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Girls with guns fail compilation

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Ellen J (10 months ago)
Any of the fails are a direct result of a totally inept instructor, whether that "instructor" is a friend, spouse, or anyone. A capable and knowledgeable instructor would know how to teach any newbie to shoot. The only people that "failed" in this vid were the idiots who didn't know how to instruct the women.
Rays OffRoad Videos (1 year ago)
well my wife can shoot very good..l
Mark Nauman (2 years ago)
Only assholes would do this to any inexperienced person man or woman!!!
Daniel Guardado (2 years ago)
why would anybody do such an irresponsible thing ?? give a woman such a big gun to shoot? not just that to what appears woman who have never shot a gun before? so stupid and irresponsible
Rush Cummins (2 years ago)
when it comes to some pussy they think is fun fuck sanyong
Joe surfer (2 years ago)
What kind of an idiot would let those girls shoot without showing them the proper way first? That shit aint funny. It was idiotic.
Mr FuzzyBunny (2 years ago)
Haha that click bait overkill
Paige Smalls (2 years ago)
this is a absolute lie! These girls probably never had to right instructions when handed the gun!!! You can't just expect people to just know all the right things to do! I do just find AFTER being taught how to handle a fire arm! IF you don't believe me go find out your self! My channel is Paige Smalls!!!
Anthony L (2 years ago)
And also, do you want women only to inherit the earth? Huh!? If I read another anti-male comments there, I am not gonna agree with that.
Even some of you people think it's okay for dumb women to use guns, but for men, you say they're assholes at that stuff, do you have some kind of intention against masculinity? Because I read some of that in the comments below.
Niko (2 years ago)
How can you allow a novice to use a firearm and not give them proper instructions ?? These morons clearly do not value the lives of others.
Masterofbates (2 years ago)
TIm, you sound like a liberal.
David Guy (2 years ago)
There are exceptions but most women lack the bulk and upper body strength to handle weapons with such recoil. it is totally irresponsible to give them such powerful weapons without proper training.
suiterd62 (2 years ago)
People are beyond dumb. No place for silly humor around firearms. Disgusting. DRS
Onecooldude 64 (2 years ago)
probably so, but it is up to the owner to make sure no one gets hurt...
Thunder queef (2 years ago)
lol, 2:20 put you tounge back in your mouth
Onecooldude 64 (2 years ago)
when you teach anyone male or female, you teach them the fundamentals. This shows how little they care for the opposite sex and there safety!
El Guiñolo (2 years ago)
+George Brookins I bet you that these girls wanted to try their boyfriends' guns and rushed to pull the trigger without taking the time to listen to basic advice.
Gay free America (2 years ago)
That was hilarious.
AaronSkone (3 years ago)
Why do all untrained females lean back when they try to shoot?
Cody (2 years ago)
There women...
El Guiñolo (2 years ago)
+AaronSkone Maybe because they already feel that the gun is heavy and instinctively try to compensate, which in itself should be enough red flag to advise a lighter type of gun.
Margaret Nicholson (3 years ago)
the beginning statement is fucking rude. these girl don't know better. and there are guys who are fuck tarts with guns. why not make a video about why guys shouldn't use guns? . I love shooting and fuck you
So you are saying that no one should use guns.
Даа ) в стране где законно орудие и этак не уметь с ним обращаться.
Bigwoo (3 years ago)
This isnt funny. stupid redneck son of a bitch, someone could be hurt, bad if not killed.. see those little spaghetti arms they cant hold no heavy recoil pistol or shot gun. You want these girls to get hurt so you can laugh and feel superior . I'd Kick your ass for ya. you punk
Senpaii kun (3 years ago)
girls should put there feet back and not at same feet sticking to gater
Chromosome Crusader (2 years ago)
but guys already do lol
Margaret Nicholson (3 years ago)
so should boys
Analog Man (3 years ago)
I'll never understand the humor in these video's. Men (boys), not doing the right thing and TEACHING others the correct way, the safe way, to handle weapons. Or, possibly,.. they don't know either.
Last Frontier Channel (3 years ago)
The boy(s) on camera are the real cunts here! Well done You morons - the gun haters will love this!
trackandsandfan (2 years ago)
+Delta6 yeah but they want to be in the military.
