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No Doubt - Don't Speak

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Best of No Doubt: https://goo.gl/arujs7 Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/HRNLKB Music video by No Doubt performing Don't Speak. (C) 2003 Interscope Records
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Text Comments (54087)
Вито Корлеоне (8 minutes ago)
Ебануться!!!! Какая песня!!!!
Илона З (31 minutes ago)
Классная песня, этак немало лет ей
Minha juventude e adolescência resumida nesse clássico :-( ... Como o tempo passa rápido! Saudades.
Faniell 90 (2 hours ago)
One day people will look back on the '90s and realize that because it was the last decade without social media & without smart phones, that it was also the last decade when music really mattered to teenagers.
КОТ да Винчи (2 hours ago)
solo career ruined talent
HAM Channel (4 hours ago)
anyone watching in 2019?
Vania Gonçalves (4 hours ago)
2019 uau sempre grande som
hand made (4 hours ago)
Still one of the best songs I've ever heard in my all life despite I was not even born when it was released.
Herr Daly (4 hours ago)
🇮🇪❤️😜 aw school bus song 1995 constant everywhere
un pocotaku (9 hours ago)
Don't speak
Jake (12 hours ago)
Esa canción de hecho esta dedicada al bajista morenito, era su ex en ese momento
Feri Stya Huji (13 hours ago)
Kamis, 21 Februari 2019
Timothy Boswell (14 hours ago)
Garden hoe ... Get it ... Yes baby ... We can hoe you up some beautiful roses ...
Timothy Boswell (14 hours ago)
Speaking Of Hurts You ever Thought about Getting the inside Of Your nostrils pierced Bay BEE ... .. . Extra Effort Ba B ... .. .
Ben Ruiter (14 hours ago)
In 2019 this song is still awesome!
Pud Whacker (14 hours ago)
Gwen is so beautiful
Judy Perez (14 hours ago)
Quien en el 2019 a esta hora
derekspace (14 hours ago)
I'm an old Metal Head ... but what a song and played to perfection.It's all in the content. Love you you guys.
2019 febrero a fulL,AMO a ESTA. Mujerrrrr!!
AgU1A LoKa (18 hours ago)
1996 saudades
ayana (19 hours ago)
I'm 14 and nobody I know that is my age knows who no doubt is😐 idiots
Aimee Hayhurst (19 hours ago)
This song has been in my head all day and I finally found it just now. That was a nightmare but randomly I got some words 'don't love me cause it hurts.' Thank you brain!
Abhi (19 hours ago)
Lillie Griffith (20 hours ago)
i thought in the beginning it was a fly on an avocado
Michael Gaßmann (21 hours ago)
Vicky Torres (22 hours ago)
animagi (1 day ago)
4:06 what's reeealy good nyuggah??
Mascia Covalciuc (1 day ago)
Cool- (1 day ago)
That intro still creeps me out...
Бузова отдыхает 😃😃
mr fizee (1 day ago)
who on feb 2109?
Douglas Pereira (1 day ago)
Still gives me goosebumps... Gwen is so hot!
Ami Akhmadova (1 day ago)
Gina Castner (1 day ago)
I love her almost black eyes 👀. They are beautiful!
Nun Chaku (1 day ago)
those eyebrows tho
Ностальгия, благодарю.
La m es. Mil o millones?
Farid Alakber (1 day ago)
Who still here 2019 February
The Sucky Reader (1 day ago)
did the whole boys in the band was having a rile with her that time?
Jojo Lolo (14 hours ago)
One of them is her brother, i think. Im almost 30 and im trying to recall. I think its about fussing in the music industry.
Nicole Gomes (1 day ago)
.. it is beautiful. 10 years and everything is in trend .. Ukrainians love this masterpiece.
Alexis Barahona (1 day ago)
Fav song ever❤️❤️❤️❤️
Alexis Barahona (1 day ago)
It’s was like my second song I heard when I was small
It looks as though no letting go
Alya Harizh (1 day ago)
20/02/2019 ❤❤
alee love (1 day ago)
I once told my best friend that I will dedicate this song to her when our friendship starts dying and we both laughed. Sadly, we aren't best friends anymore. Now I can dedicate this song to her...
Wanderson Pessoa (1 day ago)
2019 came here because of The voice
Olivia Huizar (1 day ago)
2019 ?
