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Aqua - Turn Back Time

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Music video by Aqua performing Turn Back Time. (C) 1997 Universal Music (Denmark) A/S
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Text Comments (2662)
love u k
rottingemptiness (2 days ago)
18 November 2018 , :thumbsup:
san bernardo (3 days ago)
noviembre 2018 han pasado 20 años¡!¡ ufff siempre supe q escucharia este tema por muchos años.
brooke Dora (4 days ago)
Very nice
Yon Lee (5 days ago)
2018 everyone 🎧🎵
Le Phuong (5 days ago)
who listen 2018 :)
Dj Cardyx Music (5 days ago)
Mia Castonguay (7 days ago)
Nov 2018 ♡♡
the best song ever of this group...
Caro Cespedes (8 days ago)
If only i could ...
Gho a st 1988 (9 days ago)
Damn, 20 years, was 10 by release. Love it from the beginning
anthony mills (10 days ago)
What a great song, timeless classic from Aqua. Awesome.
Roberto Visconti (10 days ago)
aqua di giò
Супер песня. Вырос в эти времена.
Diogo Motta (11 days ago)
Muito massa adooooro 😀
Franz Pattison (11 days ago)
why is gweneth paltrow in this video?
Michael Saul (11 days ago)
Nicely Done, "Aqua". However, I feel sorry for you.
Cheeky Kent (12 days ago)
This was their only "grown-up" songs. Glad they left the Barbie Girl vibes behind.
paul allen (12 days ago)
still love this song
ClaudioPoliOfficial (12 days ago)
2018 anyone?
zulhan arifiyansyah (13 days ago)
november 2018 anyone?
Mr Brayans (13 days ago)
Es la mejor canción de AQUA , y su peor cancion es Barbie Girl
akiesha rose (15 days ago)
If only I could turn back time 🎵🎵🎵
Rod Balingit (15 days ago)
I'm planning to queue on Linger, but it's already the next song on auto-play. Youtube is quite intelligent.
Jerrys Simbulan (16 days ago)
90's kids will remember this one. 😍😊😊
William Estrada (16 days ago)
Joel Cartagena (16 days ago)
Sigh I wish we could really turn back time to the early years.
Victoria Collection (18 days ago)
Ingat dokter sekong suka cwo dan cwe ...
sai audi (19 days ago)
2018 say present! What's the title of the movie?
Peter Janc (17 days ago)
Sliding Doors, It is a 1998 British-American romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Peter Howitt, starring Gwyneth Paltrow and John Hannah.
Agustin aghostteen (19 days ago)
Turn Back Time Aqua Give me time to reason,  Give me time to think it through  Passing through the season,  Where I cheated you I will always have a cross to wear,  But the bolt reminds me I was there  So give me strength,  To face this test tonight If only I could turn back time,  If only I had said what I still hide  If only I could turn back time,  I would stay for the night, for the night Claim your right to science,  Claim your right to see the truth  Though my pangs of conscience,  Will drill a hole in you I've seen it coming like a thief in the night,  I've seen it coming from the flesh of your light  So give me strength,  To face this test tonight If only I could turn back time,  If only I had said what I still hide  If only I could turn back time,  I would stay. The bolt reminds me I was there  The bolt reminds me I was there
Serginho (20 days ago)
My favorite song by Aqua 🥰
Ely Dela Peña Jr. (21 days ago)
damn im old! haha 90's kids are the last kids to really get into personal conversations before technology stole it all!
Chris D. (22 days ago)
Λυκουργος και Καρολίνα
edd castro (23 days ago)
*who is aqua?*
Ольга Нет (25 days ago)
David Molyneux (25 days ago)
Gwyneth paltrow is gorgeous
David Molyneux (25 days ago)
Memories. First year high school.
Ross Burnett (26 days ago)
my names ross and this song gives me memories
Attack _ On_titans (27 days ago)
I have a good memories with this song 💕💕💕💕
Kaland83 (29 days ago)
Aqua always in my ❤
Aimen Baco (29 days ago)
90's is still the best. batang 90's kami ei.hehe
рg оg (29 days ago)
Great and beautiful song, the best of Aqua. And I used to stop on Holborn station in London every day. :)
Benvel Music (1 month ago)
I'd like to write and produce something like this!!! So inspired
Rajaul Hoque (1 month ago)
anyone else sing this song when at Holborn station or on Chelsea bridge to themselves?
Billy's Angel (1 month ago)
She reminds me of Gwen Stefani here. Beautiful song though!
She was so sweety, so beautiful girl! And now she looking very young and beautiful! Their music is very amazing! Lene, Rene, you're - Super!
Vishnu Narayanan (1 month ago)
time flies. we'll all die. get over it.
