit. still regret it
Brandon F. (2 years ago)
so we can slot this alongside Neverdead in games that could have been awesome but only disappoint
Daniel Evans (2 years ago)
There was absolutely no way the telly needed a kick, it's just the display after all. That's like getting pissed off with the shower head because your boiler is shagged.
LeeLemon008 (2 years ago)
There's just something I love about that image at 1:28 :D And 4:12, but that's more about the lead into it.
ThePotatoKing (2 years ago)
Keyser94 (2 years ago)
+ThePotatoKing You are a fucking Mary Sue.
Ryanmiller70 (2 years ago)
It's weird seeing AitD go from a game that had so many great ideas that just needed polished to one of the worst things made in 2015.
Lon_es (2 years ago)
I really couldn't play for 30 minutes without yawning. The only thing I wish I could have done in the first level was to shoot that Sarah Palin in the face while screaming: "Ohh God! Ooh God, SAVE M-" **shoots her in the face** Unfortunately, she was a ghost and the bullet went past her. Fucking plot armor. Then fortunately later on, she gets killed. **Happy Sigh** ... Then returns as a demon. I thought she was always Satan. The fighting was boring as hell, so I thought I could spice it up... **Picks up Lamp and starts relentlessly beating Palin with 'gonna give it to ya' playing** "DO YOU SEE YOUR GOD NOW? FEEL HIS SHINING GLORY ON YOUR MUSHED FACE" And with that kids, that's why you should watch the review first, before mistaking it for Alan Wake like a dumbass.
Terry Osaurausies XI (3 years ago)
As the Terry here, yeah, that twat gonad ruined everything. The glue's at least nice though, 80% pure.
timebomb456 (2 years ago)
well that's a plus
Han Lockhart (3 years ago)
When I played this game quite a long while ago, on the pc, I wasn`t expecting much, but it was far better and immersive than I expected. And I`m not a `3rd person and all that` fan. I stuck the whole game out right to the ending. Music was hauntingly brilliant.
Domonics Dániel (3 years ago)
Actually, I completely agree on you in terms of the fire. One of the best, if not THE best handling of fire in gaming history, indeed. When I shot a lock on a dorr with my gun to open it, and realized that the bullet was burning, it only took seconds for the whole door to burn down. That's some clever usage of fire physics that should be used in some modern games as well.
Nomad Why (3 years ago)
Anyone watch past the music ? Something 'strange' happens
Bel-Shamharoth (3 years ago)
2:07 the History of the British Empire summed up neatly in one image. Well done, Yahtzee.
SoundOfMusing (3 years ago)
I need a series called "The Misadventures of Terry and Gonad"
PsyrenXY (10 months ago)
Gonad cloned himself to make Neverdead
This Was Sparta (3 years ago)
Spellcaster Luke (3 years ago)
The Adventures of Edward Carnby, Serial Arsonist.
Xaxton Revolution (3 years ago)
I heard Uva Bol makes bad movies on purpose so that he can give a higher percentage of the profits to the financial backers because —the US government— uses a progressive tax on film income. That means that Atari was smart, but immoral by letting Uva Bol make a movie about it.
Xaxton Revolution (3 years ago)
Well I heard something like that in —the, "Game Theory" video about video game movies.—
Kyler Lumpkin (3 years ago)
+Xaxton Revolution No actually that's a law in Germany, not the U.S..
KillThad (3 years ago)
0:23 Brain slug :)
Baker (1 year ago)
Sorry 4 being late but good eye.
Daniel Rosin (3 years ago)
Why complain about the insta-kill floor? Can't deal with a game that's actually hard?
Montesama314 (3 years ago)
You know, "Together in Flames" doesn't sound like a bad game title.
Lyubimov89 (2 years ago)
+Montesama314 alternatively a good name for HIM or Evanescence album.
Adrian Medeiros (3 years ago)
The PS2 version is actually nice
Michael Prymula (3 years ago)
Alone in the Dark was a good movie.
