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Psilocybe Cyanescens (Magic Mushroom) Hunting Auburn Washington October 25th 2013

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Magic Mushroom Hunting In Auburn Washington Song Courtesy Of TrippingSmurf http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czcFpF70zis Happy Hunting And Stay Safe.
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TRYLLHDTV (3 months ago)
Just found some today, happy hunting 💪
Jesse Salmon (2 months ago)
I'm up around bham... How long is the season for these guys?
Backup Person (3 months ago)
Im a wa native. Any chance we could exchange spots? I am not having great luck this year.
duramax 2117 (8 days ago)
this spot prolly blown now
brent s (2 months ago)
Shouldn't you be cutting them instead of ripping the whole thing out of the ground? Cool vid tho
TRYLLHDTV (2 months ago)
Ya that's what humans have done for hundreds of thousands of years. They used to use sharpened rocks to cut them. Before scissors or knives where invented.
Jon Abbott (3 months ago)
yu fuckN druggr sassy :D
Joseph Knox (3 months ago)
fuck you for blurring the video s o much
power moves (3 months ago)
these grow in bc vancouver too , there are ones that look simalar the magic ones you will find blue bleeding through and the stems will be hard and snap not mushy soft ,, also after picking a blue ring will appear around cap , dont forget to tap cap before picking to help drop some spores
Dane Cadwallader (3 months ago)
Live in lacey
TRYLLHDTV (3 months ago)
I just found some today, so if you look around should be able to find them
J Burns (4 months ago)
I’m trying to see them you fool stop Zooming in and out
TRYLLHDTV (4 months ago)
Sorry man old ass video 💀
Carter Braxton (5 months ago)
this is in Washington?? auburn??
Figgy Mtkakashi (6 months ago)
Beautiful are these more a fall or spring mushroom I've been hunting for years in Ohio haven't found any psychedelic ones yet still learning how to correctly identify things to better to take my time learning then to accidentally eat something I shouldn't
andrew christenson (7 months ago)
i'm about to ask what may seem like a very stupid question would there be any benefit, and I dont mean to myself but future generations, if someone were to spend the money and the time in spreading spore solution in areas which are hospitable to fungus? This is not something I would try to do I am only asking in theory (or however the hell you would say it) would it have any benefit or would it just be a waste of time and money? please do not take this to seriously or answer with a dick like comment. Only want to know if it would or would not be worthwhile.
Ryan Hutchison (8 months ago)
What time of year is this ???? Local here !!!
Nezzero (9 months ago)
Its such a good feeling when you come up on a patch like this
Trip Music (10 months ago)
Thanks for the link back! Sick video my friend
CALEB MASSON (10 months ago)
If its your first time eating shrooms the trick is your gonna want to be in a small and uncomfortable grimey ass roon make sure the clothes u wear feel like sand paper against the skin then your gonna want to blast experimental industrial music while watching clips of small animals being tortured. I know i really found myself in doing so
Blah 0o (1 year ago)
I'm in fife wa, I watched some Hamilton's pharmacia earlier. Up until then I didn't know that mushroom or anything like that had any enlightening benefits. But I want to learn to find them, I'll travel to auburn if you want to meet up and teach me how
Damon Jones (1 year ago)
whats difference between that and gakerinas,.....you can die right?
zachbosch2 (1 year ago)
learn to harvest, homie.
TRYLLHDTV (3 months ago)
With gloves and scissors? This is a public park frequently pratroled by park maintenance. Grab and run bro. Lol
Dan Smith (1 year ago)
incredible video man
CreacherRDK hs (1 year ago)
Did somebody put spores everywhere or what
baconboy222 (1 year ago)
CreacherRDK hs Seriously
Momo Flip (1 year ago)
There's some amanita phalloides growing in the first patch right now in the video which means it's almost time! There should be Cyans in a week or two though there's mycelium all over the wood chips there
Ryan Hutchison (8 months ago)
Momo Flip do these only occur in fall or does it happen in spring also ? Thanks in advance : )
mattronimus (1 year ago)
Momo Flip ...what park is that?
Momo Flip (1 year ago)
There's alot of spots that have disappeared in the past years such as the patches from the other videos on this guy's channel. At this park i found some cyanescens on some woodchips on october 9. It's getting heavily hit by a bunch of people though so theres only pins but the grassland spots near the trees are fruiting. just keep looking and as long as you find 1 patch in a park theres most likely many more nearby
mattronimus (1 year ago)
Momo Flip ...ive been to every park in kent and auburn...nothing where the fuck ???
Blackstone Daze (1 year ago)
2:06. that cluster is beautiful
jeremy balsley (1 year ago)
Hey man, I live in Aberdeen, wa, can we talk? This is my real name, dm me on Facebook please!
jeremy balsley (1 year ago)
Western Washington is like the best place in the world for shroomin, something like 23 different delis!
