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Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan vs Darth Maul | Star Wars The Phantom Menace (1999) Movie Clip

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Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan vs Darth Maul | Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) Movie info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120915/ Buy it on Blu-ray: https://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-Phantom-Limited-Blu-ray/dp/B013JAFTS0 -------------------------------------------------- ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/filmicbox ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/filmicbox ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/filmicbox ► Google+: https://plus.google.com/109939716731213840534 ► Scopian01: https://goo.gl/j0WzB2 -------------------------------------------------- *** TM & © Disney / Lucasfilm / FOX (1999) Monetized by owner/s. Their ads Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. *** Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan vs Darth Maul Fight Scene https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuGtSnFs0lbb7Loo0WeKmVQ
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Text Comments (4615)
Scopian01 (11 months ago)
Click here for Obi-Wan vs Anakin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbsBiyG1mnU
Dinosaurtologist * (1 month ago)
Scopian01 i
DarkRed (3 months ago)
Scopian01 i have the high ground
Peter Parker (5 months ago)
i know what those are...i lived in england from 6-10. i want you take it serious because it is important. The majesty of the culture is denigrating...whether white or otherwise we can work together to preserve it....like many of my american friends who are now doctors or some other cool job
RECTO Recto (5 months ago)
Peter Parker what makes u think I’m taking this shit seriously. U don’t even know that Wales, England, Scotland and Nothern Ireland are all referred to as ‘Britain’ and I’m calling you ‘kid’ kid. Ahahahhaha
Peter Parker (5 months ago)
ahah. as i thought. a foreigner. learn the tongue well and assimilate. or get the fuck out of my heritage if you don't want to be a part of it. i used to live in tokyo and all japanese have this mentality. so...no regrets. i assume you are young so please dont take my criticism too personally. im sick and tired of the attacks on the brits and the americans...contemporarily, we are more benevolent to people who are not ourselves than any other civ
Nick Droege (59 minutes ago)
Click pause at 4:12 to not ruin the video.
SKOL NATION (2 hours ago)
Star wars saved my life!!
Metal Fan (4 hours ago)
Darth Maul from the pit: wow! what a hole!
Metal Fan (5 hours ago)
Despite what people say about the phantom menace this is one of the best starwars scenes period
jery natanael (5 hours ago)
If obi wan become Lord sith , no doubt he will the greatest
Corsair (5 hours ago)
4:16 Darth Maul: "dafuq are you lookin at?"
Anastasia Deun (6 hours ago)
Bull to the shit, you're telling me a trained sith, who has the "higher ground" cannot react in that lengthy time to kill Obiwan??? GTFOH and never return!
Jacob Stack (6 hours ago)
Battlefront 2 gameplay.
Moritz m (14 hours ago)
Is Darth Maul a human or a Alien??
spiritconsumer (12 hours ago)
He is a Zabrak. He is a humanoid, not human.
Imatutorialguy iatg (15 hours ago)
Or.maby he hit his forehead
Imatutorialguy iatg (16 hours ago)
Maul doesn't even.hit obi wans face
Insomniac (19 hours ago)
We have seen Obi-Wan can defeat an enemy when he's got the high ground and low ground. He is truly a Master Jedi :p
Theforcer 1 (21 hours ago)
I like Episode 1, there i said it
Epilogue Gamer (1 day ago)
Maul is leading them to the laser shaft doors so he can strike them down one at a time, but he gets the master ( Qui gon ) so then the padawan (obi wan) gets weakened at the sight but obi - wan gets more powered up. Also maul forgot about qui gon's saber
Javier Mella (1 day ago)
Darth maul... what a badass!
cough cough plinkett cough
Redneck Savage (2 days ago)
Apparently the move used by Obi wan to kill Darth maul was frowned upon by the jedi counsel because it went against thier beliefs!?
Joshua Young (2 days ago)
I met the ray park before at Philadelphia comic con I know he was Darth maul in this movie and solo he seemed like a nice guy the actor is good though he was good Darth maul
Ok so first off this is some of my favorite bit of coriagraphed bit of fighting besides episode 3 it starts at 3:15 and then check out Obi-Wans face at 4:23 😁
Bob Diersing (2 days ago)
he is infinity ahead from G-h too
Captain Barbossa (2 days ago)
This fight still stands out as one of the best moments in Star Wars history along with the Battle on Hoth and Luke and Vader's duel on Cloud City.
