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These are four types of guys that are irresistible to most girls. By finding out which male archetype you fit into best, you can play to your strengths and avoid your weaknesses.
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Emmanuel Asante (22 hours ago)
Party boy
Champuk Bhosle (1 day ago)
Fat wallet = many women
Pasdetrick 09 (1 day ago)
Basically having confidence and having fun in life.
Stop whining and engage in a unending development guys.
midul bora (6 days ago)
The truth is boy with good look and gentlemen is more attractive
anthony cooper (7 days ago)
Building my own empire don't need no women...
Kenneth Porst (7 days ago)
hey dude you know that saying " if you love her let her go" , well what if you want to get her back? like i think its time i Go TELL HER how i feel. what do you think?
Muder Siraj (13 days ago)
Hey bro ! Your videos are just amazing and really helpful. Can i please get your email id ?
0c0 (13 days ago)
Welp I am the quiet / confident type I always am shy, calm, cool, I don't enjoy being crowded I like being alone, I am mysterious and ambiguous Yup that's me 👌
Just 1 (15 days ago)
If you want to capture a girl, just use a poke ball
Ucrazian (16 days ago)
To quote a famous nord philosopher: “Bollocks, brother, respectfully, bollocks!”
TTG Music (21 days ago)
Hey plz for girls in the comment section can you give me advice. I really like this girl but we aren’t that close. Could you tell me what makes a guy attractive ?
Rashad Gilbert (24 days ago)
I match everything on the final one
Van Shuo (25 days ago)
Never try to analysis girls brain you will lost yourself
philmagroin56ish (26 days ago)
you have no idea.
Neil O Connor (1 month ago)
Aparrantly in james bond
Team IronMan (1 month ago)
These four types of guys will have four definite experiences in their life: divorce, child support, blended families and multiple x's in today's society because their trying to impress gold diggers.
S&G csapat (1 month ago)
4 types: 1: Rich af 2: 1 3: 2 4: 3
Katharina Kostka (1 month ago)
Sorry, but the only true stuff in this video is that most guys do not seem to know who they are and what they want. The rest is definitely crap...at least as long as I am a woman. Yes you need to be confident an being able to laugh about yourself but not all the time. And Social Status might attract at the beginning but it does not help to finally get her or keep her if you lack other things. Just my 5ct: know what you want in life, your own value...and hers.
QUEENFIJI03 (1 month ago)
This is the REAL TRUTH The best GIRLS LIKE GUYS WHO ARE KIND CARING HELPING SMART SINCERE. They don't necessarily have to be confident but they should shows those qualities. SHOW HER THOSE QUALITIES such as help a disabled person on a bus, say thank you to bus driver, help an old person, give way to people. For sure you'll have only the best quality girls coming up to you..
ARES (1 month ago)
This is pathetic whole Social media portais woman like they are some ultimate price they telling us how to impress woman like we are dogs you dont need to fit in some categories to impress woman 1000 years ago man was motivated to protect his land become stronger and face his fears now man is motivated to get laid and thats it in my country(georgia) there was king vaxtang gorgasali(wolf headed) he was so badass and cool warrior that parthians were feard he was man he didnt cared about getting laid he cared about ruleing the countri and battles to protect his people
Muhammad Salman (1 month ago)
i'm in the fourth type but currently trying to switch to the second type :(
Ryley Cannon (1 month ago)
This is stupid the 4 are king, warrior, magician and lover not this shit
Bot TidePod (1 month ago)
I'm a trixter and cocky funny guy
Biel Victorino (1 month ago)
I'm half trickster and half funny half ouet
Gen Wan (1 month ago)
I sum it in a Male Music Band members kind of theme..but not alll girls like the same thing: -some girls are attracted to the main singer of said Male Band (social charismatic and kinda rich) -for some girls it's the second voice singer (yeah he sucks at singing but he's the best looking one in the band, and I mean he's even prettier than the prettiest girl in said band if they decide to have females join them someday) -for some girls it's the dancer , that 5 ft shorty with more muscles than bones and who never stays still. -some girls are attracted to the guitarist (the cocky asshole who runs when the shooting starts, these girls like that fake cockiness but she doesnt find out its fake before he already fucked her) -some chicks dig the drummer (the quiet bad ass who knows what he's doing mostly the best one in bed cause he doesn't talk as much as he works and mostly the most well endowed ,thats why hes quiet but cool and cause the loudest sounds WHILE being quiet) -some dig the pianist (the emotional dude who cries every time he watches the Titanic, and his favorite movie is the twilight saga, yes her favorite too ) -for SO many girls it's said band's bodyguards (the muscly big guys with the small willy, they have big muscles BECAUSE of the small willy) -for some girls it's the dude who invented the instruments these guys are playing (the nerdy science dude,these bitches attend every conferences about super Novas) -but most bitches dig said male band's Manager (the rich old asshole who enslave all these guys, these are 10/10 hot young bitches, the best in the market) simple as that, thing is no women go for the back singers or the chorus fellas
CORNDOG AKA JDOG (1 month ago)
I am the quiet/confident type. I do more and talk less
The Deadly Tiger Ghost (1 month ago)
im more the 3nd guy mixed with 4 but im just the 2nd because my boy colleges pull me to the up side eventhought im shy
SKillZ OFFICIAL (1 month ago)
Alot of fighters are good examples of the “Quite Confident” type. Eg: Khabib. Very stoic and cold but will fuck you up
gghice1 (1 month ago)
List of world's driest places: 1. Antarctica; 2. Sahara Desert; 3. Gobi Desert; 4. Every girl's panties when she sees you
Christian Vazquez (1 month ago)
I'm a trickster
Charles Corbett (1 month ago)
Marko Kilibarda (1 month ago)
The giy behind the channel is probably in the closet
John W (2 months ago)
Ace Bubble (2 months ago)
Oh that's why many girls like him at school eh?
