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Selena Gomez - Bad Liar (Official Music Video)

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Get ‘Bad Liar’ out now: http://smarturl.it/BadLiar ‘Bad Liar’ directed by Jesse Peretz Get exclusive ‘Bad Liar’ merch, available at: http://smarturl.it/SelenaStore Sign-up to be the first to hear news from Selena: http://smarturl.it/SelenaGomez.News #SelenaGomez #BadLiar #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo Lyrics: I was walking down the street the other day Trying to distract myself But then I see your face Ooh wait that’s someone else Trying to play it coy Trying to make it disappear But just like the battle of troy There’s nothing subtle here In my room there’s a king size space Bigger than it used to be If you want you can rent that place Call me an amenity Even if it’s in my dreams Ooh you’re taking up a fraction of my mind Ooooh every time I watch you serpentine I’m trying Not to think about you No no no Not to think about you No no no I’m trying Not to give in to you No no no Not to give in to you With my feelings on fire Guess I’m a bad liar I see how your attention builds It’s like looking in a mirror Your touch like a happy pill But still all we do is fear What could possibly happen next Can we focus on the love Paint my kiss across your chest If you’re the art I’ll be the brush And oh baby let’s make reality actuality a reality Music video by Selena Gomez performing Bad Liar. (C) 2017 Interscope Records http://vevo.ly/i21lcp Best of Selena Gomez: https://goo.gl/mgJg2s Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/2bTupr
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Text Comments (124934)
lou smates (2 hours ago)
I know that feeling
Echa Niia (6 hours ago)
When she playing basketball then I can read her next song on her cloth, okay. If u just recognize just give me thumbs up😂
Hyaken Kun (7 hours ago)
Emma Tayri (8 hours ago)
Justin : Love yourself Selena : OK ...
Edvelin Cumbicos (13 hours ago)
This Video Selena having a crush selena, but Selena, but SELENA is beautiful I'm crying they ended up well make close products Expected sort baby question points provided Except called SEVERAL points provided Except called SEVERAL points provider can have
Edvelin Cumbicos (14 hours ago)
this selena is abut having a crush Selena, but selena is firing with Selena while his wife is Selena
Edvelin Cumbicos (14 hours ago)
this Video is about selena having a crush on selena. but is filing with Selena whil his is selena
Dashiz Nitz (15 hours ago)
Does anyone hear a resemblance in this song to Christine and the Queens' style/inspired style?
Suleman Husain (15 hours ago)
Selina You R Like a Cute
Mere Synaxarion (16 hours ago)
Did anyone notice that when she is bouncing the basketball her jersey says 'Wolves' which is another one of her songs? (if people didn't know that she had a song called Wolves)
Sanuki De soysa (14 hours ago)
Joe Salha (16 hours ago)
this song is so relaxing.
(17 hours ago)
algum br em 2019?
Jeffy Xe (18 hours ago)
Selena just is being Selena as Selena likes the coach Selena while the teacher Selena is flirting with the coach Selena and Selena really is trying not to think about her
agustina marino (20 hours ago)
Her acting of an innocent teenager falling in love is brilliant !!
RandomStuff ,Inc (1 day ago)
Imagine Dragons one is better
Sanuki De soysa (14 hours ago)
I like both but this one more
muhammad ali (1 day ago)
2:08 Yes u are trying and failing at singing. Actual singing.
Donald Monald (1 day ago)
Friend: Stop cheating on your diet! Me: 0:58
BTS ARMY j-hope (1 day ago)
Does Selena has powers or what cause she looks so young and you keep on gurl
Sion Diosa (1 day ago)
#SelenaGomez #BadLiar #Vevo #XD #Jajajajajjajaja #:v
Elen Vitoria (1 day ago)
Pedo Bear
Elen Vitoria (1 day ago)
Eu sei
Elen Vitoria (1 day ago)
Q q eu tô fazendo aki
Mariella Casaverde (2 days ago)
as if being crazy and sick is in fashion. too stupid , your days are gone.
Mariella Casaverde (2 days ago)
like I even get sad and crazy watching you acting like crazy but stupid.
Utsav kumar (2 days ago)
That intro bass is just so talking heads !!!!
My Neck My Back (2 days ago)
She lesbian or somthen ??
My Neck My Back (1 day ago)
Ok bro
Daniel Budik (2 days ago)
You stupid or something??
Biagio Caccia (2 days ago)
DanHonors 75 (2 days ago)
When the movie is a low budget
Jeffrey Norris (2 days ago)
This might be the best visual representation of narcissism I’ve ever seen.
Keopich Sim (2 days ago)
carlton matlock (2 days ago)
Selina Gomez beautiful in this video ♥️♥️💙💙♥️♥️♥️♥️💙
Alfredo Reyes (2 days ago)
She is beautiful Selena Gómez ❤🙌
John Mellet (2 days ago)
ugh what is that line about serpentine lover anywayz
다이아몬드And (2 days ago)
I like song.
