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The life of jesus christ full movie cartoon: Jesus - He lived Among Us (English)

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Watch The life of jesus christ full movie cartoon with subtitle is Jesus - He lived Among Us (English) at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5KETYJJnIE See more christian cartoon movies at playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkLWhpNfRRnFfUMTMxedLG-jCtbGQoGRE He lived Among Us is film talk about the life of jesus christ when God bring him come to world.
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Text Comments (1819)
RPGΣarapraxis (6 hours ago)
This is how you justified beating slaves to death Christians And halted scientific advancements from passages
Jennysi (15 hours ago)
The song fishers men
Jennysi (15 hours ago)
Please forgive me my lord for I have sin all the time amen
beastboy gamer16 (1 day ago)
i love you jesus i will never forget you
Berry White (2 days ago)
Jesus oh how i love u you r the best there is
hajar yusop (3 days ago)
The return of Jesus is a sign of the end times. He will clear all the confusion prevailing in the world regarding his life and mission. He will follow the law of God as perfected by the final Prophet, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
Matthew Maddox (3 days ago)
Syhid Raymond (3 days ago)
after 1000 years he will go back on the earth i think
Syhid Raymond (3 days ago)
if we donot repent he will leave us on the earth and the devil will toment us
Syhid Raymond (3 days ago)
jesus will come for us anyday so we must repent
Syhid Raymond (3 days ago)
jesus die for our sins to save us so we must obey his commands and obey him
tienisha cummings (3 days ago)
Jesus Christ if. Igjjvhb
tienisha cummings (3 days ago)
I'll be call. By Jesus
Sufa (5 days ago)
Sidonie 70 (5 days ago)
i love Jesus 😃👏
Jay Daking (6 days ago)
Amen✊i love u god
Hung Nguyen (6 days ago)
What the HELL is this SH!T !
Kingtella Oof (6 days ago)
Jesus loves us all and he loves his Father
Kingtella Oof (6 days ago)
K A (7 days ago)
This was such a great retell of the story of Jesus. I sat with my five year old niece and watched it. She had lots of questions, but in the end, she realized her need for a savior. Thank you for this awesome story.
Ashley (7 days ago)
11:53 <3 I almost cried
Tony F (8 days ago)
Not the best animation, but has good voice actors. Proof that animation isn't everything.
nga prsk (9 days ago)
Me to
nga prsk (9 days ago)
Emmon Paye (9 days ago)
I will believe Jesus Christ
Sandra Nweisser (9 days ago)
Jesus is real Jesus is true Why are you not understanding that ?!!!!!! He love you and he's coming soon
Jacqueline Leon (9 days ago)
I love Jesus ma God be with us
Mtende Theu (10 days ago)
It was very hard that time
Yinely Aracena (11 days ago)
After I saw this I felt peaceful and not afraid of anything ♥️♥️♥️ who else?
Yinely Aracena (11 days ago)
This is the best thing I've ever heard in my entire life ❤️ I literally cried in the sad parts😖 Many people would say " I wish I were there to help Jesus" even I said that but that's how life is and I'm so glad to have my life even though I've made many errors and I hope that jesus forgives me♥️😍😍😖😖 Amen♥️♥️ I love you Jesus
Flash Gaming (12 days ago)
Why yall dislike this jesus ain't sacrifice his life for no reason Jesus is my life if it was never for Jesus I wouldn't even put this comment #God and Jesus first
The Awesome me !!!!! (12 days ago)
Thank you for jesus Hopefully he will come back a day where we will see him
zyhan zarook (13 days ago)
Jesus is my mightyshepherd . I am him sheep😇😇😇
Moe Kumar (13 days ago)
“Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.” Roman 12:21 King James Version (KJV)
Cimotu Ilamosi (14 days ago)
Read and share
Cimotu Ilamosi (14 days ago)
Cimotu Ilamosi (14 days ago)
Cimotu Ilamosi (14 days ago)
I love you jesus 😗👰❤❤💕👏
Cimotu Ilamosi (14 days ago)
Amen America I am in America I mean when are going to heaven Jesus Father pray for us In the name of Jesus Amen Yayyyyyyy Jesus
Ninja Gabriel (14 days ago)
I will always begin normal and end in the best way.Aman.
