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JOHN EDWARD - psychic medium interview

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Our facebook account is http://www.facebook.com/TheMooreShow Our Website is http://www.themooreshow.co.uk Our Twitter account is: http://twitter.com/#!/TheMooreShow Internationally acclaimed John Edward has captivated audiences worldwide. In his series John Edward Cross Country on WE: Women's Entertainment, John continues to use his unique abilities to connect people with loved ones who have passed on, and this time, follows them home. With great compassion, John Edward Cross Country offers a deeper connection and encourages life's inner journey by exploring feelings of life, loss, and ultimately, acceptance and closure. Deeply compelling, often startling and occasionally humorous, Edward's down-to-earth approach has earned him a vast and loyal following. Today, Edward is one of the world's foremost psychic mediums and author of the critically acclaimed New York Times best sellers One Last Time; What if God Were the Sun; Crossing Over: The Stories Behind the Stories, After Life: Answers from the Other Side, Final Beginnings and most recently Practical Praying: Using the Rosary to Enhance Your Life. The success of Crossing Over with John Edward left the nation fascinated. Edward's broad appeal has led to two international Australian tours and guest appearances on everything from CNN's Larry King Live to The Today Show. He is a regularly featured guest on top rated morning radio shows, including New York's WPLJ and Los Angeles' KROQ. His many television appearances include The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Entertainment Tonight, Live with Regis & Kelly, The Early Show, The Crier Report, The Tony Danza Show, The View, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, Fox and Friends, Maury, Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Wayne Brady Show, Dateline, ABC'S 20/20 and the critically acclaimed HBO Special, Life After Life; America Undercover. He recently had a cameo appearance on NBC's Will and Grace. John has been featured in articles in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Newsday, People, Entertainment Weekly and in the Associated Press. A native of Long Island, Edward had what he considered to be a very ordinary childhood. He played ball with friends, enjoyed pizza dinners on Friday nights, had out-of-body experiences and received visits from dead relatives that he had never met. When a psychic read him at age 15, Edward was told that he himself had strong psychic abilities, and that his life's work would be teaching people about it. That mission has been channeled into his work as a medium which enables him to bring comfort and hope to people by reuniting them with those who they loved, lost...and crossed over. Alternative Medicine & Health Ancient World Artwork, Comics & Multimedia Creatures, Myths & Legends Current Events/Economy Extraterrestrial Miscellaneous Mysteries & Anomalies Nature, Environment & Earth Changes Pop Culture Prophecy & Predictions Psychology & Mind Science, Space & Technology Spirituality & Occult Supernatural & Paranormal The Moore Show UFOs & Aerial Phenomena Weird & Bizarre
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The Moore Show (1 year ago)
Massive thanks to all for continued support and for watching! Update, the documentary I am making, They Call Us Channelers fundraiser has met its original goal! The campaign remains open until 9.30.17 and since I have decided to make a 3 part trilogy I am open to receiving further donations to make the trilogy. If you feel moved to donate or share click link: https://goo.gl/pnQKgA Again, thank you! Love-Light, Kevin
Atlor Merjo (1 year ago)
The Moore Show what does it take to be on your show
vallabhi b prasad (9 months ago)
Love you Mr. Kevin Moore... Love from Bharat (India).
david northrop (2 years ago)
I have predicated the birth of my twins when I was 17 years of age, and also knew where I would meet their mother. I didn't know what city but i was able to predict the state and I also I was able to see a land mark where I would meet my future wife. 9 years later when I was 26, I met the mother of my twin daughters i predicted 9 years before. and it was in the same state and I have seen the land mark I saw in my what I call my " future memory" ,everything came true like I predicted. when I predicted the birth of my twins it was in a dream i had when I was 17 years old. in my dream everything was white except two little girls, they both were all black they we're like shadows , they were holding hands and waved at me saying "hi daddy" then i woke up.
kevnct 1 (1 year ago)
I'm sure
The Moore Show (2 years ago)
thanks for your comment
Cliffe Harris (2 years ago)
Where do you go when you die? The same place you were before you were born; nowhere! It's over!"Death is a part of life, and pretending that the dead are gathering in a television studio to talk twaddle with a former ballroom-dance instructor is an insult to the intelligence and humanity of the living.
Steve Coe (2 years ago)
well that was strange/good, john said that people will listen too this because they need to, i learnt allot!! and allot of what he said relates to me and has put some thing into perspective so thanks
Houman Dehdashti, DMD (2 years ago)
Fraud !
