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Thank you guys soo much for all the support I have been given! If you want to see any videos of your choice just write some suggestions in the comments! Thank you all again! Intro song: Two Feet - Go Fu*k Yourself Outro song: High You Are (Branchez Remix) I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE VIDEOS I make compilations videos of all the sidemen. If you enjoy the video please like, comment & subscribe, it really helps the channel & is very appreciated. All Sidemen Channels: KSI: http://bit.ly/1tUvEuR KSIOlajidebtHD: http://bit.ly/1CBb5KO MiniMinter: http://bit.ly/1tii8zS MM7games: http://bit.ly/1NjtZrE Vikkstar123: http://bit.ly/1lxj0wZ Vikkstar123HD(Minecraft): http://bit.ly/1ocP1Qq VikkstarPlays: http://bit.ly/224qCyP Behzinga: http://bit.ly/1y5c54N Beh2inga: http://bit.ly/1Ug8GxN Zerkaa: http://bit.ly/1PO284S ZerkaaPlays: http://bit.ly/1WPQmPo TBJZL: http://bit.ly/1n4FuhG TBJZLPlays: http://bit.ly/1Ug8Q8r W2S: http://bit.ly/1BMBvrZ W2S Plays: http://bit.ly/1fTpevQ Sidemen Channel : https://www.youtube.com/sidemen Sidemen Clothing Site: http://sidemenclothing.com/ Friends: ChrisMD: http://bit.ly/1qkcmo2 Joe Weller: http://bit.ly/1Je910f Manny: http://bit.ly/1MFfBvu CSG: http://bit.ly/1CN9PIv Calfreezy: http://bit.ly/1Ib1VV3 Callux: http://bit.ly/1OLJXxW Respect each other in the comments please! IF YOU SEE THIS TYPE IN THE COMMENTS: SIDEMENFAN4EVER Got any idea or want me to make any specific videos, then comment down below & any other feedback is appreciated.
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Text Comments (129)
EXTREME GAMING (14 days ago)
nice video keep going
Patty S (1 month ago)
LIKE - GTA COMMENT - FORTNITE I also just uploaded a Vikkstar GTA montage, greatly appreciated if you could check out my channel thanks!
Max McGinty (1 month ago)
Joma Champion Max (1 month ago)
robster 1903 (1 month ago)
What is the gta video with the liberator monster trucks?
Amy (2 months ago)
TheBluePsycho (3 months ago)
Tauseef Akhtar (3 months ago)
Does any1 knw what the video is when jj goes he is going to win the race and the rest start laughing?
badiang 207 (3 months ago)
2:05 i laugh so hard because of viks facecam omg
MattsMovies (4 months ago)
I’m fucking fuuuuuuuuuuming
Kai De Graaf (4 months ago)
OMG!!! U have the funniest video's!!! I'm like, dude this person's channel is so funny BC I can't stop laughing!!! Lol great job... can I share this? what's your social media? Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and such?
Gamer Guy (4 months ago)
Please name the song name used for intro
Best Of Sidemen (4 months ago)
Two Feet: Go fu*k yourself
TJD 123 (5 months ago)
What’s the video called at 2:25?
Yorak Hunt (5 months ago)
This nigga has 6 ads in a 10 minute video tf
Krishav Sehdev (5 months ago)
What was the first clip called
Hej Då (5 months ago)
t th thi this this t this to this too this took this took t this took to this took to m this took to mu this took to muc this took to much t this took to much ti this took to much tim this took to much time this took to much time n this took to much time no this took to much time no c this took to much time no co this took to much time no cop this took to much time no copy this took to much time no cop this took to much time no co rhis took to much time no c this took to much time no this took to much time n this took to much time this took to much tim this took to much ti this took to much t this took to much this took to muc this took to mu this took to m this took to this took t this took this too this to this t this thi th t Did this in school hahah.
Pepi (4 months ago)
You should probably actually pay attention in school. You've managed to misspell one of the shortest words in the English language; 'to' instead of 'too'.
Best Of Sidemen (5 months ago)
good usage of your time XD
YOUNGGAMERBOY (5 months ago)
I love when they fist
slender (6 months ago)
were they taking the the piss out of kwebbelkop at 2:45 😂😂
Jeikup (6 months ago)
oh no oh boi
Royal Le (6 months ago)
2:31 what video is this Lmfao
Jay Shah (6 months ago)
Where is the main video of jj shooting tobi and then laughing with Ethan for like 2 mins straight, one of the best videos going
Phoebe Clark (6 months ago)
What video is 10:22
LinaDynamite (6 months ago)
I love the slashervideos 😁
Don Boss (6 months ago)
Do drunk GTA
Gyzmo (6 months ago)
Monetised his video, what a joke
Masta Zeus05 (6 months ago)
Which episode is the one at 2:31
heart_broken_ boi_ (6 months ago)
Do best ship moments like if u agree
Adam (6 months ago)
Like if you’re not gay
V M S (6 months ago)
There was a gta episode where they were all rapping and harry said "I'm hungry I want a mcflurry shut up vik you stink of curry" but I can't find it. Can anyone find it?
Antti Siltaniemi (7 months ago)
CaitImpey (7 months ago)
Isabelle May (7 months ago)
What vid is 2:30?
