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A Different Point of View - Sad Animal Story (Mercutio the Kitten) This might make you cry.

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I wrote this when I was 12 lol. I'm happy it's making you think though. There is no such thing as bad pets, only bad owners. This might make you cry.. This is based on a true story. ❤ If you ever want to remember me, remember 'Justt' has a double t! ❤ ❤ Social media stuff: twitter: @alevtinasubba instagram: alevtinally snapchat: justtallyo
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Becca Zigler (27 days ago)
Bravo on this amazing story.
Mike Becket (1 month ago)
Awesome story about a kitty....And as sad as I've seen yet its all very very true ..too many retarded dumb asses In the world, That just don't care about animals people parks and cities; it as if the abject monkey fornacationists love living in filth, hatred, hurting animals,other people, dustroying everything and anything just because they want to .....because they are rotten spoiled little bastards ! hopefully some day they will learn or get the other side of the hatered the beatings And the pain they caused , and that day will be a welcome one for me..........oh yeah!
flatfoot floogie60 (1 month ago)
You wrote a heartbreaking, but beautiful story, because it will help a lot of people realize about theft of pets, even little children!! I love your little kitten, by the way, and yes, you're right, he does have amazing eyes!! I just love little kittens!! Thanks so much for your story!! I am sure that you will educate people with your story!! God bless you!! With love from Michelle, From America!!🤗🐾🐈💖✝️⚜️
Cat Gamer (1 month ago)
NUR E ZANNATH (1 month ago)
I dont understand why people find happiness by killing animals....😟
Dale Johnson (2 months ago)
I cried so hard when I read this! I have a kitty named Patches! She is my pride and joy! I love all ANIMALS so much! I am glad your one kitty back! God gave us those creatures to love and enjoy, not to abuse! Thank you for sharing!!!!
caitlin baronins (3 months ago)
Omg I cannot stop crying. I need to hug my kitty😿😭😭
tabletcolina tablecik (3 months ago)
Good mercuito is an actor
Tropical Fox AJ (3 months ago)
All animals deserve a chance at life and love... My throat hurt a lot after this..
Why do you do this to him
Did he died? I'm not animal lover but this breaks my heart into million pieces 😭
lps love (4 months ago)
i love cats you mack me cry
caitlyn mare (4 months ago)
how rude of them
Diane Kruger (5 months ago)
I had a cat, that we took in when 2nd former owner passed away. Patches was a good cat. Always friendly and cuddly. Loved attention. I had to find him anew home a few years ago as I could no longer keep him. I thought I found him a new good loving home, I was wrong! The family who took him in, they kicked him out. He didn't make messes or anything so I don' t understand why, but when they kicked him out, he ended up getting killed by another animal or something . He was good about using litter box and that. Now I wished I had taken more care about finding new home. or rescue group. True story.
Cнеяяу ฬøไf (5 months ago)
Every time I seen this for 3 years even though I already know what happens I cry every time
MahmoodTasneem (7 months ago)
Karma gets every person any one who abuse or harm any living things always gets it worest then what they did good 😑
alanaha Weston (8 months ago)
So SAD 😭
Mastr freakin Cylinder (9 months ago)
the story was basically pretty stupid plus nothing smells worse than cat piss and cat shit.
Kasaio- Kun (9 months ago)
THAT IS NOT HOW I FEEL ABOUT CATS!!! I love them with all my heart, I would never hurt any cat nor animal! I wonder why people that abuse their dogs will keep them but abuse them, and people with cats will abuse them and throw them out!?!?
