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This bike poncho is all you need to stay dry in the rain

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More at : http://interestingengineering.com/this-poncho-is-all-you-need-to-ride-your-bike-in-the-rain/
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Text Comments (19)
Timothy Linford (2 months ago)
Link is dead,  can you still get these?
norma Alvez (10 months ago)
Donde lo puedo comprar.? Plis
Giulia Montresor (10 months ago)
Where can I buy it?
Rab carn (11 months ago)
It looks silly
333 MMM (11 months ago)
norma Alvez (10 months ago)
Donde lo puedo comprar.?
Graydon Buchleiter (2 years ago)
Thinking about this for extreme heat shade.
Coco velo (2 years ago)
How much USD ? I went to your website, found nothing !
Jose Luis Meseguer (2 years ago)
Tried mine today for the first day and it worked perfectly (biking in a downpour for 15-20 minutes and I'd say it got rid of 95% of the rain, rest fell on my riding glasses)... really happy with the result; it also gets the wind away from hands and neck, so I think it will be useful in winter.
Legendary (2 years ago)
Jose Luis Meseguer did your pants get wet at all?
Volume Dealer (3 years ago)
most water hits you from below,from the tires...
Sam Fisher (7 months ago)
The Alchemist Final answer? *cue tension music*
The Alchemist (7 months ago)
@Sam Fisher back to the ground
The Alchemist (7 months ago)
Yeah, no.
Sam Fisher (11 months ago)
Even with a mudguard it still splashes back. Science.
Sam Murray (2 years ago)
Nah, that just hits your fenders :P
Quy Ho (3 years ago)
This has existed in asian for decades
kay poly (1 year ago)
Tell me one thing a whiteman hasn't stolen and pretended he evented including the land called the US.

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