Melissa Tanner (15 days ago)
I love Jesus 🙏😇👏🙌🇱🇷🇱🇷
knowthycell (15 days ago)
I cannot find this dvd to buy. Any advice?
Awesome Julia (17 days ago)
We pray for him the Lord will always be with us forever our Father who is in heaven
Anthony Murray (17 days ago)
yes Lord
Ana Lolorua (18 days ago)
The LORD is always in my heart💖💖🙏🙏.
melvin escobar (19 days ago)
i miss jesus
Hey Zeus (19 days ago)
It's always weird when I find cartoon characters attractive. Bearded guys are hawt.
Derek_165 (21 days ago)
He helps me
Derek_165 (21 days ago)
I love jesus to
Derek_165 (21 days ago)
I love jesues
Lucimária Mota (25 days ago)
Glorify YOUR FATHER SON For YOUR YOU glorify GOD AND HE SAID IT: Have YOU HAVE MY SON AND I GLORIFIED glorify MORE! HE had not already slept at night, spent the night praying, the day had dawned, nine in the morning HE the cross was taken to three in the afternoon at three o'clock in the morning in his drops of sweat became as drops of blood Getsmane, until three in the morning, afternoon SAY FATHER Great Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you the Comforter, to live with you forever. I will not leave you comfortless not come back for you John 14: 16-18 noes leave orphans back to you MEET And one of the soldiers pierced his side flowed blood and water that John 19: 33-34 GOD speaks FOR YOUR SON JESUS said: YOU ARE MY SON today I have begotten you ASK ME I WILL GIVE nations Heritage I anoint my son in my holy mountain, and the kings of the earth set themselves against MY SON? GOD SAYS FOR YOUR SON JESUS: ARE YOU MY SON! HE Every kiss lands because HE IS TREMENDOUS AND HOLY, because he is terrible and HOLY! Till te Up all earth!
Hello Sir ! Please upload telugu version of this movie Please....
Hate Lies (27 days ago)
I know that you are going to return back to us AMEN
bentz kidd (27 days ago)
love god and he will love you back
xxxtencetion news (29 days ago)
Not even 4 but only 1😞💯
xxxtencetion news (29 days ago)
It's sad how this got like 4 million views but drake new song has 7 mill, this is a man who died for u and yet u still can't give him enough respect😞💯
Shambhu Chaudhary (29 days ago)
Cearra Johnson (30 days ago)
after the Jesus became popular in Judea the Jewish Power began to press him to correct the teaching and together to rise in arms vs Romans. coin Jesus showed in the end of dealings - my teaching from God Power of Cesare. in this life the Moscow about ten years attacked and tortured jesusfm. when from the beginning was said that consciousness of Jesus is not a toy in the hands of the politics. today seems clear not to one.
Tech Geek Reviews (1 month ago)
Giddy bless you
sacad ahmed (1 month ago)
This is not true
Ida Alonzo (1 month ago)
Always love god
Carlos Chanlatte (1 month ago)
I love Jesus 😘😍😘💋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Carlos Chanlatte (1 month ago)
Hi my name is Lily I love Jesus And God
My Lord & Savior Jesus Christ I'm Deeply Humbled WE both Shall Be Hated By The Nations For Our Name Shakes
Dave Burgess (1 month ago)
Abriel Kho (1 month ago)
I love you jesus Amen ❤❤❤😇
alandra garza (1 month ago)
i love jesus
Eleanor Hogan (1 month ago)
Does anyone know of a cartoon based on the stories of the bible, it was on television in the 90's I can not rememeber what it was called, I have tried looking for it but all I can seem to find is one with arachnologists and one with very cute animation which are not the ones I remember please can somebody help me?
https://youtu.be/MnUOjvrtZ84 all new christian animation daily on my channel. Stay blessed. 😁😁😁😁😁
We are doing further research on His Grace and His Love and His Father... we respect them and we have sinned much we ask for His forgiveness...
