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Coming Out Lesbian

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Text Comments (167)
Maddy Walker (1 year ago)
I love both the L word and Orange is the new black
Samantha (1 year ago)
Hi Arielle! I worked as security for the PlaylistLive YouTube convention in Orlando. I wanna thank you for talking to me and giving me a hug. It meant so much to me. Your videos made me laugh and helped me come out. You're amazing.❤
Eterna Mortal (1 year ago)
I'm 24 and only know i'm ready to come out of the closet. Step by step. I'm a bisexual, so i think this is the reason i din't whant to came out, i made a choice to only be whit guys. Know i choice to be happy and true to mysef.
Maddy Walker (2 years ago)
Love Tyler Oakley he's amazing
Maddy Walker (2 years ago)
I love Lady GaGa
Caleigh Tilson (2 years ago)
I feel like I'm an LGBT+ magnet sometimes, because all of my friends are either Bi, lesbian, gay, genderfluid, or asexual. Except for my ex boyfirend, who identifies as straight, but he did have a gay relationship at one point in his life
Tom Portengen (2 years ago)
Are you hetero?
Biia Monster (3 years ago)
Ommmggg u are a Little Monster 😨 OMG I watch at ur videos and it's so awesome and than BAAMM this! until this I didn't know that u are a LM 😍 U are so awesome and beautiful! Love u 😊 PAWS UP! 🙋
Jenn Kelsey (4 years ago)
I'm a survivor of a very rare heart condition. Wasn't supposed to live past 10 years old. After 3 open heart surgeries I'm still here strong as ever at 25 years old. And just recently came out :)
Tom Portengen (2 years ago)
What did you have?
Sabrina Myers (4 years ago)
I am sixteen years old and have been a proud and out lesbian for six months now. What makes me different is that I can read really fast. I know it doesn't sound impressive, but my friend once told me that when I read my eyes move as if I'm watching one of thos table tennis games where you can't really see the ball because it moves that fast. Words are my passion, reading or writing. And I'm not ashamed of anything I do.
Narcisse Chevalier (4 years ago)
Thank you for being you and bringing a smile to our faces! I've been openly lesbian since I was 16, and as I go further in my life (I am now 25), I've come to realize even more things about myself, that I use to keep repressed because of family (My family is religious, but taking small steps to understand), so much more recently I am proud to identify as part of the transgender community! Nothing but love, girl! Keep being fabulous! BE PROUD!
yousra amrani (4 years ago)
be lesbian and love womans
Moa Frandsen (4 years ago)
Arielle, you are such an inspiration for me! I'm a soon to bee 17 years old girl from Sweden (that can explain my broken English) and I'm proud of not being sure of if I'm bisexual, lesbian, pan sexual or just any other kind of label there is. I'm proud of feeling that I belong in the LGBT-community just for having the biggest crush on one of my friends who's a girl. You thought me to be proud of who I am, even if I'm not 100% sure off who that is. By watching your videos I realized that labels are just for your self and that it doesn't matter what my friends think, because its not their life and it's not their choice, it's mine and I'm damn proud of making my own choices and being secure in not knowing exactly who I am because u know what makes me feel good, and that's the only thing that's important! Thank you Arielle!!
Bobby Coronado (4 years ago)
I can make stars dance in my mind after. All the sky is every. Were
Bobby Coronado (4 years ago)
I can make stars dance in my mind after. All the sky is every. Were
Tatiana Simpson (5 years ago)
I am proud of being a lesbian and just started to admit it to close friends..(I just turned 15)
Emma Wachsman (5 years ago)
Wildwoof333 (5 years ago)
Emma Wachsman (5 years ago)
Being Gay :)
Pastel.Queer (5 years ago)
I'm pansexual and proud!
Yogifruct (5 years ago)
awww Arielle loves Gaga 3
Tiffany Leslie (5 years ago)
One thing I love is that im bisexually! :)
illy794 (5 years ago)
Arielle this is why you will always be my favorite youtuber. I am a little monster and I just love you so much Arielle you really are amazing ♥ Paws Up xoxo
madmiSPOOFERS (5 years ago)
Paws up Arielle!! So inspiring!! Love you
Megan528Megan (5 years ago)
Something I like... I guess my clothes.
JASMINE NICOL (5 years ago)
i play soccer.
Sydnee Tittle (5 years ago)
I play softball (pretty good too) :)
Madeline Hudgens (5 years ago)
I play lacrosse (I'm pretty good too) and I'm a pretty good writer :)
titelucile (5 years ago)
I don't know if you realize how much you help people. Your words cross the borders. I'm French and I feel really close to you. That's a great example of the fact that we R all human no matter what's our country or culture.. Thx for that :)
Tori Forguson (5 years ago)
I was the one who was always the sloppy writer and now I always wright in fancy stuff
Vanity M (6 years ago)
ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmg luv her !!!!
Toska Abrielle (6 years ago)
That was a great video, because of the words, and your face :D
Bazzlie Wazzlie (6 years ago)
3:14 Latrice? LATRICE ROYALE?
katt marie (6 years ago)
stillalive (6 years ago)
I used to hate having the middle name arielle...then I saw your videos. They almost brought me to tears with the truth. Thank you Arielle for being kind and truthful and just REAL.
