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"TOM FORD" Full Show HD London Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014 2015 by Fashion Channel

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Text Comments (49)
Mr. Danvers (8 months ago)
3:52 Liberty Ross
P Trivedi (2 years ago)
O my god..I love that dress.. @ 5:16
berry nutter (2 years ago)
Some of the comments reference this collection back to the 90's.Obviously the commentator is not old enough to appreciate the references to the the 60's.This collection riffs long dismissed or forgotten. Cardin,Courreges,et.al. Even that crass sequined football jersey was a rip-off of Geoffrey Beene circa 1967. Not enough women of color. Ok soundtrack
Peter Zonis (2 years ago)
Ronald Bennett (2 years ago)
This collection is sooo ugly!
Siti Hajar (2 years ago)
what is the 2nd song?
tashfa mirza (3 years ago)
doest like this collection ........
netdaniels (4 years ago)
The music of Tom Ford's fashion shows are always good.
Cassandra Vindicta (4 years ago)
some issues with this collection, some clothes were brilliant others not so much. minimalistic is code for lazy; saying that outfits and models at 5:31 and 6:19 were minimal with an edge. an example of not being overtly fussy and letting the outfit speak for itself; but sometimes that results in lax and badly cut silhouettes...
octavian88888888 (4 years ago)
Your watermark and logos are very distracting and annoying!
calafeast (4 years ago)
This was pretty morose. And the boots looked like an afterthought. They don't fit in, and the heels are way too thin for the weight of the shoe. Some very attractive pieces here and there like those jackets and trim pants with beautiful pocket details, but at this price point, I think women will want to see more design and tailoring. Saying 'oh, it's minimalism' isn't good enough. Sometimes it is indeed minimalism, sometimes it is just lack of design. The hair and makeup was gorgeous. Every girl would want to look like that imo.
Fatma Alforookh (4 years ago)
Who is The model at 4:40? She is absolutely stunning... Anyone know please??
Klaudia Djaczyńska (3 years ago)
Elodia Prieto :)
Mariel Marino (4 years ago)
Love this song...does anybody know the name?
It was chic!!!!!!!!!!
BOMB.COM (4 years ago)
WTF was _that_ @ 3:29?!
J M (7 months ago)
A tragedy
RecklessInspirer (4 years ago)
Lolol! right!
Rocio Martinez (4 years ago)
BOMB.COM (4 years ago)
+Yen-Chen LIN hah it was terrible!
Cheng Lydia (4 years ago)
Who the model is at 6:24? She's cool and charming.
Tristin Crum (4 years ago)
Simply amazing, sexy, chic, but I wanted to chop the bitches off at the mid leg, hated the boots I wish I could replace the footwear on every model in this show
Loren Hurtado (4 years ago)
I love the concept of minimalism in black. It seems so elegant.
star hopper (4 years ago)
6:23 who is the model? she looks freakin awesome :O
jadesun9 (4 years ago)
Who knows the name of this amazing short haired model at 6.23?? Woow she is a 1000000$!!! And for those who don't get it: Its Not gucci its Tom Ford. Why u except him to be d same as he was working for gucci. Its different, yes, but not worse. Its super sophisticated' yet subtle sleek elegant laid back , sometimes even playful and yes conservative, and -this is the most amazing ! - he manages to be modern! All at Once. And this is why I love his style. Because I feel like to be All this , and not just a sexy beautiful bitch as once..:D  Yes, he is now, not one of those commercially over feminine and way much easily approachable styled as once he's been.. :D the one I loved too. But as u grow, u love his style more than it has been for gucci.
Juan P (4 years ago)
not one of his best collections as far as pinpointing his point of view , but there a few very beautiful looks ,   the high heel cowboy boots killed most looks for me. ( and not in a good way)  For a guy who reinvented sexy for Gucci, this is kind of lame.   but I still love him as a designer and stylist.   just that this was not his best work. 
Fan2latulipe (4 years ago)
where is my real tom ford!!!!!where is TOM FORD of GUCCI!!!!
vidform (4 years ago)
Depressing collection. It's the early '90s all over again. It seems to me that Tom Ford isn't much without Gucci and Gucci isn't much without Tom Ford. Both 2014/15 collections were drab. Tom and Gucci NEED EACH OTHER. If that's not true, then I guess what I'm seeing is a return to the sad, plain depressed look of the early '90s. Unfinished hair, cold stares, very little tailoring. Yep, we went through this 20 years ago. It's the look that was sported when the economy was bad between 1992 and 1994 and designers were scrambling trying to figure out what was the next big thing. It wasn't until 1995 that things started to get back on track. Also, I didn't see anything strikingly new in this collection. No interesting cuts or use of fabric. And the boots are kind of wobbly. You can see them shake side-to-side with each step the models take. I liked seeing 43yo Stella Tennant at the very end. She's still modeling since the '90s.  ;-)
J M (7 months ago)
Hudson Kelly Women with class should only dress in a minimalistic way? What an idiotic thing to say
Loren Hurtado (4 years ago)
+Hudson Kelly you're right, i love the minimalist concept and also I think any woman with class would dress this way.
Hudson Kelly (4 years ago)
its called minimalism and it has made a huge return in the past three seasons and should never go anywhere as any women with class should be dressing this way
rockshot100 (4 years ago)
These models look like they have been ice skating all day and their ankles are weak.  The clothes?  Football evening gowns, really?  And that fur coat with purple arms...ugly and stupid!  This guy might be gay, but I really don't see much talent here.
trisha d (4 years ago)
Such terrible models at a high fashion show. Some of them aren't even stopping at the end of the runway.
AzzedineAliaFan (4 years ago)
Yess, they suck big time where did he get those loosers from?
Saint Fond (4 years ago)
Is that symbolism of molly being crossed off with a line on those two dresses during the song addicted to you?
Melanie Gray Robinson (4 years ago)
HOT HOT HOT! I'm so glad Tom Ford is back!!! Edgy, fresh, sexy clothes.
NADS IQ (4 years ago)
models cant even walk. heels too high?
NADS IQ (4 years ago)
not the TF of Gucci. models made the lame clothes better. but design is not exciting.
mbb03f (4 years ago)
my style exactly !
Lloyd Collins (4 years ago)
Smartest dude in the game! Ralph is wiser, but TF is the smartest kid in the class
Prince Charles Dormido (4 years ago)
Tom Ford is going for black and white this Fall. #gorgeous 
Kingtra (4 years ago)
Who is this Singer?
Luis Meza (4 years ago)
whos the song by?
Sophie ah (4 years ago)
avicii addicted to you
Tymber Newton (4 years ago)
theinstigatorr (4 years ago)
As a male I found this one of the sexiest rtw collections I've ever seen
jackyveniger (4 years ago)
Well we can rely on Tom Ford to present a beautifully feminine collection as always. Very wearable clothes that will probably fly off the shelves. Luv  the colorful furs!!
Collin Dixon (4 years ago)
Back on form Mr Ford! Masterclass in Elegance, Sexiness and Luxurious must haves. Well done! 
shana2005 (4 years ago)
The one

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