Esther Lucas Torres (1 day ago)
Un parecido a madona...la flaquita el lunar la diferencia
Annette Love (1 day ago)
Omfgod this is the End ..
Esa rolita me recuerda un viaje épico en el que conocí a Germán, ambos somos de Toluca pero nos fuimos a conocer a Monterrey; luego de un mes de vernos todos los putos días terminamos enamorados. La letra se adecua porque nos íbamos a morir por un pinche accidente automovilístico. Al regresar a Toluca, nos mirábamos pero valió verga la relación. Ah, en el accidente no murió nadie, todo bien jajajaja
Fredy Pacheco (1 day ago)
que cejas mas horribles.
bam bam (1 day ago)
Maksim Tsoy (1 day ago)
Gwen Stefani where's she now??
Leslie Miguel (1 day ago)
Love this song forever
Mike Tree (1 day ago)
I'm wondering if 00s kids have the same bond with their music as 90s kids have with theirs
aja wylie (1 day ago)
Will u make more music together. ???
hush hush darling / hush hush darling / hush darling don't tell me bcs I am bad
Наши рулят. Эх пора времечко.
Marcela Caviglione (1 day ago)
Escuche que se la escribió.al novio cuando rompieron :( re linda su voz
Flor Cuellar (1 day ago)
Hasta este año 2019 sigo escuchando está canción 😍 desde mi infancia
Georgian Best (1 day ago)
2019 This song is awesome :))
Just For Fun (2 days ago)
And i don't need chorizos :v
HOZEH12B (2 days ago)
quien se dio cuenta que este video es como una profecía de este grupo...la industria musical pesco a la rubia la lanzo al estrellato y no Doubt se fue para la casita...….que curioso no??
Mona Massimo (2 days ago)
Watching in 2019👍🏻
Ibtissem Boucenna (2 days ago)
february 2019?
Dron t (2 days ago)
Мля мне было 15 либо 16 не помню, когда плясал с девчулькай на дискотеке а шя мне 36 конечно уж веселая грусть
TASHA TOO MUCH (2 days ago)
ohh that's right a beauty taltant of playing and singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GREAT SONG
Avik avik (2 days ago)
MTGUNVEILED (2 days ago)
NEED GWEN to come back and unleash the MUSIC AGAIN!!! 2019 NEEDS YOU BABY
rafaqat ali (2 days ago)
all the time hit song always on top
Kat (2 days ago)
Still an incredible song 2019
Ole Hansen (2 days ago)
JUVENTUS ONLY (2 days ago)
I was junior high school😘😘
Al Edwards (2 days ago)
1995! Awesome 2019 still awesome!!
Draven Tyler (2 days ago)
Juan Jimenez (2 days ago)
Jjajajaajjaja hay mas comentarios en español de lo que me esperaba
click 0:30 to start
Miguel Rodriguez (2 days ago)
No mms esta muy triste esta rola :’c
Suna Vidéo (2 days ago)
Très belle musique merci.
Andri Yanto (2 days ago)
This song never get old tho 😍
Stuart Murphy (2 days ago)
A sign of things to come.... No doubt.
pet (2 days ago)
Awoseme épocas oí nomás toda esa nostalgia :(
Andrewtheantivirus (2 days ago)
king of the hill season 5 episode 20
gülşah kalbur (2 days ago)
✌️ ❤️ 2019
Happy Live Gaming (2 days ago)
2019 still a great band 🎸🧜‍♀️🇳🇱
mona ala (2 days ago)
this song awesome in 1995 this song awesome in 2019
Criatian Hernandez (2 days ago)
PixelDude (3 days ago)
2019.....this song is STILL awesome
Amairany Hernández (3 days ago)
¡Que te calles ALV! T.T
Can I get 1K like ? This song remember someone I lost 😢
Alexis Bellomy (3 days ago)
2019?? 😍😍✋
muriel solas lizana (3 days ago)
Weas hermosas...
monicalee23 (3 days ago)
Dedicate this to my ex
Sylvain Barrit (3 days ago)
Master piece
Malika (3 days ago)
Rogerio Ribeiro (3 days ago)
2019 que gozo
Яна закосила своим Голубем и отлично пошло!
vermeir lesley (2 days ago)
🍎 lovely 👭

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