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South Padre Island - Spring Break Beach Party

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Please rate, comment & subscribe! Spring break party on the beach at South Padre Island, Texas.
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Text Comments (336)
Md Milon (4 days ago)
good party
lumtaroc (12 days ago)
no pretty girls seen. all the girls were annoying and the music is the worst too.
Not good video
Chris Young (16 days ago)
those white babes . love to take them home
Rouabhi Kadar (19 days ago)
irfan irfan (24 days ago)
irfan irfan (24 days ago)
EDM Electro Swing (1 month ago)
These same bitches got fat by 2018, now they going to these same parties looking all gross, thinking they still looking cool.
Renz Rodriguez (2 months ago)
I want this so hot men
everything IN one (2 months ago)
abbas al barisi (2 months ago)
هه لو عراقي موجود هنا لو بس يباوع من بعيد يجب ع روحه ونزرب بي وهمه طيز يعير لازگات وفاهين
Yosif Al jrah (2 months ago)
ياريتني وياكم
Yosif Al jrah (2 months ago)
saad 555 يمعود شسوي احنة محرومين من البنات العراق خرة محرم من البنات ادري حرام حياتي
saad 555 (2 months ago)
Yosif Al jrah ترا حرام
Yosif Al jrah (2 months ago)
لك شو هيداااااااااالالااا
bonny de (3 months ago)
I am here to read the comments of Islamic 'Scholars'.
Anomaly XD 30654921 (23 days ago)
lol they're craving to come to western countries
Mario Tancredo (3 months ago)
Nacos indesentes para eso están los hoteles exhibicionistas de mierda solo falta que nos muestren su kk
rubber duckie (3 months ago)
Lucky Do (3 months ago)
Dhiraj Kumar (3 months ago)
Wow so nice all sexy
Anthony Macharia (3 months ago)
Turn to Jesus he died for your sins
Abo Osama (3 months ago)
قال تعالى:(ولقد ذرأنا لجهنم كثيرا من الجن والإنس لهم قلوبٌ لايفقهون بها ولهم أعينٌ لايبصرون بها ولهم أذانٌ لايسمعون بها أولئك كالأنعام بل هم أضل أولئك هم الغافلون)
Jean Pi (3 months ago)
Que rico quien para frotarle mi vergota bien rico en la culito 😈😈
Benidorm i love lucifer (3 months ago)
I love the sex 👅💘💖💞👄💓💔💗💝💕❤💋
pizza cat (1 month ago)
Text me if u want to and if u r a guy
Prime J5 (3 months ago)
تعالو عنا 😁
Hamd Hamd (4 months ago)
استعراض جيد
Ionela Cristna Ivancescu (4 months ago)
bucrativa de fotbal mondial 2018
Yeah hump this hoes,if they not lay down with you..you can test drive her butt
Angry Jock (4 months ago)
Hey bady all sexy
Arisgod27 (4 months ago)
the future of America right there....LOL
clash clans (4 months ago)
So these are the feminists? Lol.....
