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Teenage Girls Pt.2 (Wallpaper Pants & Ratchet)

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Text Comments (12)
Tony Macaluso (5 years ago)
So if guys wear wallpaper pants... is that wrong -___-
Hmm ? (5 years ago)
Hey , dude , I am glad to see your channel actually growing now! Keep making videos bro , your doing great!
TheZehomy (5 years ago)
Wallpaper pants on dudes... -_-
MrTonicHD (5 years ago)
IMa SQWEAKER (5 years ago)
7Valletta (5 years ago)
#SWOLO lol
Samoanmike24 (5 years ago)
#swolo wallpaper pants dont bother me as long as there ass looks nice in them im okay with it
fabulousebas (5 years ago)
#swallow ... fortunately, i dont see much wallpaper pants here in canada, and thats just fine for me ... And we are not cool enough to say ratchet where i live :/ ... Still a funny and interesting video .. keep going man !
KillzoneComedy (5 years ago)
it looked like that haha
TehRockDude (5 years ago)
KillzoneComedy (5 years ago)
A girl in my class was wearing it it looked funny

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