JarheadPlaying (2 days ago)
Ke'Andre Green (2 days ago)
Dumbasses have been shitting on these movies for years but now want to profess their love for them just so they can shit on the Disney movies now you idiots are never satisfied no wonder George Lucas can’t stand “fans” like you😂
Jayden V (1 day ago)
most people are bipolar kiddies. they're everywhere on the internet, wether it's sports, games or movies. keep flip flopping on their opinions
Dirty Dan (3 days ago)
PREQUELS WERE THE BEST❤️❤️❤️ originals were good, Disney Trilogy is a social justice warrior libtard GARBAGE Trash piece of shit
Beltzer0072 (1 day ago)
For me it's the opposite. Originals were the best, the prequels were good and for as much hate as they get, the prequels are miles ahead of the shit Disney is pumping out.
chaosXpert (3 days ago)
Notice how Darth Maul knew he was outnumbered so he separated the 2 Jedi
One of the most boring duels in the series. Who gives a fuck about these characters?
Mr. Doomguy (3 days ago)
People can shit on this movie all they want but this was good shit
Yang Dezhong (3 days ago)
"You are no match for me!" - Darth maul
Lockon Stratos (4 days ago)
At 0:01 couldn't Maul have kept the saber straight horizontal and even for the shot? Do another take for crying out loud
Jamie Lee Sterritt (4 days ago)
Back when everyone hated the prequels and now they appreciate them and are sending death threats to the creators of the sequel trilogy. I hate The Last Jedi but I wouldn't bring harm to Rian Johnson him for ruining Luke Skywalker.
Why Qui-gon didn't try to get a high ground?
Jeff Mills (4 days ago)
It seems odd they couldn't just use the force to turn the force fields.....
Elemental Jedi (4 days ago)
4:23 “You should’ve aimed for the head” 😏
Marvin (4 days ago)
Worst fight
Kendric Witt (4 days ago)
Still the best overall duel of the entire saga.
Rain Lucid (4 days ago)
I always ask myself how Qui Gon Lost To Darth Maul... I want to think that Qui Gon was Powerful..especially since he was sort of a Grey Jedi ...and He was the First Star wars Character i fell inlove with... But Him dying to Maul and Then Obi wan beating him makes him look weak
Star Lord Ant (5 days ago)
You know after all these years and now that Disney owns Star Wars.. the fan base really gave George Lucas some serious flack for a trilogy they felt didn’t live up to their nostalgic expectations. Personally I enjoyed the prequels far more, because I was born 1999. So my Star Wars experience started with 1 and ended on 6.
Ted Ryan (5 days ago)
So Darth Maul did more shit?
Commando Wabbit (5 days ago)
0:46 Why is obi-wan going "augh" like he got hit, anyone know? Force headbutt or something?
CALQL8R (5 days ago)
3:51 It's over Obi-Wan, he has the high ground. 4:09 Don't try it.
David Pope (5 days ago)
In this battle, high ground really didn’t have the advantage I guess huh. Lol wtf. Anakin had way better odds.
David Pope (5 days ago)
They should have paid for better choreography.
James Epke-Kranz (5 days ago)
The editing done to just have the battle in this....Impressive...Most impressive. People can say what they want about this movie, but this was an epic lightsaber battle for the series. Too bad we didn't see more of Darth Maul though. I kinda liked the double bladed lightsaber.
Nathan Harvey (5 days ago)
This fight is better than any of the fighting scenes in the new Star Wars.
DAC Studios (5 days ago)
0:03 First time we ever see another type of lightsaber in the whole Star Wars Saga
anton Verlinden (5 days ago)
I dont get it. Obi-wan didnt have the high ground so how did he win. 😂 Maul had the high ground so he should have won. 😂
Dante Crailman (4 days ago)
He's practically immune to high ground.
alex brochet (5 days ago)
Im actually curious to know what lightsaber form Obi-Wan used in his fight against Maul. His fighting style was very aggressive for a Soresu user.
Surroundrive Show (5 days ago)
Obi-Won had the low-ground.
Benjamin Leeret (5 days ago)
Darth Maul is not dead yeat Should have aimed for his neck Obi Wan
Jay Hitemup (5 days ago)
Only if darth maul lived.
He did survive he returned in Solo
Makha Kraikabkaew (5 days ago)
B...But Darth Maul had the high ground.
KeyWestGlenn (6 days ago)
Dangling from ledge always beats high ground.
Fabulous the BOSS (6 days ago)
0:16, 0:29 i love these sequences, especially how he force throws the dead droid to open the door. But my favorite is 0:54 when maul kicks obi wan down too badass.
Masagoes Abdoellah (6 days ago)
And Obi Wan still Pandawan
EmmettV (6 days ago)
1K Sith Lords disliked this vid
anton khoury (6 days ago)
battlefront 2 gameplay 😂😂
conscious nick (6 days ago)
That was very courteous of maul to stand there with his gaurd down and allow Obiwan to bicect him.
Serry K (6 days ago)
I love how energized Obi-Wan is at 3:10 and how the pure anger makes him capable to do on his own what they couldn't do together.