Cuddly Kitten (10 months ago)
You get your closest friends laughing at you for crying about stuff like this. But the thing is, those people are heartless. They're coldblooded. These kind of stories are there to open up people's eyes to animal abuse. The thing that most people don't realise is that abuse exists. And one of the most common types of abuse is animal abuse. Y'all need to learn to accept that and HELP an animal in need. Don't just be there thinking, "Oh who cares?! It's just an animal after all!" Because NO! It is not 'just an animal'. It is a living breathing creature that has every right to life as us humans. This is such a sad story and I'm glad it's not a true story. But stuff like this does happen. It happens all the time. People are just too blinded by technology to see it. This was so emotional and I wish we can together stop animal abuse. If you want to know a real story just like this one, watch Ugly The Cat. It is the saddest most heart touching story ever. I'm crying right now as I'm thinking and writing about it. And I just want to say, I'm 14 years old. And that is the age where most people don't give a shit about anything. Please don't be like one of those people. Please help me change the world. Especially if you're adults, you have the power to actually do something about it. Do something for change.
Fluffy Cane (10 months ago)
I crys!!
kalli fahrer (10 months ago)
i cant explain how sad i am right now
kalli fahrer (10 months ago)
gaming with kittycat (10 months ago)
It could be in danger 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢animal abuse story I'm sorry ones how abused good animals plz don't do this
Sally Chamness (11 months ago)
Well, it does matter! I'm crying my eyes out. This is horrible:(
hunnanelnahwi (11 months ago)
Those of you who are nasty to cats or any other animals on the day of judgement day these animals will speak against you and for you, GOD sent these animals for a test for us humans how we treat them kindly or treat them with crulety , you will be punished accordingly wonder how you people treat kids in your own family, these innocent creatures who haven't done any thing to you , that's the test from GOD soon you will find out, you people think these innocent animals are toys to play with , get board throw it in the street imagine hell fire one day you will be thrown in just like a object means nothing sad isn't it . think about it .
Fandom Pride (1 year ago)
So sad!
Fa i (1 year ago)
I sad my cat are lost 3 years ago i miss him so much i just push here i didnt mean to do that he had so angry and mad and he is making trouble at himself i know animal had FEELS i sorry chici (my cat name)
Shadowslayer 24G (1 year ago)
🙏🐱 I am very sorry for your lost and I cried so hard when I watched this video bless you and your 🐈 cat
Viyuyinn Valar (1 year ago)
Fuck that fucker It Had a face i felt like punching
Roxanne Marie (1 year ago)
I cried so bad my head hurts. Because i lost a pet and everything in mercutio's story was what i always had in mind. That what happened to him happened to my cat. Is just that i never found her after all the searching. Years pass and i still search. I had a relief when You said IT is a fake story but these stuff really happen. I hate people
Doc Mel (1 year ago)
You are right; there are no bad pets; no bad animals. Only humans make those judgments born out of ignorance about animals or some sense of superiority. Animals lives matter too. They were here before & therefore have as much right to exist, thrive, have a home & be happy & free. I do not have "pets" because it denotes them as an object. What I have is furry family members that denotes they are a part of my family & not a toy; temporary pastime to be rid of when bored or inconvenient somehow or any sort of object to used & disposed of. The are furry but most of all they are family as much as I am a part of their family. Perspective or how we view our animal companions is very important. Until people view animals, all animals, as members of our family - the family of life; the family of earth so precious & loved but most of all cherish their lives to ensure they survive & thrive because to lose them, rather than preserve them, is a far greater loss to the family of life; the family of earth.
marissa copen (1 year ago)
how could they record this, and they should help him instead.
Chrissy Carter (1 year ago)
they just want love and shelter, and if you can't give them that then give them to someone that will, please!
Raju Singh (1 year ago)
so sad if i would be there i would help him and make my pet😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jorja Mohr (1 year ago)
Im sobbing. People are so fucking sick now that its actually saddening at this point. Fuck people man, fuck humans
Cat Momma (1 year ago)
Oh but it IS IMPORTANT!!! And seeing an Abandoned, or Abused Animal... especially cats...Just BREAKS MY HEART!!! I Guess That's How I Ended up with 8 of them! LOL
Cat Momma (1 year ago)
Viyuyinn Valar ... You might want to take a Look at My Name again...and then Repeat what you said. Just 'Know' that there Is a Reason WHY I Have That Name. I would Strongly Suggest that you Don't Say Anything Else! Just grab a Beer..IF you're Old Enough, Sit the Fuck Back Down & Shut The Fuck Up..LMAO {at You}
Viyuyinn Valar (1 year ago)
The Ultimate Cat Momma important???? Fuck that piece of shit
Katz Riverz (1 year ago)
Ill kill it
Tears, WOW.... Great Message! Absolute Truth.... Good job!!! Thank You...
