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11 of the best car tyres for 2018

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Subscribe to Tyre Reviews! http://bit.ly/2p6kKXq Here are 11 of the best car tyres for 2018. With summer just around the corner, now is a great time to plan what summer tyres you'll be fitting in 2018. There have been plenty of new summer tyres in the last 12 months, so I take a look at what I consider to be 11 of the very best ultra high performance and touring tyres on the market. Top 5 ultra high performance tyres 01:40 - Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S 03:45 - Continental Sport Contact 6 05:38 - Falken Azenis FK510 07:10 - Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 07:10 - Uniroyal Rainsport 3 Top 6 premium touring summer tyres 09:16 - Continental Premium Contact 5 10:12 - Hankook Ventus Prime 3 K125 11:30 - Firestone Roadhawk 11:30 - Bridgestone Turanza T005 13:10 - Falken Ziex 310 Ecorun 13:10 - Michelin Primacy 4 --- Further information on the tyres talked about in this video can be found on the Tyre Reviews website http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk --- Music - Lakey Inspired - 4 hours in pheonix https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired/4-hours-in-phoenix --- Instagram - http://instagram.com/Tyre_Reviews Facebook - http://facebook.com/TyreReviews
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Text Comments (1625)
Mohammed (1 day ago)
Hi Jon, do tyre's get harder with age? Does the ride comfort decrease over time? If so, roughly after how long?
Tyre Reviews (16 hours ago)
Tyres slowly harden with age, after 5 years there's a noticeable enough drop in grip for them to be replaced
Mohammed (17 hours ago)
+Tyre Reviews what happens after this period? Does the sidewall become hard?
Tyre Reviews (17 hours ago)
Tyre manufacturers recommend tyres not be used after 5 years
Jony De la cruz (1 day ago)
Best Daily Sport Tire?? I own a C63 Amg
Jony De la cruz (16 hours ago)
Tyre Reviews and the goodyear and de PS4? Because the Ps4 is more comfortable than the Ps4s? Or i am bad??
Tyre Reviews (16 hours ago)
I'd go PS4S or Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 if you want even more comfort
Jony De la cruz (16 hours ago)
Tyre Reviews i dont know wich to choose I want a Comfort daily ,Sport Thanks!’!
Tyre Reviews (17 hours ago)
The video answers that perfectly!
Martyn C (1 day ago)
Any news on the rim protection on these tyres? For me, with smart 19inch alloys that would be a massive starting point. I have PS3's: great tyre and superb rim protection.
Martyn C (1 day ago)
+Tyre Reviews Many thanks for your reply. I am a little confused about rim protectors: Your review was on 235/35/19y, my tyre size. I would have assumed that the rim protector would be a feature in your review with a caveat that this may not be the same in different sizes? It would be interesting to get your viewer's feedback about importance of tyre features. For eg: is dry grip 1-10 against wet against ride comfort against cornering against rim protector etc, etc? Do you use feedback to weight how you provide content in your reviews - which are very good reviews. Thanks.
Tyre Reviews (1 day ago)
It varies by pattern and size so I'm afraid you'd have to check directly
Phil ZHANKK (2 days ago)
are Goodyear triplemax 2 good tyres?
Tyre Reviews (2 days ago)
I believe they're an American Market tyre so I've very little info on them
BrabusBandit (4 days ago)
Did you ever try the Falken in a bigger size? If the side-wall is stiffer it's a definite buy!
Mayur. M.1 (5 days ago)
Awesome mate. Good information about TYRES. Keep it up
Tyre Reviews (4 days ago)
Thank you
Doctor George (5 days ago)
i am going to buy one of the two, primacy 4 or the pilot 4.// Can you please advise me the pros and cons of both tyres.. i have mercedez e class E280, and right now using the primacy hp on 17 inch rims.. i cant buy this hp anymore, so please guide me for the wiser 245/45 R17 purchase
Doctor George (4 days ago)
+Tyre Reviews anyway i just bought the pilot sport 4 thirty minutes back... all i hope is they shouldnt be noisy on the long run
Tyre Reviews (4 days ago)
No one has actually tested them back to back yet. In theory the Pilot Sport will be more sporty
Neo J. Ssk (9 days ago)
you have the Link for the Winter ones ?
