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Ejected From Naked Bike Ride For Getting A Little Too Excited

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"A cyclist was hauled from the start line of a naked bike race and spoken to by police following reports that he had an erection. The "aroused" and "overexcited" man was spotted at the start of the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) event in Canterbury, Kent, on Sunday. He was ordered by stewards to put his jeans on before being spoken to by police, and was not allowed to take part in the event - aimed at raising awareness of the dangers faced by cyclists on the road. A witness was told the Kent Online website: "Everyone was taking their clothes off to get ready for the ride. I heard gasps and I turned around - it was a horrible sight.” * Cenk Uygur (http://www.twitter.com/cenkuygur) and Ana Kasparian (http://www.twitter.com/AnaKasparian) discuss on The Young Turks. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. *Read more here http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/man-on-naked-bike-ride-gets-ejected-after-becoming-aroused-10288167.html ••• Go to https://www.naturebox.com/tyt for a free trial and help us out while snacking out! ••• Get The Young Turks​ Mobile App Today! Download the iOS version here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-young-turks/id412793195?ls=1&mt=8 Download the Android version here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tyt
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Text Comments (1042)
Scarlett Fairbanks (14 days ago)
Ana should attend a naked bike ride
Yes being normal is now illegal
irene staples (8 months ago)
It's not such a big deal. People think all guys who become rigid are perverts, but it may have been relaxing and just started to become erect, like a morning hard-on. As long as he wasn't touching it up or touching anyone else with it.
Lone Gunman63 (1 year ago)
A lot of fuss about nothing.
blackstarafro2 (1 year ago)
What did expect to happen. So we're the rest of them getting exited?
BushidoBrownSama (2 years ago)
This body shaming, Boner shaming
pholly jason (2 years ago)
i'm afraid of riding my skateboard due to so many cracks and holes city streets have
Beatrice Gatta (2 years ago)
Isn't it painful to ride a bike naked? D:
Zurround100 (2 years ago)
we need a "reverse viagrara" pill that makes it impossible to get an erection for a few hours. Its part of why i would not want to go to a nudist club. Getting in trouble for it is basically a thought crime, and it puts men in an unfair disadvantage because if a woman has a similar level of sexual excitement its less noticable.
pmay222 (3 years ago)
it was the masturbating upset everybody
David Parks (3 years ago)
they were jealous
Pete Kiryluk (3 years ago)
Imagine how the dude felt when all the women in the city freaked out because they saw his penis, (the mental scarring) i have no idea why, but 70% of women are afraid to make eye contact with a human male penis. Vagina art all day long but one penis and there is a female mob with pitchforks, thats 3rd wave feminism. Its ok for women to get naked & horney just not men. That's a criminal offence indecent exposure and lewd acts.
Nicholas McNamara (3 years ago)
maybe he was busting to pee it happens
billy wells (3 years ago)
for fucks sake its a penis grow the fuck up like what the hell is wrong with an erection
chocnyari (3 years ago)
Erect penis shaming!
NymphetaminexXxGrrrl (3 years ago)
Seriously!? He committed the crime, of an involuntary boner, and he was removed from the protest, and had to deal with police....So they can handle peoples natural, naked bodies, but they cant handle the bodies natural human response. Now i would understand if he was being inappropriate by touching people sexually against their will, or grinding his boner on a little old lady, but come on! He was not doing anything wrong other than existing! people need to get over their fear of anything that could be considered remotely sexual. What is so horrifying about a penis? i wonder how many women were removed for having erect nipples...oh right...none! i guess women could just explain that the hardening of their nipples is an involuntary response, that is not sexual in nature. and they wouldn't get in trouble. but what about men? an erection isn't always sexual in nature either, but somehow that explanation only works for women. this is so sexist! if there going to have a naked protest, they must know they are going to see genitals in various states of being. and hopefully most people are mature enough to realize and accept this.
SuperZX (3 years ago)
I think a more befitting title for this clip would have been; " Ejaculated From Naked Bike Ride For Getting to Exxxited."
Nick Nack (3 years ago)
Cyclists are a pain in the neck. They think they own the road, they ride around in large groups cluttering up the place and getting in the way and they jump lights.
jay Roberge (2 years ago)
MK Kendall (2 years ago)
+jay Roberge He also believes in the Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy.
Nick Nack (2 years ago)
+SHILL DETECTOR It feels like you're a particularly stupid six year old
MK Kendall (2 years ago)
+Nick Nack Like I said. You have ZERO. How's that feel?