Jorden Mendes (3 years ago)
Its not that women shouldn't use guns, they should KNOW how to use them.
Hunter Greicar (2 years ago)
agreed all girls aren't like this almost all I know are really educated with guns and know how to and how not to use them
Tasha Whitehead (3 years ago)
Just because we are girls does not mean we are strong or weak ya girls are girls and that is who we are
kysoto. (3 years ago)
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Indo (3 years ago)
My mom shot a gun nothing happens plus you are sexiest
Cpt. Shmitt (3 years ago)
Question is, how does an idiot acquire a gun? If you're an idiot you wouldn't be able to fill out ownership registration. You also have to have an absolutely clean criminal record
Alvaro Rodriguez (3 years ago)
Ok, saying that this is the reason women shouldnt shoot guns pisses me off. Im a guy and I find that crap offensive!! And in most of these vids its not the shooters fault! The one filming should have taken the time to actually teach the shooter. Not stand there and laugh like a jackass when they mess up! You arent gonna just pick something up and just be a boss at it. You have to take baby steps to actually learn what the heck to do. Like keeping your arms straight and not letting them be loose so the gun doesnt hit you in the freakin face which could lead to a second trigger pull and someone with a round go through there head or the gun has a lot of kick and the stock needs to be firmly on your shoulder cause it can hit you in the freakin eye!
The Sagist (3 years ago)
how is it not their fault?
Bonker Bonker (3 years ago)
This proves that this is not a natural sport for girls !
Sonder Jagd (3 years ago)
Mädchen können schon schiessen. Doch das waren grade ein paar sehr schwache Beispiele!
kabile reisi (3 years ago)
1:48 airbags save lives
R (3 years ago)
This video shows what can only be presumed to be the girlfriends of idiots who were given guns by their idiot boyfriends without ever having handled a gun before so that their idiot boyfriends could have a laugh. It's a miracle that no idiot died during the filming of these videos.
SmokeApple (3 years ago)
2:09 OMG!!! How could a girl handle a DESERT EAGLE???
Austin carrillo (3 years ago)
Hear comments Are a bunch of male chauvinistic pigs. And arrogant air heads
jdmdealers (3 years ago)
This video shows untrained female shooters given to large of a caliber weapon for their shooting abilities. I cannot understand the reasoning why a trained shooter would allow a beginning shooter to fire a large caliber weapon without any prior training. People have died because of this practice. Common sense and shooter safety should be used at all times when shooting firearms. Safety is also the responsibility of the person lending the firearm to a untrained shooter. Giving large caliber firearms to untrained shooters is not funny it's, stupid. If someone gets hurt or killed that is no joke. The person loaning their firearm is legally held accountable by bailment same as loaning your car your are responsible for any damages criminal or civil. So, you might want think about what you are doing before loaning out your firearm.   
MrErikw26 (3 years ago)
+Bryan Pinto in a country environment, most likely. And I was a repo man in NYC in 2009. Did the city slicker thing, not my bag. Come survive where Chinese food isn't around the corner, help is miles away, as is the store, gas, entertainment.
Pagansdad (3 years ago)
+jdmdealers Yeah this.  Bunch of dumb jerks giving their tiny wives/girlfriends .480's or whatever.  Asshats.
dank gaming (3 years ago)
+jdmdealers Its not a lack of training its mainly because they hesitate when firing the weapon. If you would just hold on to the damn thing most of these incidents would not of happen.
jdmdealers (3 years ago)
+MrErikw26- That's good I am glad your are the better half of the coin.  
Niggle Diggle (3 years ago)
it's not the girls fault that guys won't show them any better. I blame the instructors.
Shackille Uh'Deal (4 years ago)
Lack of gun safety in a lot of these videos.  You don't start a novice with something that has high recoil and let them fire it unassisted; its accident or tragedy waiting to happen.  
Dan A (4 years ago)
to the bitch who had her tongue  out,i'd like to tell you that your tongue is for something else. 
TwoGamerzz (4 years ago)
Ladies, I don't know why you often think it is cute to lean backwards when shooting, but it's not. It's just plain wrong, and you will keep getting blown off your feet until you adopt a more stable stance.
