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* Join "Thai Girls Gone Wild" membership today: http://bit.ly/2N2iq4A In this video, I’ll talk about the different class of hierarchy, status and different type of Thai people in Thailand class system. Do Thais from different social class marry or socialize with other social classes or do they only marry and socialize within the same class? You’ll get a better understanding of why Thais have the Sin Sot, which is the dowry system. When the man or the man’s family give money to the woman’s family when they marry. How much should you give? Thailand Class System: Basic Ok first off, I want to make it clear to you that this is coming from a subjective point of view, from someone who had been traveling and living in Thailand as well as other parts of South East Asia for the past 2 decades. I am certainly no expert but I think I live in Thailand long enough to know other people or other Thais and had ask them many questions over the years. With that said, this video is basically a collection of people opinions about this topic, mainly opinions of other Thais and my opinion as an outsider living in the country for many years. This topic can be a bit confusing for foreigners and some might not realize that there is such a social hierarchy system or different type of class and people in Thailand. It’s Everywhere This is one of those things not too many people talk about and it is something you don’t really see it, but it is here, it is everywhere. I’m trying to think of a similar thing like this that you can relate… how about this. I think most of you can relate to this. Ok.. So you or someone you know dated a Thai girl and then later on she turn out she cheated on you and stole all of your money. You heard of that before right? Well, then later on you found out she’s a hooker. That’s the unwritten rules with hookers. You just have to know it, it’s not written on a sign somewhere. Does that make sense? I think that was a very bad example, but what I mean is that the Thailand class system doesn’t really have a big sign or a tag on each person. You just know and feel it once you live here long enough. Similar thing happen once you live in a place like Pattaya long enough you get a different sense, different vibe of things. You get me? ➜ https://thaigirlsgonewild.com/thailand-class-system-social-structure-hierarchy-status/ 🔴 Download the Latest Prices in Pattaya ➜ https://goo.gl/cKiVZH 🔴 Hot Private Videos ➜ http://bit.ly/2N2iq4A 🔴 Hotel Deals - UP TO 60% OFF!!! BANGKOK GUEST FRIENDLY HOTELS ➜ Nana Plaza https://booki.ng/2MzMb8V ➜ Soi Cowboy https://booki.ng/2lmAlTv ➜ Sukhumvit https://booki.ng/2I2N86f ➜ All Bangkok Hotel Deals https://booki.ng/2K0RvAu PATTAYA GUEST FRIENDLY HOTELS ➜ Pattaya Walking Street & Beach Road https://booki.ng/2JPYxfx ➜ Pattaya Central https://booki.ng/2lkkWTC ➜ All Pattaya Hotel Deals https://booki.ng/2K2GEJv PHUKET GUEST FRIENDLY HOTELS ➜ Patong https://booki.ng/2MEJWRJ ➜ All Phuket Hotel Deals https://booki.ng/2MzPyg5 🔴 Save 200 Baht ATM fee & Get The Real Exchange Rate ➜ https://goo.gl/qT8KJa 🔴 Thai Girls Gone Wild Homepage ➜ https://goo.gl/cKiVZH 🔴 Find Thai Girlfriend / Asian Singles Dating Sites ➜ https://goo.gl/LqZzcq ➜ https://goo.gl/zfmF5Q ✅ Learn More About Relationship with Thai Girls & Thai Women ➜ http://bit.ly/2KYt2MI ✅ Things You Need to Know Before Moving & Living in Thailand ➜ http://bit.ly/2J4seUN
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Text Comments (76)
csu111 (1 month ago)
Sinsod is the ultimate bar fine....
Rick Strickland (1 month ago)
You certainly are defensive...
milkybar06 (1 month ago)
So how do lady boys fit into this social structure?
Mush Room (1 month ago)
9:52 Bottom left corner...??? Child or little person??
juschu67 (16 days ago)
Mush Room you talk bad about mama you
Traciluv (1 month ago)
Little person.