Blue2717 (7 months ago)
Cars against humanity
Dit=Lala (7 months ago)
this isnt defenitly not the funniest moments ever, they are funny though. The best moments are when just the game started and free roam. Not the new 2017/2016 moments. Maybe lazy to find them ? still nice though
Bondi Jakobsen (7 months ago)
5:50 is the Best thing ever
daniel Johnson (7 months ago)
What's the video called when Josh mumbles shit out loud saying something like asoysoysoy???
Bob Goslings (7 months ago)
JP3NNO YT (9 months ago)
Do best Prop Hunt moments
Ravi Dhiren (9 months ago)
Where is Ethan raging when ksi killed him with a bike and Ethan dnfed
• DBG• (9 months ago)
Best prop hunt moments
Christopher Kourtis (9 months ago)
Thor Derman (9 months ago)
What's the music at 0:26??
Linus Blomberg (9 months ago)
bengalspro89 (9 months ago)
whats the intro song?
Best Of Sidemen (9 months ago)
bengalspro89 in description
Alioune diop (10 months ago)
Love the intro mate
Leon (10 months ago)
10:23 rayman rabbit laugh
Jose Cortes (10 months ago)
Why are none of these from the Xbox one or 360 days? Shit video.
Barbarian (10 months ago)
Nice mid-roll ads
which//Malachi //one (10 months ago)
Let's mix it up a little U do the whipping for once
Ashil Shah (10 months ago)
You see how the best moments are when it was old gta. They should go back with the whole group and do old races
Danny Dimitrijevic (10 months ago)
name of the song at the end?
Best Of Sidemen (10 months ago)
in description XD
fred mckay (10 months ago)
anyone knows the one where they're going down the mountain in a Panto and Simon puts a proxymity bomb just before the checkpoint and blow up Vik? i can't find it anymore
RDS HD (10 months ago)
Bree Tregurtha-Nairn (9 months ago)
RDS HD I really want to find that video
Jagtaran Dhah (10 months ago)
can someone link me a gta episode where all 7 of them are in it.
Abbie (10 months ago)
Best golf hole in ones!
Abbie (10 months ago)
Best of golf!
Abbie (10 months ago)
Best of prop hunt!
Abbie (10 months ago)
Best Gmod moments!
DeepFriedNose s (10 months ago)
Love yo vids man
Adhil Sidheeq (10 months ago)
Ksi gta funny moments
Manjot 213 (10 months ago)
Best earrape moments
Zalan PL (10 months ago)
2:30 ?!?!? 5:40 7:30
Sean Richardson (10 months ago)
Fortnite moments
Courtney xox Is life af (10 months ago)
3:20 not anymore lol
KRZ (10 months ago)
These were definitely not the best gta moments
Tej T20 (11 months ago)
Intro song?
Best Of Sidemen (10 months ago)
in description
Auisfb Iuhask (11 months ago)
Bibhushan Rajthala (11 months ago)
best podcast moments...........
Ghxst Phoenix (11 months ago)
Best podcast moments? 🔥
Zain Kidy (11 months ago)
I feel like josh would be really good in a collab vid with tgf
Tetsyumi Izanagi (11 months ago)
Best podcast moments?
Aidan Elimad (11 months ago)
best shut up moments
Lil Gulcy (11 months ago)
Best rage moments
Leonardo Da vin ci (11 months ago)
do best football moment pls
LJD woody (11 months ago)
6 midrolls!!?? Your eating tonight
Harvey O'Kane (11 months ago)
I think your next one should be best insults.love the vids
Jack Craciun (11 months ago)
What about behz raging on that uphill bicycle climb and Plunjide??? Otherwise great vid
GamersTV (11 months ago)
Do a video on best skits .....
Jaxon Longboat (11 months ago)
Lets see best golf rages
Jacob Oliver (11 months ago)
Best/Funniest Vikkstar FIFA Moments!
The Maley Stooges (11 months ago)
do best golf moments. PLz
jollofori (11 months ago)
Funniest cards against humanity moments
Somnath Kumar (11 months ago)
please do best fortnite moments
Declan Murray (11 months ago)
I💚❤️💜💙💛 Your channel!
cod beaat (11 months ago)
Gta funny moments part 2
Hawkcolous (11 months ago)
Video at 2:29?
cláudia silva (11 months ago)
That intro song thooooo🔥
Dillon keane (12 days ago)
What's it called
epic2ninja 43 (11 months ago)
pls do best golf moments :)
Aidan Elimad (11 months ago)
do best skribbl.io moments
Karen Salt (11 months ago)
Vrrrrr Rv Rs r r. R verb Aidan Elimad rcvrr.
Emily Didier (11 months ago)
Whats the video at 2:32?
Jordan Holder (11 months ago)
Funniest Golf Moments
Jordan Holder (11 months ago)
Funniest GMod Moments!!
Calvin Chen (11 months ago)
What is the video called a 8:48
Prawny2601 (3 months ago)
Simon's Version : Funniest Platforms Ever or something
TenderMeatball (11 months ago)
Where is plunjide😂
JOBY (11 months ago)
How bout’ shots fired?
Danstr (11 months ago)
fam JJ pirated Windows 10 (look in bottom right) 9:05
Wimukthi Kariyawasam (11 months ago)
Ani X (11 months ago)
I love this channel
Blúey (11 months ago)
Do best racist jokes

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