Marfnl (3 years ago)
So i guess guys have to Take a Ice pack with them? ^,--
asmRTPOP (3 years ago)
Well I like flaccid and erect penises? Because I'm attracted to men? I don't get straight women who say penises are ugly. Maybe re-evaluate your sexuality. I never hear straight men claim vaginas are ugly as a whole.
sinimannerstuff (3 years ago)
Are these guys serious? They can't be that stupid, can they? Drawing a parallel with a perv in a playground is too daft. Guys hellooo!! An erect penis is about sexual arousal. It is not a sexual event - that's the point (!) - much like taking your kids to the playground isn't, duh. The lack of clothing is to highlight vulnerability, and we don't need to reiterate the readily available reasons behind this. If someone is there for sexual reasons, they are in the wrong place, and it is absolutely right they be challenged on that.
Fruited Dragon (3 years ago)
Awareness RAISED
Brad Rosser (3 years ago)
It was a piss hard! get em every morrnin. lol
mad dusa (3 years ago)
be real. it's likely that the guy was a creep.
River Rose (3 years ago)
America its a wiener..... omg did people get up set when a woman's nipples got hard? the body has a mind of its own some times. his probably a showier not a grower.
SquareOne (3 years ago)
Naked people got mad that another naked man got a boner? Really? I mean really? did any women get kicked out because their titties got pointy? Also where all the foreigners telling us how horrid America is? Oh yeah this happened in the U.K so i'm expecting, "but Americans are...." Or "Americans would.."n Or "if this happened in America, then ."
Marble Grimes (3 years ago)
Was there no one around, at a bike ride with a cold drink  or two ?
Linda Liriel (3 years ago)
A guy's manhood can become erect with very little stimulus sometimes, so if he wasn't doing anything weird I feel a little sorry for him. Maybe it wasn't just his arousal that caused the stirr? I mean, maybe he was leering or something which made it all a little awkward if not creepy? My masseuse says it often happens that men get an erection during a long massage, but that some are really apologeticor embarassed, others simply ignore it (which is what she does as she's used to it) but that sometime one or two will start rubbing themselves against the table or try to steer the masseuse's hands...And those are the ones whoose massage is immediately interrupted as she walks out.  It isn't just in the arousal (something a guy can't really help) but in his attitude.
Malcolm Swoboda (3 years ago)
Oh honestly our society is more scared of an erect cock (regardless of the circumstances about that erection, I mean) than breasts, vagina, etc. Feminism and sexploitation both have reduced the feat of the latter, but men don't really have the thumbs up for their own private part, even in a nude event, it seems.
legasy825 (3 years ago)
Seems you need to jerk off before going on this bike ride
Simon Sykes (3 years ago)
next thing you know they will be making rules... rule 1, all naked bike riding members must wear clothes.  :)
Simon Sykes (3 years ago)
think about how MANY new members they just put off! .. men worrying they might get a stiffy, it's discrimination i say! what what!
Simon Sykes (3 years ago)
Dan Irish (3 years ago)
Wouldn't this be considered profiling? he is a male and his sexual organs can be easily identified as being aroused, understandable. But what about women? During sexual arousal, a woman's vaginal canal elongates, her vulva becomes engorged with blood (similarly to a mans penis) and her nipples contract. Sadly none of these things can be as easily identified as sexual arousal, let alone some being able to be observable at all in reasonable situations. Luckily this man didn't have any sort of legal issues with this incident but it still raises the question of if this man is being harassed for something beyond his control, and if the harassment is one sided based on his gender.
sommi (3 years ago)
The funny thing is that all of you (IDIOTS) fell for this troll. There is no MAN who was ejected from the Naked Bike Ride. The WNBR released this 'fake story' so they can get media sites (like TYT!) to report on the event and raise awareness and build publicity for their event. And it worked! All you idiots fell for it.
JETHRO MCCORMICK (2 years ago)
SKYNET #2025 (3 years ago)
Sounds like he was the only normal guy there.
SKYNET #2025 (3 years ago)
Those people are freaking retarded. I bet I know exactly what they look like. Fucking hipster probably
Kerry Darlington (3 years ago)
Give that bike-riders PR Company a high five...
tmat 1 (3 years ago)
'somebody released the cracken!' - Cenk
Rob Green (3 years ago)
lols it was a horrible sight lols ^^ how ridiculous lol oh and ye annas soo right, erect penis's look way better than flaccid.. come on
Brent P (3 years ago)
Peter Rabitt (3 years ago)
Paula Radcliffe, in the middle of a marathon.....took a dump in the street. Watched it on ESPN. THAT was outrageous.
