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Why did Singh Styled opt for a Beard Gel and not a Beard Spray?

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A significant number of Singhs have recommended me to work on a Beard Spray, rather than improving the Beard Setter. Even though I have a strong logical reply to my decision of working on a beard gel instead of a beard spray, I thought it is better to stay quiet and respect the concerned individual. However, I share with you the decision of Singh Styled working on a Beard Gel and not a Beard Spray! Sprays or aerosol sprays are used for deodorants, and hair sprays. If one reads the can carefully he/she will notice a sign "For external use only!" Which means one CANNOT INHALE the gas/spray coming out of the can, and if it happens, one is inhaling toxic gases/chemicals which are harmful. If one daily inhales these gases/chemicals while setting the beard, one is opening doors to illnesses like Sinus, Asthma, or can even lead to Cancer. In comparison, Beard Gels are safer as they reside on the beard and are not relieving toxic gases, and offer the same service of setting the beard. Team Singh Styled has consulted dermatologists and respiratory doctors before we started work on the formulation. For us health matters over styling, but we invest thousands of hours in creating a product that helps to turn a Singh into Singh Styled!
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