Sad Abu (1 month ago)
Great topic and great facts that many people do not know, i also support to marrying from your kind and area were you where brought up, a girl from this type of areas will understand you more and the relationship will last longer, i find out that many and i mean over 85% of the Asian Male or female don't go deep in relationship outside their culture, the females could be great sex toy, but not great life time partner, plus most and i mean most Asian women's age fast very. Great material thank you for the clip.
Willy M (1 month ago)
so the conclusion, thais are pretty much the same as the rest of the world..
bon sai (1 month ago)
well, Thais think they can buy a human mean buy a women !! wtf not more too say
Van Wong (2 months ago)
I found it informative. Good to learn something about Thai culture. Not sure I would agree with the Sin Sod system. What happens if a Rich marries another Rich Thai? The Sin Sod would be non-existent? Due to the fact that the Rich Girl would not be working to earn any money and the parent would be glad someone married with her to take of her? Just wondering.
csu111 (2 months ago)
I thought you brought up some good points.
lost& found (3 months ago)
on your thai pyramid i would fit into your 10% bracket in terms of earnings but unfortunatly in my country i only fit in the 30% bracket lmao
Mauro Battista (3 months ago)
You right and you are clear
Stezo max (3 months ago)
Jesus get to the point quicker and use a proper voice
carioca (4 months ago)
5% Thailand Elites? try 0,005%
Bertl Barm (4 months ago)
@Thai Girls Gone Wild l think you are mostly right but why do you think they have no more slaves? have you ever seen a person who lost the first phalanx on the little finger? ps. l was working and living there for 2,5 years
Greg H (5 months ago)
Hmmmm I got the Aussie equivalent of Green Carded by a Viet girl. I don't think she had ever been a working girl however she was in it for herself. Took her to Oz and was doing the paperwork for citizenship. We had ONE FIGHT (ever) not even a big one, and the bitch has a fake "suicide attempt" threw paracetamol tablets all over the place and said she took too many. SO I try to go and see her in hospital and they wont let me see her because she made the allegation that I was abusive. Well I am not as forgiving as some so I told her not to come back to the house. She said that somehow the laptop, phone, tablet and other stuff i had given her for hospital got lost and she wanted to come home to pack up her stuff. I said no which seemed to put a bee in her bonnet. I stood firm. While I was packing her stuff I found money hidden (she always said she had none) and loads of paperwork with other Vietnamese women (my guess is she was going to take someones identity if the citizenship. I found false reports (signed by her psychologist-I didn't even know she was seeing a psychologist) of what she had said I had been doing to her over the last 12 months. There weren't any real red flags for me. However if she had just looked me in the eye and said "Greg I don't love you anymore." I would have completed the paperwork and said OK. She choose to try to be smart. I guess I won that one. Who knows the retarded SJW in Oz probably green lighted her paperwork to make up for her awful (read pretty good) treatment from a MAN.... I have dated a couple of Viet girls since and I kinds know two of them were playing me. However they are sooooo beautiful I can't stop myself. So be warned, there are people out there that have no sense of right and wrong and aren't afraid to use it. If you suspect something investigate. Oh and BTW the laptop etc that was stolen/lost magically returned when she realised that there was more stuff of value at home. She only got half (luck to get that) of the money though... LOL Happy hunting.
Greg H (5 months ago)
Maaaaaate you have seen some of the Vietnamese girls, how can you not move on. I am great thanks. it did awaken me to just how duplicitous people can be. How are you doing? Oh and BTW that is NOTHING compared to how one of my Western Ex's has treated me.
TGGW (5 months ago)
Darn, I hope you're over it and move on.
Terry Medlicott (6 months ago)
Your pyramid adds up to 110 % , complete bullshit . And all bar girls earn more than 7/11 cashiers , unless theyre ugly as sin
Clarence Thom (6 months ago)
I would Iove 2 marrie a Thai lady...how can u help me
brian warshow (21 days ago)
I can help you immensely.... DON'T DO IT!
mabatommy (3 months ago)
Why marry one ,just rent one by the hour or day.
Jarek Wysocki (4 months ago)
Are you looking for trouble in your life ?
TGGW (6 months ago)
Can't afford $10-$20? No one can help you.
