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Pet Problems

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Never trust the small cute puppies.. Here's a couple of problems I've had with my pets. Let me hear some funny pet stories you have in the comments! My new song.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIns0_XZSsA AMINO TOONIES http://aminoapps.com/c/Toonies176 MERCH & SITE! http://shop.tonyvtoons.com https://www.tonyvtoons.com Follow me on: TWITTER https://www.twitter.com/tonyvtoons INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/tonyturtl3 GAMING https://www.youtube.com/brianvtv
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Text Comments (10645)
Jane Carty (16 hours ago)
Coconutkat (16 hours ago)
Selnaryos (10 hours ago)
Coconutkat stop
Coconutkat (16 hours ago)
Selnaryos (10 hours ago)
Coconutkat stop
Coconutkat (16 hours ago)
Selnaryos (10 hours ago)
Coconutkat stop
Coconutkat (16 hours ago)
Selnaryos (10 hours ago)
Coconutkat don’t
loving fox (3 days ago)
get a bird they live like 80 years.. i think..idk i only know bird info from Jaden animation
Latasha Hall (3 days ago)
Get a parrot
Xx JaysCrays xX (3 days ago)
If you want a pet that can live as long as you, maybe a Gecko? Idk.
Kids Cotner (3 days ago)
I HAVE A PET HEDGEHOG!! And his name IS Sonic
I have 2 dogs and 4 cats and a hamster also 2 cats are prego sooooooo lols
I recommend a cat
Zachary - (8 days ago)
Get a turtle
xKyliex178 (9 days ago)
Mr. Birdy (11 days ago)
Bird they dope
Latté :3 (13 days ago)
0:27 lol the dog's mouth
Kids World (15 days ago)
I think you should get a doggo!!!!!
Diamond Wolf Playz (15 days ago)
How bout getting a bird? like jaiden
Devon Crews (17 days ago)
Megan Moore (17 days ago)
I have 3 dogs 3 cats 3 kittens 1 rabbit so 10 pets
Megan Moore (17 days ago)
You should get a rabbit I have one his name is Shadow he is nice but don’t give it a full bowl bc they will top it over if it isn’t fresh also make sure it’s littler box trained that’s super hard to do FYI. Don’t let it next to paper or wires or plastic or stuff like that bc it will chew threw it like a boss. Rabbits are super fun too and so nice and soft so you should get one brah. They live like 10 years
Natalie Heranandez (18 days ago)
Have a named crad
Jul L. (19 days ago)
I have Hermit Crabs and two have died on me and I am terrified and scared for life. (Run-on sentences.)
exsertic gamer (20 days ago)
Wait if hedgogs live only 3-5 years how is sonic still alive his show has been going for 10 years
Leticia Orozco (21 days ago)
EarthDragon17 (23 days ago)
{\_/} (*^*) (>🍪 MAH COOKEH
Jasmine Wong (24 days ago)
felix World (25 days ago)
Pomeranian is a dog
Garrett Marchildon (25 days ago)
Why hamster was name hello Mia and he died :(
Elly Green (26 days ago)
You should get one of those giant snakes. It's legal and it's the closest thing to a dragon you'll find (i think).
Diego Gamer (27 days ago)
Get a squirrel monkey. The cutest little monkeys ever
Sasi Kiran (27 days ago)
I have 8 pets
Mr Pizza man 54 (29 days ago)
No get a raccoon
Monster (29 days ago)
I get a 🐶 I ❤ my 🐶 hi Jane is Rocky is a boy do 2wers
LittleMiss Lola (1 month ago)
You should get a bird! Some of them can live like 30 years and they are super cute!
Real Name (1 month ago)
I have a dog,a cat,7 birds and I used to have peacock
karen wellman (1 month ago)
My dog died sssssooo
shadow the chibi hog (1 month ago)
I have 2 dogs & 2 birds which is never a good combination
fazz (1 month ago)
you took the turtle joke from james
VyVy StasiaStudio (1 month ago)
You mean HAD one pet cause our Dalmatian pet mom she had pups and she died :((
Jennifer Christie (1 month ago)
Get either a kitten , Bunny or a type of bird!
prisoner_tv (1 month ago)
Your dog was your piggy bank holding your cash inside
Lowkey. Marissa (1 month ago)
I feel bad but when you said 'diego' i thought you say 'de eggo' I'M SORRY XD
michael hatch (1 month ago)
A dog
Beachytothe Max (1 month ago)
My dog attacs my brother atleast 5 or six times everyday
Sports With Luke (1 month ago)
I had a hamster named hammy and a hermit crab too
Gacha Alexis (1 month ago)
Get An ARI
nivriti vikram (1 month ago)
An ari
Z Studio Gaming (1 month ago)
Elsa Taurin (1 month ago)
Did you have a Doberman?
sophia rain (1 month ago)
You should get a budgie because they are really easy to bond with and they are really cute and really fast too.
