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Research Methods For Business Students | Course Announcement

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Text Comments (14)
Aryan Vaish (10 months ago)
how can i get a topic about research
Falak Naz (1 year ago)
I have sent anl query through email. I didn't receive your response still. Please send your response.
Gorboduc (1 year ago)
I tried to view this course but your volume is so absurdly low I could barely hear you. Gave up after two vids.
Mohsen Rezaui (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot for sharing this video..... It was the best and complete set. God bless you.
Hurshida Qurbonova (1 year ago)
you have strong accent which makes non native english speakers to confuse while watching your videos and it makes difficult and confuse students.
Narenikka (1 year ago)
I feel so blessed that I found your videos. Awesome. Thank you so much.
Wisdombluetooth (1 year ago)
Du är Top! Jag behöver mer hjälp..Kan du snälla svara på några frågor...Tack
Wisdombluetooth (1 year ago)
MeanThat I don't either...I rather speak English....I see u studied at Dalarna...how can I contact you? wonderful website curious.com
MeanThat (1 year ago)
thx :) Well I might, give it a try. Though I dont speak swedish perfectly, just the basics
rsglive (2 years ago)
God bless you (y)
Asta Panayitou (2 years ago)
You literally saved my life too. This is the best lecturing session.
Arvinder singh (2 years ago)
thank you so much
alfred patrick (2 years ago)
i love u! saved my life!
MeanThat (2 years ago)
+alfred patrick haha awesome :-D good luck :)

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