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LGBT YouTubers Read Hate Comments!

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Gay ignorance / hate within the LGBT community exists. Share this video to spread knowledge. In order of appearance : http://youtube.com/ElloSteph http://youtube.com/WickyDKewl http://youtube.com/HiddenTrannyFiles http://youtube.com/MegTurney http://youtube.com/RyansLyfe http://youtube.com/TrentAndLuke WHERE TO FIND ARIELLE One on One With Arielle : http://ariellescarcella.com Twitter : http://bit.ly/AriellesTwitter Insta : http://bit.ly/ArielleInstagram Facebook : http://bit.ly/ArielleFB T Shirts : http://bit.ly/ArielleTShirts Bracelets : http://bit.ly/GfBfBeads Tumblr : http://bit.ly/ArielleTumblr Snail Mail : GirlfriendsTV P.O. Box 280154 Brooklyn, NY 11228-154 GIRLFRIENDSTV YouTube : http://bit.ly/SubscribeToGirlfriends Website : http://GfsBfs.com/Donate Project Challenges : http://GfsBfs.com/Projects BUSINESS ONLY : [email protected]
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Text Comments (1465)
Sha (1 month ago)
Stoning burning boiling flaying and then lynching them in public is the appropriate cure for these abominations
'Eternal Optimism... (3 months ago)
Everything we perceive is an Effect that has a Cause. Hope's limit is Love which limit is Happiness. _Causality Love Laws Selflessly, Ps. What success is greater than mutually understanding the valid Human Nature pattern of Love? Love is a continual belief in the variable choice as Hope (not result) for Happiness as inner peace; respectful choice by each 1/2 reciprocally makes 1 selfless circle. (Human Nature Love Pattern) https://www.facebook.com/notes/eternal-optimism/causality-of-love-cause-and-effect-law-of-love/10157264829300720
Ethan Rey (5 months ago)
I've found more targets I need to capture them and send them to whatever remains of isis and guess what happens next.
TheWhiteAsian YT (5 months ago)
Fuck you gays
Aiki Kana me (7 months ago)
Christ, you are doing Gods work Arielle. The 🏳️‍🌈 SJW world has become such a toxic place that you can’t even be honest about who YOURE attracted to and speak about your desires or you’re a bigot. There needs to be some progressive pushback against this bullshit. It’s definitely targeted primarily at women. Men can go on about loving dick, joking about hatin’ vaginas and finding them gross without incurring a mob- but lesbians talking about lovin’ vag and women wearing pussy hats to protest reproductive rights? You get some a-hole castigating them for that
FFuzzyandfurryF (8 months ago)
Imagine if this was in the 30's. They'd be dead
il dittatore del cibo (8 months ago)
ShuPaul Charles (10 months ago)
2:07 oh my god that comment is so hypocritical
jasmee jass (10 months ago)
Hello guys
Ohhi (10 months ago)
Omg, is that a chimpokemon?
Jr Ryder (1 year ago)
No being gay is wrong
William Jacobs (1 year ago)
LGBT's are stupid AF
Stewie Griffin (1 year ago)
I'm gay myself But I'm not one of those stereotypical gays I'm only 13 anyway But I'm pretty sure I'm mostly gay and maybe a little bit straight because there is some girls I like But plenty of boys
Illusional Dex (1 year ago)
Wow this is sick hopefully you guys change your life around before it's too late
Hailie Poggenpoel (1 year ago)
0:56 ,uhhh, anyone see the computer background or just me😂
DesNRoyale (1 year ago)
Aye LGBT squad y'all trynna fw my Channel !?!? :))
Sli Wolf (1 year ago)
Kill yourself
Pine-O-Matic (1 year ago)
I believe that both sides are mistaken and need to cooperate. Mistakes that are made most of the time is that people are homophobic for not supporting the lgbt community (unless they are actually afraid of lgbt people), because most people aren't afraid. However, one idea that really gets on my nerve is that being lgbt is a mental illness. If a woman was the last person on the planet besides me, sure i'll have children with her to repopulate and save the human species. Personally, i'm gay and follow the christian belief, and I know that being gay *is not* a sin, because if you pay close attention to the ten commandments, there is nothing that says anything about homosexuality, in any meaning or context. I believe that god loves all of his children regardless of who they are. If we learn to live with each others' differences and learn from our mistakes, i'm sure we can cooperate, and not let history repeat itself. I respect both sides opinions, however in biblical context, I shall not stand for those who alter the words of god to best benefit their opinion. That is all.