Tyre Reviews (8 days ago)
It's the latest video on the channel
Jitter 000 (10 days ago)
I recently had some new summer tyres fitted by a small local fitter. While waiting, I asked him about the validity of the EU tyre label. In his opninion, only the noise figure was trustworthy, but he didn't care much for the fuel consumption and wet grip labels explaining that those don't tell the whole story. How good a tyre performs also depends on the interaction with the vehicle they are fitted to. If that is so, wouldn't that label be a bit misleading? Might that also explain why a particular make and type of tyre could get a better score in one size and a less favourable one in another?
Jitter 000 (6 days ago)
+Tyre Reviews Thanks for your response. I did as you suggested and as I was looking at the test results of the 2018 Auto Bild test of summer tyres in the size I use, it struck me that a similar test on the same size done by the ADAC in 2017 yielded quite different results. Okay, some differences arise due to different weighting factors and there may be some newcomers too. So some shifting around, I can understand. But how come Autobild's no. 1 ends up almost at the bottom of the ADAC test despite being identical tyres (Hankook Ventus Prime 3 K125, 195/65R15 91V) and competing (more or less) with the same competitors?
Tyre Reviews (9 days ago)
Tyres are incredibly complicated pieces of engineering, and yes different vehicles can give slightly different results. The EU labels are a good STARTING point, but you should always referer back to tests and websites like tyrereviews.co.uk for the entire story.
Carlos Rodriguez (11 days ago)
Not sure why it's not mentioned here but I feel the Pirelli P Zero tire is the best tire of them all.
Tyre Reviews (11 days ago)
Pirelli make some great tyres, but they're not quite as good as the other premiums listed in the video, and are around the same price or more expensive. The video can only be a certain length which was why they were omitted. They're good tyres, just not the best for the money in my opinion.
14725800369 (13 days ago)
I'll never buy Michelin tyres again. When I bought my car, it had 4 year old Michelin tyres on them. They just rode horrible, very noisy and no wet grip whatsever. A new set of Orimacy would have been so expensive, just switched to my winter tyres a bit earlier and bought summer tyres mid winter. Bought some Nexen N'Blue HD Plus and I am totally satisfied. Very good price, very good performance and very good mileage. Also quiet and comfortable. Did everything I expected from a tyre and lasted all summer, when I drove about 60k a year.
1111pyramids1111 (13 days ago)
You should avoid the term SUMMER tires and study and investigate further the term RAIN TIRE. A summer tire is not necessarily a Rain tire. HOWEVER, ...... all RAIN tires are summer tires.
Tyre Reviews (12 days ago)
Uniroyal use the term rain tyre in their marketing, but a summer tyre is a generic term for a normal tyre, which does always work in the rain!
Tb. A. Adhi R. Faiz (14 days ago)
Bridgestone has launched Turanza T005A last year...has it better performance than T005?
Tyre Reviews (14 days ago)
I've seen no communication regarding an A version of the tyre so sadly can't help!
Justin Feng (17 days ago)
Which performance and summer tire are you recommend for bmw 428I Gran coupe in California, 225/45/18?
Tyre Reviews (17 days ago)
Depends what you want from the tyre, the video should explain the differences?!
911 991.2 TURBO (17 days ago)
My biggest issues with these tires other then the Michelin’s is there cornering at 80 mph and above there unstable. In San Diego Calif I only use ultra Summer tires for my F90 M5
Tyre Reviews (17 days ago)
Strange, the dry handling of all the tyres listed should be relatively even!
La Aa (17 days ago)
Hey, any chance to review the Kumho Ecsta PS91 ? Do you guys have it in UK?
Tyre Reviews (17 days ago)
We do have it, it's not a very popular tyre over here though. I'll see what i can do next year :)
Georgie b (17 days ago)
All.made in China.
Tyre Reviews (17 days ago)
DasSparschwein (17 days ago)
I have the Primacy 3. It is a great tyre and lasts approx. 50.000km. Im going to buy it again next summer.
Tyre Reviews (17 days ago)
Don't forget the Primacy 4 is now out too!
Atrax R (19 days ago)
I had Michelin Primacy 3 on my car when I bought it. Those tires could last you 10 years it seems, very little wear if you don't lean on them in extreme fashion. But they are quite shit as far as grip goes, even compared to way cheaper tires (like 50% cheaper). they are not dangerous but they are far from awesome in wet. Especially wet grip after two years or so. I do think they would outlast anything on the market today by a significant margin. Took off Primacy 3 last year and fitted Bridgestone Potenza Adrenaline RE002, night and day difference, anti aquaplaning stuff is very good on RE002. I have yet to aquaplane and they are worn to shit now. They don't last long though (220 treadwear), but pricing is good so that's not a big issue for me atm. So all in all, if you want wet grip past 2 years mark then don't bother with Primacy 3. They will last you way longer than you'd want to have a tire on your car, but they will grip accordingly too. Barely any in slightly wet conditions (when roads are a bit greasy). I'd do a passer on those tires if you have a bit heavier foot. But to each their own. It's just my opinion from my experience with these tires on 3 different cars. Only thing that impresses me with Primacy 3 is the treadwear, but price is a bit ridiculous for a tire of such performance imo.