Funny Kid Matchu (1 year ago)
Bruh let me hunt with you this coming up season
peter munro (1 year ago)
There must be more protected areas from where it is welcomed as the real healers are allowed as some are in it just for the money and will ruin the real heal for the sacred med. it is
peter munro (1 year ago)
Is this area where they love to catch you and forbid any mushroom hunt
Guitarded (1 year ago)
if those wound up working, holy shit what a motherload.
TRYLLHDTV (3 months ago)
They work 😂
Nick alexander (1 year ago)
They are cyans of course they worm
Psilocyn (1 year ago)
P. Cubensis, to me, are easier to find. But every once in a while I will come across some Cyanescens like this, and Panaeolus Cinctulus. Happy hunting, boys. It's the season in Louisiana.
Al Ram (2 years ago)
can I find this in southern California?
Nick alexander (1 year ago)
Depends how far south man, from what I remember santa Cruz seems to be the cutoff where it becomes far less likely. Panaleous cintulus would be your best bet for psychoactives. I find em in the Bay area every year
Al Ram (1 year ago)
Roy Slapped may I ask around what parts ?
Roy Slapped (1 year ago)
Al Ram you sure can.
Patrick Fancher (2 years ago)
gogo311 (2 years ago)
Wow, you've found quite large number on what seems to be a grassland!
david lindsay (2 years ago)
is it true you only need one of them to trip
david lindsay (2 years ago)
thanks bud
TheQwerts (2 years ago)
You need way more than one lmao
inukiasa (2 years ago)
Meh all of the people saying these are strong I say not really, I have took more cyans in one dose then anybody I know or have even heard of 28gs dried and I'm still here, mind you I had an intense trip and ended up in the hospital I'm still alive. Learned a fuck of a lot about myself, had anxiety for a few months after but that was years ago totally fine now. Cyans are the best massive patches are fairly common around where I live. I don't take large doses anymore maybe a gram or two on special occasions but in the end they are only as strong as you make them self control and control over the mind is key. Don't take them lightly but then again they aren't something to be feared at all many great experiences with them.
David Olvera (2 years ago)
Damn I live in Auburn and I always see them but I didn't know they were magic mushrooms.
Damon Coffell (2 years ago)
used to visit this exact spot. glad to see it still fruiting 7 years after i thought it was dead and gone. would like to know how you found it. PM me theres a place up the hill you can have.
Janaee Zimmermann (3 months ago)
Hit me up
Marshall Travis (1 year ago)
whehere was this i just moved to federal way im jot looking to take all of them just enough for a personal trip myself it would be greatly appreciated even if u wanna meet up and go together id be down just been looking foe some for montha
Robin Mena (2 years ago)
Damon Coffell. hey i live in auburn and would love ti know your spots i have a few in federal way i could trade you. or i would even trade some smoke. i know all the rules no picking pins or babys. cut or pinch off never pull. can you please pm me
Momo Flip (2 years ago)
You talking about Lakeland? :) if so I know exactly where you are talking about lol
E420WA (2 years ago)
Dmo Ozaki (2 years ago)
I laughed at the effects and music every time the camera focused on the mushrooms, haha it's a bit over the top. Cool that you found some.
Jeffrey Spooner (2 years ago)
what park, i live in auburn
Nicholas Boling (2 years ago)
I live in Auburn, where is this at??
chase O (1 year ago)
Nick Boling g
Dark Flex (2 years ago)
Can someone tell me if I can find any psydelic shrooms or plants up in Indiana no links please
AutoGrower420 (2 years ago)
can you only find them in areas like this in the fall or can it be early spring as well? Also are they only in parks like this or can u find them in the woods or in woody areas where they have logged a bunch of trees if that makes sense, want to get my hands on some asap I live in Snohomish county area need some info.
Luther Corr (2 years ago)
Cool Vid! fuckin nice patch of Cyans.. ive got an annual forest spot where you can leave with literal shopping bags of subaeruginosa... Also got a fair bark patch where Subs and Cyans grow together, one season only found 1 monster Cyan that gave a strong trip. Found the Cyans effects are much more enjoyable in comparison to Subs. Liberty caps though, osh, freedom alright! Thoughts anyone??
Toker J (3 years ago)
Blue ringers. I used to pick these all over Auburn. There was HUGE amounts at West Auburn high school. I used to pick during school and dose after. Lots of parks and schools have them. Used to pick them at 4 or 5 schools/parks in Auburn.
Georgian Dragoi (3 years ago)
Is there any chances to found them in february if the weather is more warmer and no snow ?
