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Agile Teams - Part 3 | The Product Owner Role

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In this short video we'll talk about the Agile Product Owner role and discuss some key expectations of this very important role! Please share your feedback/comments on our AgileVideos.com site and watch the rest of the series! Thanks for watching :) Sally
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Creative Idea (1 year ago)
Hi, my product owner problem is she is also the technical lead. So she not only just tell team what to do, but also how to do, most of the time. I am so struggling with this PO, since as the scrum master, not just me but the whole team feeling that she is actual PM of the whole team. Even me, I was told by her to do this and do that
Andy Bedford (1 month ago)
+Creative Idea Listen to her, engage and be respectfully. Ensure you are listening and will consider her experience and possible solution but let her know that the team will also consider other possible directions based on current technologies and experiences. I am dealing with this with my PO/PM. As a technical BA, I can see his point since we are within the same age but we both are 15-20 yrs outside the current development culture. I have ideas, he has ideas and they should not be dismissed but used as discussion points/counter-points but in the end the Agile team will know the best process to achieve. Just have to play the 'Yes, I get your point of view' game. Tough role to play as Scrum Master but it can be managed.
Creative Idea (1 year ago)
Carlos Bello then what should I coach the PO in this situation?
Carlos Bello (1 year ago)
Yeah... that’s exactly the opposite of what a good PO should do.
Thank you! But, there is no part 2.
Agile Training Videos (7 years ago)
Thank you!!! so happy it met your needs :)

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