Atrax R (18 days ago)
+Tyre Reviews Will do!
Tyre Reviews (18 days ago)
+Atrax R If you do be sure to let me know how you find them :)
Atrax R (18 days ago)
+Tyre Reviews May give those a try, I know Pilot tires are amazing tires, no doubt about it. Great thing is longevity for such a tire. Quite incredible that they managed to pull that off. These Bridgestones are gone so I'll have to get new tires in spring anyway. :)
Tyre Reviews (18 days ago)
You might like to try the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 next, it should have both treadwear and grip
Amir Yazdan Panah (19 days ago)
this is mind blowing tire in this link below,check it out maaaaaaaan: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_id=114&ipn=icep&toolid=20004&campid=5338420003&mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fitm%2FNitto-Tire-LT355-40R22-F-122Q-Trail-33-5-3554022-355-40-22-Inch-Tire%2F222188161109%3F_trkparms%3Daid%253D111001%2526algo%253DREC.SEED%2526ao%253D1%2526asc%253D20180105095853%2526meid%253D3b619b44d1ca489a8a0055f4dad91b85%2526pid%253D100903%2526rk%253D1%2526rkt%253D7%2526sd%253D222188161109%2526itm%253D222188161109%26_trksid%3Dp2509164.c100903.m5276
Tyre Reviews (19 days ago)
We don't get the Nitto brand in the UK!
Rob Booth Automotive (19 days ago)
Just switched from Primacy 3 to the Primacy 4. Seems like the sidewall is a bit softer on the new tire, as initial turn-in feels quite a bit more floaty. Does that correlate with your findings? Or perhaps it's just placebo and/or tire pressure differences.
Tyre Reviews (19 days ago)
A lot of tyres are going that way, you'll also have more block movement from the higher tread depth so they'll feel pretty bad.
Nistor Ionuţ (20 days ago)
Aaaaand I have R13's....
Nistor Ionuţ (19 days ago)
+Tyre Reviews I use Dunlop Street Respons 2 now, 175 70. They are the softest I think. Maybe in the future, when I finish modifying the engine, I'll buy the R888R 185 60.
Tyre Reviews (19 days ago)
I used to use 165/65 R13 on a KA, cheapest tyres ever!
peter halasz (21 days ago)
I put Falkens on my 2014 Mini cooper S and it was like on rails. Amazing!
Tyre Reviews (21 days ago)
Glad you enjoy them!
piddielo (22 days ago)
Bombarolo demmerda
Paul Hojda (24 days ago)
Hey. I have a Mazda 2 and in need of new summer tyres. I can't decide between the Hankook ventus prime 3 and Dunlop sport max rt. I found them both at very reasonable prices. Which would you chose?
Paul Hojda (23 days ago)
Thanks for the reply. I've read that Hankooks, although good, usually have very soft side walls. I would like to preserve the mazda's sharp steering. Are the ventus primes good enough for that?
Tyre Reviews (24 days ago)
Both great tyres! As the RT has been replaced by the RT2 I would probably pick the newer Hankook.
Matthew Sequerah (24 days ago)
I have just switched from Conti premium contact 2 to Michelin Pilot Sport 4. Great tyres.
Tyre Reviews (24 days ago)
Glad you like them :)
Drearify (25 days ago)
Hey guys, Primacy 4 or PS4? Got a BMW, small engine though 2.0L. Still on runflats but cannot choose between the choices above. Not a full on spirited driver and want to reduce cabin noise. Is there a big difference between the two? Please help!
Tyre Reviews (25 days ago)
Primacy 4 is more intended for your driving style.
Strawbs1962 (25 days ago)
What ...no Pirelli's? I'm genuinely shocked! Not because I like them particularly, more because I wanted to know where they sat in the grand scale of summer tyres. I'll be fitting summer wheels in April and I'm weighing up tyres other than the various generation Goodyear Eagle F1's I've been loyal to for the last 6 or 7 years. Also, Isn't Goodyear due a new tyre in the UHP category pretty soon?
Strawbs1962 (20 days ago)
+Tyre Reviews Let's hope Goodyear can retain my loyalty with their upgrade to the Assy 3. Thanks for sharing. Already subscribed.