Supreme Bape (1 month ago)
I love you white jesus!!! Black people want to say you are black but deep down I know they are liars and demons. I LOVE U MY WHITE JESUS!
Lindsay Bernard (1 month ago)
Jesus I believe in you
Ke'Sharri Fenty (1 month ago)
I'm so late on this but God bless me and my family and for I will obey you and your commandments, Lord bless the sabbath
Raymond Irani (1 month ago)
I'm a sinner I do sin, that's right and not small sins but one big sin. But that doesn't change me, whenever I hear an atheist say that there is no god, I don't stop arguing till he kills him 😂. Kdg at least till he gives up arguing. And this pushed me into becoming a bit more religious thanking god each night, saying thank you before eating, talking to him like a crazy man talking alone😂, sharing his story to the people, even thought there isn't alot of ppl to share with but I would love to... and alot more! But I'm happy like this!! And so you are😁 May god be with you🙏🏻
veronica stafford (1 month ago)
His name not even Jesus and another thing EVERYONE WAS BLACK! Do your homework
Joel Jacob (1 month ago)
Hate Speech (1 month ago)
but fire needs a fuel to burn though
King Vasquez (1 month ago)
Love u Jesus and god
paumonxc nubdao (1 month ago)
Neil Mazenge (1 month ago)
I love god do you to
SaraCV87 (1 month ago)
god is good i love him doyou
SaraCV87 (1 month ago)
do you love god
SaraCV87 (1 month ago)
i do love god
SaraCV87 (1 month ago)
i love the good
Zlove 07 (1 month ago)
Cynthia Mims (1 month ago)
were watching this at least 3 times a week!
Aileen Robles (1 month ago)
Jesus is a good man
Aileen Robles (1 month ago)
Aileen Robles (1 month ago)
At the end,it is sad, but it is a little happy at the end❤️😞😌
John Rambo (1 month ago)
this is so sad.
John Rambo (1 month ago)
without food for 40 days? that is crazy. how?
Isaiah Martin (1 month ago)
Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. That's the Antichrist, read your bible Jesus and the Jews of the bible are all black not European or Russian. The Jews looked like the Egyptians in the bible and the Egyptians skin tone are compared to olives, tar and coal. Also the Jew went thru the curses of Deuteronomy 28:15-68. 12 tribes caught up in the transatlantic slave-trade not the owners of the slave ships and plantations; Revelations 2:9, 3:9.
Michael Vaughan (1 month ago)
One more thing about"Jesus - He lived Among Us", There were no closing credits what-so-ever. only that it was produced by " Voice of the Martyrs" nothing more. The Animation is outstanding and better than I have seen from others.
Michael Vaughan (1 month ago)
“Jesus - He lived Among Us” is an Animated Feature and far from being a mere Cartoon. A Cartoon is like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny. These are meant to entertain children. An Animated Feature is much like many live action Motion Pictures and tells a story, often very serious. When you call “Jesus - He lived Among Us” a cartoon, people expect it to be funny and entertaining. But this one, like many others, has a message much like the live action movies on the same subject. Those were not called comedies but were taken seriously for the message they tried to convey. “Jesus - He lived Among Us” also has a serious message and though not being live action, it most seriously is not a cartoon. “Jesus - He lived Among Us” is an Animated Feature Film and has a very serious and strong message for all of us. Children, as well as adults can and will get a lot out of this outstanding Animated Feature. Thank you.
Junction (1 month ago)
I thank god everyday I wake up because not every day is NOT promised
Nba player (1 month ago)
Thanks for everything Jesus. Amen
potato life (1 month ago)
mary martin (1 month ago)
I love this and will always love the lord
eva jesus (1 month ago)
we love you and adore you father
Jesus story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6VDwEUFrjA
gta gamer (1 month ago)
When I first watch it
gta gamer (1 month ago)
I believed Jesus I cried 😦😢😭

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