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Psychic Medium John Holland in Lowell, Massachusetts

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Psychic Medium John Holland delivers messages from the spirit world in Lowell, Massachusetts. (June 25th, 2009)
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Paige Lee (1 month ago)
Awesome readings john much love ❤️
Andrew Vardanega (1 month ago)
The ignorant peple ..most peple wud not understand unless they go thru experiences or Cross over to know it's all very real.society.is built in such a way that the spiritual part is discounted or forgoten .society is about religions getting a bettr job betr car more money modern technology phones computers .The spiritual World to nerly all peple is nonexistent .sadly 80℅ believe in things that we spiritual peple know are b.s or nonsense but these atheists and religios peple think we believe is nonsense.so we have a conflict of truth over false
marine hpd (2 months ago)
he looks like billy bob
Deborah Haley (2 months ago)
heken macris (2 months ago)
John your too funny I need a psychic guy in my life lolo lol too bad I'm in Canada
Michael Radford (4 months ago)
my wife identified herself as did all my family with the messages ,my wife prompted a medium to come to me saying my name and answered my questions i had asked her since she died including taking my ring off the table . my next reading was 3ladies and a man ,my wife her sister my mum and my brother each identified with a message .my next reading my mother named all of her sisters and brothers who were there in spirit with her including my dad had met his son ,my brother .dads father my uncle each identified by the messages . all family are just a step away into the light ,a two way thing for spirits they can visit having seen my wife as smoke in my bedroom ,made up of stars on my bed and twice as pure spirit . a medium is as good as your spirits that go with you and your spirits are around you at home and can leave messages . just talk to them .
Leslie Cone (5 months ago)
John, you are amazing. How wonderful for these people to be able to interact with you.
The "Christine" was the "christening" dress (maybe)
Ana Luísa Machado (5 months ago)
I could hear you for an entire day! 🦋⭐️ please upload more of this, living here in Portugal these uploads are a true gem! Thank you John 💫🌈
KaysianReigns (6 months ago)
I am concerned about what's going on with me, I feel weird saying I must have abilities but I have no other words to describe it. I don't know how to control it, it just happens. I wish I knew who to talk to about this... What is wrong with me
Swamper60 (2 months ago)
KaysianReigns contact Matt Fraser, he has a book about developing your own psychic abilities, he’s great!
Christine Gelabert (5 months ago)
KaysianReigns The other person who responded IS right! DON'T ever feel weird...all children have this ability. Wr ars tokd wr sre imaging thjbgs we feel and see such as our imaginary friend when in fact they're relatuves comng to visit. Also animals sense other ppl in the room. He speaks about this and the diffent types of psychic abilities ALL of us have. The main one is your "gut feeling"...when you just KNOW something is OFF somehow in a room or you meet somekne new and they LOOK ok but you feel jeeby about then and when you shake their hand yoir skin feels like it's crawling. Thst is your psychic abilities kicking in to that other persons essence and actually warning you. I've had abilities sibce I was young and for awhile I WAS encouraged by my grandmothers because both of them felt it was normal in our culture. I'm a double Native~Mohawk and Taino tribes and also Puerto Rican. Both my grandmothers were gifted with psychic abilities and were wgat we called kitchen mediums. Which means they'd do readings at our house, so I grew up with this somewhat. ONLY my mother didn't like it but MY Popo had no issues with it. HE was used to having ppl comijg to his mother for readings when he grew up. Its was my mothers mother who kept it on tje DL more LOL! I watched rhem and learned & I was read8jg tea leaves and coffee grounds and playing card spreads as a child. As I got older I learned how to read tarot csrds but I don't use them as much as I use Native medicine cards. My prophetic dreams began AS a child but my brothers never had the gift and used to ostracize me. My Popo always stood up for me because he knew that I could see things that others couldn't just like his mother could. Also he'd seen the evidence of it many times when I'd had deja vu from one of my dreams come back. We''d be driving somewhere & I'd MAKE him pull over immediately...then a car would come speeding by. So he and every one of my frirbds now know that when I say pull over...I'M not bullshiting & just oull ovet and trust me yk? I've seen conversations I've hsd with ppl later on, I've had my frirbds who've passed literally come into my living room in almost full form...they could talk w/o actual speech out loud but just feeling their emotions and I'd hear them auditory. I WAS raised to never be afraid of the dead~I was bext to my grandfather AS he passed. He had his arm around me at age 6 as we sat