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WWE Torrie Wilson & Sable Hot Bikini Contest , Dawn Marie, Nidia - SMACKDOWN 2003

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Text Comments (223)
Oh,it's so sexy
nahnahnah nahnahnah (15 days ago)
I remember watching this live as a teen boy an masturbating to it in the couch
Ultimate Guy (6 days ago)
Good times ya? Who you fapped the most to?
Hello People (22 days ago)
League of clash (23 days ago)
masturbate national day :D :D
evilphoenix 007 (29 days ago)
I remember seeing this as a kid lol unfortunately I got caught by my mom by the time Dawn Marie was done and I missed the best part.
Mlg:_: - (29 days ago)
Packer bro's (1 month ago)
Torrie I am ready to have sex
NoLimitJayB (1 month ago)
No way in HELL would I kick these women out my bed goddamn they fine!
Kelly Mayo (1 month ago)
I pick the girl in the red
Jake Grenard (1 month ago)
Torrie was one of the hottest diva’s ever.
فاطمه انرجس (1 month ago)
Gutted I
عبد المنعم (2 months ago)
عوذه طياز سود 😂
Andrew Brown (2 months ago)
laughing at some of the dudes faces in the audience.
lightpinkchemistry (2 months ago)
Why did they hurt her? She looks so sad.
Lomas_420 1 (2 months ago)
Tazz ' that lollipop getting alot of action tonight' funniest line ever!!
Lil Dev (2 months ago)
99% porn No 100% porn
ComaAlpha (2 months ago)
The comments from Tazz and Cole are hilarious.
ComaAlpha (2 months ago)
Either she had plastic surgery over the years or that's not Rena Mero
Guldad Khan (2 months ago)
Guldad Khan (2 months ago)
I wish them other three girls gie
Guldad Khan (2 months ago)
What the fuck this is not fair for tori
Christina Aprea (2 months ago)
I'm in love with sable
Rafa Cabrera (2 months ago)
The red bikini won
Rafa Cabrera (2 months ago)
Did it say the winner my valemo is down
Mr Weird (2 months ago)
7:10 thank me later
Ameirseymore Seymore (2 months ago)
Samuel Cass (2 months ago)
I’m now semi hard.
Evil Scotsman (2 months ago)
8:35 "blasted Torrie Wilson from behind" If only
Danna Paola Rueda Parra (3 months ago)
Saduman Gunes (3 months ago)
Uf hepsi sikmelik
mohamad abdullah (3 months ago)
Hi are you going to be can you make me I love you I will love you
Cecil thedemon_666 (3 months ago)
"My tounge went nUmB"
Art & Anarchy (3 months ago)
Everyone complaining that wwe doesn't have stuff like this anymore. It's supposed to be wrestling. This is porn. If you want to watch porn then go to pornhub
Mohamed Ali (2 months ago)
It's not the same. Sex sells.
Y2Kelly04 (3 months ago)
Next time pornhub fails to load, I guess I know what town look at
Vivian Acha (3 months ago)
Cirrea Garcia (3 months ago)
Torrid won not those to ugggh
Argus Panoptes (4 months ago)
7:39 I wish I was standing there....with my boner 🤤😍
Rko Outta (4 months ago)
It’s sexy
ashley mathers (4 months ago)
Torrie and sable are sexy as hel
IDxnnis (4 months ago)
Ik neuk Sable En torrie wilson Kanker hard
Alii Joseph (4 months ago)
I love you girls 👙👙👙👙
justin juerakhan (4 months ago)
Torrie Wilson is now my crush
Alex angel (4 months ago)
7:33 was so sexy
Eduart Plaku (4 months ago)
I toot WG!
Random_user 5656 (4 months ago)
whelp i'm drained lol (;
candace Cadle (4 months ago)
I did I had a boner
raider1297 (5 months ago)
SJWs really ruined WWE, that sucks.
Ima Finnish Boi (5 months ago)
7:49 bet u they fuck each other all the time
Brittany Young (5 months ago)
Torrie won that she just did that to make her look funny and by the way sable looks like a bitch she is so ugly.
Weapon X (5 months ago)
Lol... Seriously?? Nidia and dawn marie
nicola dollard (4 months ago)
Sable was very difficult torrie said sable was so rude to her after their playboy shoot came out they had a screaming match backstage and torrie neee spoke to her again sable left torrie in tears
Emily Channel (5 months ago)
She is sexy
mm mm (5 months ago)
torrie so HoTT!!
mm mm (5 months ago)
WWE needs to bring this back
DatBitch KeepingItReal (13 days ago)
ruby rydinghood the company would make more money and twice the views if SJW mother fucker's like you wasn't so insecure. Go back to your twitter Safe Space
ThatFaceTho (1 month ago)
+ruby rydinghood this MADE WWE DUMBASSSSSS
Lil Dev (2 months ago)
Daniel Naiken (4 months ago)
+ruby rydinghood huh how.. This is entertaining... I guess its not age appropriate so yeah
ruby rydinghood (4 months ago)
The company would completely fall apart. There would be no more WWE. Go watch pornhub
Hendra Guspian Guspian (6 months ago)
cobak kirim vidio bugil
LightBlueYoshi Gaming (6 months ago)
Commentators: things are looking up Women in the ring: this is embarrassing
itzdat1k1d DaBawzzz (6 months ago)
That Nidia bitch is disgusting to me, I'm sorry. I know she has a good body obviously, being a wrestler and all, but her face and hair is downright ugly. Looks like a man in drag with a horrible wig on. I know it's not all about looks and they want girls who are tough and can actually do stuff in the ring, but come on, there should be like a minimum hotness requirement or something to be a diva.
