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Girls Love - Lesbian Short Film 2016 HD ตอนที่1 (ซับไทย)

4712 ratings | 2066389 views
Cr : https://www.facebook.com/spwd.ct แปลโดย childnoii
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Text Comments (264)
freakforanime forever (8 days ago)
Not in a offensivve way
freakforanime forever (8 days ago)
I stil cant believe she is a girl
Poppy Kat Anastasya (9 days ago)
It's good
I too think miller looks alike to Kris wu
AJ NS (23 days ago)
I need a gf like tht 😭😭😭
Juare Marjorie juare (24 days ago)
I wish l like that lesbian girlfriend someday i have a great girl friend like That i hope someday ther's lesbian loves me too😔😭
Ana Paula Griebler (1 month ago)
Precisa ter o 4 e não parem de fazer pq é mto legal quem apóia curte 👍👍👍
Nhopegh 27 (1 month ago)
gg iso ngaceng delok butchine. hadeh
Jocelyn Berdan (1 month ago)
Idol crush kita i love u.
Wati Frida (1 month ago)
So sweet
Jay The Dee (1 month ago)
No gonna lie when he put the book like that on the shelf at 17:54 it Ruined the whole drama for me 😔 Also at 44:46 how did a monsters not eat both their hands?!?! Bro, no joke it looked miss pronounced at 50:53 and I say it say I’m pregnant and if you continue with that idea. It starts to seem like she really is 😝 Yo how do they now it’s a girl?!?! At 53:51 I thought she was a boy I tell I read the title while checking what time it was like no flip in way🤪🤪🤪
Kitty Pop (1 month ago)
The main character is a girl the one who put the book
Aqila Oktavia (1 month ago)
Bahasa indo donk.... Plissss
Myla Barros (1 month ago)
Lindos formam o par perfeito💖💖💖😍😍
marivel tan (1 month ago)
i cant understang the language but i really like this stories !!
Rhena Octovrisna (2 months ago)
Mr Jake (2 months ago)
i dont like gay movies but this is really emotional i loved it i dont really watch gay men movies... i actually think thats pretty else...khm i mean im bisexual and i still cant understand lesbians that how can they not love the d....
Jesus Neri (3 months ago)
Abang DKS (3 months ago)
Is that Tao? Please No!
RenzBehindTheScene (3 months ago)
Forgot sign doc subject ignoring half Irish ISBN English lessons Ian led Ian UFC UFC UFC UFC is Isaac tomato Palmdale
valerina mutiara (3 months ago)
so swettt bl
I am Cumberlocked (3 months ago)
It took me so long to figure out that she is actually a female😂😂😂 Well, we tomboys r complicated for ordinary people😜😂
valerina mutiara (3 months ago)
so swettt
valerina mutiara (3 months ago)
y betul
Marie milliere Samedy (3 months ago)
Linda peli
DolceBlack M'ssy (3 months ago)
My love women Lesb bi Thai 😍😍😍
anis ganu1997 (3 months ago)
i like lesbian
May Ann Lopes (3 months ago)
Love you Think Me Lesbian
from another planet (4 months ago)
Even tho i am not a bi why does the tomboy attract me😂😂
knpa emng a
Yuli Rokerr (4 months ago)
suka film nya
sunaina naina (4 months ago)
Ohhh I'm single
Afsana Khan (3 months ago)
Veni Cilacap my insta I'd Khanafsana07
Veni Cilacap (3 months ago)
Ow yeah
Afsana Khan (3 months ago)
U want a gf
angelina angeline (4 months ago)
Sub please.. :(
lesbian ya hmmm sma dong
Yuli Rokerr (4 months ago)
Putri -band hijau daun tuh isdebans masa sih
mathie llena (4 months ago)
i love this movie ...