Karen Foo (1 year ago)
One random guy on my channel he was like "still can't figure out whether you're a man or woman" - - - I blocked him.
DesNRoyale (1 year ago)
f the ignorance! aye Anyone wanna check out and fw a new and upcoming lgbt youtuber!
samuelk nibalvos (1 year ago)
Boy and girl is the design of god . lesbian are the design of demon
Booker T (1 year ago)
I get more hate from the lbgt community than any straight person ever gave me. Community is garbage and needs rework. Seriously.
XqunK _ (1 year ago)
kys u sinning mofo old skin tone chicken bone leave my alone headass buzzfeed head ass pray 4 gay headass fucking kys
Minxie x Lethality (1 year ago)
Okay, we like what we like, we love who we love, and we are who we are. If people can't accept that, then they need to go on about their business and stay out of ours because their hate comments and closed mindedness is not needed. Nor is it wanted. If you don't like how other people live their lives, then who cares! To those of you that are reading these hateful comments, and are questioning yourselves, don't. You are perfect just the way you are. And if you want to change yourself, do it for you, not anyone else. Just be you, and nothing else matters. Those people that are putting us down for just us being ourselves and being open with ourselves to help make like minded people more accepting of themselves, aren't worth a second of your time. Please, love yourselves. And others that love you too will support you all the way!
kaileyisawsome330 (1 year ago)
the lgbtq+ community is very non inclusive to people in its OWN community like bisexuals. it really makes me sad. like come on! we need to support our fellow people in the community.
kaileyisawsome330 (1 year ago)
the lgbtq+ community is very non inclusive to people in its OWN community like bisexuals. it really makes me sad. like come on! we need to support our fellow people in the community.
*sips tea* why have I come here to read the comments knowing it would destroy me...oh yeah, it's fun to read a fight in between two people on the internet.
I hate everyone (1 year ago)
bend over (1 year ago)
these kind of videos are how people get torches in flames
Its Not Simple (1 year ago)
Gay people don't exist , they should get burned alive
Grace Winters (1 year ago)
gay people do exist. burning people alive is morally wrong, that's murder.
Joshua Caudill (1 year ago)
Fuck lgbt people I don't care what you think
abdurahman omoruyi (1 year ago)
fuck LGBT
elena (1 year ago)
abdurahman omoruyi What's your problem ?
Jinsoulie’s dumbass (1 year ago)
there is a reason why I am BI and not PAN. I do not feel attracted to trans people, that doesn't mean I am Transfobic.
MollysMiniStuff (1 year ago)
2:07 Well, didn't they just do that? -_-
Emily Hope (1 year ago)
Trooper Bias (1 year ago)
The reality to the lgbt movement is as it's pushed harder allots the fear people will be injured and even life lost. Surely no one wants that. However the media seems they want desincion & anger that will cause this. Once the media realized there were financial gains in this movement they began to fuel this no matter the victims or right or wrong.
Nami Nom (1 year ago)
Homosexuality is perverted just like incest and pedophilia
Bryan Gramajo (1 year ago)
You guys are letting society control you.
No Stop (1 year ago)
I won't mind being with a trans woman. I'm a lesbian and lesbians are attracted to WOMEN! Gender and genitalia are two different things. I won't mind being with bi/pan girls either, they like girls too, why should I be complaining?
Grace Winters (1 year ago)
No Stop exactly. my girlfriend is pan and i'm a lesbian. ^u^
Aye homophobes want something to really annoy you? I'm Gay Loud and Proud, Bitch come at me now, Cash me ousside how bout dat?
Den Den (1 year ago)
Great video 👌🤸🏻‍♂️🌈
Atheist God (1 year ago)
I hope that these sinners are able to repent before it's too late.
#MY Life (1 year ago)
I've always wondered what did a guy do to you to you guys to make you turn gay?