Rebecca Bunyan (6 years ago)
ok im a girly girl tht can b very boyish when i want to be. im very depressed inside but cover it up by smilein all the time nd never givin any1 anythin tht would bring them done inless its rly bad nd they can tell. i seem like im always the happy person but im not i can get very emotional if i want 2 be nd i guess thts wat i do when i watch some of ur vids like this nd i comment on them sry for the long comment arielle
laurenfizzle (6 years ago)
I agree.
Fabio Lucas (6 years ago)
OMG your videos are soooo COOl congratulations i think ur so braaave Because u were Born this way baby by: Little Monster Phabio
lauren olives (6 years ago)
Im a monster! and omg dyker park! lmao
Fierce Deity (7 years ago)
@LittleGothick good for u?
Sam Wisner (7 years ago)
I look up to you. 25% because I want to marry you when I turn 18:3
Sara Bujjabi (7 years ago)
Hey, posting from a friend's channel...I am Gay and Mormon!
CreamSoda130 (7 years ago)
i fucking love you!!!
rafaelthedarkangel (7 years ago)
I love it! You're beautiful!
max123mad1 (7 years ago)
I'm 13 and I came out to my best friend yesterday and she was happy for me. But I don't wana come out to my mom yet sooooooooo how long should I wait ?
Charlotte Deacon (1 year ago)
max123mad1 I'm guessing since you have came out to your mom! What was her reaction? 🌈
Samuel O (7 years ago)
Nice. swearing and talking about sex in the local park.
shortnik11 (7 years ago)
i thought about sex for some reason at 9, and yeah i took a long time to be with a girl too, but really that helps to come out
selen592 (7 years ago)
when i was little i didn't play with dolls i played with action figures and played sports. It's funny that you mentioned the little hints because when i was little i loved power rangers. Tommy was my favorite because he dated kimberly and by pretending to be him i didn't feel weird about liking a girl.
lvsbigbears (7 years ago)
From one littke
nicole Niki (7 years ago)
when peoplr touch me i thike they have gres so i wont let them hug me
Hannah dewet (7 years ago)
im proud of being my size ... im pretty tall and i have a curvy figure. im also bi and i am a female boxer i enjoy bashing the shit out of people :D
Christina Wagner (7 years ago)
This song is no.1 in the world charts #lady #gaga
S Sull (7 years ago)
The most unique thing about me is that I am a Shaman apprentice.
IAmNandini (7 years ago)
you are freakin amazing. i love you.
Rebecca Chacon (7 years ago)
My most unique thing is tht i am not one of those girls tht is too girlie or too nerdy or too watever...:) and i can name pretty much every song evar written:)
Ariel Beth (7 years ago)
omg i have the same name arielle ahh :)
Orlando Johnson (7 years ago)
type in "syllables response" the kid is killing it
teamAmerica101 (7 years ago)
Shannon Beckloff (7 years ago)
My most unique thing is im a internet poet sensation!!!! and i can make a child stop crying within seconds :)
Shannon Beckloff (7 years ago)
My most unique thing is im a internet poet sensation!!!! and i can make a child stop crying within seconds :)
Know Homo (7 years ago)
Kepp on keeping on! -I always find your blogs funny and a voice of compassion and care. Thing about me? -- I have always been the girl of random facts. Like did you know: If you leave a goldfish in the dark it turns white? Or that the word kiss comes from the Old-English cyssan which derives from the Germanic kuss-- which is the sound a "kiss" was said to make? Rubber bass will last longer if refridgerated? Or coca-cola was origionally green? (people joke thy I'm a life line on game shows)
VeeEyeEm (7 years ago)
@IanCollinIndustries1 Correction my friend; it is you that maintains your 5th grade understanding of biology and evolution. If you were to take the time to research scientific studies relating to the biology of homosexuality, you'd know it serves many beneficial purposes. Not only to the siblings of homosexuals (maternal relatives of homosexuals tend to exhibit increased fertility), but to the world population in general via population control.
D-Wrecks (7 years ago)
@IanCollinIndustries1 If you put it that way, biology makes "mistakes" all the time, like congenital diseases. And not adding to the overpopulation of the planet may mean gay people don't further the evolution of the species genetically, but it doesn't mean they don't have other purposes.
luckduck1323 (7 years ago)
People used to, and till do sometimes, look at me like, 'Dude. WTF?!', whenever I said something slightly odd, like saying my friend has a nice ass. And they were always like, 'Really, seriously. YOU'RE A CHICK'. So for most of the time I just told them I must just have the really cool ability to think like a guy, which I now realize is true. After I came out people stopped acting strange about my little outbursts and whatnots. Just goes to show that sometimes you'll be surprised by the outcome.
angel121sgirl (7 years ago)
I am only 17 and i am slowly coming out :)
Luna Morgan (7 years ago)
Brandon Anderson (7 years ago)
Born this way.... I can't admit it yet :(
redrusty66 (7 years ago)
@remakese please...take a stand and screw all the "it's all good" crap. I liked this video until I read your "no one is anything and fuck everyone willy nilly" crap. People like you only bring even more confusion and shame to gay and lesbian youth with your kind of fence sitting bullshite. I'mGAY and gender is part of that. Gay and Lesbians will not and do not have to trvialize their orientation as "nothing" so that fence sitting jerks like you can play "Metrosexual whatever". Sad.