Tyre Reviews (25 days ago)
For me, Pirelli sit below Michelin and Continental but are priced the same, so I didn't see space for them. They're not bad tyres, just not quite as good as the best. And yes, keep an eye on the channel early next year for exciting Goodyear news :)
Ian De Lumen (28 days ago)
Tyre Reviews (28 days ago)
Absolutely not: http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/Achilles/ATR-Sport.htm
andy scase (29 days ago)
Thinking of putting either rainsport 3 or hankook on an Audi a1 1.4 Tfsi ? I have rainsport 3 on Octavia estate But hankooks say quieter and more economical Not much in purchase price car gets driven short and steady Anybody any thoughts Thanks for any help
andy scase (29 days ago)
Uniroyals 3 are ok on Octavia mostly motorway but I’m thinking 🤔 the hankooks will be better wearing quieter more fuel efficient on a smaller car like the Audi a1
Tyre Reviews (29 days ago)
I'm not a fan of the soft sidewalls on the Uniroyals so might side with Hankook.
Wayne crouch (30 days ago)
My sons got pilot sport 3 v on his car the back ones are like new, but he's going to replace the front tyres. Was thinking of pilot sport 4 but they only come in y. Can he have v on the back with y on the front. Would it fail mot
Tyre Reviews (13 days ago)
There won't be inner tubes in the wheels. Speak to the garage to see what they've actually done!
Wayne crouch (13 days ago)
Tyre Reviews bit confused so will his tyre pressure sensors work with tubes.
Wayne crouch (13 days ago)
Jonathan Benson so should they have not fitted inner tubes
Tyre Reviews (13 days ago)
+Wayne crouch There's no modern passenger car tyres which need inner tubes, so if you've been charged for them I would go and speak to the garage! The definitely do not need tubes.
Wayne crouch (13 days ago)
Jonathan Benson my son says they put iner tubes in when they fitted them today
Oksana Menkush (30 days ago)
Could you recommend (or do the video) on best tires for BMW X5 on R20 tyres.
Oksana Menkush (30 days ago)
Summer please
Oksana Menkush (30 days ago)
Tyre Reviews (30 days ago)
Also I imagine most of the tyres in the first half of the video will have SUV versions!
Tyre Reviews (30 days ago)
Summer or winter?
jonathan mcadams (1 month ago)
Are Indy 500s any good if you seen no snow at all? They are reasonably priced. My damn staggard set ups and big diameters plus have too many cars makes it hard to keep them wrapped well. Please help me man. Can I buy some from you in bulk? All my tires are freaking expensive . 2014 Is 350 2014 Focus St 2004 Rx330 2006 R6 Yamaha 1987 944T
jonathan mcadams (30 days ago)
+Tyre Reviews Oh I see. The General G maxx is a good tire. Period. Just drove a 650 gran sport with them and they have been on for 30k miles. They were recommended and the car rode very nice and was sticky in the rain. I found my favorite tire other than Pilot sports and Super sports. Imove 2 is ok for ultra cheap tirea you are going to ruin quickly.
Tyre Reviews (30 days ago)
Sadly we don't get that tyre in Europe :(
An average price for the Michelin P4S's are approx $475CAD tax in (Per/Tire) and the A/S 3's are approx $400-$450 tax in (Per/Tire) It sucks to buy anything for cars especially after market parts as by the time we buy something from the US at $1000USD it will be over $1500CAD+ after shipping, taxes, currency rate and duty!
Tyre Reviews (1 month ago)
Sadly good tyres aren't cheap :(
jonathan mcadams (1 month ago)
The stock tires on my 2014 Lexus Is 350 were Bridgestone Potenza 400...General G Max is a great alternative and are 10 decibals less noisy. Sometime like with windshield wipers, dependi g on what i am doing and how rough I am being on them, its cheaper to buy new every year or two with cheapies than to try and rotate a 1200 dollar set and keep them properly inflated with no patches for 6 years. I would rather have an offbrand knockoff with great tread when new and replace them before 60 percent 3 times than drive a pilot sport down to the treadbar for the same price and timespan.
jonathan mcadams (1 month ago)
+Tyre Reviews They are not too bad at 30 psi in the summer and mild winters here but yes you are right. Like I said if all 4 of my cars, and 1 bike, were not 18s except one I would put pilot sports on everything. The general g max is supposed to be good though. So is Firestone desti ation LE2 on my RX. i have the cheap tires on the Focus St right now. The Goodyear Eaglea that it came with were so so but pretty pricey. The Imove 2 by Hercules I replaced them with isnt too bad. Owned by cooper. The dunlops for the bike are 190 rear and 125 front. cant beat that. So actually.I only ride one car with offbrands, but I did order Versaelli Strada 2 tires for the stock 18s for the Is 350. When I get the G max on the vossens I will let you know how they are. Same with the Versellis but I will be using those during the winter. No snow just cold weather and lots oc driving back and forth to florida during winter for me. Sooooo in all I have 22 tires not including spares to take care of. You cant blaime me for trying to save. I have wrapped the pretty well considering I am 33 and dont live off my parents or anything.
