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everybody gets sad! especially me :)

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Text Comments (1515)
chaithbos_ foxy (16 hours ago)
i would like to see the shitty part of your life
Emily Oliver (3 days ago)
so this was filmed on the 2nd of October and I know that because you're wearing the same outfit as the insta photo you posted on the 2nd of October I love that
stop with this shit (9 days ago)
bleeh o.O (10 days ago)
Just sleep 24/7, it works for me lol
Kely Trindade (11 days ago)
this is the most relatable video I ever seen, have no idea how I get, but u are not alone on this
You so cute ❤️❤️❤️
R S (12 days ago)
What I like to do to feel better about myself is draw, read, write poetry, and take photos. Social media is an outlet and when I post my work online it sometimes gets complimented or liked so it makes me feel good. Haha I couldn’t tell whether that was a cough or sneeze in the video. It made me laugh. Which was it? I hope you dab your sneezes next time. I wish I could make you tea give you plenty of fluids to drink to get rid of that sickness. You can slide in my DMs at ArtistMonkeyy on Twitter or ArtistMonkeyyy on Instagram if you’d like to talk about your feelings. I know it’s so high school looking. I also can’t wait to go back to school so I’m sure that will make me feel better. How are you doing now, Ally? (:
R S (13 days ago)
Will you marry me?
R S (13 days ago)
Love you. Can you please change your clothes everyday and not every three days?
Amélie Me (13 days ago)
5:44 my entire life 😂
Drynamio (16 days ago)
I didn’t know that I’d actually enjoy a 7 min of Ally Hills ranting as much as I do... I think it’s kinda weird, but I just like listening to gay people or anyone in the LGBTQ community rant. It’s just something about there rant videos specifically that are both a combination of relatable and just fun to listen to. And I don’t know why it’s only the LGBTQ+ community, when listening to other YouTubers it just idk doesn’t click ig. Meh I just started my own little rant, ranting is fun, no one listens to me, ugh life is like that one person your friend banged last night, they’re an asshole, but you just gotta live with it.
Michelle A (16 days ago)
What I do to help myself feel better is watch this really awesome YouTuber. Her name is Ally Hills... maybe you might know her. Shes great and always knows how to brighten my day. :) if you see this thanks Ally ♡
PuckWeijers (16 days ago)
U are so beautiful i cant
Kendall Greene (18 days ago)
If this video wasn’t a whole mood, then I don’t know what is...
Tiara Klip (20 days ago)
I think you deserve so much more subscribers!!!
Rhumyeah (20 days ago)
Rachel ballinger sounds and looks just like her...
Hana Pichalsky (21 days ago)
Ally, you're one of my favorite youtubers of all time. You have an amazing personality and I think you are hilarious. You could make an hour video of you just sitting down and talking about your favorite pants and I'd still find that entertaining ❤
wanee (24 days ago)
Is that the cat behind Ally?
Jordyn Carson (26 days ago)
I relate to Ally so much in this video. I totally understand what she means on not talking about her problems and all of that stuff, I get you girl. Just don’t hold in too much okay? Express how you feel and make it into a video. Just express yourself. Because I know you can do great things Ally, and I see a side of you that maybe no one else can see. I don’t have to meet you to know everything. It’s sad that people judge just based on “videos”. But I hope you post more.
Claire Reeds (26 days ago)
I clean like clean the whole house (wash dishes, broom, change bedsheets, redecorate) if I have to just to vent out my sadness lol
Blurr ble (26 days ago)
Are those american eagle pants?
mali koa (28 days ago)
yes, I'm in love
Chassity Schlageter (30 days ago)
I take my eyeless cat out on a walk, and hold him while sitting with nature, emptying all negative emotions from my body.
Kaytie Broadhurst (1 month ago)
You're depressed and you have OCD and anxiety and maybe manic phases...and I GET IT! They are difficult issues to go through. You're great Ally. maybe I don't know you personally and I won't pretend to but you seem to have very genuine moments mixed into alot of humor to deflect from yourself which is a coping mechanism. Which is fine. I do it all the time. It's hard to stay motivated. Take care of yourself Ally you're a beautiful presence on this Earth and this internet space
nikki greaves (1 month ago)
I rearrange the furniture in my house to make me feel better, gives me a sense of control in a sometimes outta control world.
syasyafatini (1 month ago)
I just wanna see urr faceeeeee
Sam Timmerman (1 month ago)
What is her outro song?!
