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Angry Birds Bing Video - Episode 2

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http://www.angrybirds.com Rovio Presents: an exclusive Angry Birds miniseries featuring Bing! Get Angry Birds Seasons: - Download for iPhone or iPod Touch: http://bit.ly/furxDh - Download for Symbian^3: http://bit.ly/hzYCAr - Download for Palm WebOS: http://bit.ly/fG9vXC - Download for Android: http://bit.ly/gasSKt Get the original Angry Birds: - Get the iPhone version from http://iphone.angrybirds.com - Get the Nokia version from http://nokia.angrybirds.com - Get the Palm OS version from http://palm.angrybirds.com - Get Angry Birds for Android from http://www.getjar.com/mobile/43600/angry-birds/ Become a Facebook fan: http://facebook.angrybirds.com Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.angrybirds.com Buy Angry Birds merchandise: http://shop.angrybirds.com Video made by Kombo (http://www.kombo.fi) Music & audio made by Ari Pulkkinen (http://www.aritunes.com)
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Text Comments (197)
Edding R20 (1 month ago)
0:13 listen closely and enjoy
Lone star (4 months ago)
*b i n g*
ComHelper (7 months ago)
Well, bing sucks. Better use google instead.
Daequan Tv_12 (1 year ago)
Did the pig won
Kevin Guerra (1 year ago)
No están lejos, el nido esta en el acantilado cerca de la playa, el mapa del celular esta mal
Tefo Rubio (1 year ago)
bing es un asco
Sawyer Ique (2 years ago)
It Is Just The Pigs, 😏
TheMagnificentSpider (2 years ago)
Hi. L.
qtyqty4 (3 years ago)
most people don't like to use bing search with no reason, are you one of them?
Isidro rea ornelas (4 years ago)
Luqman Nulhaqim (5 years ago)
stupid pig
Aida Martiarena (6 years ago)
The island should be an egg or nest.
Saul Rodriguez (6 years ago)
The heck
123_Mackenzyy (6 years ago)
1 how did they get a phone and 2 you are right robloxlol123 HOW DID THEY GET WIRELESS CONNECTION!!!!!!!
amber chapman (6 years ago)
Giannina Calcagno (6 years ago)
Valeria. / Torres
Cindy Vivas (6 years ago)
Dr. RL123 (6 years ago)
Sawyer Ique (1 year ago)
+Dr. RobloxLOL123 I Don't Know, Maybe The Creator Made A Mistake And I Think It Was An Invincible Wifi
Dr. RobloxLOL123
Brandon Jacky (6 years ago)
Bing, Because It's Not Google.
Brittney Deslandes (6 years ago)
Mignon places I
MrGameTesterXD (6 years ago)
thank god they didnt choose google!!!
berna briones (6 years ago)
BLING - money =BIng
berna briones (6 years ago)
Dosen't look like an iphone but it seems to be an itouch or ipad
berna briones (6 years ago)
BUS=Bing use to be suckers
jeeyi345 (6 years ago)
maybe it's true, and the name designer is proud of it.
Rahul Sherigar (6 years ago)
the pigs use the i phone
Alyssa Sinnott (6 years ago)
Holy shit im top comment :) life=complete
jumpey20 (6 years ago)
B ing I s N ot G ood
Atilla Kerküklü (6 years ago)
Pigs Use Bing, Birds use Google
gta iv (6 years ago)
Birds' use Google.
Charlton Franks (6 years ago)
Pigs use Bing, Birds use Google
Eriq Shah (6 years ago)
Go to hell >:-O
gravestone gravestonk (6 years ago)
I like how swine flu is one of the tags.
Michelle Deng (6 years ago)
Tranquilize06 (6 years ago)
..cause you're gay
Sam Jones (6 years ago)
JhbnsdhhbhfcfsshidredsfsgZf V.
Chuckles McPickle (7 years ago)
Holy crap bing helps the pigs! Get me some tuna....
satria diartha (7 years ago)
uhh.. pigs eat his I-pad stinky
Andrey Begunov (7 years ago)
I like....
TheArzonite (7 years ago)
B ecause I t's N early G ay
Tristan Isaac (7 years ago)
@Xscarface1999X the pigs use bing, the birds use google to find their eggs back :p
Spice Boi (7 years ago)
Spooneads (7 years ago)
press 9
Sommer Sechang (7 years ago)
@alyssaroxxd B ing I s N othing G ood(GOOGLE ROCKS!)
Chibi Puppy (7 years ago)
Bing supports Terrorism!
