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ZARA WINTER HAUL 2018 - COATS, JACKETS, KNITWEAR!! EVERYTHING ON SALE! Instagram - Katherine_bondd https://www.instagram.com/katherine_bondd/ Top i'm wearing in this video - https://rstyle.me/n/cw33qicaxe7 WHAT I BOUGHT: CONTRASTING FAUX FUR SHEEP WOOL JACKET - https://go.zara/2r3kUVV BIKER JACKET WITH FUR LINING - https://go.zara/2r6u9o3 Similar - https://rstyle.me/~afVDg CREAM CABLE-KNIT SWEATER - SOLD OUT Similar - https://rstyle.me/n/cwpgfacaxe7 Similar - https://rstyle.me/n/cwpgegcaxe7 Similar - https://rstyle.me/n/cwpgf2caxe7 STRIPED KNITWEAR - SOLD OUT Similar - https://rstyle.me/n/cwpgiicaxe7 KHAKI COAT - https://go.zara/2r4LOg3 - SOLD OUT Similar - https://rstyle.me/n/cwpgm3caxe7 Similar - https://rstyle.me/n/cwpgnxcaxe7 BLACK BASIC TOP - https://go.zara/2r5ty65 BLACK LEATHER BAKER BOY HAT - https://go.zara/2r2Gt8Z RED BERET - https://go.zara/2r4eYvJ - SOLD OUT Similar - https://rstyle.me/~afVIA BUSINESS INQUIRIES: [email protected] Some of the links in description box are affiliate links which means i make a small percentage of money if you buy through my link.
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Text Comments (93)
cactusINdesert (4 months ago)
It’s funny how I keep watching your Zara hauls and haven’t subscribed, I better do it now - pretty addictive
Mariana Paredes (5 months ago)
Where are your pants from???!!
Tiny Teeny (6 months ago)
In Toronto u could find similar/cheaper stuffs at Stitch 😼👌
EmHeidi (8 months ago)
Your comments on the garments sizing is so helpful!
Louise Pellegrini (9 months ago)
Can you please tell me how you've done your hair it's lovely xxx
Eylem Aribas (9 months ago)
Love all of them. 😍😍 Zara has a lot of good stuff. 👌👌
Nina Lin (9 months ago)
love many of these items. The black hat especially (Y)
kayleigh norwood (9 months ago)
Please could you link you leather trousers xx
Jenny Amponsah (10 months ago)
Great haul video Katherine!!!
lovelyjubly7 (10 months ago)
You look great in that beret and you wore it well! 😄😄
Sabrina Araújo (10 months ago)
Love leather jackets and your style tips!! xo
Rukeya Khan (10 months ago)
Hi Hun, can I ask what size you got in the khaki coat? X
art_i_hunt (10 months ago)
Nice Haul
Andreea Mihai (10 months ago)
I feel like because of all this youtubers buying all this clothes just for the sake of making a video and then returning them , the concept of free returns will no longer exist!!!
MissMary’s Life (10 months ago)
beautylover787 (10 months ago)
Hi, i got the same wool sheep look jacket too bit it keeps shedding hairs, is this also with yours and what do you do about it?
Ruby Rubia (10 months ago)
i just ordered the biker jacket with contrast fur interior for 17 pounds and i'm already obsessed!!
RM MyAnimus (10 months ago)
I bought the first jacket for £29.99 yesterday and returned it because it sheds a lot and get your outfit in fluffy but it's a very nice jacket. Zara is losing its touch with quality products.
Magdalena (10 months ago)
Yeah exactly the same with me so disappointing because I really like it.Don't know how people deal with this cause I've seen the jacket everywhere.. maybe there's solution we don't know lol
Zoe Matthews (10 months ago)
Where are your leather trousers from? 😍
Zoe Matthews (10 months ago)
Wow really? 😍
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
There from Primark hun!
Kaylee Emma (10 months ago)
I literally love everything you got!!!!!
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
Thanks babe!
emilymxrtinez (10 months ago)
The khaki coat is beautiful! ✨
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
Thanks hun however did end up returning it as didn't think i'd get much use out of it x
Maria K. (10 months ago)
I’ve fallen in love with the top you’re wearing! Where did you get that from?! 😍❤️
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
It's from Zaful hun, just updated the description to include a link to it x
Aidé Cortijo (10 months ago)
Could you put the link of the top you’re wearing? It’s so nice!!
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
Just updated the description box with a link to it in it x
Kudo (10 months ago)
I've been dying to ask you this Katherine and I hope it's not too personal to you. What is your waist size?
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
I normally wear a W26 in jeans x
Kimiscloset (10 months ago)
so many cute pieces!
Maja Johansson (10 months ago)
It's dangerous to go to Zara, too many nice things 😂
helen tucker (7 months ago)
So true.
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
Totally agree with you!
The Sophisticated Charmer (10 months ago)
Girl you are hilarious!! Hahaa. Loved the haul
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
awwww thank so much hun!