Cody (2 years ago)
Big fan m8
Margaret Nicholson (3 years ago)
that's just girls who don't know shit. could change the way you said that mate
josephmars20 (4 years ago)
For the girl at 0:40, who ever loaded that revolver with more than one round is a dip shit. That second shot could have killed someone if the gun was a tad more loosely held. Way to go guys for this one.
Reggie Milla (4 years ago)
all of these bitches have gone months without washing their ass...
Jake Young (4 years ago)
None of these women are to blame. It's the fault of the jerk offs who handed them powerful firearms without the proper training. Handing magnum revolvers, desert eagles and shotguns to women or anyone for that matter with no knowledge or experience is just ignorant and unsafe. Look at the shooting stance of some of them... leaning backwards to shoot a shotgun... bending your elbows at 90 degrees so a 44mag is 10 inches from face... good fucking job trainer's.
Draco Masters (4 years ago)
Women can shoot firearms just as good and in some cases better than the average man. The women in these videos just need more practice and better instructors.
Ben H (3 years ago)
They need to start off with a smaller damn caliber just like everybody else did instead of getting talked into trying to look sexy by whoever the hell films these dumbass stunts they're pulling
S A (3 years ago)
yes they are not doing it right
Aaron Cubitt (4 years ago)
Whoa. So much edge.
GardenState2012 (4 years ago)
Bunch of unfit and untrained women!
B.P.Cap Lock (4 years ago)
There is nothing funny about this at all. 
Antti Kananen (4 years ago)
WJ Corbin (4 years ago)
I am an NRA instructor and I don't appreciate this video. There are millions of women who shoot firearms and do so safely. Most "Girls and Guns" videos show women shooting high powered firearms without proper instruction. 
Backwoods Adventures (4 years ago)
The girls in this video (and maybe even the guys who handed them the guns in the first place) Definitely need to read this article. http://dailytwocents.com/girl-shooting-gun-fails-mistakes-cause/
tenderscootch (4 years ago)
but its probably a good rule of thumb that if you can't push out 10 solid pushups, you should be shooting something weak.
tenderscootch (4 years ago)
that one dude shouldn't have been behind the woman.  If the woman can't recoil backward the recoil is just going to move to the elbow and shoulder.
Johnny bizaro (4 years ago)
Damn scarey. So many fools.
baldpecker66 (4 years ago)
Scary. WHAT moron would endanger his wife or girlfriend by letting her fire a weapon that is clearly too much for a neophyte shooter?? Hopefully no-one was seriously injured.
sator soberi (4 years ago)
put your tongue back in your mouth........ hahahah
Aaron Ford (4 years ago)
U tha baddest thing I seen since tha president wife I wanted 2 let u no I want 2 go fishin wit u baby
Alaster (4 years ago)
my mother used to be a marine she could have shot all those guns with pinpoint acurecy
Magneto Norten (4 years ago)
Fuck women using gunes
Lexie (4 years ago)
How about you learn how to spell before judging anyone else, okay genius?
Takeoutman123 (4 years ago)
Saying ALL WOMEN shouldn't use guns is very ignorant. Its usually the teacher they are with that fails to correct them when they lean back or have a bad grip, or see that they just plain don't have the strength to handle the weapon. All of the people in this video could have been perfectly fine shooters if the teachers they were with taught them better, and in some cases probably could be even better! Regardless of if you are a man or a woman, its the person that teaches you that determines how much you will fall on your ass.
badreaxion (9 months ago)
I'm confused. Where dies it say "All women shouldn't use guns"? It says Girls with guns fail compilation for the title. There are plenty of videos out there with stupid men making similar mistakes, so don't jump on it for things that aren't there, you nuggets.
Mr Tibbs (1 year ago)
Takeoutman123 so true
Takeoutman123 (3 years ago)
+McGorian | *CS:GO and more*  No, femanism is fine, its just when they are fucking bitches about it. What most femanists are doing is not about equality. Punch a femanist and they will say you can't hit a girl. So they are not only fakes, but they are also hypocrites.
Padman (3 years ago)
fuckn feminist!
Justin (4 years ago)
learn to take a joke
lillian w (4 years ago)
I shoot guns all the time. Girls should be allowed to shoot guns they should just know how to use them.