Aimee Luna (1 month ago)
I go into starving mode :))
aka sticky (1 month ago)
are you a parking ticket, cuz you got fine written all over you
Alex Smith (1 month ago)
hmmmm I like watching youtube videos and focusing on shit that doesn't matter. Like your cat. I tried to figure out if it was alive most of the video.
Ash Noble TV (1 month ago)
I can’t relate to what you said about having to be in the right mindset for youtube
Alpha DoubleS (1 month ago)
Girl you need to vent don't crop it up that's worse, TRUST me!
Natavia (1 month ago)
idk if its a gay thing but i cant believe its not butter
Loz Kingston (1 month ago)
ally your a star always and forever no matter what happens 💞 also please make an album I would buy it so many times over xx
Alice (1 month ago)
I would definately buy her album she is so talented😃
Alice (1 month ago)
I actuallg love this video for some reason lol what helps me feel better is laughing at random silly things,looking at attractive women and drinking coffee,that's just a few things.I know nobody probably won't care about my comment but it's super late and I am just enjoying quality youtube.Peace
Hannah Penner (1 month ago)
Hey ally! First of all, you never ever have to feel bad about only showing the crazy goofy fun side of yourself on youtube. That is 100% your decision and you don't have to post about your feelings if you don't want to!!! And i can totally understand why you might not want to do that! However, i also want you to know that if you ever do want to post more serious/more stuff about your feelings, that'd be 100% awesome too! Some other people in the comments have said this too, that we don't expect you to be "on" 24/7 in every single video, and that's so true! I love knowing that making videos makes you happy and i never ever want you to start to hate making videos. You're awesome ally, thank you for everything that you do.
megan doherty (1 month ago)
this video meant a lot to me
bitch lasagna (1 month ago)
My names ally and I have not changed my clothes in 3 day's ME!!!!
TheQueen (1 month ago)
hey. youre great. when im sad i do drugs. so gj for not killing yourself when youre sad.
Amanda Almeida (1 month ago)
i hope you get more positive comments than not. you're entertaining af. i literally don't watch your shit for months then i sit and binge watch all the new videos.
Lauren Brennan (1 month ago)
one time I had a girl highlight everything I had been insecure about for years in one drunken convo. it was not fun! took some life reexamining to get over that one lmao so anyway I adore videos like this! life ain't perfect and its really nice to see you acknowledge it and do fun impulsive things like cut those jeans. I usually try making tanks out of old t-shirts. I'll let you know when I'm good at it!
Ruby Rachel (1 month ago)
I would marry you... lol IM NOT SERIOUS Or am I? I have no idea
Alex B (1 month ago)
Could literally make a video on anything and still makes my day better 😂❤️
Naïma Dalpiaz (1 month ago)
I shaved my head and I felt so much better
Ally I love u.
Claire Murphy (1 month ago)
Sometimes I go for a walk and listen to a podcast or audiobook. It can be pretty grounding and it's simple and free. Or I'll put on a podcast or audiobook while cleaning if I'm really upset. I like the authenticity by the way--no make up? Looks good. Oh, and nice pants, you really added something to the look there.
