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The History of Yrimir and 'The Game'

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Today we pay honour to my favourite content creator on YouTube; Yrimir. Want More? Click Here: Top 5 Playlist: https://tinyurl.com/j7tjw8p Terraria Yo-Yo Let's Play: https://tinyurl.com/ybaeo9yq LINKS: Yrimir - https://www.youtube.com/user/Yrimir Yrimir' Twitter - https://twitter.com/Yrimir Yrimir's Latest Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uu-jER102Rs&t=114s First Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQzaX9hPHIg First Speedrun - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7K-vrS88rU Amazing Yrimir-Like Creator 'Ningishu' - https://www.youtube.com/user/Ningishu Purchase Terraria Here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/105600/Terraria/ Follow: http://www.twitter.com/jamesrobertbenn
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Text Comments (1236)
SharkOfKorbloxer (12 days ago)
Yrimir is not making hagrid advanture again ilove hagrid advanture.
·.·PGRedYT ·.· (14 days ago)
Is....is he gonna upload again?
Tweedy Naima50 (18 days ago)
What happened to yrimir ?
Fabric Sterling (29 days ago)
So saw?
Crazed Cubing (1 month ago)
Who needs mat pat when you have chippy?
LUukEy boi (1 month ago)
Did anyone else know yrimir was a dev? He’s on the credits!
Nachfüllbarer Trank (12 days ago)
Well, he IS listed as beta tester.
Game Masters (1 month ago)
my birthday is the 13 of october
Garrett Palmer (1 month ago)
his first vid was on my 4th birthday
Travis Pierce (1 month ago)
I wanna make a vid about you chippy your super cool
Asian boi459 (1 month ago)
the fact ive beat every boss without any potions
Stevetube Terrarian (1 month ago)
HUNTERROTHMAN2 (2 months ago)
Umm, is Yrimir the same as Yharin, the fallen terraria king? Sorry if this question is silly, i just want to know Who Yharin is, since he did tame Devour of gods.
RzyRealm (2 months ago)
its sad he is gone again. :( but yeah i guess terraria is dying. but yrimir should do a moonlord speedrun bet he could do it in 1 minute flat
Ryder (2 months ago)
I know a secret to yrimir Hes a guy who likes terraria
Stevetube Terrarian (2 months ago)
Hey please shout out my channel stevetube terrarian
Cononsberg (2 months ago)
Yrimir, Mappy beat your DG speedkill record. Take it back! The contest must go on!
IvyLikesToDraw (2 months ago)
Yrimir's back! Let's celebra- . . . . he's gone again
Somebody Trolls (2 months ago)
Looking For Hargid Ep 22 Since 2015...
radigen (3 months ago)
and hero sucks to this day
Meepo The Amazing (3 months ago)
Leivathon is the best
Zachary 315 (3 months ago)
I’ve been watching him since 2014 he’s been a inspiration of me playing terraria seeing him take down bosses that are hard for any new player he is the god of terraria no matter the hate or disbelief he may get he is awesome and I love him thank you so much
Lachlan The Latias (3 months ago)
All hail terraria lord Yirmir
Joe Christo (3 months ago)
He still hasn’t made a video;-;
Sondrex009 (3 months ago)
Outro music?? I loved it
Antonio Petcu (3 months ago)
Yrimir is literally kirito from SAO.A OP beta tester that always succeds.
Kai Tarakci (3 months ago)
And he's gone again :(
Gamer4bears & vlogs (3 months ago)
I like pedguin, chippy, yrimir, and ningya niguasha... however you spell it
Raul Daboss (3 months ago)
Rip yirmir
Cowvomoo (3 months ago)
He left again
Royal Archer Gaming (4 months ago)
Wait, Is he more powerful than even that of Redigit himself!?
Simon Mason (4 months ago)
Hero, chippy, penguin and yrimir are god of terraria
Sonic TheHedgeHog (4 months ago)
I have also watched ninguishui
Sonic TheHedgeHog (4 months ago)
I have watched yrimir
Hayden Simmons (4 months ago)
Leviathan is much better since can beat SC on death mode
Jake Mccallum (4 months ago)
Ningishu is a really good speed run channel
game master (4 months ago)
The true terraria god is and I guess am crying
AnselSD (4 months ago)
after watching alot of his videos, I just realized he was saying enthusiasts
Ethan Rain Infante (4 months ago)
Best terraria player? Watch gellot, he defeated the bosess expert mode no damage.