Lak Matthews It's not a *Guy* who turned us Lesbian or gay, It's a Lifestyle please be mindful, it's not a sudden heatbreak that turns you Gay or Lgbt
Jake Reid (1 year ago)
I am scared to come out to my parents as bisexual and I am scared that if I do they won't like me like they use to
Robert Sayers (1 year ago)
why do I have to go out of my way to not offend you, but no one gives a shit if they offend me......I don't really care , be what you want but I am not going to change who I am so people are not offended...I like being a straight white male....I didn't choose it
Apple sauce Cat (1 year ago)
Came out literally a few days ago. After commenting on a video about being confused and questioning your sexuality, in an attempt to spread support, I very quickly received a comment saying "kys faggot, it's worse than beastiality, burn in eternal hell". This is what made me afraid and scared of being out. That I would be hated for a choice I didn't make. Over 400 species of animals show homosexuality but only 1 shows homophobia. The world has a long way to come yet...
Creckjov Hammer (1 year ago)
Yeah please don't post your sexuality on the internet. Because nobody cares, you damn sinners
FFuzzyandfurryF (8 months ago)
Calcium Miku (9 months ago)
Creckjov Hammer agreed
Grace Winters (1 year ago)
please don't post your hate on the internet. nobody cares, you damn hatter.
SpeakingThaTruth Jaye (1 year ago)
LBGT sub friends?
elliewellie (1 year ago)
So, do all these homphobs look for lgbt videos so they can leave hateful and violent comments, and for no other reason? Why?
Atheist God (1 year ago)
+Creckjov Hammer I have subscribed to you.
Creckjov Hammer (1 year ago)
+elliewellie Ah hate and harass. Apparently you don't know what the bible says. But if you want to stay that way your whole life then I can't change you. But what can I say, at least we straights aren't going to be getting disciplined
elliewellie (1 year ago)
Creckjov Hammer dude go hate and harass somewhere else. I'm done, have a good life.
Creckjov Hammer (1 year ago)
+elliewellie "YOU SAID THAT THEY WOULD BE PUNISHED IF THEY DIDN'T "REPENT' COME BACK WHEN YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU STAND FOR THANKS BYE" Did you not just hear what I said????? I said it's not a threat that I made, it's a threat that god WILL make on them if they don't repent. Disconnect from YouTube until you fully comprehend what I just said
Okay sometimes I thing that my community is like that one mom that embarrasses you in front of friends. I love being LGBTQ+, and most people in the community are great, but just like anything else there are always just a few people that give us a bad rep. Also I've always wanted to know why people call gays fags? If anyone could answer that that'd be great
Super Loc (1 year ago)
abominations should kill themselves
The Count (2 years ago)
how about you deceased perverted people kill yourself . because you're going to hell anyways .right along with you're supporting guard dogs slash pets called lgbt supporters XD.
elliewellie (1 year ago)
Good old Christian love for ya
Disabler (2 years ago)
I love watching american debates. It starts as a serious discussion and ends up being about transexuals and toilets..
chelonianmobile (2 years ago)
"I'm gay but don't post your sexuality on the internet" says the commenter in a post on the internet. Wow. I'm so sorry for the idiocy of humanity.
Aj Calderon (2 years ago)
I am straight but I like your vids
Lav Ram (2 years ago)
Hahahaha you wanna say that your 'breaking' stereotypes that's so full of shit the L.G.B.T community wouldn't give a f*ck wether or not bisexuals were apparently 'real' or not which is stupid cause obviously we are and we ain't confused we just appreciate feminism and that sense of security from a man so what's the big deal? Just accept us for who we are.
Itzjoseph (2 years ago)
You Know everyone has opnions on LGBT.
David Martin (2 years ago)
Johnny Bernard (1 year ago)
sodom and gomorah thats what
David Martin (2 years ago)
+Jay Goehring extremely true. I went to Seattle recently, gay movements everywhere, and even at the top of the space needle there is a rainbow flag, representing gay
Jay Goehring (2 years ago)
DIC3 _ we let the feminist movement progress past equality and instead of beating up cucks, we let them pussify America.
Chow Fun (2 years ago)
Tomato Mcnuggets (2 years ago)
What is that screensaver at 1:05?😂
Dilly Dilly (2 years ago)
Let's tie them all up and fly them over to Syria and leave them there.
