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4.3 Non-Probability Sampling Techniques

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iq (3 months ago)
its very helpful ........ I am student of MS Management science at International Islamic University Islamabad Pakistan
Kay D (3 months ago)
Isn't "availability sampling" a non-probability method as well, or did you just mention it under another method (i.e., haphazard sampling)?
Tharindu Gimhana (8 months ago)
Thanks for uploading.how can we avoid bias in quota sampling?
Priyam Kumar (10 months ago)
What is Mixed Sampling? plz reply asap
TO TA (1 year ago)
These numbers refer to the amount of individuals? So 4 - 12 persons?!
Louisa Rose (1 year ago)
really helpful! I'm a student at Erasmus University of Rotterdam doing IBA. Thank you!
Thulani Siziba (1 year ago)
What about Convenience Sampling as the example of non-probability sampling?
Lili Shemesh (1 year ago)
Thulani Siziba it’s a synonym for haphazard sampling
Graham R Gibbs (2 years ago)
re quota sampling. The quotas should match the distribution in your target population. If that is the nation then what you suggest is right. However, for other target populations you will need different quotas if you think the distributional makeup is different from the national one e.g. a quota sample of recent immigrants where there will be more young and able bodied people than the population. PS I like the series. Very good production quality (better than the handwriting method) and good explanations and coverage. I'll be recommending the videos to my students.

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