shortnik11 (7 years ago)
Mika Twinny (7 years ago)
@shortnik11 lgbt = lesbian gay bi transgender
shortnik11 (7 years ago)
hey you're cute but you are right, now I am bi, but i don't know whats lgbt, or lbt, can anyone answer me
TheBella831 (7 years ago)
Hey amazing video i am 25 and in the navy i came out at 17 and i completely understand what you mean about Barbi dolls and kids movies i was always the same way my mom always wanted a little girly girl and i was never that funny when i came out to her only thing she could of said is i should of known i wish there were more people out there like you keep doin what your doin very inspiring....
Shane Riley (7 years ago)
Today I met a 9 year old boy, who proudly proclaim to be gay! ....What a great time to be ...US!
Arielle Scarcella (7 years ago)
@bbb136 Thanks for watching :D <3
Philo (7 years ago)
I always played with barbies, but I didn't have a ken. I would cut some of the girls' hair shorter and then let them be with my lipstick barbies. one day I got a prince but I never really played with him, I liked the lesbian relationships more. also I loved building stuff, not those little handcrafts but like Ikea wardrobes.
bbb136 (7 years ago)
I can always put a creative spin on everything. :) Fun vid, was actually looking for Lady Gagas new song but this was interesting to watch.
Jen Tron (7 years ago)
i know what you mean, when i was 3 or 5 i had a bunch o Barbies, except when i played with them, i was always Ken...
Annie Sorey (7 years ago)
I'm not a stick, I'm curvy. And I'm on weight watchers, but I love myself now. I am who I am. I'm neva going to be a stick. And I wouldn't wana be. thats not my style.
samellon (7 years ago)
I'm an artist with her head in the clouds, and I love it :D
WolfBoyProductions (7 years ago)
Im proud that im a girl that can go head to head with most of the guys in football. :)
Alexis Rose (7 years ago)
@SuperWrestler130 yahhh! how come thereeee alll sooo sexayyyy<3333
Rose Li (7 years ago)
I'm glad you mentioned and included everyone in the "born this way" idea because i think we really are all in this togethaaaa :D love love
cole Cameron (7 years ago)
how come all the lesbians are hot as hell?!!
StitchGV (7 years ago)
some of these videos, i really cant find anything to actively "dislike" about it. ..which makes me think theres anti-gay people who just go around youtube looking for gay videos to "dislike".. like their 3 or 4 "dislikes" is really gunna make a point next to the hundred or thousand "likes".. lol
yrdisaster (7 years ago)
i love lesbians ( i love youre videos) ....(on youporn...)
Erika Kenworthy (7 years ago)
I am proud to be different..I am proud to be me..I can't please everyone but i know i can please myself..thats all i really need
chocolatrice (7 years ago)
Love this video! We should all embrace our differences, it's what makes us special and unique. There are no mistakes, we are who we are for a reason. Something that I love about myself is my kind heart and genuine desire to help and care for people. I think that's what makes me a good nurse. Can I just say that I screamed when I heard you say my name! SWOON! You didn't just make my day, you made my year honey! Others may be up against your wall, but I'm wrapped around you ;)
Farah456 (7 years ago)
When I was little I used to imagine myself as the prince too (and still do ^^). We should all be proud of who we are I'm definetly different in many ways and I'm proud of all of them (almost xD)
alinwonderlandd (7 years ago)
"you have to please yourself" (Y)
itsBA44 (7 years ago)
One thing that's different? I'm really chill.. I always have been too chill but it's just the way I am :)
Spam Spam (7 years ago)
Keep making videos Arielle =] I love them so much and the little reminders help so much. <33 Keep being you and I'll keep being me. <3
Shay&Games (7 years ago)
well I'm like 22...can i still be your target audience ?;)
HeatherMondragonOvo (7 years ago)
I accept myself. Its new and its weird to now understand and know that i am a lesbian. I just want to be me now. And its hard, but ill get it :) Thanks Arielle
Sasha L (7 years ago)
You make me smile a lot (: I've never met anyone who wanted to rescue the girl when they were 8 years old. Now I feel better about that :D
Rebecca Mmm (7 years ago)
Your born this way paintings are so cute and so are you!
RainbowSpiceGirl (7 years ago)
Haha I know 3 of the people who got your art lol
Channy30 (7 years ago)
i love that you make these vids, they really help ppl, they help people come to terms with who they are and give them a sense of peace. i was born with hearing loss and i wouldnt change a thing about myself, i love that im hard of hearing and lesbian I rock it ;) and no one should ever have to change who they are; for someone else nor should you, you rock Arielle ;) Peace
peoplexarexweird (7 years ago)
being bi!
girlthatsnotme (7 years ago)
one thing i really love about myself is my randomness and geekyness :) i guess thats two :P
dopemcee (7 years ago)
where is the camera positioned??

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