TRYLLHDTV (3 years ago)
+Georgian Dragoi yes it is
Robert Barron (3 years ago)
I could only find one single cyan in Portland this season. I'll be on the hunt for habitat til next season. Rad video bro. thanks for sharing.
nick fo (3 years ago)
used to pick these in Bellingham as a teenager . bruise blue on the stem oooooweee
madisonelectronic (3 years ago)
idiots fucking stoned now.
Logos Foundry (3 years ago)
WHAT park?
Kai (3 years ago)
What kind of trip you get out of it? Never been on shroom before.?
Jordan Wiz (3 years ago)
+Ilovewhitegirl143 make sure they are the right ones
Kai (3 years ago)
Thank guys, the reason I ask is because I have plenty in my back yard. So how do I take it? Do I have to dry it first?
TRYLLHDTV (3 years ago)
+Ilovewhitegirl143 i recommend watching this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUyObjDNkts
TRYLLHDTV (3 years ago)
+Ilovewhitegirl143 it will tear you apart if you let it. just make sure you plan ahead and have good people / vibes around you.
mike Fitzhugh (3 years ago)
LUNA (3 years ago)
Lucky ass
Ty (3 years ago)
oh my
Tapout Bear (3 years ago)
Where In auburn is that?
Mark Blaine (3 years ago)
Lucky Bastard 😀😀
Trevor Johnson (4 years ago)
Lucky fucker
Daniel Pasko (4 years ago)
I have picked several similar harvests here in Humboldt as well. Although I hear the hunting is better the furthur north you go. How about liberty caps, you finding those as well? The cys are nice for a deep heavy spiritual journey, but the liberties are more visual in my experience. Have you noticed that? I feel all the different psilocybes have thier own personalities. I have yet to find or try gymnipolus spectabillis, next on my wish list. I found some cys and my first bios this season! Took my son hunting for the first time. He had a BLAST! ;)
juggalosk420 (5 months ago)
Ive been in eureka for 6 years now where the hell do u hunt haha ive been in the dunes but i cant seem to find em, what time of year should i go
Daniel Pasko (4 years ago)
Ok on second look those are mostly cys....but the very first ones sure look like biosistys to me..
Daniel Pasko (4 years ago)
Those are not cys they are biosistys. Still good. Cys grow in clusters and have wavey caps. Both are excellent!
Robert Barron (3 years ago)
+Daniel Pasko those look nothing like baeocystis.
Mellow Jellow (3 years ago)
+The Torus I used to live in the west... now I love in the east and I'm scared to eat what I picked cause idk the species very well here :( I would've been confident with what I picked in the west because they stand out more
The Torus (4 years ago)
These are actually definitely cyanescens, I picked a few grocery bags full from a park in my area in southern Oregon just a few days ago.
findingmycenter (4 years ago)
Psilocybin stoop.  Lol @ people who think these are only found in cow pastures... Misconception.  Happy anniversary
Moody Hyadd (4 years ago)
The guy in this video is in the Pacific NW where different species grow...these in the grass and pines. Where I live in the South (Mississippi) we have Psilocybe Cubensis, which are mostly found in cow pastures and I have never found them anywhere else but in cow fields..not all cow fields however.
Gamers 40 (4 years ago)
what partof auburn is this in?
DVFDrinkOrDie (4 years ago)
Like he's going to just tell you smh
The Hopelessness (4 years ago)
Is it game farm park?
The Hopelessness (4 years ago)
I live in auburn and was wondering what park you went to! Please tell me I have been studying up on picking for a long time and don't know where to start!
DVFDrinkOrDie (3 years ago)
+Jay Renna Right. Because everybody is eager to show you their spots so you can pillage and plunder them. Go find your own. They're fucking everywhere. If you can't find them you're either stupid or blind.
Jay (3 years ago)
let's go pick together I live in Auburn as well.
DVFDrinkOrDie (4 years ago)
you must be joking. I wouldn't have even said it was a park; he already said too much there's only so many parks there
PNWmushrooms (4 years ago)
 the first rule is to never tell where your patches are...
sleepyeyeguy (4 years ago)
Dang those little bastards are elusive.
Shroom Flush (5 years ago)
Nice ps cyns (:
Kyle Neuhausen (5 years ago)
If any one wants to smoke and look for mushrooms hit me up I got some nice oil.
Nathan Loveland (3 months ago)
im down hmu
Curtis Gill (4 months ago)
Kyle Neuhausen yo let's picked all
Jason Fennell (1 year ago)
LoTz O tHc (1 year ago)
TheWoodstockindie (3 years ago)
Im up for it :) peace and love
Raymond Askew (5 years ago)
im in burien what park im down haha
TRYLLHDTV (5 years ago)
grats man great find !
mario juana (5 years ago)
I love mushies
CustomGrow420 (5 years ago)
I want ringers

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