Bram Verreussel (7 years ago)
What does Bing have that Google doesn't have?
Yisel Breton (7 years ago)
I like google better
Edelyn Moore (7 years ago)
stupid pigs!
Edward Leung (7 years ago)
it could be new generation "Tom and JErry" cartoon
Alyssa Sinnott (7 years ago)
B ecause I t's N ot G oogle
mariux235 (7 years ago)
an IPhone pig ..god
Jeremy Rawlings (7 years ago)
so funny lol :P
silvergirnuz (7 years ago)
@thefallen53 BING= Beacause It's Not Google
lol they use their nose to touch
ryuuseiSoul (7 years ago)
so bing supports theft AND stalking??
ThatGodzillaBloke (7 years ago)
Where were the birds?!?!
88bellacarla88 (7 years ago)
I hate bing for showing the pigs how to steal the birds eggs >:(
NA (7 years ago)
Meanwhile at Google.....
Connor Empie (7 years ago)
NewCheeseGrater (7 years ago)
@MysteryNebula01 If bing has alot of MLP stuff,I would hate it too.
Rayoco19 (7 years ago)
@kyledcheater459 It's a 3g connection
Berkat Herba Nusantara (7 years ago)
@kyledcheater459 it's not a wifi, it's a 3G
mep (7 years ago)
@MysteryNebula01 pigs do that in angry birds ya dunce.
Gohties are Kewl (7 years ago)
Now you know that you should use google because Bing is with the pigs side. Or any other search engine.
bcarri2014 (7 years ago)
Anyone notice that the island is shaped like Australia?
thejan4129 (7 years ago)
@kyledcheater459 Maybe 3G connection XD
XLightningStormL (7 years ago)
that's how they stole the eggs! (Prequel to Angry Birdz The Mighty Eagle
T Hawkins (7 years ago)
Y so short
LSagewind (7 years ago)
@Melbe4 Well.... REALLY, in the literal context of the word... no. But your know, people like to joke in YT. Sometimes having fun is important.
Melody Be Watson (7 years ago)
@LSagewind Is that REALLY part of the video?
pgj1997 (7 years ago)
@FAntasyFightersXII duh, and some cell phones have self contanied internet that you have to pay for.
Filli Milly (7 years ago)
those eggs never hatch???why do they never hatch,are they plactic or something
pgj1997 (7 years ago)
@kyledcheater459 they were using a cell phone, cell phones use a self contained internet
Logo (7 years ago)
How the pigs didn't crashed the phone?
Mauricio (7 years ago)
i hate bing, it never gives me what i search for, just gives me crap, STUPID STUPID bing
Ade Teriba (7 years ago)
[email protected]&&£((;;:///--/;)7&@
positiveneuron (7 years ago)
shame on you bing u should be with the birds side
Bianca Coleman (7 years ago)
i'd rather use Google
Shueishafan 2016 (7 years ago)
They live in australia?
Lucas Santos (7 years ago)
0:05 be egg cri
Trip Away (7 years ago)
@kyledcheater459 buena pregunta puede ser de que usen un moden wi fi que tienen cerca suyo ¬¬
Andrea Taylor (7 years ago)
woskis9161 (7 years ago)
I thought ab was norway but it comes from island
Adel Chesire (7 years ago)
eggs arent good wothout bacon you know?
Nathan Reynolds (7 years ago)
Andrew chapa (7 years ago)
@slickfx2 no just shut the hell up
Chrissa Palmares (7 years ago)
@evilcatpillow oh so that's it well smart pigs
@TheShakeitup2 The pigs have access to heavy construction machinery too :D
@vishal100091 I was wondering the same when I could access 3G networks from the subway. Maybe the pigs are well developed infrastructure-wise lol
Chrissa Palmares (7 years ago)
where on earth did they get the shovels????
xNoobRanger (7 years ago)
So basically bing is saying their users are pigs..?
gigasandbag65 (7 years ago)
@kyledcheater459 but the real question is......what carrier are they using? RovioMobile?
MNT_DREW (7 years ago)
so bing helps pigs take r eggs
ianbeni04 (7 years ago)
Mine and Dine!!!
Spade (7 years ago)
If you'r in Bing you'r: B-Being I-In N-No G-Game Google is way more awesome.
Ikhwan Yusuf (7 years ago)
Google Maps = Bing Map = evil as hell .
Edward Lambert (7 years ago)
@kyledcheater459 They were lucky I guess
BlazeFreakLaboratories (7 years ago)
@blaxdrum watch ep 3

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