MISMAGIUS ghost type (4 months ago)
What mod is he playing in the beggining
Omega Games Elite (4 months ago)
Omg pedguin! I love your videos and your server
Valzu94 (4 months ago)
Yrimir is like a legend
Nova_Freak (4 months ago)
7:01 "He is the best content creator on the platform for Terraria." Hero: 40 minute rant stating otherwise
Mehrio Time (4 months ago)
Adil Akhtar (4 months ago)
Squishy Lemon (4 months ago)
DragonPlays21 (5 months ago)
Is this SAW
UpsideDownEye (5 months ago)
7:02 wat?
UpsideDownEye (5 months ago)
wait nu 7:03
Donna Jones (5 months ago)
I lost the game
Trenonicle (5 months ago)
If I’m not wrong I remember he was talking in a video about farming glowing mushrooms, if my memory is wrong than I would like someone to reply to me.
Hidaka Sana (5 months ago)
its jusst a game -_____- and you all get it surious and calls yourself a god or legend like that you all in the hell to call this guy called yrimir a god or anything like that its just a game sorry for saying that anyway :p
LuxReal (5 months ago)
Hidaka Sana kk Demigod better lol jk xd
Hidaka Sana (5 months ago)
Thanks dude im really thankfull but plz dont call me god ok? i dont like that :)
LuxReal (5 months ago)
Hidaka Sana dang it gg u god 2
Hidaka Sana (5 months ago)
lol,its not easy to kill him on the first night, tought but yes , XD
LuxReal (5 months ago)
Hidaka Sana even dungeon guardian 1st night ?...
BottledWater 69 (5 months ago)
Can't like someone who posts good content very blue moon
caroline mcintyre (5 months ago)
Red pls put 1.3 mobile now pls terria is the best game ever and I done a pixel mario and duke fish rob 👍
Mathias Åkerberg (5 months ago)
i am swedish too!!!
Infernoswelt (5 months ago)
Well, now Ningishu is the Terraria god. Her new WR is just stunning...
darren zou (5 months ago)
great contents take time example: Yrimir and hunter x hunter
Xavo El Chewbacca (5 months ago)
Maybe a little late, but Chippy, have you thought of doing more love to Ningishu ? She is as great as Yrimir and I think deserves at least a video for herself alone !!
Ironic Lizard (6 months ago)
All good youtuber come from my country, Sweden, yes I am Swedish
Adam Galano (6 months ago)
Z boi is dead again
VA8T Official (6 months ago)
You're pretty Pretty ugly
Flashdog (6 months ago)
not gonna talk about HERO ?
RulingNine (6 months ago)
Geradplayz (7 months ago)
I miss Yrimir
Peter J (7 months ago)
are you still posting videos yrimir
ZaneTheAnimeGamer (7 months ago)
all hail the god of Terraria
GamerBoyHHQ 2000 (7 months ago)
Nani?!?! He’s gone again...
Jacob YT (7 months ago)
ZaneTheAnimeGamer yup probably lol
GeorgeDoesMinecraft (7 months ago)
Pássaro Azul (7 months ago)
Can someone tell me Yrimir's intro song? The one that shows a Marble house on fire filled with Lava (Usually this intro plays on his Boss Battles videos, latest being Plantera Expert Mode)
Slimebow (7 months ago)
you posted the video right before my birthday :]
I_like_skateboarding (7 months ago)
I know yirimire in real life
I_like_skateboarding (6 months ago)
Do you want me to call the grammar police
noka (6 months ago)
sick grammar fight here!
Matthew Kringle (7 months ago)
Than you know why he hasn’t uploaded anything in 7 months! And you would know how to spell his name.
gabe is photosynthesis (7 months ago)
ey, i'm a swedish gamer.
Evan Hall (8 months ago)
There's no doubt that Yrimir has made such a blast with this game. So glad he is back, and I'm looking forward to other stuff that he has planned out. At the same time, make sure that you guys DO check out Ningishu, who is only infamous because of her lack of video uploading (ironically) but I actually wouldn't suggest watching her Ranger videos (although they're still great). She's actually defeated the Moon Lord as a Hardcore character in Expert Mode... To top it off as the icing on the cake, she did it as a SUMMONER! These are her most recent videos. She has a couple other playthroughs from the past, and they're all great too. Her editing skills (regardless of her incredible gaming skills) are also through the roofs. Her amount of followers are seriously underrated. Anyways, it sure seems like we certainly have a competition here. Both are good in their own ways, but I would argue that Ningishu has certainly set a very high standard! Of course, there's no need to fight over who's better. That's not the point of this video anyways. Congratulations, Yrimir! Hope things are going well now! And keep up the good work Chippy. Your updates help keep this amazing game going.
