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GTA 5 FAILS & WINS #64 // (BEST GTA V Funny Moments Compilation)

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★ GTA 5 FAILS & WINS #64 // (BEST GTA V Funny Moments Compilation) ★ GTA 5 Fail compilation, gta funny moments, gta karma, gta bad days, gta wins, gta thug life, gta online nightclub dlc and more.. ★ Previous Episode. GTA 5 FAILS & WINS #63 // (BEST GTA V Funny Moments Compilation) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77jWH155c2A ► Subscribe to stay updated for more videos.. https://www.youtube.com/gtamedia?sub_... ► Submit your clips! • www.gta-media.com ► Social Media • Instagram : GtaMedia ► Music by DIDKER PRODUCER • https://m.youtube.com/user/DidekBeats ► INTRO by Boris The Blade https://www.youtube.com/user/BoristheBladeAU
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Text Comments (432)
GtaMedia (30 days ago)
*Hi bro’s thumbs up on the video for more and Enjoy!* Subscribe to stay updated for more videos. Submit your clips on www.gta-media.com
Mohamed Cool !! (9 days ago)
GtaMedia Masonaiaa
Alberto Barrios (11 days ago)
GtaMedia uittuydheiryruryjrfjvejishdkdgrigeihytrlcidjdv. Jfurj xjfvx. Ixgdjsskzjbxkzjzcnxjxbcbxjfhzbjxjdz kz fjbxbnxnxbxzbvBbzkxkckfkekua
Athenna Avery (12 days ago)
GtaMedia grmfn
Yad Faizullah (20 days ago)
GtaMedia That was funny
Stephen Henderson (16 hours ago)
So fake and stupid
Messiah White (1 day ago)
Fire Hawk12 (2 days ago)
Best lightsaber fight ever lol
Doge egoD (2 days ago)
That intro wtf lol
Darkstealthgamer (2 days ago)
there was an ad saying free gta It just sent me to app
I love gtaMEDIA!!!
James Villa (3 days ago)
AZARA 6 (3 days ago)
Clorox Bleach (3 days ago)
How did the guy at 4:28 have so many parachutes?
RyanCG4L (3 days ago)
6:05 song?
Nathan Adams (4 days ago)
Loved it!
gteasdale333 (4 days ago)
what was the song at the start?
Alan Mosso (4 days ago)
Alan Mosso (4 days ago)
Silvia Beatriz Aranda (4 days ago)
argentino y español me encanta tus bideos y as mas porfaaaaaaaaa🤔🤔🤔
Unknown (4 days ago)
English plz
ji hun (4 days ago)
Tell me how to download gta 5 free and in low GBP and. Mb
Aurora D Sem (5 days ago)
I got a GTA V ad in the middle of the video XD
Enzo Pina Pereira (5 days ago)
shenatta poller (5 days ago)
The power of the middle of nger
shenatta poller (5 days ago)
The power of the middle of nger
Rommiie (5 days ago)
i made it
America Rangle Fox247 (5 days ago)
1:25 bye bye lol 😂😂
Alpha Q (6 days ago)
i made it!
Prox_ (6 days ago)
F in chat to pay respect to balls. R.I.P
Gamergirl Anima (6 days ago)
Me and my bro and my cuz we stole the whezzle news van and killed people and took pictures and said whezzle news somebody just died of a mystery lmfao that was funny
Jeremy Akerman (6 days ago)
5:53 best laugh ever
baten Playz (7 days ago)
I made it
PcMi Ict (7 days ago)
I made it
DCsniper10 (7 days ago)
I made it
Nathan Ambriz (7 days ago)
I made it !!