lollol lollol (2 months ago)
I am...... James Bond 👈🏻
Anthony Sanders (2 months ago)
This dude lame AF lol
Pranav Adhikari (2 months ago)
Damn i want silver car I mean real silver
Lejen Ben (2 months ago)
Women care about money as much as they care about the guy they’re trying to be with. So, if all you do is bitch about how girls are gold diggers, then you’re already proving to the world just how much you’re not ready for a relationship. You’re still a boy, not a man. 💀
rasen shuriken (2 months ago)
The fourth one usually we've seen in anime character and only work on anime world...so use the fourth correctly.. At least talk much
Nemanja Curcic (2 months ago)
5 type is rich guy❗
yako zark (2 months ago)
Im party famous
Rukey Burg (2 months ago)
So at first I thought I would be a trickster. Then I thought I can be funny and cocky litterally at the same time... then I realised I can be a party boy, not because I can party, but because of the characteristics. So seeing the comment first about stating that every guy wants to be quite the confident guy, I thought I will probably not be that person. Seeing him (FarFromAverage) finally describes the archetype, it feels like I used to be that type. The funny thing is, I am now quite the opposite from depressed. Expressed (get it? ;). I never define me as being myself, but as someone who has characteristics/traits. Maybe confidence grows when you experience other characteristics? Maybe.. But after all, we live our own lives, perceptions and all those kind of stuff. It's amazing how people can grow mentally. It begins with drawing a line what you want to be/do and what you define yourself in the most present moment ;)
Justin Peters (2 months ago)
Multiple of them
Demo AKA DEMONICFOX (2 months ago)
I'm not good at none of those thing so planet earth say good bye cause ima become the next Goku black I'm sick and tired of girls just going to arrogant guys my rage level is going to explode
League of Legends Lol (2 months ago)
Girls, true or nah??
Professor K (2 months ago)
I must be so irresistible, girls in Thailand come up to me every night especially at the bars
Young G (2 months ago)
Tbh I’m only attracted to Nerdy/Athletic guys with good personalities 🤷‍♀️
Samuel Whittingham (3 months ago)
The majority of men do not fit these descriptions
Đorđe Žutić (3 months ago)
You mixed up everythig - quiet, confident by a James Bond example... yeah, that's the lowest budget movie, and a real deep fabula
X-01 Unknown (3 months ago)
So every woman wants a copycat? Lame concept. Us women also like originality, humility, intelligence and other qualities that didn’t make it on this list. You don’t have to be and archetype. Make your own and someone will take notice. Don’t try to be someone else. Where’s your dignity?
Nessie Hughes (3 months ago)
Okay some advice for all the guys in the comment section, there will be a girl out there for you. If you think that no one likes you then your wrong. It doesn't matter if your chubby, shy, "weird", or funny. A girl will find something about you that she likes and talk to you. We are not all money digging whores! I like the different guys. Not someone who is so confident that they are cocky and bully others. So don't take this video too seriously.
I'm a lttle Trickster . A some cocky funny guy . Absolutely none of party guy . An mostly quite and confident type .
Brandon Drew (3 months ago)
Lack of understanding? Try lack of confidence dumbass. Your like a virgin trying to figure out how to get laid. News flash NOT HARD.
Riyaaz Basha (3 months ago)
Quite/confident type 😂
Just be yourself
Leyna Kim Nguyen (3 months ago)
Ok guys, don't complain about not getting women if your reason to get women is to fuck the hottest women you can find.
Ahmed Mostafa (3 months ago)
raouf bentaleb (3 months ago)
fuck types
Trapper The Money (4 months ago)
I found out that I fit the cocky/funny guy mixed with the quiet confident guy. It just depends where I'm at and with who
Ben Garrison (4 months ago)
This is such a faggoty thing lol. You will be a virgin forever if you listen to this dweeb.
God's Army (4 months ago)
I'm definately number 2...Nice,cocky or funny in general...