TGGW (6 months ago)
check out my ebooks
Fantazier1 (6 months ago)
I think you should have used your own voice or hired a narrator. A computer generated voice is way to unprofessional and makes this video seem amateurish.
The Hassler (6 days ago)
I like this voice
The Triggering (1 month ago)
I have zero issues with the format. Computer voice sounds fine.
Fantazier1 (6 months ago)
No...It's meant as Constructive Criticism. I'm only trying to help you make your videos better and more appealing. You are wanting more thumbs up "Right"? The subject matter was fine. By the way, I did not give you a thumbs down. Need I remind you, that towards the end of your video you did invite comments.
TGGW (6 months ago)
because your comments make you sound like a crying baby
curtis watson III (6 months ago)
Dale Maggio (6 months ago)
Can you comment if a similar caste systems exists in Viet Nam? We know India is notorious for this multi-level (caste) system.
Mr.SnugglyDick (6 months ago)
If you're at the upper class you can get away with most anything even murder.
mabatommy (3 months ago)
And red bull founders son has and is living the life of luxury in London.
toobalkain (6 months ago)
I think you're grossly overestimating the % of Thai elite, the "investors and big companies", it's more like 1% of 1% but those at the top are really rich, Patek and Bentley rich, far beyond generational wealth, it also overlaps with the political elite a lot, which is the reason why they'll never let the Reds outvote them, they either won't let people vote freely or their votes won't count, as happened last time and then the generals stepped in to make sure there's no social reform.
Rick Lenegan (6 months ago)
5% + 10% + 20% + 30% + 45% = 110% Um, hmm
juschu67 (16 days ago)
Probably the anonymous invisible fucked up gangstalkers fuck faces who can FUCK OFF
juschu67 (16 days ago)
super super 10% upper upper class FACE FACE HUH
Hugh Blackburne (1 month ago)
Guess it's give or take?
Noppadon Ch (6 months ago)
You mistake in simple mathematics, How can I trust your information?
Jeffrey Williams (6 months ago)
I noticed that too.
J... (7 months ago)
This is true caste class system still exist. Elite, upper, and middle class, usually will not go down the scale. Maybe middle class will go down to working class to marry but rare! If any of these classes scale down it’s a big deal which will caused family arguments, disagreements, non acceptance, so these people just stick to their own class to avoid issues and problems with their families. Working class also don’t go down to lower class which is usually bar girls. So this is the reason why foreign men get stuck with the lower class uneducated women. If they scale up, they might be able to scale up to working class girl only.
Gentlemans Pattaya (7 months ago)
You got it wrong about sin sod. It is a leftover from chinese Thais. A respectable family will only ask that you show wealth at the wedding to give to the parents but will give back to you afterwards. Thailand is all about face. If the family keep the money and it is alot, that does not bode well for a relationship.
vidstar7 (4 months ago)
+TGGW He may be right, it likely began in China in the Longshan Period in which Fuedal Lords would create alliances and dominion over smaller polities by having a Prince marry the daughter of the Lord of the vassal state. The Sin Sod in modern Thailand, regardless of where it originated, reflects similar power differentials and function, in that the Sin Sod is Higher for a chick from a wealthy family because the guy is "marrying up", just as the smaller State in the Chinese example will become the vassal to the larger State. Our modern Thai example also is the resultant condition of Filial Piety, and that began in China. The correlary function of the modern Sin Sod compensates the family for the loss of their daughter as a labor source and reduces the guilt of the daughter in not meeting her obligations under the precepts of Filial Piety.
TGGW (6 months ago)
That doesn't make any sense... the sin sod was a left over from the chinese thais and???? and the chinese Thais got it from the dinosaurs?