ZanaLyrander (3 years ago)
Sad thing is, "Together we Burn" actually sounds like the title of a somewhat interesting game, though with a title like that I'd probably expect something more sophisticated than this.
River Rey (3 years ago)
I've heard that there's a huge difference in the Xbox360 and Ps2 versions, and I've only played the latter. I thought that it had a ton of innovative ideas, like using the medicinal spray as either a healing thing or a flamethrower. The story was terrible, and the characters were strange and boring, but this game has a place in my heart for "bad games that were enjoyable."
Vivian James (4 months ago)
The PS2 and Wii versions were severely changed from the Xbox 360 and the PC versions (although distinctly different from one another) because the PS2/Wii couldn't do the heavy lifting due to severe hardware limitations. The PS3 version too was somewhat different from the 360/PC version, but in the opposite direction. They tightened up the controls, fixed several of the bugs, and were going to try to fix the other versions with the same changes to fix those versions, but the game sold so poorly that the studio was liquidated and the source code was lost.
LowHPComics (3 years ago)
So...the *actual* name of the game is called _'Together in the Fire'?_
Nathan Clark (9 months ago)
Princess Lucina at least you can go *through the flames*
otakuman23 (3 years ago)
+Princess Lucina "Kill it with Fire" sounds better
Bel-Shamharoth (3 years ago)
+Princess Lucina No, because accurately naming your game constitutes spoilers, and nobody likes that.
Egalitariat (3 years ago)
Hotfoot Hopscotch. Fire Demons 2: Electric Boogaloo (Except the Electricity is More Fire). Big Scary Things 2: Wooooooo.
jman logh (3 years ago)
+Princess Lucina nah together outside of the fire
Jared Lancaster (3 years ago)
I stupidly rented the movie and had blood pouring from my eyes and ears afterward
Basti EiseNKrafT (3 years ago)
Are you a Gonad? Tee hee hee hee
Turtle Beach (3 years ago)
Bad camera angles seem to be a must for games these days.
L1ONFIRE (3 years ago)
I played this game a good year ago, and honestly it is still on my mind... Due to the hilarity of all that happened when I played. Outside of the initial car sequence with driving away from an earthquake and getting slingshotted by the physics, driving was interesting to me. Funny enough though I recall a time where I was hunkering in a car to get loot out of it, and when I looked up one of the regular enemies smacked the hood once and every part of the car popped off like a toy. Felt awkward before he tugged me out of the car to try clawing me.
JioVega (3 years ago)
They should've just called it "lightbringer"
Pennpenn (5 months ago)
"Lightbringer" or possibly just "Lucifer" because they mean the exact same thing.
Glav (7 months ago)
Lightbringer: The Fucking Universe
Alex Shannon (3 years ago)
+BikouTenma They couldn't. Linkara already had a comic of that title.
ultimateninjaboi (3 years ago)
+Chocl8215 or "Fuck You, Anyway"
Chocl8215 (3 years ago)
+BikouTenma or "The fucking universe"
Zyad48 (3 years ago)
"requesting that I verbally assassinate it" XDDDDD
haze (3 years ago)
Dammit, Gonad!
Adrian Shephard (4 years ago)
Man, finding Port Good Game must be like stumbling upon the fabled city of Atlantis in gaming these days...
Luke Bengal (10 months ago)
Adrian Shephard Witcher 3. That's all
Zyad48 (3 years ago)
unfortunately yes ;P
Justin Powell (4 years ago)
specialpatrolgroup92 (1 year ago)
Lyubimov89 (2 years ago)
+unmessable12 (crooked character model-busing smile)
Donaven Hollow (3 years ago)
Haha yea. It had a good thing going for it but it was too ambitious for the game developers making it lack polish in any of the mechanics and being rushed out the door caused the bad endings.
Justin Powell (3 years ago)
+Donaven Hollow ahh whatever, they're all bad endings because it's a bad game :)
Donaven Hollow (3 years ago)
That'd be the worst ending because no matter what, Satan possesses someone.
slimbolo (4 years ago)
alone in the dark ... am i the only one that finds this to be a great title for a porn ?