1Pen (2 years ago)
I do believe in John, its the unknown with skeptics,. what we can't hear or see. well we don't see air but it's there, out of all the zillions of planets there's life on ours, why, how, is it science or god, all the what ifs, guess that's the same with the spirit world. we will only ever know when our times up.
Sapphireblue777 (2 years ago)
Hes such a liar, the bible is very clear that the dead are asleep, he is playing on peoples mind and stealing money from them....God will be the judge of him, you cannot talk to the dead, neither can the dead talk to you...he is communicating with evil spirits of the devils
Paul Michael (1 year ago)
Sapphireblue777 (2 years ago)
We cannot talk to the dead, because they are dead and don't know anything and no one can read your mind except God.. If this lady says she is telling your future then it has to be the fallen angels and not the good angels...only God knows the future...
Sandra Firth (2 years ago)
MegaJay777 if you can say that he's communicating with evil spirits and the devil, you how can you not say that he can communicate with good spirits? Your message on here makes no sense
ann prince (3 years ago)
Psychicsdo noy have guides, only mediums have those
witchcerridwen (2 years ago)
we all have guides.psychic or not.i work as a psychic but before i found my path i had guides.you should find out and get to know yours.
Klara Stern (3 years ago)
Dear John Edward, How can you use these cheap tricks to toy with people's emotions like this? :( You know that everyone can learn to give the appearance of have psychic abilities by reading about cold/hot reading or mentalism.. but maybe you should ask yourself more seriously why other people don't use these tricks.... maybe they know it's just wrong to scam people for a living.... it honestly makes me sad to see someone making his money with telling people lies about their deceased loved ones. Their is not much below that... I hope you find the courage to tell people the truth one day- I would be impressed :)
Klara Stern (3 years ago)
+Tony Singer Evidence.... proof.. it doesn't matter, what everybody BELIEVES... It would be very nice if this would be real..but that doesn't make it real..
farrah halona (3 years ago)
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DrPsyhic aizan (4 years ago)
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ann prince (4 years ago)
He is a psychic he reads the auric field, restricted the impression from an individual help to choose his client.  Of course a psychic can give you everything that,s happened in your life it is it is on the Auric field,all the events that happens one's live is there for good psychics to sense   after all this he is not a Medium.  As a psychic he needs the voice of the individual but a Medium does not,. Mediums raise their sensitivity to  higher consciousness level to the Spirit world. All of you try doing  some. Research
1Pen (2 years ago)
interesting, I'm a believer but I also believe in sharlotens reading people. I'm amazed by John and his abilities,. you would have to be a sick person to pretend your something your not especially as most clients are greiving.
thursdayschildonline (4 years ago)
Just got a threatening email from his team: I had written, "Perhaps we can schedule an interview so that Mr. Edward can tell us when he predicted: 911 the abductions of Elizabeth Smart the abductions and murders of Polly Klaas, Danielle Van Dam and Samantha Runnion And, of course, 3 days ago, John Edward posted about how Robin Williams was about to commit suicide. Oh, he can only talk to spirits. You mean, like alcohol? Fake!" To which came the reply, "What we can do is forward your email to our legal team and if you continue to harass our office in anyway shape or form we can predict you will be contacted by that legal team and possibly the authorities in your area."
Ebrobaru 2014 (3 years ago)
+Mischelle Reece Translation: "since I have Zero arguments to support my crazy posture I will go on a rant and attack you" If there is an afterlife and by some miracle I am able to communicate with the living once I am deceased, rest assured that the last one I will try to contact is fraudsters like this one and the braindead people like you as followers. YOU are the one that this moron speaks to the dead and I am the ignorant one. Sure, whatever. Because of people like you who still believe we live in the dark ages mankind can´t progress, Please don´t reproduce
Mischelle Reece (3 years ago)
I'm so done with your hateful negative energy, go back to dulling your mind with south park and video games...continuing to waste your time on earth being an ignorant dud. And when you keep experiencing the same drama in your life,don't wonder why. It's because your soul is so immature that you will have to come back time after time until you finally start to remember where it is we all come from and return to. I feel sorry for people like you that have nothing better to do with their time than troll famous people and hate on them. I've muted this conversation now so I don't have to read your hate-filled comments. Get a life, try to grow your soul...and when you DO cross over I hope like hell you remember this stupid little string of comments where people with goodness and kindness tried really hard to help you open your mind...but I doubt you'll be there long...souls like you get thrown right back because they LEARNED NOTHING and DID nothing to evolve into a better human. See ya!
