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Poker vs. Girls game for iPhone & iPod touch

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Introduction and game play video of the Poker vs. Girls game for the iPhone.
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Robert Harrell (5 years ago)
Anyone know how I can download this now? Jailbroke phone but IPA isn't working
Peter Burford (5 years ago)
@Robert Harrell Ok, sorry for the piracy accusation. There are about 100 times more pirated copies out there than we ever sold, which is annoying. :-) The poker side of the game is alive and well in our other apps, but the girls are gone, and Apple hasn't shown any signs of letting this back in the store.
Robert Harrell (5 years ago)
I already owned the app, but I bought an iphone 5 last year and I cannot transfer the app from my itunes onto my phone now. Thanks for the answer, though, I'll keep hoping. Weirdly, this game taught me how to more-effectively play poker (lure the prey, then snag the pot)
Peter Burford (5 years ago)
Well for starters you shouldn't be pirating software. But I'll answer anyway: PvG hasn't been updated since Apple pulled it out of the AppStore which was during the iOS3 days. And I think the version on the pirate sites is even older than that. So it doesn't surprise me at all that the old IPA file doesn't work anymore.  Sorry.  Don't expect us to fix it unless Apple lets the app back in the store. Try http://app2.it/freepoker if you want the poker part of the game (without the girls) or http://app2.it/omaha if you like Omaha.
Aqwas (7 years ago)
what is thw actors names
Aqwas (7 years ago)
what is the actors names?
FR ED (7 years ago)
@lalaphace12 No nakedness unfortunately
Peter Burford (9 years ago)
BANNED. If you have this app, don't delete it! If you were anxiously awaiting updates, they aren't happening.
Peter Burford (9 years ago)
As far as Apple allows. Or, as far as it did allow; OS3 may have changed things for future releases...
lalaphace12 (9 years ago)
how far does it go?

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