SlySquriel (4 years ago)
The blame is on the people who gave the girls the guns. Of course, I'm not gonna get all serious and bitchy about it like some people. Because I actually have a sense of humor.
justliketolook (4 years ago)
I blame the men for not taking the time to show the woman how to hold the guns properly. Who lets the person they care about get hurt just for a laugh. If you ask me there ass holes. This video just shows how stupid men really are .
Dream Warrior (4 years ago)
This isn't even funny. And I live in America. I have never shot a gun, but I can almost tell you some of the mistakes these ladies and the men behind the camera made. First off, some of the ladies in this video. They need to take a very good stance to keep the gun from pushing them back when the trigger is pulled. Since we women are lighter and not have as much muscle mass as men do, I can only see this as natural that we must take a firm stance to keep ourselves from actually falling back. Also, they must hold the gun firmly enough to keep it from flying right out of their hands (so that the gun doesn't shoot someone when it hits the ground) as well as the way they hold the gun. In some cases, they need to very much lock their right elbow (depending on what kind of gun they are using) so that the chances of their gun flying out of their hand and/or hitting their faces would be slim. As for some of the guys behind the camera, they MUST give them proper training and instructions and most of all rules to follow to keep everyone in the area safe. UNLESS if they are training them in the video. Because with guns, there's no fun and games. AND, the ladies MUST take it seriously enough and not take the guns lightly... When even wanting to learn how to utilize a gun, it means business... No hard feelings and no negative comments please, because I'm no expert here. I just sensed and saw what I saw in this video, that's all... Peace.
Dean Butcher (4 years ago)
No problem. Happy shooting! :)
Dream Warrior (4 years ago)
+Dean Butcher Oh yes. I forgot about that. You are right. It's only safe to do so in such cases with new shooters. Even just by looking at some of these in the video, those guns are just too strong for them to handle at their level of shooting. It's best for anyone to start out slowly and small, and then work their way up to gain the experience of shooting. Same applies to everything else in life. Start off slow, then excel. :) When you carry even a tiniest gun and it's loaded even with one single bullet, YOUR LIFE is in danger. Especially those around you. That is really the bottom line with ANY weapon on this planet. Military weapons or not. Thanks for letting me know. Peace. :)
Dean Butcher (4 years ago)
You missed one very important detail. The weapons being fired are too powerful for new shooters. It doesn't look like they even shot a 9mm in the first place. Also, as brand new shooters, they should only have one round incase they drop the weapon to prevent misfiring.
AaronBank (4 years ago)
Recoil  ..what a badass:))))
Zoniel (4 years ago)
It's like a lot of girls don't even know that guns have what are called "kickbacks," because it doesn't look like they're even holding the guns tightly. That's why they're always getting hit in the face by the guns, themselves.
Lexie (4 years ago)
a lot of guys do not know that as well.. and it is also referred to as "recoil" in most cases(if not all) not "kickback"
xxminenimxx1 (4 years ago)
Hahaha its to funny that these girls are starting with the heavyst gun like that magnum and desert eagel or snipers mayby if they learn how to control like a realy low recoild gun first they mayby abel to shoot these guns after
Asfkd1 (4 years ago)
A sniper is a person not a weapon....
Zack K (4 years ago)
Stupid idiots who think its funny to give people guns who can't handle them... irresponsible gun ownership and operation
B. Hussein (9 months ago)
Kozak Q amen.
Zack K (4 years ago)
Yea I'm sore against irresponsible morons who think its ok to treat firearms like they're a joke. People shoot themselves by accident caused my the same stupidity. You got a problem with someone who believes in common sense?
Charles McGowen (4 years ago)
 Are you sore about something? It sure looks like it......
DancingSoul (5 years ago)
This video offends me. I am a women, and I am in the army. These guns are very heavy and hard to use. Not all women would just fall back.
enterprise59 (5 years ago)
This is why women should have AR15's in stead!.. Lets be real here.. the guys who gave these girls the guns are to blame for not teaching them better.   Most women are just as good as men when shooting, some times better.
antred11 (4 years ago)
Exactly. Those guys could _clearly_ see that those women were totally not anticipating the kind of back-kick those weapons have and that, as a result, they were holding their weapons all wrong. Before you let a newcomer shoot, you have to explain to them unambiguously exactly what to expect, and if you even the faintest doubt whether they've understood all of it, then you just don't let them shoot.

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