Trixmay 988 (2 years ago)
+Luther Olayemi That was an old joke, I don't know how it even got 6 likes lol.
Luthér Olayemí (2 years ago)
+TheJayson8899 oh burn!
Trixmay 988 (3 years ago)
No, but it would make a great title to sum up your sex life
Shanky Biscuit (4 years ago)
I actually quite liked the inventory system. The idea that each item actually takes up a physical space in your jacket/holster/back pocket appeals to me more than games usual 'TARDIS-pocket equipped jeans™' system. But yeah, that and the fire were about all it had. I did like the crafting at the time but mostly because I hadn't really encountered anything like it before. I have since learnt better.
Nikke 2800 (4 years ago)
1:05 sudel :)
Neverheart (4 years ago)
you have to push a button to blink! a game with this function can never be good
Alec Hachman (4 years ago)
I got the 360 version for three bucks because I wanted to see if it was really that bad. It was.
Alex Foley (4 years ago)
I trades Alone in the Dark into gamestop like 3 years ago and they gave me 85 cents store credit
Jp Cam (4 years ago)
well, somehow i managed to like the game..
JasuTheSnipe (4 years ago)
The ps2 version was actually good in my option since it is different than the xbox version     
crewmate (4 years ago)
+KAILOONE It had some decent ideas with the switch and communication between Edward and that one chick, but like AitD 2008, they put Edward Carnby in the present day. What's so bad about the 20s/30s? It's still not that overplayed. Amnesia played in the late nineteen hundreds, but didn't get much out of the time period. The first trilogy is a museum piece nowadays. Play it if you want to experience the very roots of Survival Horror that inspired the Resident Evil Gameplay. I would love a straight remake of the first Alone in the Dark, that fixes the issues the original developers had. Because of the goundbraking 3D technology (1992 people, 1992!) was eating up the entire developement.
Aggu Kristian (4 years ago)
xbone fan^
KAILOONE (4 years ago)
Nah this game was awful in the ps2 version, it was slow and the controls were bad. Nothing compare to alone in the dark a new nightmare which imo is the best in the series
Ronan O'Keeffe (4 years ago)
They were pretty much the same. It's okay to find something good that others didn't
Aggu Kristian (4 years ago)
yeah ps2 version is fun to play, but never try on Xbox version
Varun Narain (4 years ago)
Wow what a shit game!
Aggu Kristian (4 years ago)
try on old ps2 version, its much better.
DOOM OCTOPUS (4 years ago)
you need a bad game? EA's Spore games for the DS.  
RaggedyAnne Frank (4 years ago)
Yahtzee looks a lot like the pmrants guy
Homebound Turnaround (4 years ago)
On the flip side you could purposely develop the worst game possible for Yahtzee to review. im thinking the setting would be in the middle of a war between ethnic zombies vs a small band of white, burly silent males with at least one female character that you have to escort who's ai system is programed to run face first into the nearest group of zombies you see. This action horror puzzle platformer will have you trying to quick time event every boss to submission. It will include reworks of the same 3 levels, constant slow mo during unskipable cut-scenes, a zombie themed minigame of go fish to open certain locks, an unforgive able checkpoint policy and jump scares every corner. Ill call it Zombie storm 3: revelations, forever in the the dark (it will be the first game and not one part will be at night)
Stewart Laird (1 year ago)
Homebound Turnaround Calm down Satan..😆
Parker Stetson (1 year ago)
Homebound Turnaround And Constantly sunny. and the zombies are mutants!
Justin Powell (1 year ago)
needs to have real time RTS elements
rusTbendR (3 years ago)
+Adam Moorehead don't forget the regenerating health!
ultimateninjaboi (3 years ago)
So Puzzle/JRPG remake of Resident Evil 5?