Green Goblin (6 months ago)
Torrie is a nutritious food protein bucket
Green Goblin (4 months ago)
+Daniel Naiken torrie milk milk milked healthy breast. Full of nutrition slurp slurp slurp
Daniel Naiken (4 months ago)
+Green Goblin *looks at you in confusion. Backs away slowly to call for help*
Green Goblin (4 months ago)
Leki leki bam bam bam slap slap hips gargle protein torrie milk
Daniel Naiken (4 months ago)
Your wierd
Logan Thompson (5 months ago)
whats that mean
Green Goblin (6 months ago)
Torrie is a nutritious food protein bucket
Latino HeatsGamer (6 months ago)
What the duck -_-- not duck but fuck
Mkenzi Rawlinson (7 months ago)
Moody (7 months ago)
Arsalan Bajwa (7 months ago)
Torrie Wilson is ever best hot👍
Verbatim Page357 (7 months ago)
7:39 😩😩😩
DenisDomino1 (3 months ago)
mustafa ve oyunlar (8 months ago)
PIRASAMIRASA (8 months ago)
çok güzel şimiz
lukie b (8 months ago)
Tora Fuliar (9 months ago)
Dawn Marie looks like a man!
Daniel Naiken (4 months ago)
Logan Thompson (5 months ago)
dawn is hott
john star (7 months ago)
Don´t be ridiculous
Marcos T (9 months ago)
Micheal Cole use to be so cool around these times, what happened?
GHOST FACE (9 months ago)
Marcos T vince tells him what to do now
jacob playz (9 months ago)
Wwe was the best back then
Phaeks -_- (10 months ago)
Sable is so fucking sexy😍😍😍
Damani Resida (11 months ago)
I wish torrie did that to me instat of sable Torrie won
Dajuan Zachary (11 months ago)
Torrie Wilson is so damn sexy
Tony Wallin (16 days ago)
Yes torrie Wilson is so damn sexy and hot
Mathew Alexander jc (1 month ago)
Mathew Alexander jc (1 month ago)
bobby myers (4 months ago)
Small ass
Daniel Naiken (4 months ago)
Yeah boi
Suryani Suryanu (1 year ago)
tidak cantik
Nico Trieschmann (1 year ago)
Tazz is the best thing in this segment
john star (7 months ago)
You must be gay
your worst nightmare (1 year ago)
Torrie and Sable defenitly ate each others carpets
Art & Anarchy (1 month ago)
+Daniel Mallory they're actors. They're told to act like that together. Same as porn actors. It's not real mate
Daniel Mallory (1 month ago)
+Art & Anarchy look at there playboy shot together to see if they would be comfortable
ComaAlpha (2 months ago)
Can I be a fly on that wall?
Art & Anarchy (3 months ago)
They're actors so no not really
Daniel Naiken (4 months ago)
Do you mean sex!? 👽👾
Wesley C (1 year ago)
These girls are getting so fun, they'll make it happen, so much better than porn.
daniel santacruz (1 year ago)
Torrie super hot.
Chasity Fitzgerald (1 year ago)
Sabel started the womens revolution
Great TW (7 months ago)
Sable is the women's revolution, they brought back the division to build around her. she drew incredible ratings, at the time had the record for highest selling playboy, she's a legend.
Daimon Tobias (1 year ago)
Daimon Tobias (1 year ago)
bad boy too sexy
bad boy (1 year ago)
Daimon Tobias test français
Inder Ajith (1 year ago)
Lucky guy lesner
Cory Cox (1 year ago)
Bucket list. . .Torrie Wilson to give me a lap dance
Daniel Naiken (4 months ago)
Bucket list.. Kiss a celebrity(a girl tough?)
thrashed potatoes (10 months ago)
will never happen lol
Manuel Barboza (1 year ago)
Cory Cox Lap dance? I need her to get on my D...
elvin mah choon pin (1 year ago)
Torrie Wilson shoulda won. She burns everyone in that contest
Logan Thompson (23 days ago)
+Great TW its close sable may have the edge on Torrie
Yah but still needs to take off her bra
john star (7 months ago)
As hot as Sable is,in my opinion she´s the one who falls to Torrie in comparision,can´t blame her tho, Torrie is the hottest woman in wrestling history.But the sad thing about this is that only 3 or 4 of the current women would be able to hold their own as far as sexiness during that era.Can you imagine Bayley standing  next to Torrie or Sasha Banks participating in a bikini contest against Sable?
Great TW (7 months ago)
she owns Dawn and Nidia, but she falls to Sable in comparison.