Zizka Zenit (3 years ago)
I think they're mad because they want to desexualize nudity, but then this guy shows up and sexualizes it. Not to say he's to blame though, when a man is surrounded by naked people, erections can happen.
Mark Twain (3 years ago)
The Erection Ejection!
Laura Lynn Crytzer (3 years ago)
If they're going to eject men for getting penile erections, they should eject women for getting clitoral erections. Think that's too invasive to find out if a woman has an erection? Then maybe we shouldn't be so invasive when a man gets one by accident.
mistaseeforce (3 years ago)
i got a stiffy right now *shrugs*
Gaymebow (3 years ago)
honestly, sometimes i get an erection just from getting naked. like it happens all the time when im taking my clothes off before a shower. How do they not recognize this?
phanatic215 (3 years ago)
Seeing a penis=welcome participant Seeing an erect penis=guy is a monster That's backwards as hell. He's going to be on the bike, you won't see his penis anyway.
Alex Jibb (3 years ago)
Has anyone noticed that if an opportunity to act offended arises most people immediately take it?
Alex Jibb (3 years ago)
Im pro feminism and gender equality but I dislike the way a country that has such little appreciation for the importance of sex ed seems to dominate all discussion on these topics
Aeroldoth3 (3 years ago)
Everyone was obviously upset because he had a humongous boner and refused to share with anybody. "Not yours!" Plus, being naked, they didn't have their phones with them to take pics, so no free porn for later.
Bramble451 (3 years ago)
Come to San Francisco's Folsom Street Fap... erh, Fair.  "Going to work" is among the tamer things that go on, and always results in applause, not police action!
Shazam (3 years ago)
So these people have no problem with big bare asses smothering tiny bicycle seats out in public with a bunch of other naked riders, but the site of an erect penis is where they draw the line?
Brandon Guthrie (3 years ago)
I'm with you Cenk!
IchbinX (3 years ago)
Ana: "I just dont get it" Men are treated like shit, in western culture. You blind, liberal, pieces of shit!
WeeItsNookies (3 years ago)
So..People are at a naked bike ride (which is stupid as fuck in itself) and they are mad because a naked dude got an erection? Something that literally cannot be prevented. I'm sure if people were kicking topless women out of some topless event people would be crying sexism. Holy shit people are dumb
Duncan Pinderhughes (3 years ago)
"Ugh. What kind of disgusting man gets an erection around naked women? Ugh. What kind of weak man can't get an erection around naked women. Ugh. Why can't men understand women?" - Women.
YouTube logic Police (3 years ago)
+Duncan Pinderhughes Thank you!
Frank Collins (3 years ago)
Y'all laugh when Republicans say it about gay marriage, and now you want CYCLING COMMUNISTS SHOVING THERE ERECTIONS DOWN OUR THROATS! Why don't these dick policing cyclists realize their decision to get nude is sexual and why didn't they report any "perverts" with erect nipples? You know racist cops would cuff and beat his menacing hard-on had it been black.
Michael Etzel (3 years ago)
"We do not accept this behavior; he was dealt with". What the fuck?! Since when is getting an erection behavior that you have control over? What the actual fuck is wrong with these people? As if the guy chose to have an erection right then, or if some teenager in school just CHOOSES to get a boner right when he has to stand up and give a presentation or whatever.
Prometheus (3 years ago)
A man getting an erection and people were outraged? Why? It's like a woman's nipples becoming erect - it's the exact same - changes in temperature can do it, especially if the guy is young - young guys get erections ALL THE TIME. It's not necessarily sexual - and sometimes it just happens and there's no way to control it.
Rumple Stiltskin (3 years ago)
It is absolutely amazing our humanity survived this long with people out there who think the male erect penis is a "Horrible sight", or being "Outraged" by seeing it in its erect form. I mean, were these outraged morons, Nuns, or Priest who were critical because they couldn't get any of it while it lasted.  No, they were more than likely women who don't have a clue about the male anatomy and have been living in a cave up in the Himalayas for most of their celibate lives.
hamstergirl4444 (3 years ago)
What was he supposed to do - give his dick a strong talking to? "Hey Sparky - you gotta pack it up here or we're in trouble"...?  Might as well arrest every woman who's nipples got hard as well - hey, we can's have horny naked people on bicycles....Just when you think you've seen humanity's highest level of insanity - along comes a story like this.....
hamstergirl4444 (3 years ago)
+Montblanc Of course you're right, and I know that...it just sounded good at the time ;)
Montblanc (3 years ago)
+hamstergirl4444 Hey, just remember this, Geocentrists- people who think the sun revolves around the earth- still exist. Flat-earthers are also still a thing. http://www.witchwind.wordpress.com has people who honestly believe them, and they have the right to vote. No matter how dumb people who believe that an erection is shameful and wrong are, there are ALWAYS dumber people out there.