It makes sense I'm not ugly. I know for fact I'm not, so im confident in my looks but I'm shy sometimes and quiet but girls usually give me attention first so I go with the flow and I'm usually successful with women unless I get too nervous around them
Quiet confident
Aman Suryavanshi (4 months ago)
1.drinker 2.smoker 3.drug adict 4.even greater than this
Dimitri Pehlivanidis (4 months ago)
The real alphal male leader does not care if he attracts women. if your resorting to copying a personality women will smell a fake easly not only that you will attract a women who does the same thing.its funny whwn i work on myself and not focused on a outcome on women i attracted them naturally and I was often broke and whwn i mean dead broke i mean it. if a womens intrest level is at 100 percent meaning shes head over heels in love with you being broke does not matter in the begining stages also the key to long love is be a challenge always!
Chris Austria (4 months ago)
I guess I'm not getting a girl then
Tic Tac (4 months ago)
shit I am the 2nd type and I never realized that
Michael Larsen (4 months ago)
I was afraid this was going to be a dud video, but I actually think it helps, thanks xD
zein albasam (4 months ago)
Strength bench weeknes well squat😫
jum hitty (4 months ago)
I'm the quiet and confident guy, except I'm not too confident lol...
Eliazar Valentine (4 months ago)
Sudais Khan (4 months ago)
If u r good looking that's all what it takes 😘 I am a player I am also cute girls cry for me I can make 4girls fight over me and jelous when I am with other girls 😂😂😂😂😂 The guys that I like is like that what should I do I even makeout with him
Beauty is within (4 months ago)
My favorite the last one
desmo (4 months ago)
What a joke!
Dilan Frankfurt (5 months ago)
Quiet / Confident Type, let's try it! hope it helps with my special girl.
; ;- (5 months ago)
why is everyone saying ALL Women are attracted to money? Boy i’m going to make my own income, why the hell would I need someone with more money? That’s probably just another person I’m going to have to make sure they don’t spend all of theirs on something that won’t help them in the long run. Too much work to take care of two people when I can just have one smart person that can help out with achieving my goals and so I can help them out with achieving their goals :/ teamwork guys, we need teamwork.
Ignite AfricaTV (5 months ago)
Four types of Guys women love: 1- Rich Me 2- Cool Me 3- Awesome Me 4- Dope Me
Your Drug (5 months ago)
Gustavo Luna (5 months ago)
Gold diggers want a pussy wip so that they can be retire for life
The truth seeker (5 months ago)
how about focusing on ourselves & try to be the best version of ourselves ?
John Irby (5 months ago)
Seriously, I'm not being racist but...bahahahaha
John Irby (5 months ago)
Lol a brown dude explaining how to pick up women! Bahahahaha
kam (5 months ago)
I'm into mysterious guys..
FinalMythology (4 months ago)
only when theyre bad?
Well then ofcourse there's.. Money
Genç Adam (5 months ago)
Quiet Confident me,please get back! here lad, i need you a lot... please don't got lost not yet,i will find you.
Michael Stott (5 months ago)
Obviously this is focussed around younger men :) I'm the Fifth type: The old dude who just clicked on a video for a giggle :) My puberty and adulthood started before the internet. Life is not trying to tick boxes in a list of traits Esse quam videri "To be, rather than to seem" Be yourself. Wisdom tells me that this is far easier to pull off. Hoped you like me watching your video I just helped you pay your rent ;) YAY Adsense :)
ranjan kumar (5 months ago)
James bond type I like it.
Claude Reyes (5 months ago)
Just be yourself. Thats it. Its that simple
8-10 Chad 6-7.99 Chadlite 5-5.99 normie 0-4.99 you're fucked Eugene "80% of women are chasing the top 20% of men." So if you're under a 8/10 in looks, you're going to struggle regardless even if you're a 7/10 because women date up, men tend to date down. So a 8-9/10 Chad is getting 6s and 7s /10 women, and a Chadlite 6.5-7/10 will be getting 5s and 4s if he's lucky, and so on.
shane godsey (5 months ago)
I'm the quiet and confident type
silent watcher (5 months ago)
All those 4 types are not attractive to women. Only big money and brains will attract them.
B Broadcast (5 months ago)
Woman are attracted to money
Twitch DotComZ (5 months ago)
This fucking virgin making a video about "guys" , the projection of himself. Boo. This is so fucking stupid do people really eat this shit up
Twitch DotComZ (5 months ago)
Lol I'm not trying to be a dick but I smoked a blunt and was like fuck this dude YouTube takes you down some weird related videos.
kim cejar (5 months ago)
i finaly know what type i am and i am cofident now after watching this video...thanks for making this it is a big help for me
Ray Wood (5 months ago)
So when you’re saying show the cocky Side of myself should I pull my pants down
Dragoon TV (5 months ago)
im too unique to fit in these boxes though im more of a hybrid of trickster and silent but not dead silent nor loud.
Welcomedcompany Lol (5 months ago)
Go gym, work out and get fit. We can all be good looking if we were fit af. Yea most will have better looks. But strong jaws and strong neck comes from working out. Also, have this mind set, have fun, don’t ever think things just “have fun”.
The Sigma (5 months ago)
BMW 3 Series G20 (5 months ago)
I'm exactly the funny/cocky guy and I was doing what he advised for that type already - playful most of the time but occasionally cocky. Trust me ... it works for sure. But this only works with quite close friends.

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