Ebrobaru 2014 (3 years ago)
+Mischelle Reece It´s amazing the length you braindead supporters go to come up with even more stupid excuses each time to try to save face
Mischelle Reece (3 years ago)
Yes, he is a psychic...but he can't pick and choose what events to predict. It would be what his guides thought he NEEDED to know. If he could see every possible future, he would have known his mother was going to pass away, but he didnt..because his guides later told him that he needed to understand how it felt to lose someone whom he loved dearly, his mom, so he would have more empathy for the people he was going to help. But to put 9-11 on him, like that...he LIVES in NY...he had the same punch in the gut that we all did. He's just a man, no man can be all knowing...And let's at least give credit where it is due...the men who actually planned and then executed that plan to terrorize us that day, Bin Ladan... He did that.
Tess M (3 years ago)
But he DOES say he can predict events. He even says he does in this very interview!
Shane Bielski (4 years ago)
Haters don't watch,if you don't believe all good and well, but don't sit there making negative comments cos your life is soo suck, you have to knock someone who is helping people, and a good person. When was the last time you haters made some one's day, and gave them the strength to carry on? Keep your negativity to yourself and go out and get a life and do some good in the world. Love and light to all, even you non believers cos you still deserved to be loved too, :)
R J (3 years ago)
+Shane Bielski I wondered about this myself. What's the point? No argument is made. They just slam. If they made one I bet I could crush it. They would have all the advantages of taking the logical empiricist perspective which is basically if it cannot be verified to a scientific certainty then don't believe it. In reality most skeptics erroneously take the standpoint that if it is not scientifically verified it is not true. For hundreds of years scientists erroneously believed your brain was hardwired at the teenage years. We now neuroplasticity was last for our entire lives. We can rewire at any age.
Ebrobaru 2014 (3 years ago)
+mary faver She is deceiving people blatantly lying to them for profit. You don´t see any of this as a problem?
mary faver (3 years ago)
Thanks Shane!  Well said!!
Ebrobaru 2014 (3 years ago)
+mary faver You don´t need a con artist to tell you that
mary faver (3 years ago)
I don't see how you see exploiting peoples pain and suffering!  They feel much better when they find there is comfort in knowing your loved one has moved on to a beautiful life without pain, without worries, without medical issues anymore!  I do not understand the reason for them to ask for money other than they have to have an income coming in to support their families.  I believe if they are true they will give as much free as they may charge.  We all need that comfort of knowing our loved ones are well and no longer suffer!!  Let me know your thoughts of why you think they aren't!
Miesh Mo (4 years ago)
Nomination for biggest douche in the universe right?
Chrisann Acanfora (5 years ago)
I have seen John Edward twice In a gallery readings I saw johns aura the last time I have seen him!!!! He is the real deal
Chrisann Acanfora (4 years ago)
I liked it there's lots of energy and to me healing even tho I didn't get a reading!!! I just got into mediumship myself so it's even more interesting going to gallery type Events and feelin and hearing things
choff56 (4 years ago)
was it worth going to a big event like that, where there are lots of people ? 
MrRp25 (4 years ago)
vicente margal (5 years ago)
arshad rana, he goes around leaving people at peace and feeling connected, how is your judgement of his work, a better or more positive action...who are you helping....? he does not predict....he is a medium...you should do some reading and learn, just educate yourself...focus on positive work and not on knocking others, you could have posted a like on something you actually liked, instead of passing judgement on something you obviously are not well versed enough to throw in your two cents...good luck, but it may not go well for you...no predictions here...sorry
arshad rana (5 years ago)
Come on people This is fraud and Edward is a fraudster, whos been exposed  so many times.show me a single thing he predicts that I couldn't explain
Shaka84Lonigro (1 year ago)
I've tried searching for a shred of evidence that he is a fraud.. I have found none. Please enlighten us
JobyJonesJnr (5 years ago)
The only thing he can predict is that there are and will be millions of people who will fall for this kind of bullshit. Frauds the lot of them BUT unfortunately people are gullible and will pay these charlatans money
brandnuperson (5 years ago)
Ryan McNary (5 years ago)
And the douche of the universe award goes to.... JOHN EDWARDS
Larry Tropes (5 years ago)
WSNmin (5 years ago)
JESUS CHRIST IS LORD - Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord - GLORY TO JESUS CHRIST, our GOD
Jude Linsell (6 years ago)
If you have to read Johns books. They really show what a talented man he is full of integrity.