D Cooper (3 years ago)
They all wanted it or was jeleous
Brandon P (3 years ago)
Must have been feminists complaining.
BHRxRACER (3 years ago)
So hard nips are okay but erect dicks are not. Ok evolved humans.
UNLebanon (3 years ago)
A warm breeze.  That's all it takes.
paul bradley (3 years ago)
An erect penis around naked girls... sounds like a straight man to me. Erections aren't always sexual. It just happens sometimes. When are we going to just realize we're people and have basic anatomy. We aren't 5 year olds. Reminds me of South Park: "Floppy Weineeeeers floppy weineeeers"! (A play on Game of Thrones).
JosephJamesScott (3 years ago)
I'm sure there's something more to this story then some dude going full staff at a naked rally.
Sadunk (3 years ago)
When I read the title, I thought he flew off his bike because of the erection.
Last First (3 years ago)
I can't believe that in a story about a british johnson they didn't use the word 'tallywacker'
James C (3 years ago)
Why didn't he just picture Eva Green in his head? That usually works for me: http://pe2.samondeo.com/images1/eva-green-10.jpg
Twan van Dongen (3 years ago)
"what details did they take?"... Obviously length, girth, thrust...
LoOkImArEdCaR (3 years ago)
Ewwwww! Imagine standing down wind!
freedom1234573 (3 years ago)
coulda had a full bladder
austin smith (3 years ago)
Erection rection bicycle ride ejection....
dalediese (3 years ago)
Surely there could have been a "you must be this tall to ride" joke in here somewhere?
andomitor8 (3 years ago)
This happened months ago. I go to university in Canterbury. Kent police were horribly slated about banning this guy... No one cared really just the guys doing the race.
Will Power (3 years ago)
these are the type stories the turks should stick too...lol
Hans Blitz (3 years ago)
If he crashed he might ruin his boner forever.
UniverseOfAtoms (3 years ago)
A woman wouldn't be treated like this...
Domzdream (3 years ago)
When I got into the UK London, I suddenly saw hundreds of these bicycle riders, all naked. It has to take some balls to do that. I certainly couldn't do this
Atharkas (3 years ago)
=_= It's an erection, it happens as a response to external or mental stimulus. There is nothing wrong with that.
Larry Burke (3 years ago)
It's a boner!!!! There are only like 3.5 billion of them currently on earth.
DanTheMan51632 (3 years ago)
Should have charged him with indecent exposure, that would've been a perfect way of displaying just how stupid things can get in this country.
Jason A (3 years ago)
shit I just noticed I'm erect right now
Daniel Manahan (3 years ago)
All those women with hard nipples get applause One guy gets a hard penis and everyone loses it.
Charles Woke (3 years ago)
What if he actually wasn't hard...:/
gamester1416 (3 years ago)
two headed lol
Iruka Sen. (3 years ago)
Smelly seats
Cassandra Ross (3 years ago)
Don't men just get erections randomly anyways?
MsAquamonkey (3 years ago)
I am offended when I wake up in the morning, my boyfriend is still asleep, and yet, he has an erection. It's disgusting. ;) Cenk trying to sound English is hilarious. :D This reminds me of the whole 'British people get offended by everything' trope. Ah well, I do declare, that it seems we do...
Dr Hatespeech (3 years ago)
Ana is going to ride her bike naked.
Pham Nuwen (3 years ago)
Wow, people are dumb. Also, I really don't get America.It's like our society is simultaneously hyper-sexualized and outright repressive.
George (3 years ago)
Only one guy at the event got a boner?
Torgo (3 years ago)
Brits fuck everything up. Fuck em
Reiden Lightman (3 years ago)
You know what happens to guys while they're just watching TV? Doesn't have to be anything sexy and nobody on screen has to be attractive. They get erections. You know what happens to guys while playing video games at a sausage fest? They get erections. Guys get erections just fucking because. We can't control it, it's now our fault. If you see an erection while you're talking to us, don't assume it's because we're excited or expecting to get lucky or thinking how sexy you are. Sometimes, we just get erections for no reason.
CyberRonin (3 years ago)
He must of had a huge dick.
Mod Ash (3 years ago)
Man, it really sucks to be that guy.
HRRyan2 (3 years ago)
soooo, the activists were shocked...? wtf?!
Aaron (3 years ago)
Im 33 and I get erections sometimes for no apparent reason, its actually pretty annoying.

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