RetroMochi (8 months ago)
God of terraria and best player? Lmaooooo. What a fucking joke. He's pretty trash at the game.
noka (6 months ago)
chill down
RetroMochi (6 months ago)
noka Use a better comeback than a 12 year old fanboy shit comment. Muted.
noka (6 months ago)
show us that you're better
RetroMochi (8 months ago)
"Welcome back".. He's still dead. He's just AFKing his channel for fucking money.
noka (6 months ago)
+Maxwele1435 +1
Maxwele1435 (7 months ago)
Well they have a life. SO they are probably dealing with that instead of playing terraria.
Hermaeus Mora (8 months ago)
I like HERO as well
ItzLagino XBL (8 months ago)
I always felt like Ningishu was an undercover Yrimir, because of how good they were, the editing, and the overall style of the videos
The Epic Agent Y (8 months ago)
If that was his voice, he sounds like he's someone epic.
DANIEL and ERICA AREVALO (8 months ago)
I did my own challenge. Mechanic mania fighting four bosses. Skeletron prime,the destroyer,spaztism,retinizer
GamerBoyHHQ 2000 (7 months ago)
DANIEL and ERICA AREVALO Cool! I once killed Duke Fishron, all the mechanical bosses, Ocram, all the ore hardmode bosses, and the exclusives to Mobile. I played too much... help me.
Jackpotter777 (8 months ago)
Yrimir playing with a random guy "Can you go chop some wood" Yrimir says. "Ok" random guy says When gone chopping wood... In the chat!! "The twins have been defeated!" "Plantera has been defeated!" "Moon lord has been defeated!"
Saber (8 months ago)
The beginning is kinda like Jigsaw
Flame 970 (8 months ago)
Lol The Game at first I though it was a ghost that would curse cenx unless terraria otherworld would be realeased
Rainer Panda (8 months ago)
He terraria god u terraria master
hog n dab (8 months ago)
Aaaaaaand he's gone again.
neon the real (4 months ago)
Me: yay yrimir's back yay... Oh wait nevermind has gone again. :(
Quontanium (9 months ago)
who cares?
Kasjop (9 months ago)
Am I the only one who DOESN'T like Yri's editing? :(
Fire Blades (9 months ago)
What if ningishu is yrimirs significant other?
I’m Gay (9 months ago)
So yrimir is the created of Terraria ?
Tyler Loniewski (9 months ago)
Tyler Loniewski (8 months ago)
Also if you see this you are a good person
Tyler Loniewski (8 months ago)
Lol that was funny
Evans animations (8 months ago)
I saw it to!!! It dungeon guardian vs 100 mechanics!!!!!
Ben LeComédien (9 months ago)
Yrimir vs Redigit pvp
scleuse (9 months ago)
The god of Terraria? Ningishu is way better
Pyroland (9 months ago)
Bye bye yrimir
Seth Hackley (9 months ago)
Fuck I lost.
Psycho Kern (9 months ago)
Dude, he is dead again....Like seriously, this is getting really annoying...
Doctor Spooks (9 months ago)
The second coming
Benderino (9 months ago)
My first Yrimir was the one with the 3 bosses, I remember back when the armor he was using was one of the best of the best.
MudkipMonkey (9 months ago)
Aaand he's gone again
Starchie Halo (9 months ago)
Dude what is this SAW?
Mr. mustache Freak (9 months ago)
Ningishu is a cheaterrr
Vaatí The Wind Mage (9 months ago)
He was an beta tester you can find him in the credits of terraria
Detective Stranger (9 months ago)
I find it strange though, the Moment Yrimir Arrives is the day Ningishu leaves.... Coincidence??!??!?!?! Fuck Yes, Yrimir hasnt left us totally in the dark.... i think he went through a seperate name and change ideal style a bit so that concludes my theory lf Ningishu(The Queen) and Yrimir (The King) to be the same person ,Danke Shoen..

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