Dante Zarath (1 month ago)
To feel better i invest in my talents, going through loads of crap slowly to reach a decent top spot, slowly building an epic adventure, then conquering the world step by step, making people think, while making fun of crap and being cynical and sarcastic... hahaha.... then i wake up :)
Dante Zarath (1 month ago)
Or i play video games or watch movies, or i procrastinate about playing video games and watching movies
Dante Zarath (1 month ago)
Is she alright? This is great video to be honest, just discovered your channel. So do ya thing! (seriously, is everyone okay? the start made me very aware of things that i tried running for in the first place... today is a fun monday)
Elise Kart (1 month ago)
Ally, you may not believe me but you're amazing. I'm only an anonymous face from the depths of the internet who has watched your videos and related to them and realized that I'm gay because of them. Of course, I don't know you in real life, but from what I can tell, you're beautiful, quirky, hilarious, and talented. I won't tell you to stop being sad because it's never as easy as that, but just know that we appreciate you. You are not alone. Love ya, sucker :)
Skye Cavender (1 month ago)
Ksu Efremova (1 month ago)
I do enjoy your videos Hi from Belarus:)
Dead4girlwalking 4 (1 month ago)
Omg I just realised that ally is a girl version of miles lmao
Megan S (1 month ago)
Happy to listen any time Ally. Lol
Gat Nelo (1 month ago)
ohmygod darling you do'n't have any obligation before your viewers or whatever, be who you are and don't be tough on yourself and have fun haha :D you're so chill, don't worry!
Jade Raffour (1 month ago)
Had me laughing as normal love u Ally xx hope everything's better now xx
Kayla Rice (1 month ago)
Binge watching Ally is never a bad decision
Pamela Brown (1 month ago)
Ally Hills is freaking gorgeous and makes me laugh. Keep on keepin on!
Batuhan Gülmüş (2 months ago)
Heyy Hello I am Batuhan. I am you music is listening. Me too GirlFriends song is very good and pretty :)
BTS OBSESSED FREAK (2 months ago)
T C (2 months ago)
You rock, as is, just as you are, when you are you and wherever you may be.
Jessie Stagg (2 months ago)
I cut bangs and now look like an 8th grader
Bunny (2 months ago)
one tends to just remember the bad comments, but think about the all the good comments you have had Ally! putting yourself out there is your choice most and foremost ^^ there is so many content creators that is not fully showing all of themselves, because they just don't want to, and that is okay. Internet can get really unforgiving and toxic. Nvm the bad comments, sometimes it's just culture clash, or they are not used to the idea. What matters in the end is that you do what makes you happy! Remember the good reason why you did videos in the first place :)
rawrisiloveuindinify (2 months ago)
I think you have adult adhd
Vanesa Zaid (2 months ago)
Sending you hugs from México 🇲🇽
Vanesa Zaid (2 months ago)
You are beautiful and talented, please don't be sad we love you 😙
XxXxXxX x (2 months ago)
you're such a cute bean <3
Pride_Eye (2 months ago)
"I dont feel like any body cares about YouTuber problems." Look at last month where YouTube stopped working because of shane dawson and his series on a youtubers problems.
K&ADuo (2 months ago)
Every time I click one of your videos, I never know what to expect in the beginning, or the middle, or the end
Sierra Jade (2 months ago)
@5:20-5:22 literally me in the morning at school trying to act like im okay
Crystal Beth (2 months ago)
I’m sorry you’re sad. I gotta be honest your videos have really gone downhill for awhile. Take the time you need also you’re non-yelling voice is good. It’s nice when you feel real. You didn’t need to add the gimmick of the jeans. I get you don’t like being real but the gimmicks are getting old tbh and they aren’t original and it’s more annoying than entertaining. You can say you’re sad without the jokey shit, it would help others who are low, you don’t have to go into it. This video felt a bit desperate. It started after the Stevie breakup I really hope that wasn’t a catalyst. Even just your normal voice would feel more real, you don’t have to spill your darkest secrets. I’m not trying to be a bitch. I feel a bit guilty I’m not trying to hate I just want your channel to grow. I hope you’re well, just don’t upload if you don’t want to. We understand and we aren’t going anywhere.
Cheyenne Hoaglin (2 months ago)
Be mine!!!!
Jack NeXuS (2 months ago)
your funny , you make good music, your good at what you do, and i hope you have a great year. ill be here listening to your songs. btw your halloween dance 2016 was pretty amazing :)
Andreia Monsanto (2 months ago)
I take a shower and go to a green place. Everyday. That helps a lot. If I can use a bike even better. Also, when I was depressed writing helped a lot! Hope that's helpful, my dear.