Tyre Reviews (1 month ago)
In all tests other than aquaplaning, that worn premium tyre will out perform your new budget tyre.
ragnar barker (1 month ago)
Thank you good review , but I didn't hear what I was looking for and that is quietness . I need tires for G37 which does not have good insulation and I'm not a teenager or a fast driving person , just want a quiet tire for a sporty car.
Tyre Reviews (1 month ago)
Check the tyre reviews website, plenty of data on there :)
Mr330d (1 month ago)
Best tyres to go for with 205/55/16 ?
Tyre Reviews (1 month ago)
Definitely answered in the video :)
lopes3955 (1 month ago)
After using Uniroyal Rainsport 3 for the first and last time I have to say it is not a good tyre. Made 15k km's mainly on the back of a BMW driving like a granny. If you drive fast you can kill a set in 5k km's. They provide imprecise steering and even over inflated the sidewalls look like balloons. Never more.
Tyre Reviews (1 month ago)
They seem to work better on lighter cars, but suffer from this on heavier sportier cars.
Thecazx1993 (1 month ago)
Where I can buy tires online
Tyre Reviews (1 month ago)
Loads of places, google is your friend (as I don't know what country you are in)
Dimitris Tsoudis (1 month ago)
Excellent and very informative review but i think your list is incomplete!You've left out the Pirelli pzero pz4 which in my humble oppinion is a way better tyre than most of those you have included in your list of top 10 summer tires for 2018!
Tyre Reviews (1 month ago)
The PZ4 isn't a bad tyre, it's just not as good as the Michelin or the Conti and is priced around the same, so I didn't see the need to recommend it over those two.
simarpreet singh (1 month ago)
Sir i am from india....plz tell me which tyre is best for low noise and fuel consumption,michelin,pirelli or continental...
Tyre Reviews (1 month ago)
It can depend on size, I'd recommend going to look at the test data on www.tyrereviews.co.uk
eleycki (1 month ago)
CSC6 wear is fine on an E46 M3 driven fast. No issues.
Tyre Reviews (1 month ago)
Glad they're good for you :)
kiwiasian (1 month ago)
I have a question about moving from a high performance tyre like the PS4 to a more road focused tyre like Primacy 4, is there a large trade off in handling for the comfort. I wouldn’t mind trading off a little handling at the top end for significantly more comfort over bumps, for example. What are your thoughts. I do like driving hard but also would really appreciate some more compliance.
Tyre Reviews (1 month ago)
I've not done the test back to back, but I believe the gap between the Primacy 4 and the PS4 would be fairly small in normal driving conditions. The Primacy 4 will certainly provide enough grip to drive hard too.
Jorge Dave (1 month ago)
Bridgestone potenza RE050A great choice!!
Tyre Reviews (1 month ago)
If this was posted in 2010 it might be accurate lol!
excelerater (1 month ago)
Last set of Michelin I bought needed to be balanced 4 times and 2 of 4 replaced and the vehicle is still not right. Firestone Indy500 are up next for me...
Marko Dolenec (1 month ago)
Exited about the Falken Azenis FK510. They are already ordered for my Insignia OPC Line in 20 Inch size. :)
Tyre Reviews (1 month ago)
Let me know how you find them :)
Mohammad Abdool Hakim (1 month ago)
Review on toyo tires and bridgestone re003
Tyre Reviews (1 month ago)
Working on it :)
Zuglos (1 month ago)
I choose Bridgestone Potenza s001 for my Civic type R. I think it is the one and only overal tire for this car. Also, i was use before the Michelin PS3 for two years. After am trying the Continental Sport Contanct 5. (realy very bad tyre for a Type R) with 20k kilometers and three times front-rear. I was thinking to try Dunlop sport max RT2 But I'm thinking again, no more time for experience, Potenza s001 is the tire for Civic type-R's. @Tyre Reviws I would like a comment from you about Potenza s001. thank you
Tyre Reviews (1 month ago)
I used to really like the S001 due to excellent steering feedback, but it seems recent iterations of the tyre have changed this, without improving the wet grip of the tyre.