Mario Andrés (2 days ago)
Remeber alex from wizard of waverly place ❤
Nuha Anas (2 days ago)
“ Wolves “ in her basket ball tee
Janneke Heins (2 days ago)
Winch one is better? Imagine dragons This one Like= imagine dragons Comment=this one
xxxgammaxxx (2 days ago)
wolfs vibes (3 days ago)
Her songs are funny xd
Ester Finez (3 days ago)
omg I been looking for the song and its been 2 year I been looking because my cousin used to listen in a apartment in arbors they had a stunning and beautiful place
Ivonne Fermin (3 days ago)
I'm trying trying trying trting trying not to think about you🎶🎶🎶🎶
Ariana Grande (3 days ago)
Noura Alsha3er (3 days ago)
Imagine Dragons “Bad Liar” > Selena Gomez “Bad Liar”
Maryam Essaji (3 days ago)
Praveena Srinivasan (3 days ago)
Such an amazing song.....Love you Sel.....😘😘😘
xXFirewolve21 (3 days ago)
Starring selena gomez Starring selena gomez and finally selena gomez
PaRdOn? (3 days ago)
Plot twist: the mom likes the gym teacher too
Angel BULLIVANT (3 days ago)
We love a bi selena.
ALIENWOLF TWINS (3 days ago)
I have the biggest crush on Selena 😂😂❤️
Mobilelegends Flix (3 days ago)
Squidney Squidz (3 days ago)
I love this:)
anna (4 days ago)
2019) ?
Wonderland (4 days ago)
*selena has joined the chat*
Wonderland (4 days ago)
Wonderland (4 days ago)
Cast: Mom - Selena Dad - Selena Daughter - Selena Teacher - Selena Selena - Selena
Wonderland (4 days ago)
I just realised how much I’ve said selena and now it’s weird to say it
Wonderland (4 days ago)
Selena took “Love yourself” to a whole new level
daniel strafiotis (4 days ago)
3:26 two Selenas
Phity Lovato (4 days ago)
Her face too cute to be serious
Arianna Rodriguez (4 days ago)
I might be wrong but at 1:12 is that KJ Apa???
s i m p l y m e (4 days ago)
teenage Selena has a crush on blonde Selena who flirts with guy Selena while guy Selena is cheating on brunette Selena. Hope that cleared up confusion!😀
I love the music of Selena Gomez is every beautiful and cute ♥✨
Mariana Lemus sosa (4 days ago)
Algien que conozca a bts???jejej amo a selena gomez
Alberto Mirse (5 days ago)
If you're the art i'll be the brush
Jillian Nogin (5 days ago)
Se 123467 (5 days ago)
2 0 1 9 😂❤️😱👌🏼🔥🥳🤔😬😃🤐
Aysed Bys (5 days ago)
Bad liar❤️
Ashly Rodriguez (5 days ago)
Selena is very pretty
Unicorn Sawi (5 days ago)
Right before I watched this an Arianna Grande VEVO add popped up 😂😂😂
sadia officiel (5 days ago)
Double selena
Joseph Lego (5 days ago)
WhatI’m confused 😐
Angelica Velazquez (5 days ago)
Why does salena look sooo young
Riaz Ahmed (5 days ago)
Wow beautiful music
XxLps XxHearts (6 days ago)
2:44 sound like a Charlie pith song
Ella Valentine (6 days ago)
wolves, fetish, back to you and bad liar music videos are so aesthetic and cool it 100% fits perfectly with taylor swift's 1989 album cover picture and music videos. ❤ and they're best friends, which makes it so much better. ❤
Princess Shipper (6 days ago)
Me when I'm thinking about food in class lol
breanna (6 days ago)
"be the art. I'll be the brush" it's the correct words not I'll beat up Russia
Aani Chawat (6 days ago)
selena is married to Selena but Selena is cheating on Selena
Sanuki De soysa (6 days ago)
I always thought Selena had a thing for Selena
ELIAS STADLER. (6 days ago)
I Love ♥ you Selena Gomez linda 😍💞💜💛💚💙.
ELIAS STADLER. (6 days ago)
Love ♥!
TheRussianGiraffe13 (6 days ago)
"alright class, we're having a group project"
José Henrique (6 days ago)
Pop perfection
YoungQueen Courage (6 days ago)
Luzsanchez Sanchez (6 days ago)
2019 ????????
Shawder Diegoo (7 days ago)
Кто потом клипа драконов?
NeuLawrence (7 days ago)
NeuLawrence (7 days ago)
MeMySelf Minahil (7 days ago)
i love diss sm
MeMySelf Minahil (7 days ago)
xXBubbleIs AwesoneXx (7 days ago)
DustApple (7 days ago)
I just realized the WOLVES basketball jersey easter egg. This was definitely part of an album at some point it would kind of suck if she just scraps it.
Cris Silva (7 days ago)
There’s too many Selena’s lol
Shayie Bee (7 days ago)
So, I've watched this countless times and today I understood it differently. For the longest time, I thought that her peers thought she had a crush on her male teacher and that's why they looked down on her. I thought that for some reason that guy was supposed to be some sort of "desirable" man that all women flirted with (although he didn't seem like the hot kind), even her own mother was dating him. I saw that the girl was annoyed at her mother for falling for such a flirtatious man but in the end she wasn't even crushing on him but the girl. I thought this was clever and I loved it! Then today I realized that nope, that was is her father.... changed the video for me and I can't even understand how I saw it differently. Hehehe. sorry?
its babybear (7 days ago)
did anyone notice her jersey says "wolves"...……….?
Tannia Mei (7 days ago)
1:15 Moni y Pepe Argento xd
Zer0_sAim (8 days ago)
2:14 Oh no what. What is he doing like down there😂
Nora SEN (8 days ago)
a garbage :) (this song)
Fred Connelly (8 days ago)
About year ago selena sorry.
Fred Connelly (8 days ago)
Bad Layer Video was not bad at all. i did not know what was going on with it at the time selena love you.
Mika Games (8 days ago)
you are beautiful

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