on the couch. We wrre watching tv & I didnt realize he had died until they called us into the kitchen 4 dinner abd he didnt follow me. Then my mother went to get him and then evetybody freaked out and called the ambulance. I didn't even get freaked out then...I just keot on trying to get into the living room to be with him & didn't inderstand WHY they kept shoving me out yk? Honestly IDK he had sat there with his arm around me dead but I do remember trying to shake him & trying to tell him to cmon c'mon to dinner. So I saw death early and my grandmothers explained it and told me to be open to it IF he spoke to me cuz I was the last one he was with you see? When you're taught therres nithing BUT LOVE coming to you from the other side...there's nothing to fear honey. Wheb OTHER ppl that arent from yoir famiky come thru....they just want THEIR story of love to be told...they just want to have one more final moment to say something BACK. I WILL sat this...I've seen a lotta psychics on stage...not in person yet because I watch them and see how they operate because since I'VE had the ability for a long time to see and hear and feel things....I want to critique how they work. I can say that I do like this one. As far as Jjohn Edwards....IDK WHY he is even sharing a stage with HIM! HE us a fraud AND so is the Long Island psychic...whatever the fuck HER name is. I forget AND I live on Long Island NY! The other kne who's full of shit is psychic Tia AND she talks SHIT about her clients too! She acruakky played it off like she was kidding and being a wiseass BUT her body language was horrible and telling a totally different story! She flat out called her clients "these wackos she has to deal with all day"! I KNOW body langusge ok? I'm an International prisoners advocate for OVER 30 yrs so nobody really fools ME ok? LOL! I deal eith EVERY level of the system from my juveys to my ppl on Death Row bith nationally and my ladies in Uganda. I deal with ALL types of cases including some frin the UN, Amnesty International and Innocence Project. So I KNOW a liar when I see one compared to a truthful one. HER body language gave her story away right on the spot ok? THIS John is legitimate from what I've seen and I've compared quite a few of his appearances all over the U.S.. DON'T sell yourself short...everybody has the ability and DON'T be scared of it. This is a gift ok? Now I will tell you that sometimes you will see sone things you might not like...but that's Life and thats the same premise on the physical plane of existence too. That's okay, if someone shows you an image of something...it's for a reason....to pass it along. Then it's ts gone forever ok? You won't be holding it like a grenade ok? It's NOT even yours TO hold...get it? I'VE seen sime wild stuff in day and IF you've seen rhis guy John's NYC appearance there was a young man that came thru to him that was a suicide. they DON'T come thru gory but sonetkmes they do get cranky or hyoer like that kid did he waa like talk to my mo. go get my mom...he was all jumpy and john was joking about it and honestly I was laughing about it cuz kids ARE like cmooooonnnn like the ice cream man is coming down their street or something! LOL! So just be patient with yourself...there's nothing to be worried about with this ok? They want you to help them IF that's what you're receiving right now~so they're NOT gonna be pains in the asses about it IF you don't know how to filter and process that...they WILL just get exasperated with you and go to someone more experienced to get their message passed off, trust me. Then more patient ones will come by okay? Ask for signs AND follow up signs as John says and also as I & many others believe to do, just to make sure it's the person you're talking to. Like IF you THINK youre geting a message in the way of a sign from say your mother but you're NOT sure it's her...say IF its you...show me THIS instesd. For the love of Pete DON'T pick like a damn squirrel in the MIDDLE of Fall season ok? I had a pact with someone long b4 she died for her to send me a ladybug as one of her signs. One day I was thinking about her & crying and I felt something and it showed up ON my hand in November! Yeah see, November when they're all supposed to be gone ok? So don't just pick birds....pick a specific bird like send me a bluejay if that first sign was really you OR a crow. Crows ARE a good sign....they can see and can go betwen the two worlds btw just so you know in my culture. So ask and always look for things and ask for backup signs...they dont mind sending them because they WANT you to kmow they're near you. Peace and blessings to you always friend.
toxic tongue (5 months ago)
Why do you feel, something is "wrong" with you? If you have this gift, embrace it It's wonderful!!!
Jamie Barbagallo (7 months ago)
2009 lowell mass readings...my parents got read and the perview video was only 34 mins on youtube but it cut off as they started getting there reading where and how can i find the rest. Someone please help my mother would be so happy to hear this again she really needs it.
thereddragonband (10 months ago)
Thanx for the upload, John. 😊👍

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