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Video: Millions of single Chinese men desperately seeking a wife

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Subscribe to France 24 now: http://f24.my/youtubeEN FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 http://f24.my/YTliveEN In China, the one-child policy has wreaked havoc. By encouraging the birth of boys rather than girls, an imbalance of the sexes has emerged. China now counts far more men than women. Millions of these men, now of marriageable age, are desperately seeking a wife - and they will do anything to try to find one, even if it means buying one abroad or even kidnapping a woman. Marjolaine Grappe and Christophe Barreyre tell us more in this documentary. The Chinese call them "Guang gun", "dead branches" which will never bear fruit. In short, men condemned to a life without a wife, without children, and without the hope of one day starting a family. In China, there are already millions of these bachelors in search of a soulmate and their ranks are swelling. Ten years ago, there was talk of the "curse of being born a girl". As a result of the one-child policy – in force until 2015 - millions of little girls were killed before they were born or just afterwards. Sometimes they were abandoned shortly after their birth. Most families preferred to give birth to a boy, so that he could carry on the family line. ►► Also watch our report: "China's second child flop" It turned out to be a demographic time bomb. Today, the “curse” has backfired on these boys, who are now men. According to forecasts from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, one in five men will be unable to find a wife by 2020. China will have a surplus of 30 to 40 million men under the age of 19. That’s the equivalent of the entire population of young men in the United States. Trafficking of women In some regions, "single villages" have emerged. The few women who were there have left the area to look for a rich husband in town. So men who want a chance to get married have to move to other regions. Millions of young men flock to the south of the country and work day and night in the factories of the Pearl Delta, "the workshop of the world", while hoping to find a soulmate. But even here, women are in short supply. In desperation, some Chinese men prefer to run away or buy a woman abroad, often from Burma, Vietnam or Indonesia... Others give up. For some, anything goes, even if it means enlisting the help of traffickers and kidnapping a woman. We went to meet single men who are crushed by the mathematical impossibility of finding a spouse and prepared to do anything not to end up alone. They agreed to speak to us and to take us to the heart of this unlikely trafficking operation. A report by Marjolaine Grappe and Christophe Barreyre / Orientxpress Production. Visit our website: http://www.france24.com Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://f24.my/youtubeEN Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FRANCE24.English Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/France24_en
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Text Comments (10060)
Tinatasha Sandari (2 hours ago)
There's always an option of becoming a gay...
Shingi Sa (2 hours ago)
I am having a baby girl and I am very trilled and happy.
sniz p (9 hours ago)
That's what happens when you abort all the females.
Maggie J (10 hours ago)
I read a newspaper article about this over 20 yrs ago this was predicted would happen because of the one child policy. They were right on the money. Now the few women left can pick and choose. So the less desirable or just less wealthy men get left behind. How sad. This is what happens when women aren't valued or respected.
Ben gesseret (10 hours ago)
You don't want daughters, here is the outcome.
Jade Hunter (11 hours ago)
She didn't look to Happy at the of this.
Jade Hunter (11 hours ago)
He lied to her right away he said whatever they have in Indonesia they have where he is taking her. On the train he says there are no oceans no mountains but you'll get used to it. He also told her she'd have an easier life I don't think so what a big fat liar. 😔
Emmanuel Agbevey (11 hours ago)
Why exchange women with plastic robot...😱
Bree gosik (14 hours ago)
I want to Gag.... Get a real person.. There is time... move to another state..
Eric Outram (14 hours ago)
One five eight 158.?wtf,
Dima Poc (14 hours ago)
Welcome to abortions... liberals hope you are happy
Danny Hughes (15 hours ago)
Can't find a wife so he brings home a rubber doll, dolls can't make babies.
