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Scrum Repair Guide: Grooming the Product Backlog - Mike Cohn

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An excerpt from the "Scrum Repair Guide" by Mike Cohn: https://www.frontrowagile.com/courses/scrum-repair-guide ... This chapter of Mike Cohn's eLearning video training course, "Scrum Repair Guide," discusses how to understand problems with the product backlog, from how detailed items should be to what types of items belong on a backlog and to what backlog grooming is and when to do it. Earn four PDUs, SEUs and a certificate of completion after successfully completing the full course. Course may be downloaded or streamed at FrontRowAgile.com
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harish R (9 months ago)
During the grooming session, with a given time of an hour or two, how do we estimate the user stories. Say for example, the backlog would have different stories with different complexities, will it make sense to go with relative complexity for estimate during the grooming session and if so how do we do it with backlog that has more than 100 items. What is the best method or how do we estimate during grooming? If it is high-level estimate, how to do that without relative sizing? Help !!!!!
Sena Ndwandwe (8 months ago)
The scrum team will have to commit and see if all those 100 items are doable within the time frame of your sprint length. If you are running a two week sprint, I doubt they'll be able to burn all 100 items in that period. So my suggestion is, commit to a few items for the upcoming sprint. If you burn all items within your sprint length, you can always bring in more items; however, all items committed have to be completed... definition of "Done." I hope this makes sense.
Herblay63 (3 years ago)
Your book on Agile Estimating and Planning is worth every penny - thanks
cheenadengin (3 years ago)
product backwog?
RC (4 years ago)
Great Video!
Mike Cohn (4 years ago)
Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

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