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The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance | Teaser [HD] | Netflix

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Rediscover the age of wonder inspired by Jim Henson's groundbreaking vision. Netflix Original Series 'The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance' coming soon. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/29qBUt7 About Netflix: Netflix is the world's leading internet entertainment service with 130 million memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments. Connect with Netflix Online: Visit Netflix WEBSITE: http://nflx.it/29BcWb5 Like Netflix on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/29kkAtN Follow Netflix on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/29gswqd Follow Netflix on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/29oO4UP Follow Netflix on TUMBLR: http://bit.ly/29kkemT The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance | Teaser [HD] | Netflix http://youtube.com/netflix
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Text Comments (6504)
CowboyBebop (14 hours ago)
I showed the movie to my 4 and half yrs old daughter and she liked it, I tihnk when I had a moment its when she got blown away when Kira took out her wings and yelled : LOOK DAD, beautifull wings , she a fairy .. ohh wowww loll.. awwwhh :3
Real Steel (2 days ago)
The date has just been confirmed July 23rd
Sarena P (4 days ago)
UltraMonkeySapien (5 days ago)
So, is this still happening or not?
Bradigans D (6 days ago)
Why the hell did I just discover this?
Moxie Saturday (10 days ago)
Chills all Over my Body the entire trailer
coco - lily (11 days ago)
Elemental Entity (11 days ago)
The top people in the film industry are working on this project, right down to there set decorator and PAs, Not a big fan of the dark crystal, thought the girl was kinda cool, the boy looked freaky. But what I have seen from footage this looks awesome. I love Deet!!! Cant wait to watch this. Or at least get a launch trailer.
William Hiers (14 days ago)
That shot of the Scientist at the end. Wow. :D
LivingFree365 (17 days ago)
I hope they don't screw this up! I grew up and still watch the original movie. It is a classic! Please do good for Jim Henson.
Sotsu (20 days ago)
Petar Djurisic (21 days ago)
BirdLaw 101 (22 days ago)
I need this...
King of the Morning. (23 days ago)
johnny grey (24 days ago)
Never thought I'd be excited for a prequel
Daniel Broderick (25 days ago)
Great ! Something original
nonameleftgdmmint (25 days ago)
If you pull this off I will forgive you for Daredevil.
Elisa Kingsbury (26 days ago)
2019 guys! Did we jump the gun on the teaser did we?
Silas Nash (28 days ago)
oddfoxx (28 days ago)
Oh good another beloved classic about to be freaking butchered
Darren M (29 days ago)
Sure hope they bring out some cool collectibles, statues and action figures for this, it's hard to get anything like that these days especially skekUng Skeksis, he was awesome, originally voiced by Michael Kilgarriff.  Far better than the snivelling conniving Chamberlain Skeksis.  I suspect Mark Hamill has the perfect voice for SkegUng and Simon Pegg for Chamberlain - Here's hoping !
Mauser 85 (30 days ago)
This is something that will take a long time to create. I applaud Jim Hinson Co. and Netflix for taking their time. In an age of qantity over quality it is refreshing to see an organization strives for quality instead of quantity.
Ty Sargent (30 days ago)
We got some more info on this series, in particular about the puppeteers. Neil Sterenberg (Harvey P. Dull of The Furchester Hotel) will puppeteer Rian, Alice Dinnean (Sesame Street, The Muppets, Bear in the Big Blue House, Big Bag, Mary of Jack's Big Music Show, The Happytime Murders) is puppeteering Brie, and Beccy Henderson is operating Deet. Additional characters will be puppeteered by Warrick Brownlow-Pike (Gonger of The Furchester Hotel), Dave Chapman (BB-8 of Star Wars: The Force Awakens), the disgraced Kevin Clash (Elmo of Sesame Street, The Muppets, Baby Sinclair of Dinosaurs, The Happytime Murders), Damian Farrell, Louise Gold (The Muppets, the original Dark Crystal, Sesame Street, The Ghost of Faffner Hall, Mopatop's Shop, Funella Furchester of The Furchester Hotel), Helena and Katherine Smee, Olly Taylor, and Victor Yerrid (The Muppets, Statler and Waldorf: From the Balcony, Puppet Up, The Happytime Murders).