علي العراقي (4 months ago)
اي وحده تحب علاقه جنسيه أو ترتاح 07719378504 واتساب السريه التامه
Wow... Why am I feeling this way? I really love this videos.... I wanna have gf... Even I had bf😂😂😍😍😍😍
revott cahya (5 months ago)
Dakoda Shea (5 months ago)
i wish i knew what they where fucking saying but i like it
Kaki Layan Movie (5 months ago)
유나김Yoona Kim (5 months ago)
its too sweet i want be that girl omg
Rj sine (4 months ago)
유나김Yoona Kim i want you too
Coatcheckgirl (5 months ago)
The tomboy one is sexy
Rebecca soul (5 months ago)
As there is no eng sub I didn't understand, it's not a lesbian film, can anyone explain the story plz
Even I don't know a word but can understand the feelings,the love,the care, Love don't care anything just love ❤️
Lady Love (6 months ago)
I'm so jealous 😭😭😭😭😭. I hope someday there's a tomboy love me too😭😭😭😭
Mr Jake (2 months ago)
why tomboy than why not real boy i dont understand if you want a boyish girl thats weird ur not lesbiand..
Veni Cilacap (3 months ago)
Am here
Lady Love (4 months ago)
Yuli Rokerr 😭😭😭😭
Yuli Rokerr (4 months ago)
Lady Love dont cry 😊
Rachel NETWORK (6 months ago)
Hi😊im bi
Jilan Abidatus (6 months ago)
good bagus sekali pollll
Eileen Joy Galacgac (6 months ago)
I like this lesbian .. I wish i could have a girl friend like that tomboy.
Ary Smurf (3 months ago)
Iriyanti Iriyanti lg nyari cewek cina
Iriyanti Iriyanti (6 months ago)
cina lesbian
Krishna Rajesh (6 months ago)
The tomboy's name is Miller.
Sushma Saru (6 months ago)
English subtitles plz😢
Lama Sanjana (6 months ago)
Nice....! Video...
Nichamon Pibool (6 months ago)
Helaine Moremmmah (6 months ago)
English pliz
Troy Anderson (6 months ago)
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Nishitha Atara (6 months ago)
Troy Anderson thnx a lot bro...cya soon ter. [email protected] is mAh mail id.✌️✌️👋
Troy Anderson (6 months ago)
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Nishitha Atara (6 months ago)
Troy Anderson sry to ask this ..but a question has raised in me... u've given a GD msg...but y did u put it in this video...I'm lil confused..... Ntng else...just as ur sister I'm asking u......I'm inculcated by ua spirtual support....if u can give me ua email id....so tat I'll get to know much more...😊😊
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Nishitha Atara (6 months ago)
Troy Anderson u've given the best message ever ...may God bless you...I'm really thankful to mAh frnd ..because she suggested me watch this....I'm not spking Abt the video...I thank her jz that I've seen ua comments.... blessed to hear from you....Amen!
frrree chow (6 months ago)
Single lesbian or bisexual . And do u wanna date and find your couple?Click on www.bimates.org . And you can find too many Les and bi on it.maybe someone is your neighbors.
Chanyeol Park (6 months ago)
Oh mi gosh! Kris Wu's doppelganger😍😍
Ailene Cruz (7 months ago)
I love tomboy
Veni Cilacap (3 months ago)
Ailene Cruz 😍
Katrina Salimbagat (7 months ago)
English please
Alisya Style (7 months ago)
please i need lesbie
Earn Pacharapan Boonpeng (7 months ago)
Cahaya Fajar29 (7 months ago)
I like
lucero castro (7 months ago)
lol no lie that tomboy has my jackets motorcycle taste soccer thoe n women lol
Chae Chae (7 months ago)
lost bean (7 months ago)
I need a fcking gf rn .___.
lost bean (7 months ago)
Shanqunni Smith lmfao
Shanqunni Smith (7 months ago)
rosé my cute fluffy lil' chipmunk lol I swear 😂😂
Neo (8 months ago)
So cute!😍😍😍😍😍😍
Vicliana June (8 months ago)
I loves this movie 100x time
Leny Echivarre (8 months ago)
Nice movie sana may part3
Mr Jake (2 months ago)
i cant inderstand why yall cant enjoy dick
Christina Giannou (3 months ago)
Nuxtrix Nixal Nixal Lengends because they jealous that you have someone that loves you! ☺
Live what you want... Fuck em all..
fau igasan (6 months ago)
Guys im a lesbian to... Dont mind what other say about us just be what you are and be happy.