GSHeverything _27 (1 month ago)
Continental 👍👍👍
GSHeverything _27 (1 month ago)
+Tyre Reviews ok I will
Tyre Reviews (1 month ago)
Glad you like them 😊 if you get the chance please feel free to leave a review! http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/Continental/AllSeasonContact.htm
GSHeverything _27 (1 month ago)
+Tyre Reviews I have them on my Acura TL, the best Tyre I've bought so far
Tyre Reviews (1 month ago)
Have you run them yourself? How did you Find them if so!
Jake Aylett (1 month ago)
What would you recommend, the Bridgestone Turanza T005 or the Falken ZE310 Ecorun, for my Mk7 Golf (doing everyday driving)?
Tyre Reviews (1 month ago)
Two very similar tyres! I'm not sure it would be easy to pick between them, I'd probably go for the falken assuming it was a chunk cheaper
Dtt4 (1 month ago)
Sucks for UK, here in USA I got the ps4s for 18 inch wheels.
Tyre Reviews (1 month ago)
And 17 I believe?!
David Vázquez (2 months ago)
Dunlop Sport maxx Rt2??
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Very similar from current tests
David Vázquez (2 months ago)
+Tyre Reviews and goodyear asy better than Hankook S1 Evo 2?
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Great tyre, Asymmetric 3 tiny bit better
MoDoRx (2 months ago)
nokian michelin pirelli nothing another
RadioactiveX (2 months ago)
Should I get Michelin PS4 or Primacy 4? 205/55R16 Ford Focus 2.0 TDCI How much sportier is the PS4 than the Primacy?
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
I've not tested them back to back but I imagine the different won't be huge to normal driving. PRimacy will have a bit of comfort, PS4 a little more sporty.
Chris Gee (2 months ago)
Champiro sx2 is one of the best tyres for the price
Wolfskinn Wolfskinn (2 months ago)
Great video! I have a FIat punto diesel and my tires dimension is 195/55/16. I live in Greece and hot weather and sun is the main reason I change tyres. I drive per average 12000km per year. I woould like your recomendation gor my case. I am between Bridgestone Turanza T005, Continental Premium Contact 5 and Michelin Primacy 4. What do you suggest?
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
To be honest, they're all good tyres! Michelin will likely last the longest, Conti might just have the best grip
Master E (2 months ago)
Continental contact 6 is very noisy I have it on my Lexus LS 460
Master E (2 months ago)
its premium contact 6
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Premium? Sport?
Chuck Norris (2 months ago)
I take it you guys own 123tyres, tyreguru, oponeo? All seem to be the same place, and looks really, really dodgy...
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
No, they're an advertiser, they're owned by a Germany company called Delti. Super legit, just bad webdesign!
Chuck Norris (2 months ago)
"Hopefully it'll be a hot one..." It fuckin' was, mate!
Nonbelieverification (2 months ago)
Great compehensive review mate! I am reading some mixed reviews on Falken Azenis FK510's. Looking for some 225/45 R19 summer tires. You have them as third tire you would recommend. Any weak(er) points to this tire? (e.g. wear)
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Wear is unproven as of yet, but looks reasonable here: http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/Falken/Azenis-FK510.htm They do have softer sidewalls so not as sporty as some of the other tyres mentioned.
kasparov9 (2 months ago)
You say the difference between the 4 and 4S is so minor that they are 99% alike on the road, and the 4S Is a direct replacement for the PSS, yet I noticed the difference between the PSS and PS4 in Road Feedback is night and day, so how can the PS4S be a tyre that builds on the PSS if the road feedback difference is so huge between the PSS and PS4? Hope the question makes sense. I've had 3 pairs of PSS, and only recently put on the PS4 since the PS4s didn't come in 225/40/18.
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Check out the other videos I've done, as I've done PSS vs PS4S and PS4 vs PS4S vs Cup 2 :)
santoro aritonang (2 months ago)
Should you checked GT (Gajah Tunggal) from Indonesia..that's equal with Bridgestone tyre
santoro aritonang (2 months ago)
GT is Gajah Tunggal Tyres from Indonesia.good quality,durable,cheap.