I must be the only one who not actually afraid of the Dark Crystal when I was 2000s kid. X'''D
charlie98108 (1 month ago)
God dame
ianmeek2 (1 month ago)
When is this coming out?
TheDarkCreed86 (1 month ago)
Hopefully they'll make the Troll movie that was planned.
joel kurowski (1 month ago)
Age of '*Resistance*' why do i feel this is going to be about Trump? Sigh
Viktoria Magrey (1 month ago)
jeremy bennett (1 month ago)
Can't wait for this
John Piske (1 month ago)
Awesome gotta be good
jobaccamasakado (1 month ago)
Damn!!! What is so hard about coming up with an original idea? You clowns need to stop these remakes/ reimagining/ prequel/ sequel/ revamp/ whatever you call them and start using your imagination. Do better.
EchoVision (1 month ago)
Please make the original Dark Crystal film on NETFLIX. Also how many series will there because I hope there are loads so the newer the series the better it is! #BestFilmEver #TheDarkCrystalNETFLIX
Dog alpha (1 month ago)
was it only me who got traumatized by this movie when I was a kid... Lol
funcool (1 month ago)
I love Jim Henson, I love all his works, but The Dark Crystal is a masterpiece! I'm very happy for this news!
DUUUUUUUUDE!!!! I’m so excited too see how their gonna turn a movie into a series!!!!
Paige&Dylan Bishop (1 month ago)
Soooooo excited for this. I grew up with this movie because my mom grew up with it and now there's a show!? Woooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
Christoph Lade (1 month ago)
To the makers: Be careful when you made the new version of this amazing work of art. It will be wonderful to see kermits darkest famaly members back on screen.
Miss Sincere (1 month ago)
The movie creeped me the Hell out!
Space Graveyard (1 month ago)
Joder, esto es grandioso, jamas pensé que volvería a ver The dark crystal.
Amy Sorrell (1 month ago)
I actually teared up the nostalgia hit me so hard. Looking forward to it!
Pitalla (1 month ago)
Will we see the skeksis emperor alive and doing stuff before he died?
Pulchritudo humana (1 month ago)
"Coming soon" lol ... almost two years later and we still don't have a trailer...
Big G Man (1 month ago)
Soon? It's been over 1.5 years!
Gibran Lewis (1 month ago)
Wherever he is in the Great Beyond, I sure hope Jim Henson knows that his work is still inspiring whole new generations of artists and story-lovers.
1moderntalking1 (1 month ago)
...and CG will ruin this franchise.
Adam Arens (1 month ago)
Dark Crystal is cool and groundbreaking but I still love Henson’s The Storyteller series more.
Esper the Bard (1 month ago)
This better be good.
älskling (1 month ago)
When my dad showed me this last year I sobbed and almost killed myself
Jaycee Retribution (1 month ago)
2019 and still waiting wtf
ItsCrypticc (1 month ago)
Anyone here bc of James.
This one is huge for Netflix.
MarioBrosProduction (1 month ago)
Odd1sout should be Reunip
24Framez (1 month ago)
Jim Henson prob was a Metallica fan, becuase he truly was the 'Master of Puppets'...
Raiken Xion (1 month ago)
I hope the music feels like the original cause the music on the original Dark Crystal was beautiful, this movie was dark, magical allkinds of things, it holds a special place in my heart seeing this as a kid. and plz dont get carried away using loads of CGI, i hope they challenge themselves and try using lots of practical puppetry again.
Skratchtube (1 month ago)
Wow. 1k dislikes???? Fuck off millennials.
Queen 0f Arkham (1 month ago)
No, Millennials too approve. Tell the impatient people to go away, lol.
