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The Psychic Polaroid Photographs of Ted Serios

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This episode of "Arthur C. Clarke's World of Strange Powers" shows some great footage of experiments with Ted Serios, a man who claimed to be able to project images onto film using only his mind, a process he dubbed "Thoughtography." Read more at http://mindpowernews.com/PsychicPolaroids.htm Get more weird, wild and wonderful videos at http://www.MindBendingVideos.com FREE BOOK! How to Order From the Universe http://www.mindpowernews.com/Universe/
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brijesh saxena (8 months ago)
In 1st volume of geeta darshan by osho . discus about Ted Serios.
B loves A (1 day ago)
Me too .. i m herr after listening osho bhagwat geeta
Hemant Nimbark (2 months ago)
Me too came hear after listening Osho
Ho Bo (7 months ago)
I was reading it, so I was researching. Glad to hear you.
Subham Saini (7 months ago)
brijesh saxena I came here after listening that....
Scott Lutz (8 months ago)
I have read the book on Serios by Eisibud - Really an awesome work and totally explains the legitimacy of Serios's Pk. Read the entire book and then when you read about and watch the claims of fraud you can see right through the debunkers and see that Serios was the real deal. In fact - the attempts at debunking actually reinforce the legitimacy of the events.
Josh Rhodes (11 months ago)
Didn't the fairies turn out to be magazine cutouts?
Rosemarie Pilkington (1 year ago)
The skeptics "explaining " how Serios cheated are all wet! Much of the time the "gismo" was made on the spot by one of the investigators out of a rolled up polaroid paper, occasionally a string was threaded to it and it was hung, for convenience, around an investigator's neck, and often no gismo was used at all. In the series of photos taken from inside the Faraday cage, Ted was in it, the camera outside. And then there were successful photos produced when Ted was yards from the camera. Ted also produced a moving image on video tape. So those of you who think he was "exposed," need to do a little more research.
harryrambler (6 months ago)
Can't see any provable and confirming evidence from you. The onus is on the people who make extraordinary claims need to produce extraordinary evidence. A personal testimony of drivel by you is not evidence. https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Ted_Serios
splitpitch (1 year ago)
it is true that Ted Serios was once caught trying to use a transparency to make an image. Eisenbud records it in his book on Ted Serios, which i read many years ago. He told Eisenbud that it was the first and only time he had tried to cheat, he had been having a barren spell and he said he was just trying to give them what they wanted. Of course being caught cheating once discredits everything regardless of excuses or reasons given, but there are still some unexplained things about the thought photographs. The first is, all the other times he wasn't caught cheating, he was being closely watched, even searched before and after photographs. second, he was often asked to produce images of certain specific things, which he sometimes did- did he have hundreds of images hidden on him that he could secretly search through to find the correct image? thirdly, the images he produced were usually not 100% proportionally accurate, -windows and doors out of place in relation to each other. did he mess about with images before making transparencies of them? It does seem an impossibility, to create a photograph with the mind. to even consider it a possibility destabilises our sense of reality. this is what i find the most interesting about the Serios images. in Eisenbud's book, he writes of one scientific observer, initially a skeptic, witnessing Serios produce an image. The man went away excited, believing he actually did it. the next day the man telephoned to say he had changed his mind back to his original belief, that it was a fraud regardless of what his own senses told him. he didn't say, 'oh we should do more rigorous tests', it was just 'no, it can't be real.' so much for empirical observation. as for people who recreate the Serios images with transparencies, did they use their transparencies unobserved while drunk like ted did? no they did not. in replicating experiments it is important to reproduce the original conditions. I don't say i believe Serios created photographic images with his mind, but i think before people claim they have been thoroughly debunked they should actually do some debunking.
harryrambler (6 months ago)
जेठी (6 months ago)
Ulises Barrera (2 years ago)
What a fraud.
журналист (2 years ago)
Look at his Wiki, proven fraud.
Brandon Greenleaf (3 days ago)
Not fraud. Sorry.
You have no proof some people like yourself are stupid believe anything they read on the internet
Scott Lutz (8 months ago)
Read the book by Dr. Eisinbud - proven legitimate.
Gelong Industries (3 years ago)
I know one of like him. He is in punjab a small village rara Sahib. He is a abnormal person.
Mark Henry (4 years ago)
"Essential supplies" adds to two morons getting wasted while wasting their time.
John Simpson (4 years ago)
Sorry to break it to everybody but he was exposed as a fake a looong time ago http://www.museumofhoaxes.com/hoax/photo_database/image/thoughtography http://chronicle.com/article/Psychic-Projections-Were-a/126934/ However, I think the late Martin Gardner said it the best in a 1998 interview: "The parapsychologists who once took Ted Serios and others like him seriously would have been spared their embarrassments had they known anything about magic." The entire interview may be found here http://www.csicop.org/si/show/mind_at_play_an_interview_with_martin_gardner/
Scott Lutz (8 months ago)
Not even close. Read the book written by Dr. Jule Eisenbud.
Eddita Felt (5 years ago)
Thanks Veronica! So glad to find this. I wanted to share this with the readers of my Facebook Page,'Frontiers of the Mind'.Most younger folks have never heard of Mr. Serios.My page is for education of Facebook Readers about the Paranormal, and to let people know about our Paranormal Investigations Group and my classes.
harryrambler (6 months ago)

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