Infinite Splice (1 year ago)
Sch Sch (1 year ago)
If you dont really want to care of an animal dont take one. So sad i couldent understand these peoples
Lloyetta J. Ewing (1 year ago)
I have a grown cat that I found, that is afraid of her on shadow. ABUSE IS VERY REAL. PLEASE HELP STOP ABUSE!!!
Lisa Gillis (1 year ago)
Baby ragdoll. Aww
vduncan54 (1 year ago)
Well done...to write this at that age shows great compassion and a bright mind. It is terrible that not all people care for the living creatures which inhabit this Earth with us. May God Bless you. You touched my heart with this story and I hope many more are touched and moved to do more for animals.
Strongwind (1 year ago)
Doreen Bierens (1 year ago)
kitty (1 year ago)
wah how was i subscribed to you in the first place i just randomly found this when i was watching cat vids lol
Faded Moonlight (1 year ago)
This made me cry so much.... My neighbor found a bag of kittens on the road... They took them in but it was too late.. It turns out they had a bad sickness and it was to late for anything to help them... The next day we found out that two of the kittens had died and the last one was struggling to survive... This reminded me of them.....
Katy Brennan (1 year ago)
I'm careful with my cats! They stay indoors where it's safe! And they get dumped on with a lot of love and kisses. If this sort of thing happened to my cats and it came back ,I'd welcome it in spite of the changes!
Nothing (1 year ago)
I feel sorry for the cat who returned half blind :(
Shuberth Dias (1 year ago)
good to know it was fake story
Yoey 70 (1 year ago)
Thank you for caring for animals some people just don't listen ;.; but I did not cry but this is still nice to think of living things too this is one of the main reasons why a lot maybe more than 10,000 types of animals are EXTINCT.
Justine Arguelles (1 year ago)
I was cry every day so people respect animals and love them
Anton Percival (1 year ago)
You wrote this when you were 12??? It's a very good effort. You told a compelling story and got your point across!!!. Nicely done.
Siti Sandora (1 year ago)
It was so sad it made me cry so much...
Itz.Miley And.Lacey (1 year ago)
OMG that was so sad I am crying my eyes out
cristian greco (1 year ago)
La peli que te has montado
Golden Freddy (1 year ago)
I lost my kitten I looked for weeks and found her hurt I was angry inside but sad asf I told my mom we both ran and took her to the vet I waited for hours the vet person said she would be fine and asked me to leave but I said no I lost her already and I am not going to lose her again I was aloud to stay all night I didn't sleep at all I was happy to see her moving but she was on medicine until she was heals "back leg was broken,she has stitches " I loved her soooooooo much I took her back home and left her on a really soft blacket now she is 3 years old and more happier then ever
Golden Freddy (1 year ago)
I would take him in and love on him sooooo much and never let him leave my site
Miranda Burhans (1 year ago)
it matters because if he was so loving then you should have looked for him. not ditch him
Marina Udovcic (1 year ago)
I didn't understand who were the "owners" didn't recognize Mercuto and had left him to die....were that original owners or those who stole him?
Carolyn Powell (1 year ago)
That's why cats should be kept indoors. And Mercutio was too young to be taken from his mom in the first place.
Emily S (1 year ago)
Animals are the only ones who truly deserve to enjoy living on this planet. Humans are parasites and are destroying the earth.