Maria Matura (15 hours ago)
Chinese man stop eating dogs and cats abuse brutal sadistic barbaric killing animals maybe your luck will change this is karma for yours brutality cruelty bloody horror for animals
Hitler Cat (16 hours ago)
Maybe china should start taking migrants from Africa
Joseph (17 hours ago)
Anna Freed (17 hours ago)
Male overpopulation is a big problem. China has traditionally preferred male children, the prohibition of more than one child did not help this situation. The have changed that to two children now. Still there are stories that males are preferred and females often killed at birth. It seems that not enough females helps the population problem. There are always two sides to everything, sometimes even more.
ShayDale (18 hours ago)
Judi in the Kitchen (18 hours ago)
What a joke! They're only getting what they asked for! I understand Russia has an overabundance of girls. They need to travel to Russia for wives instead of getting dolls to f**k.
Baby Moon (18 hours ago)
so the women gets the last laugh....now their stock is higher and they get to choose higher quality of life
sh m (18 hours ago)
Can I know wat they will do to those dolls ,can doll replace the place of woman , lol 😂 cheap mind
Missouri Red (19 hours ago)
What theyre not saying is, when baby girls were born they were killed...left to die, abandoned. As a result today theres no women to increase a younger population. Satan at work
Mo Susu (19 hours ago)
How sad!
Vivian Allen (19 hours ago)
Go to the orphans and get all of those females that the women gave away because they were not a boy. They are filled to the brim!
Woman Of God (20 hours ago)
It's a big world. Migrate. Geez....
Jamie Todd (20 hours ago)
There’s a lot of Gay sex going on
Bahemuka Mary (20 hours ago)
Crazy people. No offence chinese peolpe but eliminating a girl child. How stupid was that.
DP BBC (20 hours ago)
Can't find a wife, so I'm gonna nail this doll the rest of my life! Oh yeah, I'm really gonna give it to her!
Vivi x (22 hours ago)
This is What happens when men make all policies
Kim (22 hours ago)
Just stay single
Murakami (22 hours ago)
Poor Lai was bought and sold to be a baby machine...
Janett Bell (23 hours ago)
This still will not increase the female population, in fact it will be worst, these dolls can't breed!!
Tasnia Chowdhury (23 hours ago)
This is called femicide. Killing of only female fetuses.
Blc ME (1 day ago)
Send them to Japan. It's opposite there..
Juan Batista (1 day ago)
North Korea sells woman to China as domestic slaves and brides .
Robert Maybeth (1 day ago)
they're gonna start a war so they have somewhere to send these million billion excess chinamen they have got... RUH ROH
EXO UNIVERSE (1 day ago)
What if I go to China, maybe I have many suitors LOL.
sarnee pinkque (1 day ago)
Trust China with dups, 11:28 isn't that famous BB brand called Spalding or something like that! ?
Freier Patriot (1 day ago)
So so sad
schlooonginator (1 day ago)
Lol, clearly China is unaware of the fact that girls are equal to boys...according to the western SJW.
ahmed hussain (1 day ago)
Z kai (1 day ago)
The struggle is real ... being a 80s born native Chinese I pretty much given up ... Now I just drown myself in Korean drama and anime lol
Curtis Chao (1 day ago)
End time is at hand
Josie Weir (1 day ago)
Hey China! Stop stealing Vietnamese girls! That's what they are doing
Aubrey Crowe (1 day ago)
Who listens to France 24 in English? We real anglophones listen to it in French to practice our French. If I want English, I've got my American channels.
riccardo estavans (1 day ago)
gumpfoo65 (1 day ago)
Please send them to our wal marts, they can take all of them!
Jc Dizon (1 day ago)
That's what they get for aborting all those baby girls which is a very stupid move. Now either they need to leave the country for foreign women, become gay or start adopting a lonely life like those Japanese hermits that doesn't leave their room.
L. A. McDonough (1 day ago)
Get a cat or dog, much companionship sometimes more than humanoids.
