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Maroon 5 ,HD,Moves Like Jagger ,live Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 ,HD 1080p

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Maroon 5 ,HD,Moves Like Jagger ,live Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 ,HD 1080p
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Text Comments (104)
knowlight knowright (16 hours ago)
Karlie Kloss is a man period.
ordaz valeria (20 days ago)
Prefiero mil veces a behati
shevegen (1 month ago)
He can sing live too. That's good.
shevegen bro we're talking about Adam Levine here. Im not being gay but his voice wtf,
Kayla Wilson (1 month ago)
Kate Villanueva (1 month ago)
Miranda kerr and orland bloom at the start😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Relationship goals😍😍❤❤❤❤❤
Ronny Chandra (1 month ago)
Rich Anderson (1 month ago)
Great video, but why is Adam Levine wearing a wife-beater tank top that looks like it has been laying around on the floor for weeks?
He proper looked like he loved that girl who he kissed on the cheek u could tell awee ❤️ xx
lala land (26 days ago)
Angel Daigrepont no they broke up, he married behati another victoria secret model
Angel Daigrepont (1 month ago)
Stranger_things Loverxox that’s his wife. She’s soooooo beautiful!!!
Mehmet Kuzey Özden (2 months ago)
Maroon 5 mankenle öpüşüyor
Chiaki Kato (2 months ago)
Belen Osorio (3 months ago)
Maroon five todo elegante con su ropa xdxdxd ksual
maria ferrara (4 months ago)
lindo vídeo, lastima las modelos re anorexicas
Khan TK (4 months ago)
Wow mirand kerr is very beautiful very hot
Prince December (6 months ago)
ya sabia por que me gustaba maroon 5 (►_◄) ♪ ♫
lui the velocidrome (7 months ago)
Omg so cool!
Travis TB (10 months ago)
0:43 Name ? :D
Mariana Yovera (5 months ago)
Travis TB Liu Wen
steven19889 G (10 months ago)
Erin 😍
Gris Silvestre (1 year ago)
Lindsay y Erin deberían seguir siendo ángeles ❤️❤️😍😍🔥🔥😘😘
Mariah Reed (1 year ago)
christina agrlaria should be in it
Yoyo Whyo (1 year ago)
O h ^
Dan Jes9896 (1 year ago)
I love when Erin Heatherton look at the camera in that way, Erin is amazing
Kennon Fairley (1 year ago)
i caught this on tv tbe night it aird. only cuz i like the song and who dosnt love women syrouting V.S apparel
Anar E (1 year ago)
Erin was absolutely gorg and perfect
Gabriel Jaimes (1 year ago)
who is? 3:50
wagasior (1 year ago)
karlie kloss
william Albuquerque (1 year ago)
só mulheres lindas e perfeitas.
Dan Jes9896 (2 years ago)
Erin Was the best ! 😍😍😍
zu zumbazu (2 years ago)
Victoria's Secret'a Allahın atletiyle çıkan koca yürekli Adam
Adéle Bernand (1 month ago)
zu zumbazu 😂😂
Michel Júnior (2 years ago)
Adam gostosão
이주연 (2 years ago)
Adam could have sung better but he was so into his girlfriend on the stage... but he ended up with Behati :(
C (2 years ago)
But Behati wins 👍
EnigmaSix X (2 years ago)
Dużo łaniejszy masz tyłeczrk Angeliko:)
Khánh Duy (2 years ago)
good like
Wendy FamousStar (3 years ago)
my favorite part in this is when adam messes up the words :) lmao
Wendy FamousStar when???
Vlado Rachev (3 years ago)
DAAAMN!!!The last girl is fuckin' sexy!
DStargirl5 (3 years ago)
miranda and sui he are amazing
Nong Van Truong (3 years ago)
what is the song's name?
Rafael Federo (2 years ago)
+mcphisto85 i
mcphisto85 (3 years ago)
Darude - Sandstorm
kevin repollo (3 years ago)
+kevin repollo nice erin heartherton
kevin repollo (3 years ago)
+Mì Tôm wow my all idols
Nong Van Truong (3 years ago)
Ryzox (3 years ago)
Creo que es el primer desfile de moda que veo entero en mi vida JAJJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA
Pooja Thaker (4 years ago)
Beautiful girls! Beautiful dresses! Maroon 5 rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lili msantos (4 years ago)
Amo maroon 5!!!!
lili msantos (4 years ago)
gato!!!!!! <3
Sérgio P.M (4 years ago)
3:08 who? Who? Please
L. Flowright (2 years ago)
The brunette one is Joan Smalls, the blonde one is Maryna Linchuk
Ankit Vats (4 years ago)
Miranda Kerr mind blowing as usual muuuuuah
Ankit Vats (4 years ago)
Miranda Kerr mind blowing as usual muuuuuah
peter taro (4 years ago)
..3:31..''thick1'' ...lotta love from IRL *
SuperMerlot (4 years ago)
What is the name of the second model in the green outfit?