Bell Parry (1 month ago)
aaron teves (1 month ago)
Brian Froud created ALL the concept art for the dark crystal and labyrinth and is far greater artist than Jim Henson ever Dreamt of being
steph soppanish (1 month ago)
Oh god the original movie scared me to death as a kid. I remember watching it on vhs and being like so frightened of the giant crows
gvani29 #moo (1 month ago)
Don't fuck this up Jim Henson the story teller and the dark crystal are my favorite shows and movies from when I was a kid
Sweetvegan74 (1 month ago)
All... my... YES! This was such a huge part of my childhood. I have never been so excited for a series. That fabulous score never left my heart and to hear it again in a new Story by the Henson team is a dream come true.
harthfire2 (1 month ago)
I wonder if they still have any of the original molds
cain524 (1 month ago)
Please, please, just do it right.
Wolfeschreit (1 month ago)
hell yeah i can't wait to see this series. i loved the movie back when i was younger.
Khouri AS (1 month ago)
Trial by Stone!
D I O R I S (1 month ago)
Practical effects and costumes shall forever be king!
Athelas (1 month ago)
Sweet, now the story that gave me nightmares can also give my kid nightmares too haha.
Yoshi Mars (1 month ago)
This series is taking longer to get here than Jesus.
infamous420 hip hop (1 month ago)
Ahh, good ole practical effects:)
Iron Lord 2014 (1 month ago)
I just hope SJW'S don't ruin this!!!!
Micro Tube (1 month ago)
Im ready to shit myself again
Ricardo Otero (1 month ago)
I hope it contains nothing of pc, woke, sjw evil ideology... PLEASE.
Andracoz (1 month ago)
When tv was great not like nowadays with hollywood trash and reality/performance tv bs
Robo 2341 (1 month ago)
Hell yes!
TheBeezNeez 81 (1 month ago)
Everyone. Look. Listen. They are doing this with actual, freaking puppets. Chill out and let them take their time and make this really special. I want it now, too, but I also don't want ANOTHER childhood franchise exploited by nostalgia and being utter garbage.
Cinnamon-Skateboarding (1 month ago)
Austin Young (1 month ago)
want more news about this!
syz·y·gy (1 month ago)
Jim! Why aren't you here, Jim? Why did you have to refuse to go to the doctor, Jim? And why in all days did you have to die on my birthday?
Mr Whovian (1 month ago)
Is this a making of documentary or a reboot
James (1 month ago)
Just waiting for that 4K remake of the Emperors face collapsing in on itself when he dies in screaming agony. THE DARK CRYSTAL: Rated PG
Dustin Caldwell (1 month ago)
I'm surprised they're doing it all practical, could totally see them doing it all with CG.
MrNahual2099 (1 month ago)
They gonna make this into [email protected]/feminazi/SJW/forced diversity/anti-male trash like everything Netflix makes.
heck No (1 month ago)
Please no. Don't give them ideas.
Aaron Birk (1 month ago)
I am fully planning on convincing parents it is a children's film. So very excited to see the wide eyes of reality we haven't maybe seen since Time Bandits.
Cynthia Mendoza (1 month ago)
Will you put the original movie on Netflix?
Fiachra McAllister (1 month ago)
bijkey bikeuy boyxws
It’s about time!!!!
Joshua Perry (1 month ago)
Guaranteed to go muh Trump like DD and get cancelled.
Thunderheade Danno (1 month ago)
So I won't lie I am glad I just found out because if I knew earlier I would be drained from waiting
qwchrbichn (1 month ago)
Oh, Age of Resistance. An unimaginative allegory for an unnecessary reboot. Get some new ideas, please.
Allen McKinney (1 month ago)
Wow this takes me back.
Normies Unite (1 month ago)
Hollywood is creatively bankrupt. There is truly no new ideas left in this world. STOP REHASHING OLD SHIT!
Julie Walker (1 month ago)
Thank the heavens that they are not taking the easy way out and using CGI🤗
Gilbert Archuletta (1 month ago)
It’s been over a year and still nothing
Milkywolf Z (1 month ago)
I’m 99% sure James’s video inspired this
I can only think about the robot chicken clip about this particular serie reboot.
Abie A (1 month ago)
Mr White (1 month ago)
Looks nice but if its true that netflix was the ones responsible for canceling daredevil im not to sure i want to get invested in another one of there shows just to have them cancle it for no reason

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