Oliver Cheng (7 months ago)
Being Poor is Sin
CZEV Official (7 months ago)
Wrong on so many level. Office workers, Bankers, Nurses, Professionals, IT, earns only about 12,000 - 18,000 baht after their graduation. Some managers earns as high as 30,000 baht but very rare. Normal managers earns 20,000 - 25,000 baht. The street vendors earns as high as 15,000-50,000 per month. Trust me, just because they dont work at large corporation doesnt mean they earn less. The hierarchy % is wrong, middle class are the people who earn 9,000-15,000 baht. These are the LARGEST % of people in Thailand. Thais of Uni graduates dont work in 7-11, it's considered "overqualified." Almost every newer Thai teens goes to University, because some Unis are so cheap (4,000-5,000 baht per term), most Thai parents will always be able to send their kids to the Uni. Plus there are educational fund to "borrow" from. Bar girls represent only very few % of Thais. You must have visited too many red-districts area to think that they consist of 45% of Thai people.
TGGW (7 months ago)
I know Office workers, Bankers, Nurses, Professionals, IT can make 12k-18k, I also know other make over 50k per month. It's just a generalization. Some managers might make 100k per month but not always. Doesn't mean, I am wrong. Just because its a generalization and my opinion, it doesn't make your generalization and opinion correct also. hierarchy % is my opinion, read and watch the freaking video. Also, it densest make you correct, unless you can give me a link that says you're correct. The middle income at 9-15k baht is the average income Thais. In my oipinion a middle income Thai is at least double that. WTF, I didn't even say 45% of Thais are bar girls LOL. Why am I replying to this ???? Your comments are invalid. No point to rely.
TGGW (7 months ago)
Thanks, but opinions are not wrong. Feel free to make your own videos.
ChinaAl (7 months ago)
I don't think it''s as bad as India's Caste system.
Bad Ass (7 months ago)
I believe it is a mistake to assume only bar girls are materialistic. While not having any experience of higher class women middle class women who would be horrified to be labelled as bar girls behave in ways that will make your toes curl. In some ways these women do far more damage as the men expect them to be trust worthy. The most common error is buying property in the woman's name after which she loses interest in sex or may eject you from the relationship. Come to think of it pretty much the same as Western women but they need the government to transfer ownership of the property.
Syncme Android (7 months ago)
IMHO video too long. Incapable to summarise.
Jo Z (7 months ago)
What would you call US Jeff Bezo of Amazon, who is worth $150 Billion Dollars ... ?
Who cares. Another rich person who wont get into heaven.
mabatommy (3 months ago)
Nghi Cao (7 months ago)
Thank you. But will you load vlog of Malaysia,Singapore,Indonesia Class and types system... The moonlight is more bright on those areas than Thais especially Chinese class people... It's horrible....
TGGW (7 months ago)
send me money and I'll do it
Crazy Life (7 months ago)
Thank you for a great information, also I totally agree with the information. Thank you for you great work.
ThePresentation010 (7 months ago)
Yay another vid. Id figure youd start putting more content of a different taste. As you give alot of info and may take time to bring about more creative or similar content. But also, you can always tell stories. Whether they happend to you or someone you know, or have heard of. Ofc you dont need to be stating that it was you whom it happend to; we wouldnt know anyway.
Walter Casagrande (7 months ago)
Interesting analysis. Btw...regarding your system of dowry the paymemt to the girls parents should stop after paying the dowry.
TGGW (7 months ago)
I know many Thai men do not pay any dowry.
Johno F (7 months ago)
Kinda spot on from my view too. Well done, thank you.
TGGW (6 months ago)
* Join "Thai Girls Gone Wild" membership today: http://bit.ly/2N2iq4A
Kevin Sewell (7 months ago)
So far I am loving the video's :)
TGGW (7 months ago)
Hope you like it
Kevin Sewell (7 months ago)
Already did :)
Mana Mana (7 months ago)
TGGW (7 months ago)
I just check and there is no video about Why You Should Not Marry a Stalker
TGGW (7 months ago)
I don't think I have a video about Why You Should Not Marry a Stalker.
1hourOfLove (7 months ago)
+Mana Mana, "Thai Girls Gone Wild More like 3 or 4 in a row." -- that qualifies as STALKING. Check out Thai Girls Gone Wild's video on _Why You Should Not Marry a Stalker_
Mana Mana (7 months ago)
You're welcome! <3
TGGW (7 months ago)

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