Adam O'Reilly (1 year ago)
i know what its like losing animals i had 3 taken from me 2 in the same week and one just 1 week ago
Anwar Ahmad (1 year ago)
I'm crying in real lifs
Kayla Boshoff (1 year ago)
that is so so sad 😥😥😥😥😥
Alexie Bean (1 year ago)
gamezzzcrafTT GG (1 year ago)
I have cried from begging IT'S SO SAD 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 I really like cats, this story will make Me cry for years! R.I.P
Alosmolimin Robert (1 year ago)
why do they cry? its not sad i dont know why, because im just focusing on the cute kitten
Natalie Holtmeyer (1 year ago)
maybe aunt gayle took him
Payge Cook (1 year ago)
no I cant its so sad it made me cry so much
Jak NAsster (1 year ago)
I'll never, ever understand why "Idiots" let their cat outside! You should never be allowed to have cats anymore cause this is the end reault. Gawd I dispise morons like you!!!
Sillygamer 156 (1 year ago)
My only true love are cats so I cried
BahstX (1 year ago)
I DIDN'T want to watch this when I saw the word "was"...but i did...hoping for a happy ending...I've also had Cats stolen from me...held those I loved in my arms in their last moments...tried to save one near death...only to loose her...hoping that I at least made her last moments less painful and fearful. Writing this while crying...
Awba Dowba (1 year ago)
i would kill it
Peyton Ross (1 year ago)
But why would you leave a dying cat on the road instead of trying to save him?!?!?!
Alexa Miklebost (1 year ago)
I love cats and I have 2 of them and they are so sweet. They have nothing against you unless ur abusing them or ignoring them.
Yulia Priska Claudia (1 year ago)
Did Mecutio die?
callum mcconvey (1 year ago)
touching I care so much about cats
Denise James (1 year ago)
this made me cry
Headie Doll (1 year ago)
I myself adore cats. So heartbreaking. You did an excellent job on this.
Marina Udovcic (1 year ago)
The fate of this kitty made me sick to my stomach!!! Laws against animal abuse should be harsher!!!
Delilah Christian (1 year ago)
So sad!
andrew parks (1 year ago)
who would do such a thing
Ariadna Gutierrez (1 year ago)
As much as i want to help, there's many cats all over this country, and no one cares. The shelters reject them, no space for them. NOt much spaying and neutering happening here. NObody cares about animals. I can't bring home all of them, they grow up and destroy things and make so much noise, they jump everywhere, too much cats can also ruin my life. Mine are all spayed and neutered but I can't help all of them outside. They just keep throwing away kittens in dumpsters. This world is shitty and I can't do anything about it.
minecraft gamer (2 years ago)
this made me happy at the beginning but at the end I was crying. no one should do this.
Just a random nugget (2 years ago)
sikNtwiztd (2 years ago)
u let the dying cat just die n didn't call spca wow
star (2 years ago)
Paladine (2 years ago)
and then eaten alive by raccoons
Selmar. sahinovic (2 years ago)
making me watch this makes me think about my cat but he is really not my cat his owners left him so i took him in but now he doesn't show up to my door anymore and he is a very sick cat and I'm losing hope that he is not here anymore and my step dad has always hates him cause he was dirty and sick and when he would sneak inside my step dad would push him out with his shoe or my mom would pick him up and throw him out and I'm nether aloud to touch cause he is sick i cant write anymore I'm crying way to much 😢
MomKat Pat (2 years ago)
At the end you said you had a cat come back half-blind and scared of everyone. BUT - she came back to YOU, so you must have left an positive memory in her mind <3 This is only a story, but, yes, things like this happen all the time. I did Animal Abuse Investigations and didn't last long. The WORST was the cat abuse crimes - the most under-reported crimes against animals. We hear about bait dogs in dog fighting, but we hardly hear about the cats, kittens, and bunnies used as bait. NO animal should be abused.
ASDFMOVIE BlogChannel (2 years ago)
DISLIKE BECUZ I HAV NO HERT!!!!111!1!111111111!!!!!!!!
KK Gacha and Games (2 years ago)
Did he die?
Celicia Guzman (2 years ago)
I cried through the whole video it was so sad
CatsRoyale Gaming (2 years ago)
I'm crying
Colette Turner (2 years ago)
That is just so cruel it's not his fault...it's ours! we need to trust animals and make sure they don't get hurt!!!
Colette Turner (2 years ago)
for the question "can you blame him" I would say NO!

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