Muneeba Swifty (7 months ago)
same case is with me... they all judge me and gf but u know your love is more important then any one else.... let them say what they want to say.... do that in which u feel comfort....❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lamb of God (8 months ago)
+918787736401 watapp
Liayen Ng (8 months ago)
so sweet ..
Roxanne Luzada (8 months ago)
Shocksss😍😍 kilig overload😍😘😘
catherine chen (8 months ago)
What Did I just watch My parents walked in on me watching this Why
Anime X Games (7 months ago)
catherine chen be safe xD
Budi Rajapola (8 months ago)
lvo yu to kiss lesbi
Tati Fenty (9 months ago)
Wow nice movie,I love tomboy ❤️
Leonard Teopolina (4 months ago)
Tatishana Fenty I like it to
Shila Baidya (9 months ago)
I don't understand any word bt really this movei are so good.pls subscraib the English version...❤
baby aj (9 months ago)
I love this movie😍💕
Bill Kelley (9 months ago)
i wood like to see them naked having sex
huyền trân Le thi (10 months ago)
Có ai việt nam không ạ
phương trà (10 months ago)
01683155642 kb zalo
Lamb of God (8 months ago)
phương trà +918787736401
Paula Rozario (10 months ago)
Eng sub pls
WANI Yusuf (10 months ago)
where can watch eng
Abdikariim Nouh (11 months ago)
28:26 this person is girl or man i can't understan or guy i hate guys
Iliqa Amer (1 year ago)
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i'm dying !!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Bugart 2000 (1 year ago)
hhumaii. co hi
Reyana's Life (1 year ago)
Do the speak English like dode
Jovelyn Sario (1 year ago)
reason kung bakit gusto ko ang tomboy kesa lalaki😍😘
hey guys .. can you tell me the title of this movie ? and where I can download it ? thanks in advance 😊😊
mhaey14319 Guevarra (1 year ago)
i love the way you smile your so cute
mhaey14319 Guevarra (1 year ago)
I love this tomboy ..any one knows her name?? this is my first time watching movie same like this I love it very much. and the love story very cute romantic
Francis Agustin (1 month ago)
Wats tomboy?
Речка Эмбер (11 months ago)
mhaey14319 Guevarra This is a Chinese actress Mi Lei
Şevval Yaka (1 year ago)
What is film name????
Oishani WWE (1 year ago)
i watch full movie very nice love it 😘😊😉
Evangeline Manabat (7 months ago)
What title this movie ?
Oishani WWE wat title?
Nengah Witari (8 months ago)
Oishani WWE
Nengah Witari (8 months ago)
Oishani WWE b
Oishani WWE (1 year ago)
Stephanie Pevida (1 year ago)
Nakakakilig to ...... Grabe
Stephanie Pevida (1 year ago)
Ang ganda nito... Grabe !!! Sana may english nito...
Langlensana Rk (1 year ago)
I like dis video but I don't no hu is that I mean boy or girl
Merlina x33 (1 year ago)
This is not lesbian? wtf
Loli Creepys (1 year ago)
Merlina x33 Is lesbian :v
enticabycaby cabycaby (1 year ago)
Sub indo nya
PainInside MyHead (1 year ago)
Potrzebuję tomboya. Uwielbiam 😍
TANIYA DEB (1 year ago)
though i didnt understand a word of it, but the love .....care.....affection....did giv me goosebumps.....their bonding is something more than love....
Emess Hlychho (1 year ago)
i like dis vdeo...
alen alen (1 year ago)
ليه ما في ترجمة عربي
هجرس هجرس (11 months ago)
alen alen انا بترجملك لبدك يا

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