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Anime girls love guns!

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well this is a bunch of pics I got off of the internet, using google images and photobucket. I hope you like it. Please no flaming, and leave good coments. Thank you! *edit* Thank you YOUTUBE!!! I'm so glad that this is my first video to ever reach over 100 views!! Thank you! and hey, check out my others. *edit* WOOO over 200!! thank you YouTubers!! *edit* again over 600 views. this is my most successful videos so far, i'll try to make u guys better ones, but i dont have the time right now to make them. thanks anyway for all the views so far!!!
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Text Comments (26)
petroshka (7 years ago)
@tiran789 um am sure its gunslinger girl
tiran789 (8 years ago)
2:56 from what anime is she dude? she looks so badass!!!
militicai (8 years ago)
nice music can show artist? ty.
NickHager95 (8 years ago)
@tajidiwths no problem
NickHager95 (8 years ago)
@tajidiwths the song is Can't Be Touched by Roy Jones Jr.
NickHager95 (8 years ago)
@lor619hhh the song is Can't Be Touched by Roy Jones Jr.
momo yuki (8 years ago)
what is the anime at pic 0:38??
NickHager95 (8 years ago)
@Dishdog2 xD yeah totally
Dishdog2 (8 years ago)
0:22 were fucked now
NickHager95 (8 years ago)
@az09121960 cool
NickHager95 (8 years ago)
@therere oh that. to be honest idk
NickHager95 (8 years ago)
@therere what do u mean?
Ricque Ibms (8 years ago)
What is 1 50?
NickHager95 (9 years ago)
if u looked through all 17 comments u'd see that i said it was Roy Jones Jr. and the songs title is Can't Be Touched
jaaeel (9 years ago)
who sing the song
NickHager95 (9 years ago)
i really have no clue xD i just looked up some pictures that would go with the song
Loe7 (9 years ago)
Uh..............touche my good man.
Loe7 (9 years ago)
Glad to see I'm not the only one who realized that.
Eli08 (9 years ago)
why do Japanese people like the MG-42 so much they use it in alot of animes
brightkharma (9 years ago)
Murmur (9 years ago)
ur one awesome person! i can draw the eyes and nose but the mouth i mess up SO much! and sumtimes the body..
NickHager95 (9 years ago)
its Can't Be Touched by Roy Jones Jr.
NickHager95 (9 years ago)
yeah i know, i would make a new one but i dont have the time
NickHager95 (10 years ago)
you must feel very special. xD
NickHager95 (10 years ago)
thanks *kisses back* ^^
Marci A. (10 years ago)
luv the video *kisses*XP

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