Mariana Yovera (5 months ago)
Liu Wen
Lou o (3 years ago)
Sui He, shes so gorgeous
KienMan Manucian (4 years ago)
Who can give me the name of song in video?
Kiến Mận Đỗ (3 years ago)
Thank you! ^^^
Truong Hoang Long (4 years ago)
move like a jagger
Bartosz Pakulski (4 years ago)
and guests are standing and sitting and standing and sitting. wtf lol
Bartosz Pakulski (4 years ago)
apparently the show was shot in two takes. one of them was taken with a presence of show bussiness stars who are sitting still. it's funny cuz no crew member was filming at the stage during that take - do not disturb!
Nana Emperorz (4 years ago)
  Maroon 5 ,HD,Moves Like Jagger ,live Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 ,HD 1080p With the Angels   Enjoy...
Anti_Immigration (4 years ago)
I am a straight guy, but he so stole the show
Dani Roldan (4 years ago)
Holy 0.0 YEAHHHH!!! MAROON 5!!! *fan girl scream!*
Blackcat Sayang (4 years ago)
the last girl wing!! omg lovely!
Blackcat Sayang (4 years ago)
the last girl wing!! omg lovely!
mcphisto85 (3 years ago)
And her ribs in 3:30 Omg so lovely!
Nacho Tamburlini (4 years ago)
i love when Miranda Kerr comes in and Orlando stands up <3
kozmikkeci7 (2 years ago)
It is true. They broke up bcs of Justin Bieber. Orlando even punch him smt like that http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/07/31/justin-bieber-miranda-kerr-together-turned-orlando-bloom-off-wife/
Nacho Tamburlini (2 years ago)
+kozmikkeci7 Lol that can't be true. Justin hooked up with Shanina shaik i think
kozmikkeci7 (2 years ago)
yeah then she sexts with justin fucking bieber and ruins everything
AlexToMiami (4 years ago)
I like Victoria's Secret, and i LOVE Victoria Secret Angel's
mavenkim (3 years ago)
No!Victoria Secret is only mine!!
no pases huevadas ah
:like:  jjajaja
Buu Buu (4 years ago)
the second model - i don't know what her name is but i love her !!!! i like her asean beaury. her legs so sexy and yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! more confident!!!!
sylkyj (4 years ago)
Adam was so in love with Anna V, think she broke his heart when she dumped him so now, all of a sudden he is engaged to Behati. Good on him. Sleeping with all these friends and none of them mind, Wow!!
Ame este video, hermoso ..!!!!
pinkstarshooter (4 years ago)
This i my favorite show they did, because it was two of my favorite things , the ocean, and maroon 5!!!!
Jorge Armando (4 years ago)
¿ como se llama la del minuto 2:24 ?
Rolls Royce BH (4 years ago)
Photis Wizard (4 years ago)
3:25 WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?? she SERIOUSLY shouldn't be a VS girl !!
knowlight knowright (16 hours ago)
Photis Wizard That is a secret tranny named Karlie Kloss.
Cam (5 months ago)
Photis Wizard well karlie kloss is one of the most famous VS girl now :)
Leasseable Lee (4 years ago)
Liu Wen:))
Khôi Vũ (4 years ago)
1p13s tên gì mà xinh thế? :v
Khôi Vũ (4 years ago)
bài này tên gì vậy các bạn?
bảo nguyễn (4 years ago)
khúc đó là i don't give a shit từ shit mà nói trước đám đông thì k đc hay cho lắm nên Adam k hát từ đó
monkey supy (4 years ago)
Oh God~....That kiss:)))) - I like that coupe so much <3
Vuong Bui (4 years ago)
Adam bị quên lời vì lo ngắm gái :)))
Gia Minh Lâm (4 years ago)
"MV" hay nhất từng xem =)))))))))
Nguyễn Tân (4 years ago)
đúng là người mẫu nổi tiếng thế giới.... đẹp thật :x
stoffni (4 years ago)
That was his girlfriend when this was recorded tho :P
Bay Cao Bay Xa (4 years ago)
Tuấn Phát (4 years ago)
BB Crew (4 years ago)
So cute when they kiss
Photis Wizard (4 years ago)
the only thing that's missing from this BRILLIANT show is doutzen kroes !!!
Mitosmars (4 years ago)
Yo vivo enamorada de esto, por Diosssss!!!
thanpisit gil (4 years ago)
Peter van den Berg (4 years ago)
Hier wordt je toch vrolijk van...en niet alleen van de muziek!
Roffy Hilmi (4 years ago)
2:04 Damn he is adam levine
Mapi Sheppard (4 years ago)
Haha look at the butt in 0 53

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