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City Room: Psychic Readers and the Economy | The New York Times

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In hard times people turn to psychic readers and ask for advice on jobs and finances. Subscribe to the Times Video newsletter for free and get a handpicked selection of the best videos from The New York Times every week: http://bit.ly/timesvideonewsletter Subscribe on YouTube: http://bit.ly/U8Ys7n Watch more videos at: http://nytimes.com/video --------------------------------------------------------------- Want more from The New York Times? Twitter: https://twitter.com/nytvideo Instagram: http://instagram.com/nytvideo Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nytimes Google+: https://plus.google.com/+nytimes Whether it's reporting on conflicts abroad and political divisions at home, or covering the latest style trends and scientific developments, New York Times video journalists provide a revealing and unforgettable view of the world. It's all the news that's fit to watch. On YouTube. City Room: Psychic Readers and the Economy - NYTimes.com http://www.youtube.com/user/TheNewYorkTimes
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Lemon Fresh (6 years ago)
I work as a psychic, and I believe in telling the truth. When people ask me when they will get a job, I say when the economy turns around, duh. You're no different than nobody else FOOL!
niansenx (9 years ago)
There's clearly money to be made in fatuous nonsense.
Liche Christ (9 years ago)
winter- One hardly needed to be, or have the services of a psychic, to not have foretold the depression we are experiencing. All it required was a cognitive semblance of our waning economy rather than an inordinate concern about non-existent terror threats.
Erling Andreassen (9 years ago)
Haha, why didn't any of those fucktards predict the recession, then? Jeez, how stupid do you have to be to believe in "psychics", I wonder..
BinkieMcFartnuggets (9 years ago)
When psychics predict success for themselves in the future it's not magic powers, they're just being arrogant.
Martin Gavet (9 years ago)
Charlatans! If you listen to what the "psychics" say they could have picked up that from Barack Obama's speeches. For example, the fortune teller talking about where jobs will be created. Obama said he is going to invest heavily in the renewables sector. So there are bound to be a lot of green-tech jobs being created there. The flower reader? What he said could apply to most people at this time. Their business should be called "We saw you coming!"
QueenKelleyz (9 years ago)
ImperiusRex (9 years ago)
oh come on

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