Lonely_Flame _Pup (2 years ago)
1:03 for real do' my dudette.
Stariluss (2 years ago)
I'm at a young age where everyone is supposedly straight, but me, at young age, I'm scared to be the only one lesbian or pansexual (I'm still confused on what sexuality I am)
Stariluss (2 years ago)
okay okay whatever you say, hehehe
David Martin (2 years ago)
Fine, remember my words of knowledge though.
Stariluss (2 years ago)
Okay Okay stop I'm going to die from laughing to much
Stariluss (2 years ago)
Oh my god this is just too hilarious.
David Martin (2 years ago)
Trust me
VerwegenG36 (2 years ago)
i didnt hate this community.... until i watched this video
VerwegenG36 (2 years ago)
+Wip Junior cant open the link? what do you even want from me lmao
Wip 0 (2 years ago)
+CLnKEr No just disappointed. How sad....... _https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/8clFy4pCZrizVYoTPeO6iEN5tIYNsHDs8wsIAXSmXidCFUVEPUcEU7llhULIGsWGLrO3SaABFw_
VerwegenG36 (2 years ago)
+Wip Junior dont care still going to vote against this community u mad?
Wip 0 (2 years ago)
+CLnKEr NOT EVERYONE IS THE SAME PIECE OF SHIT. *sigh* I have no energy left for bigots.
VerwegenG36 (2 years ago)
+Wip Junior i dont care this community is total bullshit yes i have what about it?
VerwegenG36 (2 years ago)
so apparently criticizing homosexuals for doing stupid shit makes you a "homophobe" ok whatever
VerwegenG36 (2 years ago)
so apparently criticizing homosexuals for doing stupid shit makes you a "homophobe" ok whatever
VerwegenG36 (2 years ago)
+Jay Goehring good thing im going to change a few things in like 3 years if everything keeps going well in my career hahaha these cunts will get nothing
Jay Goehring (2 years ago)
CLnKEr dude I know right? I wish I got my own room in college away from all the oppressive people that don't ignore reality 😂😂😂 They just want attention.
eren luin (2 years ago)
CLnKEr yes,you are a homophobe
MASTER TIP (2 years ago)
0:57 wtf is this.This is so ridiculous.FGT LMAO.Welcome to 2016
Scarce Is Not Fat (2 years ago)
Fucking filthy humans...smh
eren luin (2 years ago)
Scarce Is Not Fat you look like you are going to commit mass murder
Feather Pen (2 years ago)
I'm straight as spaghetti unless it's hot and wet ;)
Feather Pen (2 years ago)
shirley jones (2 years ago)
As cases of meningitis, a rare and potentially fatal disease, popped up in cities nationwide over the past several years, public health officials noticed a trend: many of those infected were gay men. There’s no known medical reason why meningitis, which is transmitted through saliva, would spread more among gay and bisexual men. Yet New York, Chicago and now Southern California have experienced outbreaks disproportionately affecting that population. “It is perplexing,” said Dr. Rachel Civen, a medical epidemiologist at L.A. County’s Department of Public Health. Of the 13 cases of meningitis this year in L.A. County — excluding Long Beach, which has its own health department — seven were gay ... Read more
wormwood (2 years ago)
I don't hate gay folks. I just don't like proud to be gays and those people that make up stupid titles to call themselves. <That shit really annoys me..
ryanlock2u (2 years ago)
Pride is an act of defiance, and you delineating what kind of gay person is acceptable to you just goes to show that defiance is still necessary.
NatureCaller (2 years ago)
its called a drag queen and no everyone does it
Bojan Lukić (2 years ago)
I hope you all rot in hell
lil noodles (1 year ago)
Bojan Lukić now what i rather be in hell if i have to deal with ignorant people like you and im bisexual deal with it loser ☺
Bojan Lukić Cool, I'll rot in hell with all the rest of the gays and live happily than go to Heaven to be judge by fake Christians👍
Lonely_Flame _Pup (2 years ago)
homophobes are the total worst
John Fares (2 years ago)
Spoke like a true loving Christian.
