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Sexy Touch Game Android by NeaLogic

34 ratings | 104674 views
Available on App Store and Google Play. Megan, Aysha, Trish and Valèrie are 4 beautiful and sensual girls that want your attention. Make them have a good time and they will repay you by showing themselves unveiled. To succeed you must remember the right combination of notes and colors. Every time you will manage to please them, they will take one item of clothing off for you. Admire the four girls in all of their beauty...but careful not to make mistakes...you could make them very angry! Every time you'll uncover their most secret sides, you will receive a beautiful and exclusive wallpaper of every girl. You can save the wallpaper in your photo album and, if you like, use it as a background for your smartphone ora tablet. The challenge, however, does not end here... commit yourself as much as possible and better your score to climb the world chart and defeat the other players! Are you ready for this challenge? Megan, Aysha, Trish and Valèrie are ready to play with you. Don't make them wait! Have fun!
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aeries283 (6 years ago)
dude I have that phone!
GACTheBest (6 years ago)
bad game.

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