SOHGuy (4 years ago)
I'm know I'm not the only one that gave up on this game during the part where we have to burn all the roots of evil (satan's willys) for the 2nd fucking time. For those that haven't got that far or haven't played this game trust me it is one of the most boringest mandatory chores in any video game I've ever done and it took me hours to do the first lot of evil roots and the 2nd lot are even harder n more annoying to do.
Banzarro (4 years ago)
ummm not meaning to stifle the intellectual, conversation (you lot can decide whether or not i'm being sarcastic) but what the fuck was that last scene
TheRedneckRoman16 (4 years ago)
+The Black Watcher My version was better
PrdBlackWatch (4 years ago)
Minus the n
PrdBlackWatch (4 years ago)
It was a subtitles mimed review of 'Indiana Jones: Kingdomn of the Crystal Skull'
Nefera Cronia (4 years ago)
I guess "Together in the Firey Brightness" wasn't a title they thought would sell.
Tom (4 years ago)
+Tom Donovan "In the tiny US State of Transylvania, Jerry Burns, the elderly Sheriff, must deal with his daughter and sons pyromania and his Danish roommates Giant Isopod collection whilst coping with his recent diagnosis of lung cancer. Meeting Jefferson, a young southern journalist, Burns slowly opens up to the world, hoping to gain a greater understanding before he passes. Stars Bill Murray as Burns, Own Wilson as Jefferson, Mads Mikkelsen as the roommate, Danial Radcliffe and Emma Watson as the siblings Burns." 
Tom Donovan (4 years ago)
Honestly that sounds like Wes Anderson's next movie.
James Oldfield (4 years ago)
I disagree :/
Homebound Turnaround (4 years ago)
It might have worked in a poetic sorta way
Mattie (4 years ago)
Ah, so this is the video from which people got the idea that Yahtzee is gay.
Henry Johnson (4 years ago)
I used to live in Azerbaijan
Thu Collist Kid (4 years ago)
0:23 Futurama brain slug.
pixl_man (4 years ago)
"Royally buttfucked" hahahahahaha :D LOL
Redd2D (4 years ago)
I just licked my laptop.
Bastard Shiny Duosion (4 years ago)
Congratu-fucking-lations! Now Elaborate!
Spudacus (4 years ago)
I wish you made Let's plays of all the games you have played, this would be an awesome idea because you voice and personalty would be amazing when you find a bug with a game that you can spend 20 minutes complaining and I would still be interested ahah :D Just an idea :D
Michael Kemel (4 years ago)
Yahtzee has reviewed so many games at this point, he would never have any free time if he even tried to let's play half of them. Not only that, there are the countless games he's reviewed that he would never want to play again, like Final Fantasy XIII, Alone in the Dark, etc.
Spudacus (4 years ago)
Yes, This^
Daywid Fox (4 years ago)
Spudacus (4 years ago)
Its on the main page, not sure but its one of them
lucariobro18 (4 years ago)
wait what is the channel's name?
unknownrostam (4 years ago)
Yahtzee, if you think Portal and Silent Hill 2 are some of the best games ever, your brain does definitely not work properly.
cloudtx (4 years ago)
+unknownrostam  I agree. The ending system is terribly flawed. I have yet to play either Homecoming or Shattered Memories, I think the lack of combat in the latter has made me doubt playing it. The ending system in SH1 was okay I think, the things you needed to do to change the ending were pretty obscure, but they tied with the story so it made sense. Any one of them could've been more sympathetic, but I think the developers didn't want to make you feel comfortable around anyone.
unknownrostam (4 years ago)
+cloudtx Yeah, and the game always misinterprets what you do. "Oh, you didn't heal? You must thinks James is suicidal!" No, Silent Hill 2, you just didn't give me enough Health Drinks. Ironically this sort of thing separates story and gameplay, in a game which is famous for its interactive storytelling. And only half of the endings actually worked this way. Although I've never liked SH1, 4 and Downpour's ending system either. Shattered Memories is definitely my favourite, and Homecoming was pretty cool too. All the characters do get good endings, though (with the exception of Laura, who always sucks). I think Eddie could have been a bit more sympathetic, though - having one sympathetic murder, one manifestation of guilt and one completely despicable bastard is too much of a contrast.