Johnny Bernard (2 years ago)
+DenisPvpZ I totally understand that
Mercedes Waldorf (2 years ago)
I was shocked to see Meg in here. Love me some Rooster Teeth and some Meg Turney, and I was quite excited to find out she was a fellow bisexual!!
Misbehaven123 (2 years ago)
Alright, let's get this straight, I believe at the current state we are at, it's okay for straight people to think of LGBT as strange, because it sort of is, it's going against natural anatomy because that's not how people are supposed to reproduce, you can't make offspring with two men or two women without involving one of the opposite sex. This is not an excuse for people to hate LGBT, or to attack those who are like that, but as long as everyone goes along their merry way it's fine.
elliewellie (1 year ago)
When will people learn that relationships are not just about reproduction?
Jacob (2 years ago)
As long as these people dont breed Im happy
Misbehaven123 (2 years ago)
+moonlight wolf So what did I get wrong then?
moonlight wolf (2 years ago)
are you serious? you need to learn more about lgbt
eren luin (2 years ago)
Go get educated
BlueView (2 years ago)
I am bi, am I "gay en nough" to be a part of the lgbt community?
_ _ (2 years ago)
They're all mentally sick
Donnie Herman (2 years ago)
horse gun (2 years ago)
Sigh, playing the victim again as usual. Pathetic
I like the video's that have the LGBT community because I'm bisexual. But my family doesn't know that yet I have only told my friends.
Venchy Jose (2 years ago)
I thought this country was founded by god
Thomas Hall (1 year ago)
that's actually not true. america is a secular country, meaning you have freedom to practice whatever religion you want but you can't force religion on anyone.
Sara Hunt (2 years ago)
I have no energy left to fight Homophobes honestly, I'm just gonna sit back and live my life, go ahead, call me a fag, say I should rot in hell, I don't care anymore, it isn't going to change me, it isn't going to bother me, so you will be accomplishing nothing.
Feather Pen (1 year ago)
+Bryan Gramajo Stop talking to yourself in the mirror
Bryan Gramajo (1 year ago)
You guys need some mental help quick...
Denver Savage (1 year ago)
kelsie rose Were we created or did we evolve? How did we arrive? What's the purpose of our existence? Why are we alive? Tell me who do you believe in? God? Or Man? The God: with love, eternity, and salvation for you! Or The Man: with no purpose, destiny but destruction for you. To what do you subscribe? And when it's time for God to prove himself to man, how will you be judged? First I'd like to thank you for throwing more ignorance insults on this topic I'll would ask that you close your mouth and pay close attention to what I'ma about to say My name is A and I'ma be the moderator in this great ignorance debate. We're tackling a topic that's highly prevalent ignorance to ignorance. In this topic an nonbeliever atheist, whom'll be stating they case against The more sensible being who's in rage listening to this trash-sexual For the sake of the audience please feel free to add your insults to jury as a basic gist Professor A, Sir (Well the Bible states in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth So everything we see here was his hand at work Kelsie Rose's a jerk I've seen the same shit y'all keep repeating and seen the lecture getting no where Even studied scientists about how we were lifeforms that evolved from apes I ask you how could a intelligent being come out of a lesser being? This is the thing with which we're wrestling The Universe and man are God's creation, just admit it fag If we evolved from apes and apes are still around why did it stop?)
keisha rose (1 year ago)
Denver Savage to be honest idegf I respect every religion gender sexlity and etc I respect your religion I never said I didn't I said that you can bash me and make disgusting remarks about me for being me and I couldn't care as I'm living how I want to and we will never cross paths bash me In the name of jess I don't care stop saying God hates me because I don't care I don't believe in him Al respect to your religion bit idc
Bob Gormley (2 years ago)
It's amazing who all these young people (say 25 and younger) know it all. They are unwilling to listen to others who have much more experience at life then themselves. Time to grow up little children and stop conforming to the ways of the world.
Bob Gormley (2 years ago)
"how" not "who"
Bob Gormley (2 years ago)
This generation has grown up not knowing the truth. Part of the fault is the parents who did not instruct their children in right living. First fornication and adultery was OK, then homosexuality was OK, then transgender was OK. What's next ? The legalization of pedophilia? Then what,beastiality? This nation has lost it's moral compass and the first to suffer will be today's youth. I think America has reached the point of now return. Repent now!!! Before it's too late.