Judi珠珠 (10 months ago)
You look absolutely amazing in everything !!! 😍😍😍
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
Thanks babe x
If a sale happens right after you purchased an item, just go back to the store (or contact via email or phone if you purchased online) and show them the receipt for a price adjustment.
Harriet Shearsmith (10 months ago)
I love a good haul video! This is fab!
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
Thanks babe x
Oh So Femme (10 months ago)
you are such a little babe!! love watching your tutorials gal!!!x
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
Thank you so much hun!!
Belle Michelle (10 months ago)
ZARA has one of the best sale!  I always haul the items I get from them on my channel because you get such a bargain. You got some really cute items babe X
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
They really do!!
Charlene Fleurinord (10 months ago)
Wonderful video! I really love that faux fur jacket. Would you say it’s true to size and warm? I’m debating on purchasing it
Charlene Fleurinord (10 months ago)
Katherine Rose oh okay perfect! Thank you! I think I’m going to buy it right now before it’s out of stock
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
I would say it's true to size but i got a medium as i know i wanted to wear chunky knitwear underneath. It's not the warmest jacket ever but if your wearing a jumper underneath and a scalf you should be fine in cold weather x
Kelly Kendall (10 months ago)
So far, the first two items I bought as well—you have great taste 😉 I stuck both coats in the dryer on the “air only, no heat” setting and now I don’t have a problem with the fluff.
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
ahahaha, great minds think alike! And will defo try that x
Nicole Sing (10 months ago)
the beret looks soo cute on you!
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
Thanks hun, have kept it but yet to wear it out x
dziewczyna w podróży (10 months ago)
where did you buy this blouse what you wear on the film ???
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
The top i'm wearing is from zaful x
Gunta Bliss (10 months ago)
Loving the 1st Jacket... Looks amazing on you :)
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
Thanks hun!
Anna Ariel (10 months ago)
Girl love your video and you have a great personality keep going with more videos! Btw you can return and re purchase the coat... I bought and returned the same pair of boots until i got them for 30% of the original price. Take care!!! 👌🏻
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
awwww thank you so much! And was going to do that but then i realized i'd already taken off the tags so i could do the try on x
Bejewelle88 (10 months ago)
Keep the red beret - it looks cute!
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
Have done, but yet to wear it out x
Shemoy (10 months ago)
LOVE your selections, and don’t return the hats they look awsome on you❤️
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
I kept the red one but returned the black one as have one super similar x
Allthatbeauty x (10 months ago)
You need to do a video on this make up, love it :-) totally obsessed with natural colors these days
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
Will defo try to!
Aniko Varga (10 months ago)
Where did you get the turtleneck top you’re wearing in the video? 😲
Bambina (10 months ago)
love itttt! do you have the link please? new follower here, love your channel!!
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
Varga Aniko it’s from zaful Hun x
Patricia Portman (10 months ago)
I think the hats look fab on you 😗
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
Thanks hun!
angelajg (10 months ago)
Where did you get the biker trousers you’re wearing in this video please? Love them!! I’m so tempted by the faux fur jacket at the beginning of the haul 😂
Julie Lockhart (10 months ago)
Katherine Rose whaaaaat? I was in there today! How much were they hun?
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
There actually from primark babe! And i've literally been wearing mine so much the last week x
August Harvest (10 months ago)
Love this faux fur & shearling jacket 👏🏻
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
Thanks hun!
Skrataduh Floraduh (10 months ago)
Actually both hats looked soo Good!!✨ great haul loved it!❤️
kima Boho (10 months ago)
I like the red one better on her
August Harvest (10 months ago)
Myrte Arts agree 👏🏻
samantha breeze (10 months ago)
Gorgeous haul your Army green coat check Zara web site only 39 .99 now💄💋🕶💕
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
Its sadly sold out though in the UK x
Carol Sweeney (10 months ago)
Your such a joy because your views are genuine and honest!Bless you!
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
omg thank you so much!
Tamar Chetrit (10 months ago)
I love your style ! I've actually bought the same leather shearling jacket and it sheds a lot, so I haven't be able to wear it. If anyone has a tip on how to keep it from shedding please let me know.
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
Tamar Chetrit Thanks Babe! And I know , it’s so annoying cause it’s such a nice jacket but ended up having to return it X
Dee Luther (10 months ago)
🔥😗😗😗💖💖SupeR XutE Winter Try ON Haul🖤🖤😗😗😗🔥 😘They All LooK Good On YoU💕 😗GreaT VideO aS alwayS😗 YouR Make-up eyelinerS LipSticK Nails All LooK GooD💖💖😗😗🖤🖤😙😙💟💟 😇HopE you Enjoying your BleSS SundaY😇
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
Dee Luther awww thanks so much 😘😘
jack harrington (10 months ago)
Your an angel and a inspirational person katherine and your videos are wonderful and enjoyable to watch you deserve more views I think 👍🍑👗👠💪💋👍.
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
awwww thank you so much!!
Cristobal Sanchez (10 months ago)
Katherine Rose to yuo as well!🌷😍😍👍
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
Alma Ceman (10 months ago)
You’re beautiful!!
Katherine Bond (10 months ago)
Thanks hun x

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