cloudtx (4 years ago)
+unknownrostam  Those are all valid complaints, though I think the characters had proper endings at the end of the story that fleshed them out enough. Personally, I just hate how you unlock the endings. It's really convoluted and makes no sense with the story, unlike SH1.
unknownrostam (4 years ago)
+cloudtx I never really liked the story, I didn't feel like the symbolism was fully fleshed out and the characters were all kind of silly the first time you met them. I admit that the second half is pretty awesome, though.
cloudtx (4 years ago)
+unknownrostam  Fair enough. Just so you know, I didn't think it was flawless, it had a couple of really shitty elements, but the story was quite interesting.
Finnish Person (4 years ago)
there are SO many different references to this game on other videos that i finally got myself to watch.
BaranZenon (4 years ago)
I was wondering - That Edward dude was asleap or in coma or in other dimnesion or whatever for a long time. Before that there was no Iphones, cars or fire extinguishers. So my question is how the hell he can drive a car and START IT WITH WIRES as other modern crap which durning the, lets say, The New Nightmare was not there? If I lost my memory would I know how to steal a car?
01:31.I start to think that Silent Hill 2 is Yahtzees' favourite game....
fjoa123 (4 years ago)
i found it hard to believe that this piece of shit of a game was so bad, the developers actually gave you the chance to play the final level right on to stop the suffering.
dageezerboi (4 years ago)
I actually thought this game was ok.
q306005 (4 years ago)
I like the idea that going into the inventory screen and crafting items doesn't pause the game because that makes it more realistic. If you were in a fight in real life, the dude doesn't just freeze in the middle of spear-tackling you so you can pull a bottle out of your backpack to hit him with.
Shiina Ringo (2 years ago)
Games are unrealistic by definition. It is their whole point. If you want a realistic fight, then just fricking turn off your console, go down to a pub, and have your teeth kicked in. Problem solved. If you don't like that, well then here's a *game* for you. Which is a *game*.
Jeremy R (4 years ago)
This also is true for saving the game. I can't shut my life off every time I sit down to play a game. Make it as realistic as you want but pausing and saving at any time are ESSENTIAL mechanics and there's no good excuse not to have them
Jeremy R (4 years ago)
+Lawgamer411 I like your idea but the problem isn't that it's hard to navigate the inventory when there's no pause. The problem is that sometimes I'm playing a game and the phone rings. Someone knocks on the door. I have to pee. Not all of us are willing to shit ourselves for a bit of extra realism. There's life outside the game that sometimes interupts. It's literally unavoidable sometimes, so people need to be able to pause. I shouldn't be punished and die if I have to answer my phone just because it's ever so slightly more "realistic"
Dawson MacDougall (4 years ago)
+Baker Mike game ɡām/ noun  (a form of play or sport, especially a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck.) please point out the "Not real" part of the definition
I've really grown to hate the word ''realistic'' in that context. Still though, I agree. It gives you a feeling of really being in danger and having to hurry up. It can work really immersive.
Eric Sebena (5 years ago)
I'm so confused by the final clip…  xD
Head EaterX (5 years ago)
i kind of liked the game but when i think about it he is right. the black glue was shit and i died a hundred times and then i had to kill 30 more useless dicks in the park i stopped playing. ive never seen a more poor try to stretch playtime.
? Okay
supereldinho (4 years ago)
+such doge Yeah sure, whatever you say man.
+supereldinho dude far cry 2 was awesome. and the driving and map system was so cool
coolfunkDJ (4 years ago)
+supereldinho 0_0 get out...
supereldinho (5 years ago)
You should take a look at Far Cry 2. That one is LITERALLY a waste of time from start to finish.
Frank J (3 years ago)
And he didn't even mention the ending!! They put you infront of the gates of hell making you mentally prepare yourself for the biggest boss battle of your life but instead of that you get a cutscene which tells you nothing and credits.... It was like they were in such a hurry to wrap up a sandwich that they just said ''fuck it'' and threw it away.....