AKKKKT (4 months ago)
Biff tannen
حنان الدلوعه (4 months ago)
يا ريت وانا عندهم جسمي نار 🔥 اشتي نيك ساخن عربي مثير زبه كبير ومقوم نار 🔥 يرسل رقمه واني اريحه الحسه
فتحي الجبوري (2 months ago)
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شعيب شعيب (3 months ago)
حنان الدلوعه هل جوننتي هل عندك عقل وتفكرين أليس ديننا يقول حراااااام إرتقي وتقي الله
Hamada Star (4 months ago)
Abdul Razzaq (4 months ago)
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Yugi Moto (4 months ago)
Konum atsanıza gelecem
حمد الجميلي (4 months ago)
هذولاء اللي يصلحون لي
my own business business (5 months ago)
Oh so aexy
Umu Kabba (5 months ago)
Anurag (5 months ago)
مرحبا انا مروان تلودي
dra gie (6 months ago)
هذا رقم تلفوني احب الحس
dra gie (6 months ago)
اني احب الحس
Vicki Whiteside (6 months ago)
sooo sexy
Ajis22 Bookir (6 months ago)
lnfinix SONY (6 months ago)
هههههههه دعارة علنية
Giovico Garcia (7 months ago)
Eric Zulu (7 months ago)
Que rico para darles duro a esas nenas
Random Activities (7 months ago)
I want to be there
Abdalhakem Hadia (27 days ago)
Ciryah Pullom (7 months ago)
im only 7 and i saw that you are so weird im just in 2 grade who are you are stupid person rhat would post that im only 7
Jacques Franceschini (7 months ago)
Bonjour, je vous embrasse tous très affectueusement et à bientôt j'espère bises Jacques Noël FRANCESCHINI des Hautes Alpes 🇫🇷💒🎼🏔💗
Arthur Bonnet (8 months ago)
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Sajid Rahman (8 months ago)
These are shit go to hell bitches
ahmad dictator (8 months ago)
يلبه تعالو اليمن ❤
Mujeeb Khan (8 months ago)
Hey baby all sexy
Kinoy Xaiyarlard (5 months ago)
Mujeeb Khan ຫນັງໄທ
Edi Sarmawan (8 months ago)
Ada orang indo gk
Edi Sarmawan (8 months ago)
Nice, l from indonesia
tarık demir (8 months ago)
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Meera Rashed Alktebi (9 months ago)
Agus Zaidan (9 months ago)
Ngentot pantat besar
Singh Yoyo (9 months ago)
Shitty girls... indian girls r best in world
خالد فرج (9 months ago)
your gallery (9 months ago)
party oooo
Keras Lembut (9 months ago)
Hot Babes (9 months ago)
If you're looking for slutty singles this is the place https://goo.gl/uersvB
Archana Maurya (10 months ago)
Fucking party place
Pack Ridriguez (10 months ago)
1st act : spring break party 2nd act: I'm the king fucking all the hoes 3rd act: I receive a letter of child support and I'm fucked up for LIFE.
Mohammad Sharif (10 months ago)
what is the name of this background party song?*
Wayne Yinge (10 months ago)
its hilarious seeing all these comments in arabic.
ajoybordoloi12 (10 months ago)
What they drink
허승용 (10 months ago)
여기어디냐 존나가고싶네
Bozok Ülker (10 months ago)
Music Masti (10 months ago)
Music Masti (10 months ago)
Very hot video
fathi hamid (11 months ago)
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fathi hamid (11 months ago)
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Rai Ranjit (11 months ago)
Fucking girl
Riaz Khan nice (11 months ago)
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LucJJ (11 months ago)
Back when people wasnt afraid of cameras, and didnt do things thinking if they will be ridiculous or not
riiya Khan (11 months ago)
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eğlenceli kanal (11 months ago)
ve medeniyet
Humming Bird (11 months ago)
This type of people are called paripi in Japan. It stands for party people.
Sincere Evans (1 year ago)
Wtf am i doing
Periklis Tounas (1 year ago)
these are girls not women with tools
sinno core (1 year ago)
These people exactly act like animals. You all should have go to hell.
Primecutpro (1 year ago)
+sinno core What is wrong with having fun in life? You are watching the video
Khaled Farraj (1 year ago)
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Ali Saliem (1 year ago)
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abrar asiri (1 month ago)
+اسامه الغامدي كفو
abrar asiri (1 month ago)
والله صدق
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Ali Saliem
coskun acar (1 year ago)
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Ralph Kiszakiewicz (1 year ago)
I tend to go by sub genres more these days. This song right here is meant to be a party song so it doesn't matter who dances to it.
SwiffVideo (1 year ago)
what happens when they cum
Mike Ramirez (1 year ago)
std mania.
Infinitely Sensitive (1 year ago)
Daughters are shame to their parents
Bikar Singh (4 months ago)
Infinitely Sensitive @
Annie Plays MSP (1 year ago)
this exact video helped me find my man cheating on me
I definitely want to be here where is this place ?
Toyosi Oyejobi (1 year ago)
The girls have fun.. The guys are in sexland
i just saw my girlfriend twerk on a guy WTF
Adnan Kerim (1 year ago)
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