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Check my more recent track day tyre video (Giti are GT)
asdgh jlk (2 months ago)
hello.. i'am from Chile and i have a serious question about the weight in this comparison, cause normally we see Youtube,s demonstrations on car with 1800 kilos, but isn't the same contact to the road, with an hatchback car ( 1400 kls average). 88w 91w 94w or 88Y 91Y 94Y etc etc.. If you know about the behavior of the compounds, weights, adhesions would be very helpful. Greetings (btw i have a Astra J OPC b20nft)
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Remember that recommended pressures change with weight to slightly counter the footprint change.
NNicky (2 months ago)
If i want a sporty yet comfortable tyre that has very good grip, which would be better? the F1 asy3 or the Prime 3, because they sound very similair, are similair money and both seem to wear well aswell.
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
I'd probably go for the Asym 3
Jimmy M (2 months ago)
I have the Conti`s on Porsche Cayman S and they work great in all conditions. 265/35/19 out back and 235/35/19 at front.  Well priced too.
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Nice car :)
David Viner (2 months ago)
I have a BMW 1 series M Sport convertible and it has Bridgestone runflats on the rear and Michelin runflats on the front, what specific runflats would you recommend? I really don’t want normal tyres as there is no room for a spare (rears are a different size to the fronts) and I’ve had experience of tyre foam and I really don’t want to go down that route
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Bridgestone Driveguard and the Falken FK510 Runflats seem to be the class leading runflats at the moment.
8bitnitwit (2 months ago)
"Hopefully it'll be a hot one" Mate you have no idea
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
haha true!
Abe Lincoln (2 months ago)
I agree with Michelin and Continental, but the Falken tires are too noisy and wear poorly.
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Have you tried the specific pattern I recommend? They've improved a lot
hmreen jaff (2 months ago)
Nokia Tires 👍
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Martin Reinhardt (2 months ago)
Coming from Germany this is my reference when I`m looking for tyres. The German tests are not that nice as this one. Thanks so much for your work!
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Thank you! Glad you find it useful :)
Terry Barkman (2 months ago)
You can get the cup 2 in 17's
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Not in Europe sadly.
See5 (2 months ago)
Thanks for review. What about Nitto Invo and Dunlop SP Sport MAXX 050+ they are selling very good in middle east (hottest climate)
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Sadly we don't get either tyre in the UK so I've no experience with them :(
blower (2 months ago)
Towards the end of their life, the Primacy 3, for me at least, lost all its grip, especially in the wet - they went completely off a cliff. 2 sets did the same thing once it got down to around 3mm
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Sadly a lot of tyres do, the Primacy 4 has improved on this a lot though.
Bogdan Dragos Bouros (2 months ago)
What you will recommend between Dunlop blusport response and goodyear efficentgrip? Thanks
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
They're very similar tyres, but generally the Goodyear tests a tiny bit better.
David Garcia (2 months ago)
Very ussefull all of your videos... Geat job. And thank you. I found you searching for alternative tyres to my golfVII R. I used michelin supersport but I kill the external part in just 2000km....then i used yoko advan neova-r. But i have to change because dont make it with the weith and speed number that my car homologated. So....know I have the nankang ns2r....and Its good...but the noise its terrible....so.....lets search again for my next sporty..o supersporty tyre😅
David Garcia (2 months ago)
+Tyre Reviews thank you. Now i have the nankang new.....but next i will try cup2. It was one of my options after saw you video 4 vs 4s vs cup2😅.
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Try the Cup 2?
blobby750 (2 months ago)
Someone please post me a link to where I can get those tyres at the prices he mentions.
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
This video is nearly a year old now so prices will have changed. You can find current prices on tyrereviews.co.uk
Chi hang Lee (2 months ago)
Love this video with excellent and good advice.. Thanks
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Glad you found it useful :)
1Dustin (2 months ago)
This is great. This is literally not covered anywhere else, on youtube or on the internet. Which may explain your massive amount of views. Keep it up :D
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Exactly :) Thanks, glad you enjoy them!
Rushikesh Pawar (2 months ago)
Thanks for the information, can you describe some thing about Pirelli P1 175/65 R15 for my Honda Jazz
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
VeniVidiAjax (2 months ago)
conti premium all the way.
StronkWalrus (2 months ago)
I got the Falken Ziex ZE310 and they are great, the only problem is that i dont know what pressure i should have on them... 205/55 R16 91V, currently i have 2,7Bar on all the wheels, wich is probably a bit high
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
They should be set to your vehicle manufacturer pressures then balance from there :)
Charles Shamseldin (2 months ago)
I love your channel. Amazing content. Subbed and sharing. Keep up the great work.
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Thank you!