Haywood Jablomee (6 days ago)
I just want the record to show that I have ALWAYS been a fan of the prequels.
aerodynamichotdog (6 days ago)
Look at these gankers bro
Mason Fichtner (7 days ago)
Love how qui gon gave maul the ol pimp slap
Revolver Ocelot (7 days ago)
All this badassery from maul and sidious just toys with the fucker when they meet. Thats it no one can beat the senate.
Nikolas Schaal (7 days ago)
2:57 Another happy landing!
wrathofbrandon (7 days ago)
It's funny how people complain about one moment in The Last Jedi where one of Snoke's guards doesn't stab Rey in the back, and this fight scene has at least three moments where someone could've back stabbed.
Dylan Kane (7 days ago)
Favorite scene from the prequels, especially when you see Obi wan’s reaction to seeing his master die right in front of him. Quality acting from Ewan McGregor.
I love the duel of the fates song in the background today's movies doesn't do music scores like this anymore unfortunately.
gsamalot (7 days ago)
I sorta like that now when you look back on this battle you can see how much anger was in Obi wan strikes when he was fighting maul after Qui gone was strike down by him. I don't know if that was attentional but I love it, sorta shows how he let his anger and love for his master took over and almost got him killed until he cleared his mind and let go.
BenRen KyloSolo (7 days ago)
All prequel light sabre battles are better than the original trilogy light sabre battles. I consider that a more constructive comment then disrespecting TFA and TLJ like the so called fans do
MrGriff305 (7 days ago)
Is Darth Maul the bad guy? It's hard to tell.
Gold (7 days ago)
Darth Muthafucking Maul everyone!
Richard Hart (8 days ago)
I get what the tried to do with the new films but why couldn't they have just kept the cool and exciting light sabre battles? It was the one thing they improved on from the originals.
Shawn Abraham (8 days ago)
I’m here cause of Star Wars Rebels
David Smith (8 days ago)
Qui gon getting his ass beat the whole time
Joe Nesbitt (8 days ago)
Maul: Its over Obi-Wan, i have the high ground Kenobi: Oh i don’t think so
Luke M (8 days ago)
HOW did he survive??
Finally, a version that isn't higher in pitch/tone.
daya rode (8 days ago)
Is George Lucas dead?
John Van Den Berg (8 days ago)
Love the part where they get seperated by the (door?). Maul walks around like a caged tiger. Fierce, savage full of anger.
BlueFerret (8 days ago)
If this fight scene was made during 2018, darth maul would be a transgender single mother...who was wheelchair bound...
alfa01spotivo (2 days ago)
you've earned a like
joseph gover (9 days ago)
Before Qui Gon died he meditated, learning to maintain his consciousness in the living force after death.
MartialArts4321 (9 days ago)
Never push obi wan off a cliff. Darth maul and grivious learned the hard way
Raditya Arga Putra (9 days ago)
evan mcgregor's acting is amazing
CJ Larson (9 days ago)
Disney is the new empire. At least we have 1-6. Epic battle here, maybe the best in the series! Obi-Wan is a beast
supershadow343 (9 days ago)
We need qui-gon for BF2 :p
Potato Hole (9 days ago)
Before Obi-Wan jumped back up, Darth Maul had his lightsaber in his right hand. When Obi-Wan landed the jump, the lightsaber was in Maul's left hand. It could be a movie goof but I think it's because they wanted a clear view of his lightsaber extinguishing as he fell.
LordVader1094 (9 days ago)
Why did Obi-Wan make that odd grunting noise at 0:46, lol.
Windows Explorer (9 days ago)
There is no such thing as “the last time I’ll watch this”
Kedovil 53 (9 days ago)
Kylo Ren is nothing compared with Darh Fucking Maul
Arsa (9 days ago)
3:10 Kenobi Rage Activated
Arsa (9 days ago)
1:30 Kenobi : Mario mode
OverheatedToaster (9 days ago)
3:28 at this point obi wan is practically fighting a total ninja lol
Npc 133245 (9 days ago)
Mauls death is hilarious
Дарт Мол (9 days ago)
only good in 1st episode
Misses Witch (9 days ago)
I love fight scenes like these. The new episodes 7 and 8 are completely missing them. (And, alot of other Star Wars related things!)
Misses Witch (9 days ago)
Obi-wan is the only wan who can take advantage of low ground!
Ajang Rohmana (10 days ago)
Why is it that the coolest and most badass villain in Star Wars always played by two people? I mean Darth Vader was played by David Prowse (for the body) and James Earl Jones (for the voice) and then, Darth Maul was played by Ray Park (for the body) and Peter Serafinowitz (for the voice). Huh, I guess that's why Kylo Ren is such a shitty villain, huh?
Sans Ventura (10 days ago)
One of the greatest things to come out of the prequels
double-o G (10 days ago)
2:55 Darth Maul was like "It's Britney, bitch."
João Paulo (10 days ago)
Liam Neeson...If Darth Maul Kidnapped your Daughter ,I'm sorry Brah you would not get her back & yet survive

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