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Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

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What if telekinesis was real? How would you react? Our hidden camera experiment captures the reactions of unsuspecting customers at a New York City coffee shop as they witness a telekinetic event.
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Alcurd (5 hours ago)
Man this what happens when white girls don’t get their pumpkin spice latte
Jack Rinnegan (7 hours ago)
Blake Daniels (10 hours ago)
Zigy Zia (1 day ago)
This is getting cringe
gabmig mago (1 day ago)
A W E S O M E 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Kurt'O (1 day ago)
I'm crying here!
Andrew Castillo (1 day ago)
I love it!
One Angry Fucer (2 days ago)
Just play the entire clip, rather than short bits.
Belmont79 (2 days ago)
All women can do that when it is that time of the month.
Den Morgan (2 days ago)
Ебать круто я обосрался реально!!!
Royal Blue V V (2 days ago)
HahAha one cup of cappuccino please...hehehe
Well... best ad & prank ever
The best prank? :v 🔥💯
Kyle Aegis (3 days ago)
Still love this.
Luiz Gabriel (3 days ago)
s m (3 days ago)
Leftie liberal fit
Always Flying (3 days ago)
Watch this in slow motion you can actually see the dog say what the fuck hahaha
Michael Brown (4 days ago)
if I made my stuff like they did then I wouldn't have told anyone it was a prank
Mexicali Mexico (4 days ago)
It's a matter of activating the pineal gland, This can really be done, but the average human is years of light from that ................... ...................
Andre'a Kirkpatrick (4 days ago)
Omg this was so funny kinda
DR1FT [DY] (4 days ago)
Mamadas y mas mamadas 🤣
AdrianoCROST (4 days ago)
It's so obvious
Winda Grizela (4 days ago)
מתן טספאי (5 days ago)
orthez1 (5 days ago)
Coffe not sugar
Kelvin Kwok Yin Chan (6 days ago)
Amazing prank, love it!
天天向上 (6 days ago)
Mr Trash Panda (7 days ago)
Her screaming reminds me of my ex wife
Richard Calisi (7 days ago)
i wish i had those powers.
Ra Tehuti (7 days ago)
Dumbass humans. Screaming but holding up a phone...
齐糖烟 (7 days ago)
Khanyiso Mapuma (7 days ago)
dat hidden cam at 1:55 tho
Juan Garcia (8 days ago)
Hands down the best magic prank out there
itsnotshabz x (8 days ago)
Daaqammmnn dani3eeelll
KOLCHI HNA (9 days ago)
gahahahaha that s strong
SplinteredX (9 days ago)
M S (9 days ago)
what kind of fucking bitch acts like this over a spilled coffee? my gf of course.
litrentaart (9 days ago)
whats with the black guy with the led pipe .ok he needs coffee but why carry the pipe.
Killer Peanut (9 days ago)
Best prank so far. Still January 2019
Kelmire1 (10 days ago)
I just love everyone's reaction. not a single person was like 'no way!' they totally bought the whole charade. That either says one of two things to me: Either it speaks for the guilibility of humanity or our blatant stupidity. That's the first thing I think of. The second thing I ponder: what if it speaks to some inherent percieved tangibility? Doesn't say that it's likely, but that it's possible such things can exist. Think of it this way.. Human beings are generally terrified of spiders. Not all human beings, but the majority. We don't know why we fear them so much, we just know we fucking hate them. There are many prevailing theories as to why, but it's possible that at some point in our distant past - maybe the first region from which modern man or homosapians originated, maybe it was a region that at that time had an abundance of venomuos spiders that posed a true threat to our earlier ancestors and so we carry that seem instinct today as a result of how important it was to develop such an instinct in the first place, for the sake of self-preservation. Maybe the idea of telekenisis or psychic powers is so terrifying and believable is because it holds - despite the apparant impossibility of the situation, the utter defiance of logic - a similar instinctual fear that represents a perceieved tangible threat hardwired into the human mind in the same vein as our irrational fear in the face of a spider that in most cases we cognitively recognize as posing no existential threat or even threat of harm. We just hate them anyway. Or maybe movies make the surreal seem so much more real, who knows.
SkyMaster Albani (8 days ago)
i'm... really sorry to break it, but they are all... actors, their reactions are fake, this video was meant for a commercial for a movie called 'carrie'.. or, something like that
koto koto (10 days ago)
Super tare faza nota 10+
velia garcia (11 days ago)
That was good.... thanks
Pratima Bhandari (11 days ago)
It seems so real😂
LaTavia Washington (11 days ago)
S. D. H. (11 days ago)
Most humans are still superstitious primates at their core. Just look no further than the religious beliefs of most people.