Juan Fran Bogart (2 months ago)
Which one will you recommend for a 2018 Mazda CX-5? Mostly driving in wet with occasional use in snow.
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
If you need snow performance you need an all season tyre, the Michelin CrossClimate is most likely.
Adrian Violi (2 months ago)
Awesome review. Just changed from Goodyear F1 A3s on my Focus ST to Pilot Sport 4's. When I bought the car, I was amazed with the way it turned into a corner. I've actually noticed it scrubs wide a little more now with the Michelin. So was freaking out I'd made the wrong choice after hearing such great things. But, I feel more grip everywhere else than the F1s and braking is better. The F1s were wrecked when I did change them so maybe a new set might have felt amazing but decided to go with the PS4. I do miss the turn in though...
Jorge Jiménez (2 months ago)
Is there any plan in doing a similar video for the best run flat tyres? I have a BMW F30 with staggered tyres that will need new tyres in the next couple of months and I don't know what to choose, any suggestions? Thank you!
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Have a look into the Bridgestone drive guard or new falken run flats :)
Jorge Jiménez (2 months ago)
+Tyre Reviews Good luck with the test! What about any suggestions for me for new tyres?
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
There are plans for a runflat tyre test, but getting it done is proving difficult!
SpeedingOffence (2 months ago)
So... No video on all-seasons?
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
I'm filming it in a few weeks :)
Peter (2 months ago)
P Zero? Potenza?
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Bridgestone don't have a good UHP tyre, the P Zero is good but not quite as good as those listed in the video.
slc9800gtx (2 months ago)
Great review
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Thanks :)
Matias Rivas (2 months ago)
Jonathan, maybe you can help me on this. im looking a set of tires for track days and daily drive so its a bit tricky stay on both sides, to clarify those dilemma its main focus on track day like 65% TD 35% DD.can you order the following list from best to worst. the tyre size its 225/45/17. birdgestone potenza s001 birdgestone potenza Re070 birdgestone potenza Re760 yokohama v105s yokohama v103s continental spotycontac2 ssr continental contisportcontact5 dunlop sport 01 michelin pilot sport4
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Answered on the Michelin video :)
Mohammed Al-Roomi (2 months ago)
What do you think about the Hankook v12 ventus (k120)
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
It's not a tyre I've tried yet but hankook are making excellent tyres at the moment!
Tim (2 months ago)
With are good tires for Mazda cx 5?
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Any in the video that will fit!
Christos D (2 months ago)
Hi , any news for the PS4 vs PS4S video?
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
UPLOADING NOW! Should be live 1pm UK time on Monday (20th)
Aussiumo (2 months ago)
Would love to see Goodyears back in F1 mate😇
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Looks like it'll be Pirelli again :(
qutaiba6 (2 months ago)
Toyo and Bridgestone....The best
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
The current tests say otherwise!
Michael Hansen (2 months ago)
I just ordered 4x Bridgestone Turanza T005 (225/45 R17) for my VW Golf VII 1.8 TSI (170 HP) - I got these tires for 67,90 GBP per tire, here in Poland, it was my local tire-shop who made me that offer. It's even a bit cheaper than the cheapest resellers on the web, here in Poland, so I'm quite happy.
Tyre Reviews (2 months ago)
Great, let me know how you find them :)
James M (3 months ago)
Going to put Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 Tyres - 205 / 45 R17 88W on my son's Honda civic type R EP3 is this a good choice ?
Tyre Reviews (3 months ago)
I think so
wi;; tasi (3 months ago)
T-bag is you?
Tyre Reviews (3 months ago)
Dr.Mabuse (3 months ago)
Great, now I have an excuse to buy 19" rims :)) Not much rubber left on my Michelin Super Sport...
Tyre Reviews (3 months ago)
Do it!
Jameson Hernan (3 months ago)
Pilot sport 4 or super sports. Can't get 4s in a 225 fitment
Tyre Reviews (3 months ago)
Personally I'd probably go for the PSS as I regard dry handling and steering feel above everything else! Your preferences might be different though.
Jameson Hernan (3 months ago)
I'm running a 225 40 18 on my 340bhp gt86. I'm looking for a good all round tyre. Would you say the trade off on ultimate dry grip of the pss if bad in the wet? Or would the ps4 be a better daily choice?
Tyre Reviews (3 months ago)
PSS for ultimate dry handling, PS4 will give you better wet grip and comfort.
jack deng (3 months ago)
Where is my re003
Tyre Reviews (3 months ago)
We don't get it in Europe sadly

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