Jude Linsell (6 years ago)
John Edwards is a genuine gifted medium, so totally dedicated.....I love watching him work. Hes trusts himself and his information.
1arielone (6 years ago)
Ruben you seriously need to review the contract of James Randi.. That is the real joke. I will have to go fine the article that exposes the fine print. James Randi is a magician he is no more qualified to provide scientific proof than you are. However there are hundreds of thousands of people that have had a personal reading over the last decade that I have more faith in. James Randi is an atheist he does not believe there is a GOD and therefore is not capable of understanding anything else.
1arielone (6 years ago)
If you did your research you would know the answer to your question....
Tiberius Maximus (6 years ago)
biggest douche in the universe! who is john or james or J?, who had the cancer? the letter G im getting a G, COLD READING been around for centuries.
marie55 (6 years ago)
John Edwards sounds so genuine, I definitely believe that he has a wonderful gift, I wish him and his family many blessings and peace as he does his work!...
marcusantonio91 (6 years ago)
marcusantonio91 (6 years ago)
If you want to interview someone about mediumship, interview Julie Bue
safiy98 (6 years ago)
The thing is, our physical bodies are limited. Thats why some people dont believe in this.
Simon Says (6 years ago)
Biggest douche!
Steve Xntrick (6 years ago)
John Edward is the real deal. Anyone who agrees with me? They can't message me.
Ruben Melendez (6 years ago)
this dude does not want to take the james randi challenge cux he is a fake. just like every other pschic reader.
Ruben Melendez (6 years ago)
I do not know you and i will tell you 3 things about you that are real. #1 you have a relative that passed away #2 you miss that relative very much and wish you could of said more. #3 you have something that you have that reminds you of her. you see its all a matter of guessing i may or may not be right but i am sure i am. this is what people like her do play on your emotions and just want to make money so please open your eyes and don't feed into this snake.
gatewaytobeing (6 years ago)
Excellent interview! John doesn't need people to believe in his ability because nothing is at stake here. It's futile to try to convince a closed-minded die-hard skeptic of anything s/he already "knows" isn't true or possible. It's like trying to convince a fundamentalist Christian that "Hell" doesn't exist. Those who are intentionally blind simply cannot see (until/unless they do...). Intelligent, open-minded, (and most importantly "ready") people are willing to consider all possibilities.
ebrobaru (6 years ago)
big fat fraud
eduardo99j (6 years ago)
Biggest douche of the universe.
Gin Chillah (6 years ago)
cant believe people take JE for serious! There are talented guys in germany I know; They even explain their tricks and make clear its just playing with minds for a show. Its hard to proof that Erich von Dänikens theorie of aliens, helping us built our civilisation, is wrong. But should I believe that?
1arielone (6 years ago)
You welcome Carly...)
CarlyLuvsJustin (6 years ago)
Thank you so much for this comment!! I couldn't agree more! I went to a medium and connected with my deceased brother. The comments of skeptics make me sick! I wish more people would understand
AWOL (6 years ago)
Only you said that so it isnt worth listening too.
AWOL (6 years ago)
That an incorrect statement if they get there moneys worth. They are happy and in many cases given a new meaning onlife and death . What can be so wrong about that even if it was a lie? Doesnt Religion do the same ? i dont see people saying Religion is a scam.
k0smon (6 years ago)
Not the way JE does. It is the way you would get away with if you thought you could. The only vulture here is you , making believe you know something that you do not know.
k0smon (6 years ago)
Spoken like a true sixth grader.
k0smon (6 years ago)
Are you lonely?
1arielone (6 years ago)
We will all find the answers to our questions when the time comes so until then we make this life the best it can be.... and thanks for talking to me also :)
AWOL (6 years ago)
With all my theorising and thinking and listening , i think that when we die the answer might only then, be known to us. Life does have a nasty way of kicking us in the teeth when we least expect it and for there to be nothing but death would be a real sarcasm. I dont accept Evolution and conciousness are in the same boat. I hope i am right and i know everyone wants a meaning even when it seems almost impossible for there to be one.Thanx for talking to me : )
1arielone (6 years ago)
Very nicely put! John's books, videos and CDs have some very interesting topics about what he believes about the afterlife, GOD and communicating with loved ones that have passed. I find great comfort in knowing that there is a strong possibility that death is not the end but the beginning of another life. Continue to research with a skeptical mind!
