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Hands-on with the Sony Defocus Background camera app on the Xperia Z1s

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Live from CES 2014 in Las Vegas, we take a look at Sony's brand new Defocus Background camera app on the Xperia Z1s
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Sly (4 years ago)
I want that feature so bad on my next phone but I am not a fan of the xperia line. Ughh damnit. If only the S5 would have something like this. The phone seemed very laggy. although it could be an early build. If the final release product is butter smooth, I might just buy that instead of an S5 just for this feature.  
Quark Gluon (5 years ago)
But that's gaussian blur, not a focal blur. You'll get a blur but you won't get a nice bokeh.
Jorge Moran (5 years ago)
Just get AfterFocus from the Play Store, same effect..already available
Daniel Lim (5 years ago)
wow! so many good camera software feature this year! i also like nubia 5s pro mode.
ItsJustMusicals (5 years ago)
Nice to see Sony is copying Nokia's ideas. I need a good OEM that can at least come close to Nokia to go to once Nokia leaves the phone business.
Cú Vọ (5 years ago)
actually nobody's copying at all =.=
Jomar Mendoza (5 years ago)
Now ItsThatMusicals know.. That sony is not copying.. This feature is on Sony cameras before Nokia introduce "Refocus". So it means nokia get the idea from sony, not sony copying nokia's refocus. :)
Cú Vọ (5 years ago)
and you call that Copying? lol
ItsJustMusicals (5 years ago)
+Kent Gaga  actually no. Nokia chooses the layers of photo you can pic to refocus for you. It normally gives you around 3 different layers from which to pick. Sony's on the other hand allows you to lock the object you want to focus on and blur the rest.
Cú Vọ (5 years ago)
+ItsJustMusicals i think "it's not that similar" is the more precise term for these 2 apps. In fact, Nokia Refocus app allow you to CHOOSE THE FOCUS POINT after you take the picture, that means you get to choose which objects to be the subject of the picture, not the level of background to blur
Omar Alobaid (5 years ago)
Apk please :-)
Paris coke (5 years ago)
Paris coke (5 years ago)
David Hill (5 years ago)
Trevor Beckett (5 years ago)
Pretty neat.
SolidMGSnake (5 years ago)

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