Sotiris Ktistis (11 days ago)
Amazing prank
Hannah Alireza (12 days ago)
The best prank ever 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
pen0rprick (12 days ago)
Should use old man. Who would fall for dolled up 25 year old girl doing this?
SCARLETT SASSIN (13 days ago)
1:57 when ur constipated not that i’ve ever been 😂
LoKii (13 days ago)
This is brilliant.
Alex Madwax (13 days ago)
%100 fake
Paul English (13 days ago)
Now, that's great advertising right there.
d rouse (13 days ago)
I dont believe in this type of stuff but a prank like this is so well done and happens so unexpectedly that I would have no choice but to believe my eyes for awhile .
jorgemt62 (14 days ago)
Carrie is so 80s and completely out!! I would have thought Inhumans, X-men, SHIELD!! Would have been jumping up and down waiting for Coulson and Fury!!!!!!
Son Goku (14 days ago)
who wants to date him?
Real Mexican American (14 days ago)
I wonder how much [email protected] they had to clean out of there when they were done
Shuaib Hassan (14 days ago)
Excellent Amazing Superb Top1 prank
Cythe Machine (14 days ago)
2019 xD
ikhsan nur alit (14 days ago)
Selo Vlogs (15 days ago)
S i m o (15 days ago)
So great!
Yashsvi Dixit (4 days ago)
I am the one who got pulled up the wall. It was the greatest of all pranks I have done.
TRIZsTANDs GeGo (16 days ago)
And we you know it is just only a movie trailer Sad
SkyMaster Albani (8 days ago)
usman abdulmumin (16 days ago)
wazobia radio
KlipSoe X (17 days ago)
That was so fucking Satisfying AWESOMENESS ..😁❤️❤️❤️❤️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
ItsMelloHaeun (17 days ago)
Never getting old
ncuzdvarga (17 days ago)
you crazy
Jon Hammer (18 days ago)
She could give me a hand job from across the room.
Anik i (18 days ago)
How come I discover this in 2019
Doge HuskyTM (18 days ago)
isback 9 (19 days ago)
2019 ?
Lulu si Neko (4 days ago)
Me 😂
Rishi Jindal RJ (19 days ago)
3.1.19 still watching this amazing video 😂
1:12 she looks like she's a witch or believes in witchcraft and she thinks 'There's another witch out here'? Look at her eyes, I'm dying haha 🤣🤣
extra (17 days ago)
Hope Mikaelson Legacies CW I don’t know, I don't think witchcraft is that direct.
Just This (20 days ago)
Women in their period are a force to be feared
luvsilly60 (21 days ago)
Someone pitch fork me before I die laughing
iam champ (22 days ago)
Mr MultiBro (22 days ago)
EUNAPOLIS GAMES (22 days ago)
Gary Wilson (22 days ago)
I can guarantee you if i saw this, I would laugh and *not* be convinced.
Logeshwaran M (23 days ago)
how can people dislike these efforts !!!
YOES 20 (23 days ago)
pradeepa ariyawansa (23 days ago)
Alma Fitri Steviana (24 days ago)
Is that Hannah Baker?
krissay lawl (24 days ago)
Truth wins (24 days ago)
Even the doggie in the coffee shop was like WTF? Lol
_ AussieHorse (25 days ago)
The power of wires
Bhupati (26 days ago)
1:49 here comes the Black rambo!
Jhon brian Eulalio (26 days ago)
Wow best prank ever ! 👏👏👏 I'ts seems that is real 😍😍😍 ..
Lewis Tasso (26 days ago)
X-Men mutants!!!
Lewis Tasso (26 days ago)
Look at the guy at 1:43! You know he soiled himself!
Abh Ghu (26 days ago)
So well thought out and executed
n (26 days ago)
best ever
No one asked her if she wanted to be a part of the Avengers? Idk man, she seemed like the type that could stop Thanos
Meshack Lema (27 days ago)
best of all social media prank ..I love it
Ricardo Ayala (27 days ago)
1:06 She is a beauty.
Adi ka Tech (27 days ago)
Word best prank man deserve to award
y1hardtop (27 days ago)
Now there's a prank.
TheRisingTide (27 days ago)
She's daisy johnson alright... 😂

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