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Datavideo TVS-1000 Virtual Set Maker software - FREE DEMO

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SUBSCRIBE! https://goo.gl/4ya9pl Make your own virtual set's with the Datavideo TVS-1000 virtual studio system and virtual set maker software. Customize, edit, and create beautiful sets for your Virtual Studio on the TVS-1000 and TVS-1200 Virtual Studio systems. You can install the software on any computer and within minutes, you can create your own virtual sets! *You can ONLY USE THIS SOFTWARE WITH THE DATAVIDEO TVS-1000 VIRTUAL STUDIO SYSTEM. Download here: http://www.datavideo.com/TVS-Virtualsetmaker.php http://www.datavideo.com/us/product/TVS-1000 Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/datavideoUSA Twitter: https://twitter.com/DatavideoUSA Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/datavideo/ Visit our website: http://www.datavideo.com/ ►Check out our FREE Teleprompter App ►Download FREE for iPhone: https://goo.gl/NHbFB7 ►Download FREE for Android: https://goo.gl/SJxPTQ
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Text Comments (30)
Keddy (3 days ago)
Anyone please help , how to add real video in the TV screen
sk tech1 (1 month ago)
its good ide
does not support my pc AMD 8 PROCESSOR WHAT SHOULD I DO
technical class (3 months ago)
how we can add our own video
Datavideo USA (3 months ago)
+technical class you can import your video clips in the media 1 or media 2.
AyBee (6 months ago)
Yep, no shadows, reflections or ambient occlusion = no realism.
Datavideo USA (5 months ago)
+Andi Bierl Floor shadows are available with different sets you choose. Please visit datavideovirtualset.com
jon jon (6 months ago)
It's support live TV news channel?
Eduard Chaux (10 months ago)
buenas tardes ya tengo el set pero como hago para poner el video
Datavideo USA (10 months ago)
Hola Eduard, La adición de clips de video se realiza utilizando el software TVS-1200, que está separado del Virtual Set Maker software.
precio del software y como puedo adquirirlo por favor. [email protected]
SAHAN TV (1 year ago)
.windows 8.1 Not Work
john damisa (1 year ago)
Very Good.
Kevin Walker (1 year ago)
Is this Mac compatible?
Datavideo USA (1 year ago)
At this time, it is working for Windows only
Yusuf Adi (1 year ago)
Hai, its a woooooderfull Ide, and greate values software
Devasena IT Solutions (1 year ago)
When i tried to extract the zip file and error comes - (The archive is either in unknown format or damaged).
ACCOLADE (22 days ago)
Try to extract with 7zip
JD (4 months ago)
Me too it does the samething
miranda pengs (1 year ago)
can this use to editing news video(which is a project of us in school) ?
Datavideo USA (1 year ago)
Yes, the TVS-1000 is great for producing news shows at schools
Aneurys Castillo (1 year ago)
Hola he intentado descargar el programa pero no me envian el link al correo, gracias.
Datavideo USA (1 year ago)
+Aneurys Castillo Pedimos disculpas por la espera. Nuestra oficina principal en Taiwán está cerrada para la celebración del Año Nuevo Chino. Ellos le responderán una vez que estén de vuelta en la oficina la próxima semana.
THS5STAR (1 year ago)
Your form is complete You will receive an Email shortly with a link to download the software. But we wait now 2 days !
Thiesen (1 year ago)
"And in the meantime we'll sell your email adress to every scammer/spammer on the internet"...
Datavideo USA (1 year ago)
+THS5STAR We apologize for the wait. Did you get an email from our team? If you are still waiting, please let us know and we will contact our team for you.
Jayson Macapanas (2 years ago)
Will this work for a LIVE Production using vMix? Thank you.
Datavideo USA (1 year ago)
+Jayson Macapanas Our virtual set maker software was designed to use with our TVS-1000 or TVS-1200.
John Baumchen (2 years ago)
Nice program, but the lack of floor shadows and reflections for the talent detracts significantly form the realism of the set..
Datavideo USA (1 year ago)
+John Baumchen Floor shadows are available with different sets you choose. Please visit datavideovirtualset.com

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