Aleson Prado (1 year ago)
Beefy Mcwhatnow (1 year ago)
10x better then that flat ass and tranny faced Charlotte
Wolfgang Mchairybat (1 year ago)
this wwe > crappy new wwe
Daniel Naiken (4 months ago)
Yeah 😝😝
Know Your Role Boulevard (7 months ago)
Enjoy the video of two classic sexy woken qnd stop worrying about todays product. I agree todays ptoduct sucks. But can we ever have a comment on a wrestling video done successfully witbout people worrying about whats going on in todays product. Like Geez, don't you yourself get annoyed.
Cashawn Fulmer (9 months ago)
yin yang Right
Wolfgang Mchairybat (1 year ago)
Everyone who prefer today's garbage over this are not real wwe fans
Christopher Morris (1 month ago)
+Malcom Winter Yeah, YOU sound too Fuckng Retarded
Malcom Winter (2 months ago)
+Daniel Naiken you sound too fucking retarded
Daniel Naiken (4 months ago)
I love this ☺💗
Daniel Naiken (4 months ago)
+ruby rydinghood yeah boi✋👍
Daniel Naiken (4 months ago)
+ruby rydinghood shut up man.. Can't you see this stuff works for ratings. Besides the woman love the attention and earn even more from this.. Most divas these days have the lowest salary in the wwe
Wolfgang Mchairybat (1 year ago)
7 people are gay
Christopher Morris (1 month ago)
+gabriεllε phrosnε The Dislikers are PG Virgins, who rather jerk off to New Gay... RIP WWE😖
Daniel Naiken (4 months ago)
I hate gays
Julia Fowler (5 months ago)
+danlovesWWE nigg
gabriεllε phrosnε (6 months ago)
Wth is that means?....maybe some people doesn't like this types of content. I find that to exploit homosexual people for these unfunny little jokes is really not very tasteful.
shitdan (7 months ago)
Your gay
Al X (1 year ago)
Sable and Torie in their prime. I CARAMBA😃
995sean (1 year ago)
Taz is a fucking savage Hahahaha
Football Fire (1 year ago)
Ur soooooooo cringe u can't post anything apart from this cos u stare at it u make my nan die
Daniel Naiken (4 months ago)
Shut up cunt you can't spell
shitdan (6 months ago)
Shut up bitch you can't spell
Beasty Ramzi (1 year ago)
Ur channel is to cringe all I could do is drink a bottle of bleach
Know Your Role Boulevard (10 months ago)
The lego Twin 1 If this is cringe to you it either means your a feminst or just hate wreatling. Ecspesially since this was at it's prime.
Nivek (1 year ago)
These would draw twice the views as women's wrestling does today and that cannot be argued
Pipebomb HS (1 year ago)
Madara Uchiha true
Madara Uchiha (1 year ago)
Nobody_Sip because people view women wrestlers as models because that’s basically what they are
Nobody_Sip (1 year ago)
Because its viewers of men getting hard and thirsty. Not today where we care about the product of women doing as much as the men
Bernardo Diaz (1 year ago)
NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS oroeol c,xxmxnxnxnx c cncmvmirirjriwpiebwjwjwjdjdj m kdkdsiissisisieieieiwowooseo3okelelellkeekekek6373399917
Madara Uchiha (1 year ago)
TheJoker 175 (1 year ago)
Who else watched it with a boner.
Tony Wallin (16 days ago)
Daniel Naiken (4 months ago)
Not me I have a waifu
BCG_Tripz YT (5 months ago)
Filip Andrevski (6 months ago)
Who didn't
Jemal (7 months ago)
Abhishek G Goswami (1 year ago)
Lasalaje (1 year ago)
Thanks for this vid. Is this Torrie Wilson the same person as that Tori who Kane tombstoned during his handicap match against X-Pac and Triple H?
Jesse Smith (8 months ago)
Lasalaje omg you possibly can't be this dumb 😂
Madara Uchiha (1 year ago)
Lasalaje no that's a different tori
Nabil Ali (1 year ago)
Better than Porn
Rising xd (2 months ago)
DenisDomino1 (3 months ago)
This is porn :P
Daniel Naiken (4 months ago)
No.. No it is not
mrperika (1 year ago)
Nabil Ali hahaha what a joke.
Abbas Khan (1 year ago)
God I love Torrie.
Jairo Bobadilla (1 year ago)
I take these two anyday over horseface sasha and manface bailey.
Art & Anarchy (1 month ago)
+Christopher Morris lita had a personality. Trish didn't
Christopher Morris (1 month ago)
+Art & Anarchy Trish Stratus and Lita had personalities, and they can actually wrestle too...
whoopdiddydo (2 months ago)
@IronLift you could land a 747 on Sasha’s forehead. You are a sick fuck for liking a tranny.
Art & Anarchy (3 months ago)
At least the new girls have personalities and can actually wrestle. Instead of bitch slapping and calling each other sluts all the time
IronLift (3 months ago)
Sasha is hot.
Kol Mikaelson (1 year ago)
Holy fuck sable!!!! Please upload more sable

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