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Connor Hunter from MTV’s Ex on the Beach - Naked Male Hunk!

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Connor Hunter was on series 2 of MTV's Ex on the Beach and this Nawty Essex Boy got known for running round on the show with very little on and chasing the girls. Today in this teaser trailer he shows just a hint of what you can get to see in his exclusive photo shoot for FitYoungMen.com When you are young and have a great physique and a large uncut thing, why not let us share in the pleasure! Connor started in fitness modelling at the age of 16 and always liked pulling those poses in front of an audience and after teasing the viewers on Ex on the Beach, he has realised it is quite empowering to get naked and not worry about it and let others look and enjoy! He is one lucky lad, nice size muscles and great definition, bright green eyes and a flirty personality... and we haven't even mentioned that nice hidden talent, his deliciously large uncut one!
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Text Comments (33)
Cadangan 23 (4 days ago)
Yese ok....
Tanumay Das (21 days ago)
marry me..or make me ur P.A.
Tanumay Das (21 days ago)
oh I really want to lick your ass.
Jiya jiya Jiya (24 days ago)
pIgCentralz (25 days ago)
Is this website safe
Fjhh Fhb (26 days ago)
bulla Khan hai
chronicles playz (26 days ago)
I want to see your panis
make me (1 month ago)
small dick
Onur Ardiç (1 month ago)
I Love What You Have Shown You Play boy✊🍆❤❤
Pranav Guru (1 month ago)
Austin Moon (2 months ago)
sheng zheng (2 months ago)
the subtitle is annoying
gony morad (2 months ago)
emman mar joseph (3 months ago)
you are so yummy! i love everything you have shown!
Jason D (3 months ago)
Wright Williams (5 months ago)
Sam (7 months ago)
ho ass
Taylor Granados (10 months ago)
He is absolutely gorgeous.
moh mohamed (3 months ago)
Taylor Granados (8 months ago)
Brad John Absolutely, but seeing his breathtakingly beautiful edible looking rear gives me all the life I need.
bessy calix (11 months ago)
I want to kiss you
bessy calix (11 months ago)
Take out your under wher don't put anything on just be naked
Naat Girl (1 year ago)
roopesh naik (5 months ago)
Naat Girl Hi you like naked peoples
ashish kumar gupta (1 year ago)
nice ass...show your penish
Peter Dorrill (1 year ago)
Fityoung men.com
Marcos Paulo Galvão (1 year ago)
yuda winchester (1 year ago)
the sexiest guy i've ever seen
Faizul Haidi (1 year ago)
im going to rape him..arghhhhhh
Space Plant (4 months ago)
Are you guys ok?
uk srinivasulu (7 months ago)
Faizul Haidi
Taylor Granados (8 months ago)
Faizul Haidi Hell no, you better not rape him. At least not until I've raped him first. ;)
Siegfried (2 years ago)
Gorgeous body be proud of it Connor

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