Jasmine Jeanine (1 day ago)
whats even worse is that its not just china but ALL of asia from Japan at 80% male children not bc they dislike girls but bc they cant afford more then one kid thus theyre forced to pick. India where they kill their infant daughters bc they view them as costing them money while boys increase their wealth. in general i dont see this as a bad thing since asia would do well to decrease in population. however the crimes that come out of this are awful since throughout asia there is a incredible increase in slave brides and abuse that goes with it as they are sold over and over. to increase in rape, and violence in general bc of all the fighting. this is a HUGE issue bc these are societies that place their entire culture on whats best for their family and family is their everything. Thus a unmarried son makes them ashamed, bc marriage and kids are literally their primary objective after work, plus all of asia will have to deal with the decreased productivity as less kids are born every yr. since while 61 million kids are left at home while they go to work since they cannot bring their families with them due to chinas resident laws stating that if they move they have to pay for schooling and medical care so they leave their kids with their parents. however recent stats show over 210million ppl migrate back home for chinese new yrs every yr (worlds largest migration) since most only get back once per yr. thus these children are called the damaged generation due to all the issues of being raised without parents.
Jasmine Jeanine (1 day ago)
ud think theyd start having more girls now that their daughter would be able to marry a wealthy man and thus help her family out. plus their family in general would gain status through the marriage their daughter could ask that their second son could get her families name or the authorities could make it law as well as including provisions for her family as part of the wedding agreement.
bb89670 (1 day ago)
This video is funny., making rubber life like for stupid Chinese men. One child policy? They only want boys for their military purpose, they have billion of them that wants to fight the U. S.
Lynn C (1 day ago)
Lai does not look happy. It's sad she's being sold as a thing and doesn't have any freedom to work. :(
UWECHUE George (1 day ago)
no wonder divoece is low in china, men value their womwn
UWECHUE George (1 day ago)
must they marry chinese women? cant they import their wives?
G C (1 day ago)
Also our us guys are getting mail order brides taking what's left of their women because our guys don't want a normal wife they want a Slave not equal partnership they want submitted Asian women
Ross (1 day ago)
Actual incels
Steph M (1 day ago)
😂 now the guys are gonna die alone. They don't want wives, they want slaves
Sherie Clifford (1 day ago)
Who wants a small dick? Stay where you belong, go away
Steph M (1 day ago)
Preach sis.
N.W.A. (1 day ago)
Many are going to Africa and knocking up any African girl they can find.
Krystyna Barakan (1 day ago)
ONLY woman (ie.Female)no matter how strong is and will be science can give birth to another human.
That playing cards idea was brilliant . I hope they find these women, at least they’re keeping the victims story out there. I’m happy that bachelor guy found a beautiful bride from Indonesia. I hope they are happy together. He looks much happier.
vinjulieann1 (1 day ago)
They showed the child living with grandparents because the parents worked in the city - there is another video on YT that claims there are 60 million children who were abandoned by their parents so they can work in the city. They try to visit their children once a year. Some are in institutions like orphanages. Many are with relatives. They claim it is screwing up a generation of people.
SAM7167 (1 day ago)
They don't want a wife, they want to a slave.
Vann T (1 day ago)
Creepy dolls
Ngọc-Emily Phùng (1 day ago)
Play with your five fingers, you Chinese.
Deadly Pie (1 day ago)
Well that’s what you get, you didn’t wanna have baby girls sooo. It’s also sad they have to resort to dolls out of desperation smh
Nbr1 Dallasfan (1 day ago)
How pathetic!
Neneth Abuan (2 days ago)
Meanwhile, the life size doll is booming in the market.
bonanzatime (2 days ago)
I think Woody Allen stole his wife.. he likes Asian pets🤖.. so he must be starting a collection.
France 21, revealed as racists. Abortion should be legal for ALL, why is it when Chinese do it you say its evil but when YOU do it it's WOMEN's Rights?
t. rex (2 days ago)
I didnt knew chinese ppl struggle with these kind of problems. It's so sad not to have smo to love. I was so happy he found an indonezian girl and pretty !!!