Dexter Baader (7 days ago)
Why were you playing Christmas music in the beginning
OfficialChadPlayz_YT (7 days ago)
OfficialChadPlayz_YT (7 days ago)
Dude I love the beginning
Michał MP (8 days ago)
0:35 funny moments😂😂😂
Jay Coolx3 (8 days ago)
I wish I could go to Los Angeles so bad 😳
Fiona Hi (8 days ago)
Ricardo Siregar (8 days ago)
Maikel end trafor
Dead Trooper (9 days ago)
mahinn Farid Khan (9 days ago)
SOLIDJEFFRO W (9 days ago)
Mohamed Cool !! (9 days ago)
Big Boy Bowler Bud (9 days ago)
that edit at the beginning was hilarious
Johnny Becerra (10 days ago)
I like Michael better then all of them
Ryker Voets (10 days ago)
That was a fuckin cool ass fight scene
Eric Kone (10 days ago)
Does anyone notice the illuminati sign on the top left corner
TJ gamer (10 days ago)
TJ gamer (10 days ago)
The dnd ones are wins
Waleed Zidan (11 days ago)
twisted gta (11 days ago)
I made it thx bro
Hamilton (11 days ago)
5:40 BR hahahahhahah
Falcone45 (11 days ago)
@1:54, I would have gunned those jerks down. I mean, "Where are you headed?" is a simple question.
Green emo boy 1 (11 days ago)
Nice video
KMart TV (11 days ago)
I made it
el_eumas 007 (11 days ago)
troppo divertente
Memes For Days (11 days ago)
Swift _ (12 days ago)
AndreyGaming OP (12 days ago)
Phoenix KING (12 days ago)
What version of the intro song is it
Gabriel DeOllos (12 days ago)
2:18 - 2:40 that guy is so trash at riding a Helicopter, my Grandma in a Coma can ride a Helicopter better than him.
Anita Marquez Ayala (12 days ago)
Ani Gonzalez Lopez (12 days ago)
Tu abuela es fea =🤬🤬
END!Game (12 days ago)
First clip was the best
Dopeness Lives (13 days ago)
Whos down to play and get some dope ass clips
Mosi Sydney (13 days ago)
1:48 😂 funniest shit, where u kids heading off too? Flicks the wrist
Madelin Guzman (13 days ago)
OrangeBoy Productions (14 days ago)
1:22 I liked how Michael just says “Bye Byyyyyeee” as he pulls out the grenade launcher XD
amdw1789 (14 days ago)
What th freck
JBW B (14 days ago)
Awesome video, it was funny
Oryginalny_Polaczek (14 days ago)
Intro is the best
Dubstep Moon (14 days ago)
lol the intro
Um brazileiro
coolkid 79 (15 days ago)
I made it
Redwin Red (15 days ago)
My favorite weapon the middlefinger of doom
Karbek PL (15 days ago)
,, I made it "
malik osama (15 days ago)
hello everyone please visit my channel for content like gta v and ace combat please like and subscribe
브베빡빡 (15 days ago)
King kyle kylerj (16 days ago)
I made it
Hoo Das_Trevas gamer (16 days ago)
Intro muito louca
Terrence Watkins (17 days ago)
Is it anyway to get full opeing instrumental
lil drip z (17 days ago)
This is wo funny that i am laghing and crying
The Boss (17 days ago)
Nothing can top that first clip
Su3ide Kermit (17 days ago)
If she breathes she’s a thot
Benjamin Ketts (18 days ago)
That did just killed him for no reason WTH ( 3:08)
Anita Moore (18 days ago)
I made it
Jack Fan 81 (18 days ago)
R.I.P GTA V 😔😢😭 Welcome fortnite 😁🤚
GUSTAVO 1321 (18 days ago)
Aquela edição foda .
Angela Valdez (18 days ago)
PyroFlame Gaming (18 days ago)
I made it
Gta 5 Professional (18 days ago)
The middle finger tho 0:42😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Quinten van Boven (19 days ago)
Made it
Khanh Lê Ngọc (19 days ago)
LAURIS 2 (19 days ago)
Its so funny
DAgooglethugXD (19 days ago)
I made it
John Light (19 days ago)
I miss the good old days
neil o'donnell (19 days ago)
And congratulations to everyone
Julian Joya (19 days ago)
I love the first part

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