Albus Kane (1 year ago)
At least we got the best worst line in anything ever
Porkpie Johnny (2 years ago)
Iron/Pacifist (4 years ago)
he didn't finish the game though how could he have mentioned it
Rory More (5 years ago)
What would happen if a game development company watched every Zero Punctuation and took everything he liked from every review and turned it into a game? You may just get Silent Hill 2 with a portal gun and jetpacks or something really awesome
Vincent Beers (6 months ago)
Silent Hill 2 with a portal gun, jetpacks, time rewinding and normal sized boobs on a side character with a personaility
Frank J (4 years ago)
And you fight burly white dudes.
RobitskiStudios (5 years ago)
Exactly - 'zombies' by popular culture's definition are dead humans reanimated by an infection/fungi/magic or 'turn' when they catch said virus, like an actual disease. And yahtzee doesn't like pop culture's zombies.
Lookin4aBoxToLive (5 years ago)
+TheRelevantusername Silent Hill's aren't really zombies though. They're more a bunch monstrous representations of the current protagonist-in-turn's fucked up mind
TheRelevantusername (5 years ago)
+hypergunkid i don't know. that guy is weird. i'm 16. and apparently, if someone is below a certain age, they shouldn't watch yahtzee's show? the fuck? it's not exactly kid friendly, but being exclusionary is retarded. it just makes kids lie about their age to "seem cool"
ultimatum1895 (5 years ago)
did anyone else see his little clip after the credits? ._.
Rory More (5 years ago)
oh...........obviously not
MrCatchTwenty2 (5 years ago)
+Rory More no where it just shows him and subtitles of him wondering about having balls in his mouth.
La le Lu lei lo (5 years ago)
This game sucks MAJOR BALLS and I mean big fucking sheep,donkey and elephant balls I love the Alone in the dark series and pretty much everything he says is basically what everybody else has to say even though for some reason Edward's clothes are magically tailored when he's healed along with that how the hell does Edward change his appearance so often within games look at Edward in the first one then the One Eyed Jack's revenge one  now just ALONE IN THE DARK he changes from a old ginger gentleman almost like a doc holiday with down syndrome then into a ginger business man who's angry at the world then your standard long hair Leon.S Kennedy clone THEN he looks like he changes race and changes accents like what the fuck is up with  that!?
WHATISUTUBE (5 years ago)
now I wanna see those fire effects
ssbj144 (5 years ago)
They are quite fantastic but obviously this game gets annoying after awhile because you just feel how it's so unfinished. This game truly had potential to be something really great. But kicking it out the door before it was ready, was a huge mistake which drops it from a potential 9/10 to a good 5/10 if not even lower.
PwnageMode (5 years ago)
3:08 GTA Online Down The Drain races in a nutshell.
Wibbly Wobbilywoo (5 years ago)
Um. Post credits.
juggos205622 (5 years ago)
"Dear Mr. Mcgyver, or however the hell you spell your name, enclosed is a paper clip, a rubber band and a straw. Please save the American Northeast from a race of homicidal aliens."
Did Yahtzee say he brain only work right!
yeah. and i consider him incorrect!
blanktester (5 years ago)
I bought the game for 99 cents, and when I opened it I found that I had been given a collector's edition, which had the decent soundtrack to the game AND (for no clear reason) a copy of gears of war tucked behind that.
landfill baby (5 years ago)
what was that after the credits?
James Schultz (5 years ago)
Dragodonv2 (5 years ago)
Well, Australians, but nonetheless...
James Schultz (5 years ago)
Aw, these brits.
MrZergla (5 years ago)
Lord Fuzzle (5 years ago)
its worse then what he said guy
Jaceblue04 (5 years ago)
So, is it really that bad, or is he exaggerating again?
Dragodonv2 (5 years ago)
Its rather the difference between "inventory" and "inventry". It's all potato potaato sort of thing if you know what I mean.

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