TK The Hun (2 days ago)
That new wife looks like she is not happy about her decition
TK The Hun (2 days ago)
Killing of women backfired ha? I guess they can now men can fk each other or buy those dalls. Stupid desition.
Mehru Baloch (2 days ago)
I watched the video and understood the pain of the common/poor people there. Then i read the comments.
masoud kh (2 days ago)
Gayisim is the answer for millions of single Chinese men who are lonely and need to have sex. they should experience the joy of anal and oral sex and they will forget about vagina and breast forever.
russrjn (2 days ago)
Start breeding the women in their 40s...and breed the hell out of them
Poda Poramboku (2 days ago)
begining of the end , men are going to use robots so women wont be needed , and poor women will become prostitutes, rich women will buy male robots
Mary Aldaco (2 days ago)
They don’t learn well do they? Abort babies with out feelings of what they do. How long do they think they can do these things. They have only them selves to blame forever. Very sad. Very cold and empty hearts. No souls.
Debra Grubbs (2 days ago)
Shame on the lot of you!!
Pat P (2 days ago)
go after the boss!lolgood pickens for women
Pat P (2 days ago)
how pathetic u have to marry a robot hahahhahah loser
Pat P (2 days ago)
i would love to adopt a baby girl in the usa...shame on you..let us adopt them..how do u expect to have wives if u cant have women how stupid
kellie c (2 days ago)
This is globalism. They made a whole new industry in China and somebody is getting wealthy. Sick! People get involved in things they have no business being in. Selective breeding, Designer Babies, Abortion/Murder.
kellie c (2 days ago)
Social nightmare. Not much different than agenda 21. This was a trial for the rest of the world. We are murdering girls and boys everyday.
barbarjeansmith (2 days ago)
Wjhat do You expect in a society when Girls are unwanted.They will die out eventually because of this. Women are needed to reproduce Children, stupid people.
Marc Doutherd (2 days ago)
This sucks. But is not China overpopulated, anyway? Not that getting married necessarily equates to having kids.
Jui Islam (2 days ago)
This is truly awkward
Javier Lemus (2 days ago)
No wonder . Pagan world technified
WAVE OUR FLAG (2 days ago)
The Chinese knee-jerk reaction to overpopulation never took into consideration tradition. Their government has no problem in stealing our secrets but can't control internal affairs. I think the leaders need to shake their heads and see if they rattle.
catwalksabout (2 days ago)
This is so sad, Dictatorship.
jim dandy (2 days ago)
They have over And they find a wife that's a lie
Dr. Amer Aziz (2 days ago)
What an irony , here girls are asking me for marriage , lol hhhhhhh
Why Me? (2 days ago)
Communism hasn’t done China any favors
Sylvi Vincello (2 days ago)
Wow, this is sad and such a normal cultural thing. My parents are one of the types of Asians who wanted more boys than girls. Unfortunately for them, they had more girls than boys.
Luky Lomala (2 days ago)
Because most of Chinese are business oriented. They chose to earn money than to have wife or girl.
Sarah Connor (2 days ago)
Wow! China's gonna have a problem on their hands. They shouldn't have slaughtered all the females! If there were ever a war in china these guys would be the first men china send to go fight!!
danni (3 days ago)
How is a doll going to make a person less lonely. It doesn't work for children yes it gives them some comfort but a doll will never replace human interaction. Maybe if they weren't so obsessed with race there are plenty of other women of other races that are available. I guess you reap what you sow you know how many female babies were aborted, killed or given up for adoption. Humans continue to mess with nature and nature always fights back
cockney gyal (3 days ago)
they're no competition to Japanese men that look better and are taller and less geeky....rotlfl... LMAO....serves them right learn Korean or Vietnamese
Sunny NY (3 days ago)
The more you know, the more you will fear

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