AWOL (6 years ago)
its unlikely that so many people are scamming the rest of the world by acting or not suing John Edwards for misinterpretation of what actually happened. The things humans have not tapped into regarding conciousness leave a huge field of explanation regarding afterlife and God. But this is very interesting and does give a feeling of hope even if it may not be fact.
1arielone (6 years ago)
Being skeptical is good because it makes you question things and do your own research and not allow others to decide for you. I don't know anything about Colin Fry but I know enough about John Edward to know that what he does can not possibly be any cold reading, planning of microphones or staff striking up conversations to get information. I think it is more of a personal decision, like the belief that GOD is real.
AWOL (6 years ago)
I have seen John Edward on TV thats all so i am very sceptical. Although him and Colin Fry from England look like they have a big effect on people. I know that the human mind is capable of great things and there is a question as to what exactly this " Gift " is .Three possibilities in my book, Deception/fake or Deception from influence of human mind power and finally its as real as the nose on your face.
1arielone (6 years ago)
run along and go play with the other small minded people that don't have anything intelligent to post.. adults are trying to have a conversation here and this is way above your level....
grooverheliboy (6 years ago)
I am always "ENTHRALLED" every time I watch John and I do not take to these other sp called mediums who do the same old thing over and over again !
1arielone (6 years ago)
He has something special going on... There has been plenty of people that have tried to prove he is a fraud but no one has succeeded in that task, just a lot of talk but no proof or documentation that he is not real... He has helped thousands and thousands of people from believers to non believers!!!
grooverheliboy (6 years ago)
I agree we are now airing the John Edwards Cross County here and I am a sceptic over these so called mediums but John has proved time and time again that the information he has passed onto living people could not be found anywhere other than have been taken from those that have passed over.I truly belive he has been given a gift from God !!
1arielone (6 years ago)
That may be how it works for you but in my experience with John Edward he gives specific information to specific people he is reading. Not general information to the entire audience. I can tell you for a fact that there are many many people that walk in not believing and leave with a difference view of things. I don't believe that all people that claim to be psychic are real but John Edward is..... I guess you have to see for yourself and make up your own mind.
Matt R (6 years ago)
Well he isn't real...what a psychic does is:step1-get a willing audience.step 2-cold reading(using obvious or common things that are generally true with everyone, such as "You have a female relative whose name begins with M,or has an M in it.Step3 -Warm Reading-This is where you say things that everyone would like to believe about themselves,or things that are true for nearly everyone(ie.You feel that you have unused potential)Step4-Retrofitting or fitting the facts afterwards to your statements
ItsBillyTbh (6 years ago)
I do not believe that South Park is real. I simply have a belief that John Edward is the biggest douchebag in the universe, I don't see the problem.
k0smon (6 years ago)
You are. Douchebag is from SouthPark, where you are.
ItsBillyTbh (6 years ago)
Have we just watched the same video? He's evidently the biggest douchebag in the universe..
k0smon (6 years ago)
Aren't you a little old for make-believe?
k0smon (6 years ago)
k0smon (6 years ago)
Did he take lessons from you?
k0smon (6 years ago)
Not the biggest. You are, for making believe South Park is real.
k0smon (6 years ago)
Do you produce the show?
ItsBillyTbh (6 years ago)
That all seems reasonsable, but you have to take into consideration the fact that he IS the biggest douchebag in the universe.
evo89898 (6 years ago)
another bullshit fraudster
Mary Lew Chrisinger (6 years ago)
John Edward is incredible and I appreciate all the help he has given me and so many others. Watching the Crossing Over show, the readings that he had done for others, helped me. I am sure there are many fakes but if you follow John for any length of time, you realize he is the real deal, a teacher and an inspiration. Acknowledge the people we love, appreciate each other while we are here.
1arielone (6 years ago)
I have seen John Edward in person several times and there is no question that he is for real! If you haven't experienced him in person you can't possibly understand the process of how he is able to help those that have lost loved ones. He gives them specific facts that only those being read can validate. Unfortunately there are frauds out there but I can assure you that John Edward is not one of them.

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