Rachel M2018! (1 month ago)
Momento relembrar eh viver!!💜😊
Alex Cisterna Acuña (1 month ago)
Thats scenes are from a movie or somethingg????
Harmen Sleeuwenhoek (1 month ago)
She has a very comfortable voice.
Juli Phukan (1 month ago)
o awesome song,, love from India,assam,
Чудесный трек!!!Можно внимать нескончаемо!!!
ariel millang (1 month ago)
turn back in 1998
ONCE AND NEVERMORE ...!!!!!!!! 🎦🎦🎦🎦♾♾♾♾♾♾♾♾♾♾♾♾
Antonio Di Bella (1 month ago)
Best song of Aqua, great song of 90’s ❤️
Dennis Setiawan (1 month ago)
FMFvideos (1 month ago)
cosplay de pica pau
Dr Chunky Biscuit (1 month ago)
The verse is a very similar format to the Pet Shop Boy' Heartbeat.
Lumiukko (1 month ago)
I want a time machine right now ⏳
Ricky Mandala (1 month ago)
da flesh of d'eye of da agnostic, they are blurry, only light when they horny, empty jars of lust and passion
Sofyan Sofyan (1 month ago)
Jaman sekolah dlu 😁 from Indonesia
EternoPuro (1 month ago)
This lovely song has right 20 years ❤️
Al-amarah Padrecito (1 month ago)
A great spy song - a great 90s anthem for the spying world of the Stasi's weathermen
Black Ranger (1 month ago)
History of Turn back crime
Ro Lugones (1 month ago)
Like si la escuchas en el 2018???
Ricardo Narciso (1 month ago)
Oh musica lina..Adoro...viajo no tempo
Franco Ramos (1 month ago)
I never will forget this song..is wonderful!
marharlika espanya (1 month ago)
One in a lifetimes,dont make me over,back to life at turn back time nakakaiyak na sana may time machine sarap bumalik sa panahon na hindi perwisyo bihira ang tao hindi traffic.
Eric de Leon de Jesus (1 month ago)
I love this 😍😘😙😚😍 A Q U A i s a L E G E N D !
Голос неплохой.
jmiester25 (1 month ago)
Wish they did more songs like this.
Liko Natera (1 month ago)
Most underrated song from the 90's. This is beautiful and has aged like fine wine.
heather lockear (1 month ago)
make my cry back time my life i s better :(
Romalyn Austria (1 month ago)
Ngutovi Chishi (1 month ago)
Always loved this song
MASKKARa de pAPEL (1 month ago)
Erica (1 month ago)
Saw these guys in Concert last night! Awesome Show!
hazmi guitart (1 month ago)
mr hfz (2 months ago)
Lili Hadi (2 months ago)
if i could only....
John Paul Pelaez (2 months ago)
Ang gaganda ng kanta ng agua,, 2018
Ƀɹyan Peazone (2 months ago)
to freeze time is possible but to turn it back is i think impossible
Ƀɹyan Peazone (2 months ago)
I travelled Tacloban to Catbalogan in just thirty minutes, freezing time.....or just halucinating but i have my phone as a watch
Sebastian Sacilotto (2 months ago)
If only I could
Lisa Polkanova (2 months ago)
I love Aqua. Brought me so many good memories. 😄
PaulinaEMMASS Lopez (2 months ago)
Rickets tripes at caliente opposed the inchonchingga
PaulinaEMMASS Lopez (2 months ago)
PaulinaEMMASS Lopez (2 months ago)
U a tiniestx minhsiniuitituitionitizzi
PaulinaEMMASS Lopez (2 months ago)
Jimminy !!! Get GROWLERS
PaulinaEMMASS Lopez (2 months ago)
james bardongquiamoia imaklassekajs o!
PaulinaEMMASS Lopez (2 months ago)
Plying Plahmanhicachuandarnizsd zsseted
PaulinaEMMASS Lopez (2 months ago)
Jinkix the 911 eleneteenapiles mazuri do the Richards dickya
PaulinaEMMASS Lopez (2 months ago)
Autoplanier! Whst plaid
Duker Nuker (2 months ago)
time machine has been invented. I can turn on 90s song in 2018
Rhaed Estanislao (2 months ago)
Wrong song
Pri Yo (2 months ago)
September 2018
Ryan Marek (2 months ago)
Such a great and underrated song. As much as Barbie Girl launched them into huge fame it overshadowed everything else they did
R S (2 months ago)
Her hair looks badass.
Two Grumpy Reviewers (2 months ago)
An american werewolf in london comes to mind. 😉
leina s (2 months ago)
Feels like crying... plz turn back time, i wanna be 18 again(
Los mejores
Laura Northrop (2 months ago)
Just saw you guys last night in concert in Abbotsford BC CANADA. Amazing!!!!!
yani antioquia (2 months ago)
still watching at 2018 ❤

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