Brittney Klein (2 months ago)
I honestly want to unsubscribe and resubscribe because I love your videos so much I need to express it more than once 😍
Cameron Robertson (2 months ago)
hey, ally! Just one more thingy.. I just wanted to let you know, that you basically saved my life with your vids. Idk how to put it into words.. but just you and your personality made me happy. last year I came out to my family and I was devastated when my own mom took away just about everything from me, thinking it was my surroundings that made me the gay I am, but your videos gave me some happiness too keep going.. I really really love you and I want the best for you. And if you feel like you arent doing anything good enough.. know that you helped me and prolly alot of others with their depression. ❤🧡💛💚💙💜 Hang in there! We love you
Elizabeth Parker (2 months ago)
I watch your videos to feel better ❤️ you're the only YouTuber that never fails to make me laugh, so thank you so much
Animals lover 012345 (2 months ago)
hey your last video that you upload you said you looking for a girlfriend call me 240-437-7088
Alyssa Shaw (2 months ago)
Hey Ally, hope you are doing well! I am always sending positive vibes your way. Sometimes we just need to relax and focus on ourselves, because in the midst of life, we kind of lose ourselves. Don't ever feel ashamed for taking time to yourself; I do it, and I'm sure there are many boys and girls that do too...even so, some that probably SHOULD but don't. We have to put ourselves first eventually...stay strong Ally. Like I said, good vibes man. Much love from your companion fan ❤
Lycanium (2 months ago)
What? hmm? ehm? What? ohh you feel better now? Glad to hear so. Jap that sums up how i felt watching this.
Katelyn Wright (2 months ago)
My names Katelyn and I haven’t changed my clothes in 3 days also
Brittany Kelly (2 months ago)
I love you Ally, your Awesome!
please fall asleep so I can take --- and hang them in my room so when I wake up I'll be like "Yeah, everything's all-right"
Nalex Rodríguez (2 months ago)
I love you so much. You're so cute.
Gaby Stewart (2 months ago)
honestly ally you are so genuine. watching your videos always brings a smile to my face and i just relate to you so much. your personality and smile is literally infectious, like, how can someone be that funny. i love how real your content is as well , i find a lot of lgbt youtubers just try wayyy too hard to portray someone perfect and like so “ progressive “ , but you have always been you ! you’re real and i love it. you don’t come here with any bullshit that we can all see through. please never stop providing your amazing content. you are my favorite youtuber and my only subscribed channel lol. - some love from south africa !
guitarristapaisa (2 months ago)
Bipolar disorder
Elizabeth Hallahan (2 months ago)
You’re sweet. Nough said.
J L (2 months ago)
Congrats on 701k subscribers!!!!! To celebrate I watched literally all your videos today
Ipshita T (2 months ago)
_Congrats on hitting 700k Ally!_
Just Me (2 months ago)
I also mutilate my pants to make myself feel better! xD you're a grand specimen of human being!
Aino (2 months ago)
It has been a month Ally, time to upload again, just reminding
Sam McCormack (2 months ago)
First Where did you got that hoddie from I want it second Ally your freaking awesome your an awesome, freaky, crazy, nice, funny, lovely person
Kinjishi_no _Shiki (2 months ago)
Kamu cantik 😊 I Like You 😍😘😘😘
Julie Key (2 months ago)
You're fucking adorable
Brigitte Lutzmayer (2 months ago)
You are so cool :)
Soft_loy (2 months ago)
Soft_loy (2 months ago)
Русские субтитры
CozyC (2 months ago)
Hi Ally. You're hilarity and musical gift demonstrate that you're a deep soul. With that depth also comes a lot of pain too. I relate to you, including the existential crisis. If you want a friend in La, hit me up (and I'm a drummer 😉).
LXCIUS MXSIC (2 months ago)
What helps me out is writing songs or just writing in general, im not really avid on talking out my feelings either but im trying to get out of that, its not really easy trying to explain how i feel inside my head when almost no one can understand something without going through it themselves so thats usually why i dont talk to people about day to day issues. So i actually appreciate the video because it accurately represents alot of peoples current mindset. So like thanks my dude 👌
eden havenn (2 months ago)
Congrats Ally! 700K :-p

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