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Joy Giovanni, Kurt Angle, Big Show Segment SmackDown 01.06.2005

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Ushtar Naqvi (16 hours ago)
i dont car what he did and what kurt says but its wrong to walk in any woman and mens showerroom thats nasty he got what he deserves
Marco Pollo (18 hours ago)
3:00 Omg... I can see your 'turtle' mr.kurt angle 😂😂😂
Sakil Ahmad (19 hours ago)
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Nag T (23 hours ago)
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The captain Ellerbe (1 day ago)
As soon as I looked at the thumbnail I said WTF.
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kelechi obasi (1 day ago)
Lol.. These guys are too good actors.
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abdlhak amrani (1 day ago)
lipstik Upik1 (1 day ago)
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gil randall (1 day ago)
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Sharon Hobbin (1 day ago)
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Islamuddin Ansari (1 day ago)
candyashez (1 day ago)
Kurt angle is like :) BOO I SCARED U GET REKT *mind Omg I’m such a dork* He needs to tell u somthing
candyashez (1 day ago)
Kane: H AND SHAWN we have 3 WORDS FOR U Kane: ARE U READY Kane, also 3 more Undertaker: REST IN PEACE Kurt angle: Undertaker and Kane You guys will be pared with Ember moon Kurt angle: H AND SHAWN U GUYS will be pared with Asuka
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mana baloch (1 day ago)
Big show did what he needed to do
Marie Yazzie (1 day ago)
Dame miss those days, not the same anymore😏😕
Shiv Manghate (1 day ago)
Krestina Grgs (1 day ago)
allie sealay (1 day ago)
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Chuldev Dhurua (1 day ago)
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GM NEWS (2 days ago)
Pramod Paswan (2 days ago)
The Wrestler (2 days ago)
Why did they make Kurt Angle a creepy sexual predator in his final months on Smakdown in '05? There was this whole shower thing, the way he played with his nipples, his underwear, then having Joy kidnapped, & then the whole rivalry with Booker T which basically centered around him wanting to have sex with Booker T's wife Sharmell which included a segment where it was implied that Angle was or at some point was going to sexually assault Sharmell. Man sometimes it's easy to forget that Kurt Angle is a tough perserveant olympic gold medalist 😆. P.S. why does this video have 50 million views? Answer, the thumbnail a.k.a clickbait 😁😄😆.
salas yare (2 days ago)
1 full video. The one and only
BBZ Gamer (2 days ago)
She was scared of Kurt angle and not the cameraman who was recording Wtf
md Alamin (2 days ago)
Carl Alarcos (2 days ago)
😂🤣 lol kurt
Joseph HaPigeon (2 days ago)
Before there was Johnny Sins,there is Kurt Angle
Markie sharkie Sup (2 days ago)
He’s so weird bro Kurt angle
حمودي ستار (2 days ago)
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Shane wright (2 days ago)
Takeoff his clothes of
Hadi Younis (2 days ago)
Alex Cheshire (2 days ago)
All these backstage stoff is all fake
Bijoy Kumar Regon (2 days ago)
Tq bikswo gd bless u

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