Bob Gormley (2 years ago)
Jesus said: He who loves me will follow my commands. Are homosexuals and trangenders obedient to Jesus? I think not. What you call love, God calls an abomination.
Bob Gormley (2 years ago)
Before you post a comment learn the English language first. Your sentence is incomprehensible.
RicyIsHere //Ricy (2 years ago)
you are clearly retarded last time I checked the government in not make of INSANE close minded religious biggits like you
Bob Gormley (2 years ago)
Jesus said: "He who loves me follows my commands." Jesus in no way condones homosexuality. Read the Bible!
If all you focus on is spreading fear and hate then you don't know God at all for God is love and whoever abides in love abides in God and God in him.
Cat SepticEye (2 years ago)
Is it so bad to be a gender fluid and bi sexual it's kinda getting on my nerves now how people are being fucking weird about me being that gender and sexuality like seriously BTFU and get a life please try not and get into my personal choices
Jay Goehring (2 years ago)
Cat SepticEye yeah it is, because you're whatever gender your sex belongs to and the term "gender" being a social construct is just about as valid as saying the teletubbies were actually Hitler all along.
Black Brad Pitt (2 years ago)
yes, it is bad to think that you are a gender that you are actually not
NatureCaller (2 years ago)
"god" didnt create anything but hate :3
Talia Magdy (2 years ago)
What ever makes you feel comfortable is good:) Have a good day/night:)
Hannah Stephens (2 years ago)
It's not stupidity, it's ignorance.. Those people don't know any better...
The Count (2 years ago)
Hannah Stephens thank god so you don't believe in it ?
Kyle Renner (2 years ago)
+Jay Goehring She is pretty good looking though so there is that
Jay Goehring (2 years ago)
Hannah Stephens so because I disagree, I'm ignorant? Well that makes you ignorant also based off your logic. Thank you for lowering everyone's IQ.
Bob Gormley (2 years ago)
This generation is completely lost. Seek Jesus before it's too late!
Jordyn (1 year ago)
Shut the fuck up.
Atheist God (1 year ago)
+DenisPvpZ That is the most immature statement I've heard today.
Atheist God (1 year ago)
+DenisPvpZ First of all, a personal opinion will not be changed because of your atheist bullshit. Second, if you enjoy living life without a purpose, be my guest.
Atheist God (1 year ago)
+Bob Gormley Thank you! A sensible person who knows the word of god!
elliewellie (1 year ago)
Infinity 58 (2 years ago)
what the fuck is wrong with this world its going to shit so fast what happened!!??
Clockwork Raven (1 year ago)
Have You Seen The Film Chef? And what? There are billions of atheists, agnostics etc etc. Besides, I know a lot of christians are chill and accept the fact that not everyone is straight, and those are the only christians I think deserve respect.
Atheist God (1 year ago)
+Clockwork Raven 2.2 billion Christians disagree.
Clockwork Raven (1 year ago)
+Creckjov Hammer I'm not actually gay lol. Not everybody is going to submit to your little religion that's extremely difficult to believe. So, basically, no one gives one single fuck what your religion has to say about their lifestyle.
Creckjov Hammer (1 year ago)
+Clockwork Raven All you gays automatically assume that right when you hear someone oppose LGBT that they are saying that gays will be going to hell. When the fuck did any of us say that? Now is the time for gays to repent for a huge sin which is being gay, so they can be forgiven. If they regret what they have become in the end of times and god decides what is just for them, then it's THEIR fault for not repenting.
lures (2 years ago)
Les and proud :) people just say those things to bring the LGBT community down, but don't let people bring you down, you're beautiful, and worth it.
autumn spring (2 years ago)
im a lesbian and im single. Is that okay?
Silver (1 year ago)
+HARRYPRO GAMING Go hate on someone else asshat
Zoexla9 (1 year ago)
HARRYPRO GAMING fuck you. I hate homophobic people smh
autumn spring fucking nasty little gay bitch go die
The Count (2 years ago)
autumn spring yup you're a little girl who is going to hell . where demons will rip apart you flesh and eat it .and they will stab spears in you're vagina for you're awful deeds .