Lyriix (1 month ago)
i have a turtle c:
Devil Explosion (1 month ago)
Get a Pomeranian they will never leave your side i think or get a puppy Pomeranian
the shiny umbreon (1 month ago)
Get a bearded dragon and yes that's a real animal
Silvia Delgado (1 month ago)
A 🐱 cat or a bunny
Mbcat ! !! (1 month ago)
A cat
Shanzay Rizwan (1 month ago)
Theres a cat that looks like a cookie
Qua Jamil (1 month ago)
Get a pug
Emilia T (1 month ago)
I have two ari’s
If you take care of them then it'll live for around 7 to 8 years
Nicolas Roca (1 month ago)
I did own a dog then IT DIE
Freeze Flame (1 month ago)
I suggest a lizard or bird
Dxdx Drew (1 month ago)
Get a cat ok 👍
Darkest Night (1 month ago)
i had a hedgehog
Chicken Pony (1 month ago)
Hedgehog can run 4 miles per hour
Culexgaming 04 (1 month ago)
Melanie Torres (1 month ago)
I also have a hamster
Sarcastic Bunch (1 month ago)
Get a chinchilla:3
Daffodil Fae (1 month ago)
Get a bird!!
Wilito Estrada (1 month ago)
There are turtles that only live for 50 years
Flames McGee (1 month ago)
my family just got a dog and I love her but she's not potty trained. this morning i took her out and then went to go pee and when i came back my dog was pooping a trail of poop on the floor and my brother was trying tk stop her. this is going welllll
Majlo Mi (1 month ago)
A cat
Rezbella (1 month ago)
Bird i mean not ad.
Rezbella (1 month ago)
Or a ad I like jaden animations
Rezbella (1 month ago)
You should get a ferret they are reilly cute my opinion!
Jill Harrington (1 month ago)
A bearded dragon is a typ of lizard that lives for 10 years and they are very bocile and cuddly and the males get about 20-25inches long and the females get about 30 inches
Kami Kawaii killer (1 month ago)
I always wanted a pet snake
Jill Harrington (1 month ago)
I think you should get a bearded dragon
Ferlita Dahayu (1 month ago)
Angle Animations (1 month ago)
Birds like an ari
Samira Bobsaith (1 month ago)
Dude get a cat🐱🐱🐱
Jasmine Iris Mack (1 month ago)
Bearded dragon
wonine da poh boor (2 months ago)
Did you say "hammy"?
MeowingKitty Gamer (2 months ago)
Do a cat
Gage Sees (2 months ago)
i have a dog named Levi
Book Of Hasam (2 months ago)
Cookie the cat
Gacha Lily (2 months ago)
I have cats and a dog. My dogs a sweetie. All my cats are assholes. I'm a C A T person. Logic? Don't know it
Mr. Egghead (2 months ago)
My turtle died last week😫😭
Mcmeadow (2 months ago)
My tortoise died after like 7 years because they die if it gets too warm and they come out of hibernation too early. :/
Emo Skullfire (2 months ago)
Clearly a crow, they are intelligent and they can talk
Xander Martinez (2 months ago)
I have a hermit crab and THEY ARE WUPER HQRD TO TQKE CARE OF
VALERIA MORA (2 months ago)
You know what animal you can get? A cat! Their super calm and literally lazy so they won’t be that hard to take care of also they grow up to Be 30 years old and yeah :3
Gacha life playz (2 months ago)
Auglox Bot (2 months ago)
DaMnIt LeVi!!!
Fabiënne Schults (2 months ago)
Get a tarantula. Feeding them is fun
random theater (2 months ago)
Get a hedgehog You wanted a hedgehog when you were a kid
Ally Galvin (2 months ago)
I met a lady that had a bird and it was the kind that lived for like 150 something years and its old owner was a guy then he died so the bird hated guys but loved girls
Mary Shafer (2 months ago)
Get a bird ask jadien
PAWZ Nation (2 months ago)
Bunnies are nice to have around
the Denigs (2 months ago)
Get a cat 🐈

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