Jack Ripper*93 (2 years ago)
Hey, I can sprinkle sugar on shit too, but doesn't mean I'm going to eat it!
Jack Ripper*93 (1 year ago)
Yeah, I'm sure a therapist can convince Pinocchio is a real boy too!  You know that homosexual males only make up a small percentage of the population yet contract more STIs and STDs by comparison.  But don't you worry I'm sure the bisexual male and female will bridge that gap soon enough.  It's inevitable as history repeats itself as it always has.  Yes... HISTORY! SCIENCE! FACT!  There is nothing new under the sun!  I'm not talking Sodom and Gomorrah here so you can leave superstition out of it!
Lizzy Gunn (1 year ago)
It's your opinion, you don't have to eat it, but you already have shit spewing out of your mouth. I suggest going to a doctor about that. (It's also pretty disgusting that you sprinkle sugar on your shit and then think of eating it.) The doctor may stop whatever shit's spewing out of your mouth, but I suggest alerting a therapist to get rid of the hateful opinion. Hope you get well soon! :)
2:09 that's not a hate comment. That's just a stupid one LOL he says you shouldn't post about your sexuality on the internet and he literally just did that hahaha
Mar 1700 (2 years ago)
We should get a remote island, have a queer convention in it, get every single gay on that island and drop like 50 nukes.
Calcium Miku (9 months ago)
ToManykeyboardWarriors (2 years ago)
that ugly animal in blue hahahaha
Gay people, I love you, but Jesus tells us to crucify and deny our wicked flesh and it's desires...this world tells us to do the opposite. I see this very strongly in the LGBT community thing, these people who support homosexuality tell you to embrace it, not to hide it or live "in a closet" but to "express yourself" and that it's "natural" to be homosexual, they tell you basically to gratify your flesh, rather than telling people the truth that it is a demonic influence, and rather than telling hem to deny their flesh and it's desires, and to follow Jesus. It's not about doing what YOU want to do, it's about doing what Jesus wants you to do. It is wrong to tell people to do what they want and I've into their desires, if someone is having urges to kill people, would you tell them "yeah, it's natural, express yourself, kill people!" You probably would not if you have a sound mind, and it's the same with homosexuality. It isn't natural, it is part of the depopulation agenda. You should be thankful your parents were bit homosexuals because if they were, you wouldn't have been born. to all the homosexuals out there, if you really love the person you are dating or married to, you will warn them that you cannot be in a relationship with them anymore simply because you don't want your significant other to go to hell, you will call off the relationship, stop with the sexual immorality, and only offer to be that person's brother or sister in Christ.
Louis Brasil (2 years ago)
Too many homophobes in this comment section... Not a surprise, after all, cowards would simply prefer hiding behind a computer screen to spit their hatred.
anticorncob6 (1 year ago)
Daniel Rentas I literally laughed out loud at this comment.
Louis Brasil (1 year ago)
+Have You Seen The Film Chef? I don't listen to fairy tales.
Vamp Girl (1 year ago)
Louis Brasil true
Bre Bre (2 years ago)
ooh preach
Papa GLO (2 years ago)
if someone asks me my gender i'm a human anything else is unvalid
Sam Adams (2 years ago)
+Nathan S. Verian there are exceptions to every rule.
Sleezy ™ (2 years ago)
2 genders bro 2 genders
Sam Adams (2 years ago)
+Sage The Monster couldnt have said it better. we are all children of the Universe.
hamstercare byme (2 years ago)
gay people are humans that like other humans, of course that isn't natural in any way 😂jk
A box of roses (2 years ago)
As a Lesbian I'm seeing lots of hate between the people in LGBT. I see lots of hate such as 'Cis gay men are gross' and 'Monosexuals are so bi phobia' ect. I really wish we could just unified together and stop fighting. As Babeham Lincoln says: 'A house divided against itself can't stand'.
A box of roses (2 years ago)
Never said he was, just using his quote as to unite people. Also how do you know?
A box of roses (2 years ago)
+Bob Gormley Thanks Bob, I'm happy for your genius. You should get a raise.
Bob Gormley (2 years ago)
Homosexuality is demonic.

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